Moroccan Wedding: How Is It Celebrated

Moroccan Wedding

Moroccan Wedding: How Is It Celebrated

Moroccan Wedding: How Is It Celebrated


– Preamble of the Moroccan wedding

– Moroccan wedding: the days before

– The Moroccan wedding: the D-day

The Moroccan wedding is part of the Muslim tradition. The stages of this festive event are numerous, and some of them start before the D-day.

Here is a small overview of the process of a Moroccan wedding.

Preambles of the Moroccan wedding

Moroccan Wedding

It is well before the day of the celebration of the Moroccan marriage that one prepares for the khetba. This is how the engagement is called the first phase of a Moroccan wedding, during which the parents of the young man ask for the young girl’s hand to her parents.

Only when both parties are in complete agreement that the wedding preparations begin. Then the following are planned:

– The first ceremony Al Kaghet, or Helel (The engagement ceremony), is an intimate ceremony that brings together the future spouses and their respective close relatives: during this stage, the forthcoming marriage is formalized, and the marriage act is sealed. An adel is called in to draw up the marriage certificate.

– The date of the marriage.

The dowry.

– The place.

– The decoration.

– The list of the different service providers that will be used, such as the halal caterer, the orchestra, etc.

– The gifts that will be offered to the bride and groom.

– The budget.

Good to know: it is also necessary to decide all the outfits the bride will wear at her Moroccan wedding. For this, we call upon a negafa.

Moroccan wedding: the days before

The few days before the Moroccan wedding are essentially a women’s affair. It is during this stage shared with the women of the young bride’s family that the future bride is purified.

During these few days, one proceeds :

– a session in the hammam for all the women to take a milk bath under the sound of youyous and songs;

– the henna ritual: a tradition calling for prosperity and which implies that the young bride wears a green outfit that day as well as the presence of a nekacha in charge of adorning the feet and hands of the young bride with henna tattoos;

– the hdiyya: a festive meal during which gifts are offered to the bride.

Good to know: most guests also get a tattoo, a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

The Moroccan wedding: the D-day

The day of the wedding:

– The bride surrounds herself with women from her family and friends to go to a beauty salon where a negafa takes care of her makeup, hair and clothing.

– Then, in the evening, the festivities can begin. Thus the oriental orchestra settles on the place of the party. The waiters put on the tables drinks, dried fruits and snacks.

– The guests arrive in the wedding hall. The bride, beautifully adorned in a pristine white dress and a choker tiara, enters two to three hours after the guests. She is paraded through the wedding hall before joining her groom. The couple is then seated on a throne.

– The wedding meal is then served, usually consisting of a pastilla, a main course such as couscous or tagine, a dessert and a platter with a rich assortment of fruit.

– Throughout the night, the bride will change her outfit and jewelry. She is assisted by four women whose mission is to help this princess of a thousand and one nights to get dressed. In the early morning, the bride’s white dress is put at the disposal of the young girls who dress it in turn.

Good to know: although the Moroccan marriage tends to be Europeanized, the traditions are, for the great majority, preserved by the young couples.

Do you want everything to go well for your biggest day? We advise you to find a wedding planner quickly. Their agenda is often taken a year in advance. So, be quick and don’t forget to tell us how it went!


How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

Murder mystery parties are becoming more and more popular. While you can hire a company to stage an entire production out of your home, the information below applies only to the “do-it-yourself” type of home parties where you and your guests play all the roles. Your level of success and enjoyment will naturally vary, depending on the personalities of your guests and their acting talent! The more time and money you put into your party planning, the better your results will be.


Part 1: Planning Your Murder Mystery Party

Decide whether to buy a murder mystery party kit or whether to create your own. Most kits contain the script, the rules of the game, ideas for costumes, and recipe ideas. Therefore, you should try to include these elements in your own design. If you decide to create your own game, make sure the story is somewhat believable, scary, and interesting.

Divide your story up into scenes which can be acted out as the evening progresses. Give each character his or her own backstory that’s not only unique, but that also fits in with the clues. Make sure that it is possible to discover the villain by taking note of the clues, asking questions of the other protagonists, and piecing it all together. Although there will be several suspects, of course, only the guilty person should fit the bill.

Choose the theme of your party. Don’t be afraid to experiment with offbeat ideas, such as a mystery within a high fantasy theme or apocalyptic wasteland. Obviously, if you go with a ready-made kit, you’ll be limited by what themes are available, but even so, you can still find one that is adaptable to your needs.

