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Exceptional Wedding Cuisine Ideas That Your Guests Will Love
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Exceptional Wedding Cuisine Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

A wedding goes beyond the pretty flowers and charming table decorations. It’s basically a celebration of love’s triumph. So, when you are preparing for your big day, don’t forget that there’s a lot more going on. There’ll be smiles, laughs, a huge whirlwind of emotions and above all, that candid moment between the bride and …

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Wedding Planner v/s Wedding Coordinator: Which One You Need?

Planning your wedding may seem easy until you get deeply involved in the preparations. One major distinction you have to make before hiring someone is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator. Let’s jump into it… Wedding Planner Wedding planners are all about the details, from vendor recommendations to contract negotiations. These …

Color Palette for wedding
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Choose the Perfect Color Palette for Your Wedding With These 4 Useful Tips

More often than not, wedding color schemes have become true benchmarks of inspiration, style and trends. In case you didn’t know, the hues you choose on that day will make all the details shine with their own light in a setting full of harmony, and that’s precisely why it’s vital that you have all the …

Tired of All Too Common Wedding Traditions? Here Are Some of the Weirdest Ones From Around the World
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Tired of All Too Common Wedding Traditions? Here Are Some of the Weirdest Ones From Around the World

Do you find throwing the bouquet and cutting a three tiers cake too cliché for your big day? Want to try something peculiar? Here are some weird but unique wedding traditions from different countries that maybe you’d like to try out. #1. Showering the Happy Couple With Trash Just try to look back at the …

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3 Easy Steps to Follow When Choosing the Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers are one of the most important elements for most events, especially weddings. Plants, flowers, trees, potted flowers, table decorations and anything natural and fresh and decorative often become the most important issue for brides or wedding planners in organizing the big day. Yet, choosing the proper flowers can sometimes become a daunting task when …

Unique Wedding Invitations
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Take Your Wedding Invitation to the Next Level With These Unique Ideas

 Wedding location. Check. Wedding shopping. Check and check. But what about the invites? I get that planning your nuptials sounds great only, but they are actually pretty stressful. So, going for simple and traditional wedding invitation cards sounds normal to me.    But, five or ten years after, when you look back, you might feel …

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Till Death Do Us Part: Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Who said that the only fun part of your “big day” is your reception? And who said that a wedding ceremony could not be as fun, exciting and inventive as much as your reception? Well, if you are looking for uniqueness and sophistication for your wedding ceremony, only Sand Castle Inc can make your dream …