Ideas to Throw the Ultimate Magic Themed Birthday Party

Ideas to Throw the Ultimate Magic Themed Birthday Party

Abra Cadabra! How about throwing a birthday party around the “magic” theme. Plus, what better way to remember to believe in magic than with a birthday party? Sounds tempting isn’t it? Not sure how to do it? Not to worry! In today’s article, we will teach you how to throw a magic themed party, kids will love it and adults too! So, if you want to surprise your guests in the best way, keep reading our blog, because our ideas and tips are the best you can find. Enjoy!


The main colors of the party decorations will be very basic: black decorations, white birthday decorations and red party decorations, these colors should be present in the decorations too.

Of course, it will not be enough to buy balloons and some lanterns, you will have to be creative and original, so we will show you different ideas of magical decorations for your party that you can use on this occasion.

Having your own letter garlands will be very easy. To do it, you will not need to be very handy and it will not take much time. To make this cheap garland, you can use a real deck of cards or draw them yourself. Once you have the letters, all you have to do is put them in a wire, as you wish.

The curtain opens, because the theme of the party will be magic, we encourage you to create your scene with hanging decorations such as metal curtains, bags of streamers, some pom-poms…

We suggest you try to make a curtain, as if the magic party itself is a function. Making a backdrop is very simple, just a red metallic tablecloth and place it on a wall or use a nice photocall background. You can place it at the entrance of the party or on the wall where the appetizers and snacks table is located.

Start the show to set the mood for the party and make the magic show perfect. We recommend you to put colored lights throughout the party, they will create a good atmosphere and they will not be complicated to assemble. So, let the show begin!

Birthday Table

What you need to know is that the table is not only about the appetizers and snacks (which should be excellent), but also how to present them.

We recommend you put aside the typical, and get creative, let’s see, how about eating the hooks off a magician’s hat? It sounds complicated, but not at all, you will find thousands of ideas like this, and that you can do from home.

You just need to know how to combine them with each other and you will see that your guests will be delighted and they will immediately finish everything on the food trays and candy bar jars that you have set up. We also recommend naming the snacks something related to the magic. For example, a simple soft drink served in cute magic cardboard cups will be a potion to have a good time, they will find it very funny. From there, it’s up to your creativity.

Cake Ideas

Who doesn’t love cake time? Even when looking for how to decorate a magic themed birthday, we all wait for the cake, we pay attention to its appearance, that’s why your baking accessories should be your allies.

Your magical birthday cake should be original enough to surprise your guests. We are going to teach you how to make a good magic cake, not only will it be great but it will also be beautiful.

The idea to celebrate a party with a magic theme is the concept of a cake in the shape of a top hat, the typical one used by magicians. To make the hat tall, you will have to join 3 bases. To fill it, you can use cream with fruits, the ones you like the most. You will have to leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours so that you can apply the cake fondant.

Meanwhile, you will have to make the lid of the hat, where you will have to take a lot of oreos and mix them with butter, until you get a consistent paste, give it a circular shape with a mold and also let it cool, about thirty minutes.

When everything has cooled, cover it with black fondant, and stick the lid with the remaining cream. You make a band of red fondant to wrap around the top of the hat. And to decorate the top, you can make bunny ears (or find them in ready-made cake toppers), to put in the center of the cake.

Finally, around the cake, you can put decorative elements such as stars, a wand or the year of the birthday boy. This cake is quite easy to make, and your guests will not believe that you made it and it will be a great surprise.

There you are! So when is the birthday? And what have you decided to do? Let us know in the comments below.

Wedding Reception: How to Choose the Right Catering Service?

Have you finally found the one you said yes to? Congratulations! One of the biggest steps is now to organize the wedding. This often bold process includes many details, including choosing the perfect catering service. Let us guide you through some tips to help you make the right choice.

The Main Criteria of Choice

Choosing a catering service for your wedding is not an act to be taken lightly. To do so, it is necessary to consider several criteria of choice including the services offered and the specialties.

The Services Offered by the Caterer

In addition to the wedding meal, caterers also offer other services.

They will not only find you a reception hall but also make sure to decorate it and offer your guests versatile and perfect menus. To do this, it is best to be direct during the interviews and ask the right questions to get an idea of the caterer’s scope of expertise.