Select the venue where you will hold your party. For smaller gatherings of no more than eight to 10 people, your home should suffice. However, for larger groups, a dining hall or other public location would be better. Another consideration for the location is the time of year. Unless you live in a temperate climate, you’re not going to want to hold your party outdoors during the winter.

Gather the props and decorations for your party. Your theme will determine what kinds of objects you’ll need to create the setting for your mystery. You can often make use of items you have around the house, like old shoes for making footprints or knives for the murder weapon. Otherwise, thrift shops and garage sales are good places to find props, and are relatively inexpensive, too.

Determine how you will give out prizes. Some people decide to give out one prize to the person who solves the murder, while others decide to give out prizes for other accomplishments, as well. Giving one prize works best to bring out the guests’ competitive instincts, while multiple prizes encourage more wheeling and dealing. Multiple prize ideas include things like best costume, best performance, wealthiest player, and more.

Determine the menu. Murder mystery parties are better when they include a buffet meal or a potluck rather than a full course meal. The main reason for this is that it frees the host up to concentrate on the action, knowing that the food is prepared and ready. Plan as many courses as you have scenes in your murder mystery.

If you do decide to have a full course meal, then either have help with the party or play a lesser character so you won’t be overwhelmed.

Determine your guest list. Only invite people who are going to become really involved in the fun. Everyone present needs to play their parts enthusiastically. They don’t have to be wonderful actors, just willing to forget their inhibitions and pretend to be somebody else for a few hours. You will know which of your guests will relish playing a character who has quite a bit to say and do, and which would prefer a smaller, insignificant role.

Arrange for the cast to arrive at the location earlier than the other guests so that they can get ready for when the others get there. Tell your cast members to keep their characters a secret, even from partners or spouses! It really gets the party off to a great start if nobody knows who anybody else is until the last minute.

Place the clues where people can find them. Since most of the action will take place around the dining table or wherever you choose to have everyone gather, good places to plant clues include under your guest’s plates, underneath the sofa cushions, or under your guest’s chairs. If you’re going to have your guests roaming around, you can put clues in other spots, like bookshelves or in desk drawers.


Part 2: Having the Party

Greet your guests as they arrive. Offer them drinks and appetizers. Ideally, have them gather in one area so that the mystery may commence as soon as everyone shows up.

Let the guests mingle with the cast. Allow them to get to know who everybody is by circulating and asking questions. It’s a great icebreaker and helps to get everyone into the story.

Allow time for your guests to deliberate. Don’t rush through the meal. Let your guests linger over their food and chat with each other about who they think the murderer might be. Be mindful that your guests’ conversations don’t stray to other subjects. It’s normal for conversations to wander, but try to keep it to a minimum.

Keep your guests guessing until the very end. You can allow cast members to mingle with your guests in between scenes, and depending on their roles, they can either give helpful clues or clues that misdirect. Don’t let anyone become too sure they’ve solved the murder!

Have music on in the background. Not only will the right music enhance the mood, it will also cover up any lulls in the conversation. Having your music system set to continuous shuffle is a great way to keep the music playing.

Have all your guests gather once the murderer has been revealed and the prize or prizes have been awarded. It is always fun for your guests to sit around and start revealing some of their secrets, or the schemes they had going on. Everyone will be amazed at how much was going on under their noses the whole time!

Have fun!

Birthday Party Planning

Successful Birthday Party Planning (Part 3)

Successful Birthday Party Planning (Part 3)

Are you organizing a birthday celebration for a friend or spouse? It’s not always easy when a chore complicates an already hectic day! Theme, invitations, lunch, cake… Prepare the party ahead of time and follow some basic recommendations to guarantee the celebration runs smoothly on the big day. Following Part 1, you’ve struck the proper title again! This post will provide you with all of the information you need to properly organize a birthday celebration.


Earlier in part 1, we have gone through:

Step 1: Make a checklist to organize the birthday party

Step 2: Make a guest list

Step 3: Choose a party location


In part 2, we have covered:

Step 4: Send out invitations

Step 5: Plan the music

Step 6: Arrange lighting

Step 7: Think about activities

Step 8: Plan the birthday gift


Let’s delay no further for this 3rd and last part that will cover:

Step 9: Set the birthday menu
Step 10: Decorate the reception room
Step 11: Get help on the day

Step 9. Set the birthday menu

If you’re using a caterer, choose the menu, place the order in advance, and deliver it to the party site.