The Specialties Available

This criterion is mainly based on your tastes, your guests, and the message you want to convey on your wedding day. Thus, you can find caterers offering African, Asian, European specialties, etc. Others, even more original, can provide you with organic, halal, or other dishes.

Other Important Criteria

Apart from the above-mentioned criteria, other factors can also influence the choice of the ideal catering service. We can also mention the menu, the budget and the style of the wedding

The menu

Generally, offering any kind of menu to your guests on your wedding day is not appropriate. To maintain a good health, it is necessary to bet on good and varied food. To this end, it is essential to favor foods that promote a consistent nutritional intake. This is the case, for example, with fish or cheese for protein intake and several other foods.

If, on the other hand, you have decided to have a family meal, you can call on a home cook. Here again, you must take into account the opinions of each other so as not to offend their culinary sensibilities. Everything must be taken into account, from the gluten intolerant aunt to the cousin allergic to spices.

The budget

Whether we like it or not, it largely influences our choices. Defining a budget for the wedding meal beforehand is a sine qua non-condition. Although trivial, this act will give you a better orientation and a clear idea of the menu to choose for the occasion. To define it well, you must ask yourself some questions.

  • How many guests will be present?
  • What is the cost per guest?
  • What are the available menus?
  • How much do they cost?
  • What are the contingencies?

The Theme of the Wedding

The theme of the wedding can also be a factor in selecting the catering service for the wedding reception. If you choose a classic wedding, you must plan a traditional meal with specific arrangements (round tables, seated guests). If, on the other hand, you choose a casual and modern wedding, you can opt for either a cocktail party with pizza or a buffet with several dishes.

  • A few tips
  • In addition to the different criteria mentioned above that have an impact on the choice of the right catering service, some tips are also important:
  • Don’t fail to trust word-of-mouth in your search for a catering service.
  • Be sure to ask for a tasting to ensure the quality of the meals served to your guests.
  • Submit to an objective interrogation and try to ask for a quotation for a comparative opinion.

Designing the Ultimate Party Planning Checklist

Planning a successful party is not an easy task. Many people may give you tips on how to organize your event, but if you want to avoid missing any item, activity, or deadline and ensure everything goes smoothly, use a checklist. Check out our tips for creating the most comprehensive one below!


Party planning checklist for 3 months before your party

  • Calculate your budget.
    You should always work with a budget, no matter how lavish or simple your party is. After all, you want to throw a great party that will have everyone talking, but you want to do so without wasting money. Determining your budget is quite simple: all you need to do is decide how much money you can afford to spend on the party, then divide the money into smaller portions to cover specific items like the venue, party items, gifts, caterer, food, and entertainment.

  • Choose a cool theme.
    Your party will be more interesting if you choose an appropriate theme. For instance, a spring event theme is a brilliant idea!

  • Select a date and a time.
    Choosing the proper timing for your party is very important. Ask all your guests if they will be available on a few selected date options for your event. Then, confirm a date and time during which most of them will be able to make it.

  • Book a suitable venue.
    You can choose a great venue with the help of event planners. Also, feel free to check out venue recommendations online. Make sure it is safe and accessible for all your guests.

  • Sort out your entertainment.
    Nobody wants to be at a boring party! This is why you must add life to your party
    with some fun activities. For example, I organized DIY pizza stations for my guests to have fun baking their own pizzas at my sister’s birthday party, and guess what? Everyone had tons of fun! No party is complete without music and games, so make sure to organize these well in advance of the event.


  • Make a list of guests.

    Remember to invite all your friends and family!

Party planning checklist for 1 month before your party

  • Send party invitations

  • Specify the date and time, location, menu, programs, and dress code in your party’s invitation card. I preferred to go green by sending paperless invites for my sister’s birthday. So, I created and sent fantastic invitations using Greenvelope! 

  • Order food and drinks

    If your budget allows it, hire a professional chef to make food and drink arrangements for your party. However, if you plan to cook at home, place orders for your non-perishable items now!

  • Confirm your décor and activities

    Purchase or create party decorations that match your party’s theme. In addition, you can buy any last-minute props or items needed for your party games.

  • Make a list of party helpers.

    Make sure you have people ready to help you serve food and take care of your guests during your party. If you do not have enough friends or family members to lend a helping hand, hire event staff.

Party planning checklist for 1 week before

  • Place orders for baked goods

    Order your cakes or pies a week before your party. Make sure your bakery can deliver your preferred baked items on time!

  • Do a follow-up on your invitations.

    Share your final guest list with everyone involved in your planning process: your chef, caterers, and party helpers!


Party planning checklist 1 day before your party

  • Do your grocery shopping.

    Carry out a final check on your grocery items list and go shopping if needed.

  • Pick up your bakery goods.

    Now, it’s time to pick up your customized cakes and pies for your party. Remember to have a look at your baked items to ensure they are the ones you chose!

  • Prepare payment for event staff.

    Keep tip envelopes for your hired party planners, chef, and event staff ready to be distributed.

  • Place catering orders

    If you did not hire a chef or event staff, place orders for the foods and drinks, and you will serve your guests at your party.

  • Decorate your event venue

    First, you need to clean the event space properly yourself or with the help of a maid. Then, decorate the party area according to your chosen theme.


Party planning checklist for the day of your party

  • Buy ice

    Send someone to buy ice for your party and then store it well in a cooler.

  • Finalize your event decorations

    This is the time for a final touch-up of your event decor.

  • Clean up

    Ask your friends to help you clean the party area and take down the decorations when your party is over.

So, how was your party? Let us know in the comment section below!

Planning an Intimate Wedding Reception: Essential Tips

If a party with hundreds of guests in a large venue is a bit too much for you, an intimate wedding reception with only a few close friends and family is ideal.

The choice of a wedding with fewer guests is not necessarily reduced to a financial issue, but rather a “style” that deviates from the traditional way of thinking about a wedding reception. It is ideal for those who prefer a warmer, more personal atmosphere where they can spend more time with their guests and pamper them a bit. Because there are so few, you can pay a larger budget on attention to detail, such as a jazz quintet or sophisticated gifts.

Choose a Wedding Planner

If you want every detail of your intimate wedding to be perfect, hire a professional. Although seemingly easy, it is not certain that such a ceremony will not ensure a level of difficulty or unpleasant surprises, especially bureaucracy, so look for someone who is already an expert in intimate weddings or weddings in general with few guests.

This is because, if you make the unusual choice of inviting fewer guests to make your wedding unforgettable, a more unique location is often preferred and is more exclusive or requires specific permissions. A wedding planner can simplify and guide things for you.

Decorations and Buffet

As there are fewer guests, the budget can be kept low, and you may be able to focus only on what you like.

You can therefore have special decorations, a florist to prepare breathtaking floral decorations, and a dazzling lunch and wedding buffet menu.

The food, the location, the flowers, the candles, nothing should be overlooked! Let go of any doubts and choose the best of the best.

A wedding reception buffet can be as elegant and delicious as you want it to be with a little ingenuity. A reception buffet can be just as perfectly presented as a seated buffet.

For example, you can have a centrally located buffet row to allow guests to self-serve from either side of the table, making it easier and quicker to get the meal started.

The bride and groom should always consider the diversity of their guests’ tastes and offer a wide range of choices so that even those with unusual dietary preferences can enjoy the reception. And by offering both traditional comfort foods and exotic gourmet delicacies, everyone can enjoy their favorite dishes and try new ones.

The Perfect Location

The most important aspect of an intimate wedding, besides the bride and groom, is the choice of venue for the wedding.

The Beach

There’s nothing better than to have an intimate wedding on the beach, perhaps at sunset, on the beach, with the sea breeze blowing and the sun warming you.

Free photos of Beach

Escape To The Hills

Choose a hillside location, such as Tuscany, Monferrato, a medieval village in central Italy, or a charming town somewhere else.

Many hillside locations offer breathtaking views and the serenity of a place still over time, without the hustle and bustle of the city, and proper attention to their clients.

An intimate wedding allows you to savor the moment while relaxing for a few days in a fairy-tale atmosphere.

Intimate Wedding Themes

Have you ever planned a themed wedding? If you have a small number of guests, it is effortless to succeed. Even your guests will be fine. You can certainly request a dress code without fear of their adverse reaction. There are many things you can consider. Some ideas are traditional: the ocean, the mountains, a rustic atmosphere, a country wedding. But you can also choose a Harry Potter themed wedding, mermaids, unicorns, etc. Choose the theme that best reflects your commitment and personality.

Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

How to Choose the Right K-Pop Party Playlist?

How to Choose the Right K-Pop Party Playlist?

Every generation wants to leave a mark and a legacy on the world and music is something meant to be explored and enjoyed. If you go back in history, you’ll find that there has been a lot of changes in what, when, why and how music was shaped; in fact, history clearly shows us that each generation had a specific musical taste. So, if you are hosting a K-Pop party for people from the same generation, make sure the playlist of the party revolves around the generation’s favorite K-Pop group.

Baby Boomers:Baby Boomers

There’s this common misconception that when people get older, they start losing interest in new music and start talking about how much better the music was when they were kids or teens. The change does upset some people because the 60s, 70s and 80s had indeed the best music and singers or musicians at that time didn’t use auto-tune or computers to sing and play music for them. However, K-Pop is different.

According to different studies, there are lots of middle-aged couples around the world who’ve developed a particular liking for K-Pop groups. BTS, for example, is often compared with the Beatles – an idol band with which the baby boomer generation has grown up with – and this is the reason why many baby boomers have shown a huge interest in this South Korean boy band.

The baby boomers generation is generally marked by the birth of K-Pop idol groups, with SM Entertainment producing Korea’s first boy group “H.O.T”. The list also consists of first-generation groups like SES, Fin. K. L, Sechs Kies and many more. And, if you want to host a K-Pop party for baby boomers, make sure you include the following songs:

  • H.O.T – Candy
  • S.E.S – I’m Your Girl
  • Sechs Kies – Couple
  • Fin. K. L – Now
  • Jinusean – Tell Me
  • Turbo – Goodbye Yesterday

Generation XGeneration X

The music generation X is mostly associated with is rap, rock and punk music. It was a time when music videos were all about dudes wearing makeup, partying hard with girls and driving fast cars. And, it’s hardly surprising that this generation has shown a particular liking to the K-Pop industry.

BTS is currently dominating the whole world but in the past, there have been many other Korean groups who became quite popular in the West and earned fandoms from generation X. For instance, groups like BigBang, Super Junior, Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, KARA, TVXQ, SS501 and Shinee bloomed to fame at that time and if you want people from the Generation X to enjoy your K-Pop-themed party, make sure you include the following songs in your party playlist:

  • Girls’ Generation – Into The New World
  • Girls’ Generation – Gee
  • Girls’ Generation – Genie
  • Girls’ Generation – I Got A Boy
  • TVXQ – Mirotic
  • Wonder Girls – Tell Me
  • BoA – No. 1
  • g.o.d. – Place Where You Need To Be
  • Epik High – Fly
  • BIGBANG – Lies
  • Rain – Rainism
  • Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry
  • SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
  • KARA – Mr.
  • SS501 – Love Like This

Generation YGeneration Y

Generation Y, also known as Gen Y or Millennials, usually have far less variety and depth in their musical listening and taste overall. However, this has significantly changed with the arrival of third generation K-Pop groups. 

This third generation has truly blasted the K-Pop genre and culture around the world and is one of the underlying causes that have fueled the globalization of K-Pop. So, if you want to organize a K-Pop party for Millennials, try to include the following songs in your party playlist:

  • BTS – Blood, Sweat and Tears
  • BTS – Fire 
  • BTS – Dope
  • Exo – Overdose
  • Exo – The Eve
  • Exo – Growl
  • Red Velvet – Happiness
  • Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake
  • Twice – Cheer Up
  • Twice – TT 
  • GOT7 – Hard Carry
  • Mamamoo – Mr. Ambiguous

Top 5 Tips For A Successful Party

When it comes to getting together with friends and having a good time, there’s nothing better than a good party. Unfortunately, you don’t know what to do to make it a memorable gathering. No need to worry. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things everyone should know about throwing a successful party.

Define your desires and your means

Opening party, end-of-year party, birthday party, Halloween party… Any excuse is good to organize parties! But where to start? The guest list is the first thing to do! Don’t forget anyone and ensure that all the guests get along well so you can have a nice evening. Set a date, more or less distant, depending on the type of party you are organizing and its size. The more guests and organization you have, the further in advance, you should plan.