If you’re cooking yourself, get help or divide the work among family and friends. Prepare as much as possible in advance, even if it means freezing the dishes until the meal.

For the aperitif

Birthday Party Planning


Drinks and appetizers are the main elements of the aperitif. Whether or not it is a dinner party, the quantities vary. In general, we count:

– 1/2 bottle of champagne or wine per guest;

– 1 bottle of strong alcohol for 10 people;

– 8 mini canapé toasts per guest for a simple aperitif.

Note: don’t hesitate to use frozen food.

Choose cocktails, which are easy to prepare and more affordable than champagne: the punch bowl can even last all evening.

Keep drinks in the refrigerator, cool outside, or a tub filled with ice.

For the meal

Birthday Party Planning
A man wearing a white apron setting up a catering table of BBQ food. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons


Avoid recipes that require you to be in the kitchen all the time: opt for recipes that can be made ahead of time and served cold or warm.

If you have more than 20 guests, opt for a caterer, or you will miss out on the evening.

Note: for hot dishes, you can borrow plate warmers or keep them in the oven at a low temperature, or you can use cloches to keep the plates warm. Don’t forget to bring enough water and bread.

Stand-up meals

Avoid knife-sliced dishes if you have chosen to have a birthday buffet without seating.

Choose simple recipes that you can eat with a spoon or fork, plate in one hand.

Seated meals

For a sit-down meal, consider preparing a seating plan and name tags.

Note: in all cases, provide garbage cans.

For dessert

Order or prepare the cake in advance. If you order it, dare to use personalized decorations with photos and messages.

Don’t forget the candles!

10. Decorate the reception hall

Birthday Party Planning

There is no need to choose an overly complicated theme unless you have the time and the means.

– A simple colour theme is usually enough to set the mood.

– Match the dishes, tablecloths, and napkins.

– Add balloons, bouquets or garlands.

– If you want to go further, create authentic decor adapted to your theme.

You can also plan a costume party, with a basket of props at the entrance for those who have forgotten.

Note: if there are children, consider setting up a table for them, also decorated, with comics, markers and paper, games or books.

11. Get help on the birthday

Once you’ve made your to-do lists, divide the tasks among family and friends.

– Send your spouse to get the cake.

– Have a friend set the tables.

– Have someone else do the finger foods.

– Have someone take care of the drinks.

Planning is therefore the key to getting a successful birthday party. Please keep in mind that this post is incomplete without your participation, kindly share your thoughts in the comments below.

Essential Equipment For A Succesful Event

The notion of event covers important occasions, organized by professionals for a target audience and well defined in advance. This public can be composed by private individuals within the framework of a B2C (Business to Consumer) event, or by professionals within the framework of a B2B (Business to Business) event. A quality event organization requires efficient equipment adapted to its size. Discover in this article the essential equipment for a perfect event.

What Are the Different Essential Pieces of Equipment for an Event?

The equipment needed depends on the type of event, size, and location. But in general, these equipment can be classified in 2.

On the one hand, there are the general facilities:

First, the medicalized equipment that allows responding to possible health emergencies. This includes an ambulance and professional medical staff.

Secondly, the safety equipment used to mitigate the dangers that may arise. These equipments are safety nets and security guards. Fire extinguishers and a fire truck are also required if the event is to be animated by fireworks.

Special Audiovisual Equipment

First, the sound equipment is used to broadcast sounds with great power in a large space. They should be as complete as possible. These are:

-the microphone, which converts the acoustic sources into an electrical signal

-the mixing desk, which pre-amplifies the electrical signal

-the effects, which modify or correct the sound to be more transparent

-the equalizers that correct the global response of a speaker

-the filtering, it separates the signal into various frequency bands

-the limiter, it protects the loudspeakers from the risks of destruction

-the amplifiers which increase the voltage of the signal and deliver regulated impedances

-Loudspeakers, which are small boxes with several loudspeakers, used for the reproduction of sound from an electrical signal

-Cables and signal transmission, they carry many signals over long distances.

-Flight cases, which are robust boxes that protect the sound equipment.

Secondly, the video equipment serves to capture the best moments of the event and every detail of its progress. These materials are the different camcorders, cameras, video lenses, drones, giant screens, etc. But the important thing is to keep a stable image. For this, it is advisable to use a stabilizer, a steadicam, a slider (rail) and a tripod.

Thirdly, the lighting equipment. They are composed of reflectors (redirect the light according to your wishes), softbox (produces a soft and natural light), LED panels (to reinforce the lighting), and mandarins (bring warm colors). They highlight the scenes and ensure the quality of the video.

Dj, Songs, Music, Disco, Equipment, Play, Dance

For What Types of Events Are These Equipment Essential?

These equipment are essential for all types of events, including cultural events such as festivals, shows, theaters, concerts, and operas, and religious events such as open-air services. They are also crucial for large-scale sports events, such as an international championship, and commercial and marketing events, such as trade fairs and exhibitions. Finally, they are required for political events, such as a pre-election political debate.


Throwing The Perfect Karaoke Party

The new year is around the corner, and what’s a better way than throwing a karaoke party to wait for the new year on the 31st. Karaoke is fun, especially when you are surrounded by your friends and when the alcohol is reigning king. If you love singing but have the voice of a crow, then karaoke is for you, no but joke aside, karaoke is a great way for you to mingle with your friends and have a fun time. Throwing a karaoke party to welcome the new year is the best way to welcome 2022 in my books, and this is what my chosen family and I will be doing this year.

What is karaoke?


The original-sing along technology originated in California, but the first sing-alone machine was created and widely popularized in Japan during the 1970s. The original device required you to pay money, and then it allowed you to play a recorded version of a song that can be sung into an attached microphone. They became a form of entertainment pretty quickly and were popularized at parties and restaurants throughout Japan, where the music and singing were traditional accompaniments to festivities. The popularity of karaoke quickly spread throughout Asia and America, and you can find karaoke lounges across these 2 continents.


Karaoke is vastly popular around the globe, but it is especially well-liked in the United States and Asia. It is a widely popular pastime that involves singing the lyrics of a song which is usually accompanied by the recording of the original background music of the song. It allows people to sing their favorite song live with their friends and will enable you to interpret your favorite songs while being uninterrupted by the original singer. Whether you can sing or not, karaoke is a fun time and will crack you up, but either way, you’ll have a good time there.

Set a theme


Think of any theme; our go-to team is to dress up in drag as our pop divas. But you can also choose a 60s team or go as simple as Rock n’ Roll. A theme is a fun way to dress up and bring focus to the party, which will get people to come out of themselves. Have a trunk where you have wigs and clothes that your guest can rummage through to dress up then and there if they didn’t come dressed up. Do, simple decoration that fits the theme and mix in some related time period trivia pursuit questions to get the fun started. So, get your theme ready and send it to your guest and tell them to come dressed up to the occasion.



This is going to be a karaoke party that will welcome the new year, so this means that the booze has to flow because you need alcohol to celebrate the new year (unless you are sober or don’t drink). You can also make it a BYOB party where your guest brings their own alcoholic drinks, and so this doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg when it comes to preparing for the party. Have some cocktails and jello-shot that will lube your guest up to have a nice time during this party, and the alcohol will loosen them up, which will encourage them to sing and make the best out of the karaoke machine. Alcohol and karaoke are the perfect matches, and no one will argue with me on this one; it is not open to criticism. If you are wild like my friends and I, then have a drunk karaoke party, be you will most likely wake up blackout, but that is the name of the game, especially if it is new year’s day.

Put someone in charge.


Put your bossy friend in charge because they will get your friend group together, and as the MC or Master of Ceremony, they will keep the party moving forward, and everyone will get the chance to sing their song and show how well or and they sound. 9 times out of 10, it is the latter, but it is a fun time either way. The role of the MC is really important, and give it to some you trust and know won’t be blackout drunk after 2 shots. The MC is also the glue of the party and will encourage people to sing and will also announce people and songs as they come up.



One last tip, as with anything, give out prizes, be it participation trophies or dinner to a restaurant, the choice is yours. You can have different categories for the winner, and you can have best costumes, best voice, worst singer, best duet. You can cast your vote on secret ballots, and the person with the most votes wins; this will spicy up the night and will make your guests give their best or worst while singing and to be completely honest, this is what makes karaoke fun.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us your go-to karaoke song.

Impress Your Guests With Fine Food and Impeccable Service

Food is a vital need for every living being. However, ingesting any food is by no means the best option. The search for perfection has no limits, which can be seen in how we eat. We are always looking for new combinations to give our dishes a taste. Thus, cooking has become an art.