Define the budget you will need and try to plan for the unexpected. If you are organizing a student party or any other party with refreshments, this is the time to set the rates for drinks, appetizers, coat checks, etc. Make sure you are profitable! Now that all of this is done, we can move on to the fun stuff!

1. Plan and prepare well


For a successful party, it is important to do good planning. You need to think about it weeks or even a month in advance to get it right. Having a clear idea of what you want to do in every detail is important. Think about the evening guests, the space’s decoration, or the light effects.

For this last point, there are sites where you can get lighting and lights suitable for your party. The goal of planning is to visualize the evening just by closing your eyes. An important point of planning and preparation is the choice of the theme. According to this theme, guests will have the ideal dress code for a fully compatible party look.

2. Budget

Once you have visualized your party, move on to the action. To do this, you need to make a comprehensive list of everything you need. For example, the DJ, catering service, entertainer, or chair must be mentioned somewhere so that you don’t forget anything. Budgeting will then consist in attributing to each element a price; the goal is to have an idea of what the elements of your party will cost. It is also important to budget the related costs, especially when there are service providers or unforeseen events.

3. Putting a communication plan in place


In order to have a successful event, you must be able to define the people who will be attending. It is after this step that the appropriate communication plan must be put in place in order to have the largest number of people possible. For example, if your party is only for your family members, there is no need to use all the means at your disposal. A message or call will be enough to warn them.

On the other hand, when the party must reach other people, and it must be paid, for example, it is important to make a publication around it. Posters, flyers, or social networks, all these channels must be used to talk about your party. To achieve this, you must have an action plan and especially make a budget for communication.

4. Plan the security

For the evening to be a success, it is important to plan the security of your guests. You are responsible for their safety, especially when there are a considerable number of people. Put all the conditions in place so that the evening is not a fiasco and the guests slip up because of too much alcohol. Don’t hesitate to warn your neighbors about the noise you may generate as well.

5. Ensure the sound system


There is no successful party without some music. For this reason, you can rent technical equipment to set the mood. Do not hesitate to associate the DJ of the evening with a better choice of instruments. In short, a successful party can be based on these few tips. There is no doubt that by applying them, your event will be memorable.

Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about throwing a memorable party.

Which Bollywood Songs Can I Listen to During a Solo Breakup Party?

Which Bollywood Songs Can I Listen to During a Solo Breakup Party?

Man, this is really a hard decision…if you look at my playlist of Bollywood songs, you’ll most probably see a playlist full of sad love songs. However, if you need some Hindi songs to groove to during your solo breakup party, let me give you some recs.

Break-Up Song – From Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Break-Up Song – From Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Over the past decades, there has been quite some dislike when it comes to Bollywood breakup songs simply because you could just end up associating the song with the person you broke up with or you could end up not liking that particular song or artist. However, the Breakup Song featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma changed everything.

Although this song speaks of breakup, instead of being sad, trust me, you will end up grooving to the lyrics.

Angrezi chidiya ki khaatir

Desi dil mera tod diya

Maine chhod diya

Usey chhod diya

Uski kaali kartooton ne

Uska bhaanda phod diya

Maine chhod diya

Usey chhod diya


Dil pe patthar rakh ke

Munh pe makeup kar liya

Oh dil pe patthar rakh ke

Munh pe makeup kar liya

Mere saiyyan ji se aaj

Maine breakup kar liya

Mere saiyyan ji se aaj

Maine breakup kar liya

Subah savere uth ke maine

Ye sab kar liya

Mere saiyyan ji se aaj

Maine breakup kar liya


Humko bin bataye tune

Ye kab kar liya?

Arey humko bin bataye tune

Ye kab kar liya?

Oh tere saiyyan ji se kaahe

Tune break up kar liya

Tere saiyyan ji se kaahe

Tune breakup kar liya

Subah savere uth ke maine

Ye sab kar liya

Tere saiyyan ji se kaahe

Tune breakup kar liya


Jiya Re – From Jab Tak Hai Jaan

According to many people, it’s quite impossible to feel enthusiastic or a fanatical kind of happiness right after a break up –unless you are a playboy/playgirl of course. However, there is a Bollywood song that is powerful enough to remind you that the world’s hasn’t stopped and you should always rejoice no matter what.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a romantic movie that can make you cry but sung by the famous Neeti Mohan, Jiya Re is a song that can cheer you up instantly.