Who Is a Caterer?

The art of cooking is the prerogative of the caterer or a cook. A caterer is someone responsible for preparing dishes for specific occasions. He is a person who has been trained in cooking and is, therefore, able to find the best gastronomic combinations to impress the guests during an event. Often surrounded by a team, he ensures the success of any reception through his culinary performance and his organizational skills.

How Does a Catering Service Work?

From the preparation of the dishes to the personalization of the services during events, a catering service masters everything.

Wedding Caterer

Organizing a wedding is an arduous task that can destabilize many people. In addition to the financial and administrative constraints, the organizers must also define the reception place, especially the menu to be served during the event. To lighten the load, many decide to hire a caterer. The latter is responsible for concocting tasty dishes and serving preparations that meet the organizers’ requirements.

Corporate Caterer

The success of an event depends on the quality of the service and the food served during it. There is nothing better than gathering around a good dish during work meetings, business lunches, or seminars to change the scene. Caterers are often solicited for the occasion.

Other Events

Birthdays, christenings, or themed evenings are good occasions to impress guests with unique culinary specialties. With their experience in the organization of receptions, caterers alleviate organizers’ concerns. They take care of setting up the buffet and serving the guests.

Why Call Upon Caterers?

Customized Services

From traditional cuisine to refined dishes, the quality of the plates must be meticulous. No matter what the occasion, caterers always find a way to meet the expectations of their clients. They make sure that the products used are fresh and that the dishes served surprise the guests. They can also prepare takeaway meals if clients decide to organize them themselves.

Hands Holding Plate, Food, Snack, Dish, Delicious

A Variety of Services

In addition to cooking, some catering services offer kitchen equipment rentals. The lack of tools is a concern that can hinder the realization of a project. By renting equipment such as percolators, frying pans, electric ovens, etc., one can put all the chances on one’s side when it comes to preparations. One can also get good quality dishes to ensure the excellent presentation of the tables.

The primary mission of the caterers is to offer their collaborators a service worthy of professionals. In addition to providing a multitude of specialties, they must coordinate the smooth running of reception to maintain their good reputation. Hiring the services of such an organization is a way to manage your time, and an opportunity to impress your loved ones with an almost irreproachable service.


The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Celebrating Kwanzaa

Most of us are celebrating something during the holiday season, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or are just vibing. Some of us are ready to party and get drunk even if we are atheists and don’t believe in Christianity or any religion for that matter. I celebrate Christmas, not like a Christian holiday but rather the commercial holiday that it became. However, not all of us celebrate Christmas, and some of us just celebrate the holiday or even Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. But most of us don’t even know what Kwanzaa is. So, without further ado, let’s learn more about Kwanzaa.

What is Kwanzaa?


Kwanzaa was started by Dr Maulan Karenga in 1966. He is a Professor and the chairman of Africana studies at California State University and states that Kwanzaa embraces and honors African culture. He combined several aspects of different harvest celebrations from various African tribes and ethnic groups, including Ashanti and Zulu. The combination of different festivals represents how African Americans don’t know their roots are hail from all parts of the African continent. This is all thanks to colonialism and American imperialism. Kwanzaa is derived from the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanza,” which is translated as first fruits. Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration that starts on December 26th and ends on January 1st. It is the time where families gather and pay homage and observe the core principles that honor what we know call pan-African culture.

How to celebrate Kwanzaa?


Kwanzaa celebrates the richness of African culture and its diversity and signifies the past, present, and future and how African Americans suffer in the past and are prospering now and will prosper in the future. Kwanzaa is also the promise of a better future, and this is captured by the phrase “mambo yote mazuri,” or all things beautiful. And for me, this is representative of black culture, and as a mixed kid who has an Indian mother and an African American father, this brings me closer to my African roots. My great-great-grandma was a slave who escaped from the south and set her roots in New York. This is why I am a staunch believer that we are colored people who should talk and remember our history. Each of the 7 nights of Kwanzaa includes gathering dedicated to one of the holiday’s seven principles, which is also known as Nguzo Saba. One of the central parts of Kwanzaa is the lighting of the Kinara, which is a unique candleholder that has 7 arms for the seven days of Kwanzaa (a bit reminiscent of a Menorah). Just like with a menorah, you light a candle each day that corresponds to the principle for that day. The misumaa saba or candles come in 3 different colors which are red, black, and green. The 3 candles are also symbolical; red present our hardship and past, black represent the African diaspora, and green stand for Earth and the possibilities it holds for us. The night then unfolds with stories, poetry, art, gifts, and food.

Nguzo Saba or the 7 core principles of Kwanzaa


  1. Emoji or Unity: It means to thrive for and maintain the unity in one’s family, community, nation, and race.
  2. Kujichagulia or Self-determination: To define, name, create and speak for ourselves
  3. Ujima or Collective work and responsibility: Build and maintain our community together and make our siblings’ (African Americans) problems our problems and solve them together.
  4. Ujamaa or Cooperative Economics: To build and maintain the history of our people and ancestors and to uplift black voices and their business. Because their success is our success.
  5. Nia or Purpose: Make our collective vocation the development and building our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.
  6. Kuumba or Creativity: Always do as much as we can in the way that we can in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.
  7. Imani or Faith: To believe in our people and the righteousness and victory of our struggle with all our heart. (I personally don’t really agree with this core principle because I’m an atheist, and I read both the Mahabharata and Bible because I grew up in a mixed household, but I don’t believe religion is made for me.)

Kwanzaa has 7 core symbols:


  1. Mazao or Crops: It symbolizes the fruit and labor of our collective work and the resulting unity, joy, and thanksgiving part of African harvest festivals. To represent Mazao, some people place nuts, fruits, and vegetables on the Mkeka, which represent work.
  2. Mkeka or Placemat: The representation of fruits on the mat stands for how the past impacts our present and future and how we are currently standing on the past. Mkeka is a metaphor of the historical and foundation for people to stand on and build their lives.
  3. Muhindi or Ear of corn: It represents fertility and the idea that through our children, the future hopes of the family are brought to life. One vibunzi is placed on the mat for every child in the family.
  4. Mishima Saba or The seven candles: Candles are ceremonial objects that are symbolical and recreate the sun’s power which provided us light during our most challenging days. There are 3 red candles, three green candles, and one black candle in the middle that are placed on the Kinara.
  5. Kinara or The Candleholder: It represents our ancestry and the original stalk from which we come from.
  6. Kikombe Cha Umoji or The unity cup: On the 6th day of Kwanzaa, the liberation ritual is performed to honor our ancestors. Each family member and guest will take a drink together as a sign of remembrance and unity.
  7. Zawadi or Gifts: On the 7th day of Kwanzaa, gifts are given which encourage growth, achievement, and success. Handmade gifts are encouraged to promote self-determination, purpose, and creativity.

Make it your own and prepare whatever food makes you happy because it is a celebration of our history and people. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if what festival you want to read next.

How to Throw a Fabulous Work Christmas Party

Generosity folds outward, blooming like the petals of a flower; ego and entitlement fold inward, a kind of self-destruction. Perhaps counter-intuitively, we become more alive and unique as we help others with our talents. The spirit of Christmas is about turning inward in this way. On Christmas Day, we are grateful for the one who came with a message of love. It is a call to think of others before ourselves, an invitation to really think about how the God of creation, the Ancient of Days, might want us to care for the Earth, its life forms, and each other.

If not for religious purposes, the Christmas holidays are very important to everyone. They are dates when we share moments of peace and love with those around us. Thus, all the people who make up the company are a fundamental part of their life and development. It is a great opportunity to say thank you for the work done and to feel that you are part of something important.

And that’s why it is becoming more and more common for companies to organize a special party for their employees and Christmas is the perfect excuse to do so.

What do you need to organize your company’s Christmas party? We will try to uncover just that in today’s article! Enjoy.


1- A Relaxed Atmosphere

In the daily work environment, workers can feel stressed and uncomfortable. For this reason, it is extremely important to create this type of party where workers and bosses can have fun and relax together.

The best idea to make the Christmas party a success is to avoid talking about work. This way, workers will feel like they are in a fun, relaxed environment and can have a great time with their bosses.

2- Prepare Personalized Invitations for Employees

These invitations are a useful and simple way to highlight the importance of each worker within the company.

The message should be personal, so guests will feel more valued by their bosses. To make the invitations appealing to all workers, it is best to create a fun and attractive design.

3- Take Care of the Decoration

Since we are talking about organizing a corporate Christmas party, the decoration plays an essential role in creating the atmosphere. Use colors and festive elements to bring the Christmas spirit to your event. Place a Christmas tree and surprise your guests.