Chali re, chali re

Junoon ko liye

Katra, katra lamho ko diye

Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra

Khudi se maine ishq kiya re


Jiya jiya re jiya re

Jiya jiya re jiya re

Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya oh (x2)


Chali re, chali re

Junoon ko liye

Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra

Khudi se maine ishq kiyaaa re


Jiya jiya re jiya re…


Make the way for Akira…

Pop it up, move aside she is here

Hey get up everybody wanna be her

Wanna see her, she is Akira

Love You Zindagi – From Dear Zindagi

Love You Zindagi – From Dear Zindagi

I’m not sure if there can be only one song that can be qualified as the very best for a breakup, but if I had to choose one song that can encourage you to embrace life as it is and move on no matter how hard situations can be, I’d say its “Love You Zindagi” –not just because of the evident name of the song, but because the lyrics are enough to convince you that life is too short for you to be depressing over trivial things like a breakup.

Jo dil se lage

Usey keh do Hi, Hi, Hi

Jo dil na lage

Usey keh do bye, bye, bye


Aane do, aane do

Dil mein aa jaane do

Keh do muskurahat ko

Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi


Jaane de, jaane do

Dil se chale jaane do

Keh do ghabrahat ko

Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye…


Love you Zindagi

Love you Zindagi

Love you Zindagi

Love me Zindagi

Wo oo…


Kabhi haath pakad ke tu mera

Chal de, chal de

Kabhi haath chhuda ke main tera

Chal doon, chal doon


Main thodi si moody hoon

Tu thodi si tedhi hai

Kya khoob ye jodi hai

Teri Meri..


Aane do aane do

Dil mein aa jaane do

Kehdo muskurahat ko

Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi 


Jaane de, jaane do

Dil se chale jaane do

Kehdo ghabrahat ko

Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye…


Love you zindagi 

Love you zindagi 

Love you zindagi

Love me zindagi (x2)



Latest Corporate Event Themes for 2022-2023

You are happy that you got the golden opportunity to organize a corporate event for your company, but you have no clue about how to plan it! Do not worry, as you can be creative with the theme of your party to make it exciting for all your invitees. Here are some of the latest corporate event themes for you below:


A summertime BBQ theme

Everybody likes to be stress-free and informal at a party outside the office. Therefore, the summertime BBQ event theme creates the desired casual and comfortable atmosphere for all the staff. Moreover, this outdoor theme gives you the ease to make new contacts and also to relax.

The setting: A location in nature with low costs or no costs will be appropriate for this theme. For instance, you can choose a park which is near a lake.

Decor: An excellent décor option is white tents and beautifully decorated picnic tables. Moreover, you can plan a BBQ set.

Food: Simple but healthy menus are the best choices for everyone nowadays. For example, you can serve burgers, potato salad, hot dogs, and corn on the cob.

Beverages: Plan according to everyone’s preferences for a hot summer day. You can also add a fancy touch to your party by serving a cold cocktail.

Activities: Playing outdoor games such as badminton will be fun. However, for sports lovers, you can organize relay races.

Winter Wonderland

A perfect theme for the winter holidays is Winter Wonderland. It works well because it highlights the winter season simply but effectively. In addition, everybody will appreciate it if you set a winter dress code because it will be convenient for the cold weather.

Food: You can plan traditional menus such as salmon, tenderloin, chicken, and grilled portabellas for vegetarians.


Beverages: Your invitees will undoubtedly opt for drinks such as red wine, dark winter beers, cranberry-infused martinis, and hot toddies.

Activities: The end of the year is the time to remember and relive the year’s good and bad moments through speeches, stories, or videos! Moreover, music and dancing will add excitement to the event.

Decor: Everything that gives you a winter feel will be an excellent idea to enhance the décor. For example, you can make use of sparkling jewels, fireplaces, cozy blankets, winter plants, and snowflakes. Furthermore, a white-on-white color palette will create a spectacular winter atmosphere!

Spring has sprung

The spring season gives you a feeling of freshness and transformation. Therefore, planning a corporate event with the spring theme is fantastic for transitioning from the year’s first quarter to the second quarter.

Food: Vegetables are plenty and less expensive during the spring season. So, planning for special and healthy veggie meals and salads will be a great idea.

Beverages: Serve light and fresh drinks such as lemonade and white wine.

Activities: For an outdoor venue, you can organize a fabulous picnic, an adventurous group hike, or even patio-friendly games such as ring toss or corn hole.

Decor: Decorate your venue with spring green plants and fragrant flowers for a fresh coup d’oeil. You can also add up background colors to liven up the space. Moreover, you can spice up the décor with a specific dress code!

Setting: A museum lawn or a botanic garden will be a classy choice of venue!


Carnival-inspired event theme

A carnival-inspired theme is a unique idea for your corporate event. Everybody gets the chance to express themselves through their creativity.

Food: Organizing classic fair menus is a good idea. However, you can add a sophisticated touch to your menus with turkey, French fries, and hot dogs.

Beverages: Cider, beer, and a carnival-themed drink will do the necessary.

Activities: Organize fun game stations and a photo booth. Also, hire a magician and a balloon artist to entertain your guests.

Decor: A brilliant idea will be a circus tent with plenty of bright colors and light bulbs.

Gameday event theme

Everyone can meet up to attend a sporting event or watch a game together. It will be an ideal occasion to enjoy games and bond with each other.

Food: The favorite gameday snacks of everybody are pizza, fries, ice cream, nachos, and wings!


Beverages: A variety of drink choices, ranging from cold drinks to spirits, will be required.

Activities: Host a splendid watch party at a famous sports bar or simply attend a local game.

Decor: Decorate with elements of the game that you are watching. Your guests can also dress up in different team colors!

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Top 5 Tips To Throw The Perfect Christmas Office Party

Organizing an important event such as a Christmas gala is not an easy task. It requires you to take several steps and respect some crucial steps. In order to facilitate the management of the flow of people and to guarantee the safety of the public, it is essential to think about a solution to control access. From the theme’s definition to the event’s implementation, here are some useful tips for a successful Christmas gala.

1. Use silicon wristbands to screen entrances


Screening entrances during a large event such as a gala allows you to control the identity of the people present. This step aims essentially to ensure the guests’ safety and facilitate the organization of the entries. Among the existing solutions that can help you in this sense, the silicone bracelet is the most practical and reliable.

Very practical, this accessory has, without doubt, a multitude of functions. The first one being to control the access to the Christmas gala and to facilitate the identification of the services on site. However, being a customizable equipment, the silicone bracelet also represents an advertising accessory that any company can use to promote its brand.

By inscribing your sign or a logo on the bracelet, your structure gains visibility. The wearing of the accessory by people coming from different horizons is the insurance for you to be known more. You will have understood that besides its practicality, the silicone bracelet can be integrated into your communication strategy. Created to meet most people’s needs, these accessories come in different colors or patterns. This diversity is also what facilitates the management of entries. As this type of event is usually held in the evening, we recommend that you choose fluorescent wristbands.

2. Find an appropriate location

Focus on selection criteria to choose the right location. The choice of the venue where the gala will be held is very important for the success of the event. It should be accessible by car or public transportation. It is crucial that the guests get to the venue without any hassle. Apart from this factor, check other criteria such as the availability of a dance floor.

It could be interesting if the venue you choose has an outdoor terrace. Before signing the rental contract for the party venue, find out if the DJ or the sound system is included in the contract. Some rental agreements include the provision of a DJ. This will be a real advantage for you. Depending on the number of guests, you will also have to make sure that the room is large enough to accommodate everyone.

To do this, find out the maximum capacity of the venue. Also, if you don’t want to be disturbed, make sure that the location is reserved exclusively for your event. If the location is to host multiple events simultaneously during the same evening, this may be a constraint. Finally, rooms are usually available to accommodate those who wish to sleep on site. Again, make sure this service is offered.

3. Think about the format


Among the steps to organizing such an event is also the choice of a format for the Christmas party. This will depend on two factors: the budget and the guests. Planning an appetizer, one or more dishes to be tasted, and a dessert will certainly require a higher budget than a buffet. In addition, these two options do not necessarily target the same audience.