4- Hire a Good Catering Service

Choose in advance the type of catering you want to serve to your guests. Having a buffet table can be ideal so that everyone can choose what they like the most. On the other hand, a scrumptious menu will give you a touch of elegance.

Remember that the food should be varied, as each person has very different tastes. It is likely that some of your employees are vegetarians, others love meat and still others opt for sweets. If there is a little variety, everyone will be happy.

5- Don’t Forget the Entertainment

One of the most common mistakes when planning a party is to forget about the activities that will take place. Without activities that allow people to uninhibit themselves, employees will most likely end up bored. Try to include fun activities, such as dance contests, music and trivia. Remember, the goal of these parties is for everyone to relax and share an unforgettable time.

6- Give a Small Gift to Each Employee

All employees will be very grateful if you give them a gift. For example, you can give them a gift certificate or a Christmas present.

Don’t forget that Christmas is the perfect time to strengthen the relationship with your employees so that they feel comfortable working in your company with a pleasant atmosphere and a united group.

Here you are! With these tips you are sure to throw a lovely Christmas party for your staff. What were you planning to do in particular? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

Country Wedding: Why Not a Barbecue Buffet on the Menu?

Organizing a wedding involves many details to consider. From the choice of the date to the honeymoon to the organization of the wedding menu, the tasks to be performed by the bride and groom require a lot of preparation. When guests are asked what they liked about the wedding party, they often mention that the food was delicious. Have you chosen a country wedding theme? Are you worried about choosing a menu? Think of the barbecue, an idea that has become ultra-trendy! Let’s zoom in on the subject.

Why a Barbecue Buffet?

Coming straight from America, the barbecue has captured the attention of several brides and grooms lately. It is synonymous with wood fire, cooking over embers, or gathering around several pieces of meat grilled over a fire. Besides, it is the ideal formula to instill a festive and friendly spirit in your guests.

Say Bye-Bye to the Table Plan

Setting a seating plan is not easy, especially if you have guests who are not on good terms. With barbecue mode, forget about the headache! Your guests are free to choose their place. They can move around as they please and serve themselves as they please. Whether standing or seated to eat, your guests will have total freedom.

Note that the barbecue is ideally suited to a wedding celebrated in a small community.

No need to look elsewhere, the entertainment is already there!
The magic of the BBQ is to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Everyone will be at ease and can approach this or that person. It will also be a good opportunity for your guests to enlarge their circle of friends.

Original Recipes

Lobster soup or crispy spinach rolls as a starter? Medallions of monkfish with crayfish or stuffed lamb for the main course? Ice cream or pièce montée for dessert? So many choices to make, and you can’t decide?

Leave the ordinary dishes aside! Offer your guests originality with the BBQ. Rosemary skewers with vegetables, marinated fish fillet with pineapple, grilled marshmallows… All succulent recipes to delight your guests’ taste buds. In addition, you will be able to combine several ingredients and modulate the sauces, marinades, and spices to create a wide variety of dishes. The grill master will help you with this.

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A Barbecue Buffet for Every Taste

When planning a wedding menu, you have to consider your guests’ dietary needs: allergies, food taboos, tastes… With a barbecue, you don’t have to worry about this. The proposed menus are widely varied so that everyone can satisfy his greed.

Some Ideas of Food to Grill

No matter how your guests eat, they will have plenty of choices. Here are a few dishes you can offer at the barbecue.


This is a Korean-style beef barbecue. The meat is minced and marinated in soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, or pear juice. When grilled, the meat cooks very quickly. Serve with rice.

Bibimbap, Korean, Food, Gochujang, Bulgogi, Rice

Pork Tenderloin

Pork marinades are available in several recipes: with fruit, ginger, garlic, sweet and sour… They can be accompanied by grilled vegetables such as onions, carrots, potatoes, zucchini…

Lamb Chops

The meat is marinated with sprigs of rosemary, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and ground pepper. This dish is often served with a large Greek salad or roasted potatoes.

Thai Style Grilled Chicken

This is a Thai culinary specialty. The chicken pieces are bathed in a mixture of coconut milk, onion, garlic, coriander, soy sauce, ginger, ground pepper, curry powder, and Dijon mustard. Serve with curry and raisin rice.

Rosemary Vegetable Skewers

The recipe is very simple. Zucchini, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes cut into pieces are threaded on rosemary sprigs. They are interleaved with onions. We mix lemon juice, soy sauce, salt, pepper, and olive oil for the sauce. That’s it! The skewers are ready to be grilled.