It is up to you to find the ideal solution or a combination of both options (depending on the guests) to make sure that everyone is satisfied. To make sure you don’t make a mistake, don’t hesitate to do a survey to get a better idea of your guests’ needs.

4. Choose a theme

To make the event a success, choosing a theme is essential. A Christmas gala with a theme will attract much more attention than a classic Christmas party. Many events are organized during this period, and thinking of an excellent theme will allow you to stand out. Choose a theme taking into consideration the people who will be attending. Your theme should attract and excite them.

In addition, as with any Christmas party, you need to communicate about the event to as many people as possible. To do this, start by choosing a name for the event. Note that this is an important parameter since an attractive name will make people want to attend your gala.

If you plan to invite specific people, consider sending them an invitation. The communication around your gala evening must be done on the networks. This will be an opportunity to make people want to participate massively in the event. A few photos related to the organization of the party, videos, and anecdotes are all elements that will make people want to attend.

5. Think about the buffet


As with any event, it is imperative to think about the buffet. If the place that welcomes you has a restaurant, it will be beneficial. If not, don’t hesitate to hire a caterer. These professionals usually offer several options, and it is up to you to choose the one that interests you. Diversify the dishes to be sure to meet everyone’s expectations.

Although organizing a Christmas gala is somewhat complex, it is not impossible. If some of your guests are on special diets, they may appreciate a special menu for them. In terms of beverages, plan for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to satisfy everyone. The organization of the entrances is of utmost importance during such a party, so adopting an efficient solution such as the use of wristbands will indeed be practical.

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Renting Dishes for My Event: How Much Does It Cost?

Nowadays, there is no shortage of joyful events (weddings, christenings, etc.). Several elements are taken into account for the organization of an event. Indeed, we have to rent a certain number of things like the room, the dishes, etc. However, before renting, you must know the cost. Find out in this article how much it costs to rent dishes for an event.

How to Rent the Dishes for an Event?

Before you can find out how much it costs to rent dishes, you need to know how it is done. In this case, the best thing to do is contact a dish rental service. Indeed, contacting such a service makes the task of renting dishes less tedious. Your task here is to clearly express your needs and they will take care of everything.

Using a professional dish rental company is very beneficial. It allows you to save time in the organization of your event. It also allows you to choose quality and durable tableware. Thus, you will not record any breakage during the use of your tableware.

With its experience in the field, the rental service allows you to find the dishes of your choice. The organization of an event is quite stressful. Hiring the services of a tableware rental company will allow you to concentrate on other things. You will reduce your stress because you will have divided the tasks a little.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Dishes for an Event?

Contrary to what some people think, renting dishes for an event is not a fixed price. In fact, when you choose a type of dinnerware, it is charged according to several criteria. The combination of these criteria allows us to set the rental price. Among the parameters to set the rental price of the dishes, we distinguish :

The Type of Plate Contained in the Dinnerware

This is one of the many parameters considered when setting the rental price of dinnerware. Indeed, the cost of your dinnerware will vary according to its type. By type, we mean the material it is made of. You can find plates made of glass, earthenware, porcelain, stoneware, ceramic, etc. Depending on the value of the material, your dinnerware will cost more.

The Size of the Plate Contained in the Dinnerware

In addition to the type, the dimensions of your plate are also considered. These dimensions also influence the rental price of your dinnerware. If the dimensions differ, two plates made of the same material will not be worth the price. Therefore, choosing vessels of reasonable sizes is recommended.

The Components of Your Dinnerware

As you know, dinnerware is not only made of plates. In fact, it contains several other utensils such as glasses, cutlery, etc. The more items you have, the more expensive they will be.

The Number of Dishes to Rent

The number of dishes you wish to rent is also considered when determining the price. Depending on the type and size of the dishes, the lessor can give a unit price. If the number of dishes to rent is large, you will get a small discount. If the unit price is 2 euros, you will be charged 1800 euros when renting a thousand dishes instead of 2000.

The Extras

The extras also influence the cost of renting a dish. By extras, we mean all the services offered by the rental company. One example of such services is washing the dishes after the event. If the washing is included in the contract, renting will be a little more expensive.