Shish Kebab, Meat Skewer, Vegetable Skewer
Shish Kebab, Meat Skewer, Vegetable Skewer

Grilled Marshmallows

As a dessert, your guests can enjoy toasted marshmallow skewers. Simply place the marshmallows on the end of the skewers and put them on the grill. They will start to melt slowly.

Birthday Party

Successful Birthday Party Planning (Part 2)

Successful Birthday Party Planning (Part 2)

Are you throwing a 40th birthday celebration for a buddy or your spouse? It’s not always easy when the task is complicated by a busy day! Invitations, theme, dinner, and cake, to name a few… Prepare the party ahead of time and follow some easy guidelines to guarantee that everything goes smoothly on the big day. Following part 1, you’ve struck the right title once more! This article will provide you with all of the knowledge you require to plan a successful birthday celebration.

Earlier in part 1, we have gone through:

– Step 1: Make a checklist to organize the birthday party

 – Step 2: Make a guest list

 – Step 3: Choose a party location

Let’s now continue…

Step 4. Send out invitations

The earlier you notify guests, the more positive responses you will get.

– The invitation should include several elements:

◦ the address, time, and a map of the venue is remote;

◦ a phone number, email address, or RSVP coupon with a deadline for response.

Note: if it’s a surprise party, remember to specify that to avoid leaks!

– Choose a design for the invitations: a photo or a montage, a personal creation, a Word template…

– You will find a large number of invitations to download and print on the Internet.

– Choose a method of transmission of the invitations:

◦ hand to hand;

◦ by mail or email;

◦ by text message, or even by Facebook by creating a private event.

– Send out invitations, including a list of nearby accommodations.

– At the deadline, follow up with those who have not responded.

Step 5. Plan the music

Music is essential to a successful birthday party, whether for dancing or background music.


Make playlists of all the birthday boy (or girl) ’s (or girl’s) favourite songs… even the embarrassing ones. Have one for the meal, another for dancing.

If you don’t have time to prepare a personalized playlist, use streaming music sites, provided you have a subscription to avoid ads: Deezer or Spotify offer themed playlists by era, genre or mood.

Good to know: renting bubble or smoke machines makes it possible to dance in an authentic club atmosphere.

The DJ

You can also rent the services of a real DJ for the evening.

Note: if you don’t have a DJ, you can use a website that broadcasts live decks from the hottest venues, from clubs to restaurants.

A suitable sound system

Plan a suitable sound system: a living room hi-fi system will not be enough to host more than 20 guests. Count on:

– 150 Watts for 30 to 40 people;

– 300 Watts for 70 to 80 people.

You can easily find rental services near you on the Internet.

Step 6. Plan the light

Birthday Party

If you’re having a simple dinner party, choose a subdued atmosphere.

– Multiply the soft lighting points and avoid white lights from ceiling lamps.

– Think about the option of candles, guaranteeing an enchanting atmosphere.

If you are having an outdoor birthday party, use LED lights, string lights and lanterns.

If you plan to dance, dare rent a disco ball or strobe lights.

Step 7. Think about activities

Some people like to play games to break the ice between guests in small groups: riddles, mimes, etc.

At large parties, a guest usually takes charge of the slideshow to show pictures of the king or queen of the party. If this is the case

– provide a white wall, sheet or screen;

– Consider equipment to project it.

Consider setting up a photo booth, which is very popular.

– Guests can have their picture taken alone or in a group by a professional or a friend, with digital or Polaroid cameras.

– Complete the installation with fake moustaches, fancy glasses, wigs, hats…

Step 8. Plan the birthday gift

Everyone can come with their gift for a birthday party or contribute to a joint purchase.

Remember to personalize the gift packages!

The joint gift

If you choose an ordinary gift, specify it on the invitation or by a group email.

Indicate what it is and how you will participate: check, cash or online fund.

Individual gifts

For gifts, provide a place to leave them.

Note: set up a ballot box for those who prefer to leave an envelope.

Set up a large card, a blank canvas, a giant photo… and place markers next to it so each guest can leave a message.

And don’t forget about small gifts for guests – a box of chocolates, a miniature game, or a note on the guest’s plate is enough to make them happy.

This post will now continue in part 3. Stay posted, and please know that this piece would be incomplete without your input, so please share your thoughts in the comments section below.