How to Make a Table Plan

Table Plan

How to Make a Table Plan

How to Make a Table Plan


 – Step 1: Choose the number of guests

 – Step 2: Prepare your seating plan in advance

 – Step 3: Place the host and hostess

 – Step 4: Place the guests of honour

 – Step 5: Place the other guests

 – Step 6: Arrange any place cards


 For a formal luncheon or dinner, for a business meal, it is sometimes helpful to know the precise rules of etiquette to make a table plan and place the guests without making mistakes. For less formal occasions, relax the protocol, but keep the rules that allow you to honour a guest and put all guests at ease. Let’s see closer below…

 1. Choose the number of guests

 – Invite an even number of guests, as many men and women as possible.

 – For a traditional seating arrangement, with the master and mistress of the house presiding opposite each other, plan for 6, 10 or 14 guests.

 – If possible, avoid seating more than 14 or 16 guests at a table.

 Note: The male-female rotation can only be observed with 8, 12 or 16 guests by having two men or two women preside.

 2. Prepare your seating plan in advance

 Think about your seating plan in advance and make a diagram noting the name of the corresponding guest next to each seat.

 This is essential if you wish to respect the strict rules of protocol. Otherwise, it will allow you to think ahead to group guests according to their affinities or to have two people meet.

 3. Place the host and hostess

Table Plan

 There are two ways to place the master and mistress of the house: the French way (preferred) or the English way.

 French placement

 – Place the host and hostess opposite each other, in the middle of each length of the table.

 – Reserve the person who cooks the seat closest to the door so that she can slip away more easily to watch the meal in the kitchen.

 Note: if you are hosting a meal in honour of a person or couple (engagement, wedding…), let that person or couple preside over the table instead of the host(s).

 English style seating

 Place the host and hostess opposite each other at either end of the table.

 Single Master or Mistress of the House

 According to the protocol:

 – If the hostess is single, place a friend or relative or a long-time single friend (but not a married man) across from her.

 – If the host is single, place across from him:

 ◦ the person he wants to honour;

 ◦ or the wife of a friend, only if the friend is present.

 4. Place the guests of honour

 The guests of honour are the people who deserve the most attention. In descending order, these are:

 – A clergyman who will have the place of honour to the hostess’s right.

 – The people with the most critical functions (a woman is considered to have the same function as her husband unless she has a more important function).

 – Older people or first-time guests.

 Place of honour for a man

 For a man, the first place of honour is to the right of the lady of the house, and the second place of honour is to her left.

 Place of honour for a woman

 For a woman, the first place of honour is to the hostess’s right, and the second place of honour is to her left.

 5. Place the other guests

 – Alternate one man and one woman as much as possible.

 Note: A man is in front of a woman in the French seating arrangement. In English seating, a man faces a man, and a woman faces a woman.

 – Separate couples, except for engaged couples and couples who have been married for less than a year.

 – If you’ve adopted the French seating arrangement, place familiar guests and younger guests at the end of the table.

 – Take into account the affinities or, on the contrary, the possible incompatibilities of moods of each one.

 – Reserve the most comfortable seats for women.

 6. Put out place cards if necessary.

 – Up to 8 people, the host guides each guest to his place, starting with the guests of honour.

 If you have more than 8 guests, you can place a place card with each guest’s name.

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Organising A Romantic Dinner At Home: 8 Tips

Eating out together is fun, but a romantic dinner at home is even more lovely, and you can enjoy each other’s company without waiters coming to the table every two steps or prying eyes! Here are some tips to help you organize yours!

1) Clear Schedule

Before getting into the specifics of recipes, flavors, and meal planning, create the scene for a romantic dinner for two. If you have children, now is the time to enlist the help of a babysitter. Also, if you have roommates, let them know that you need some privacy.

You may want to agree to spend the night free from technology by turning off the TV, putting your cell phone out of sight, etc. Making plans may seem forced, but it is a great way to protect your relationship from the enormous amount of “life” that constantly bombards you!

2) Cooking

Planning a romantic dinner requires some time and energy in advance, but this does not have to be stressful. You might have dinner together, cook together, and then do the dishes before starting dessert.

Since you cannot be in the kitchen for hours, choose ingredients that will make a beautiful, delicious meal in a short amount of time. Open a bottle of wine while cooking together. Don’t like wine? Have a cocktail together!

Many restaurants will deliver delicious meals if the kitchen is not your thing. Checking the menu in advance to see if there is something you both like will add to the romantic atmosphere.

3) Whet Your Appetite!

To awaken romance between two people, it is a good idea to incorporate a heart-fluttering dish at dinner. Think oysters and bananas and salmon, strawberries, olive oil, cream, and pine nuts.

Salmon makes a great appetizer or main dish, while bananas, strawberries, and whipped cream make a delicious dessert in no time.

For dried fruits, walnuts, hazelnuts, or almonds will make a romantic evening.

5 Luscious, Romantic, Cocktails to Make For You And Your Honey This Valentine's Day - Society19

4) Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Why not consider a playlist of the most romantic songs? A nice tablecloth, napkins, and a bouquet of flowers will also contribute to the ambiance. You can also leave sweet notes all over the place.

Stick a sweet sticky note in his pocket or jacket to hide it. Leave playful little messages here and there. Warm up for a romantic evening.

What could be more romantic than a house full of candles ? Dim the lights and enjoy a candlelight dinner.

5) Dinner Outdoors

Even if you don’t have a well-kept yard, you can still create a romantic impression if you’re lucky enough to have a balcony. Good food, beautiful skies, and romance come naturally.

6) Dress to Impress

When you first started dating, you probably stood in front of your wardrobe for hours, not knowing what to wear, but now is the time to wear your sexiest outfit for an evening of romantic and delicious meals.

Some ideas for a romantic and aphrodisiac meal - Lov'Mag

7) About Talking Points

Avoid talking about work, family drama, or anything with a negative connotation. It is good to talk about happy memories together and what you want to do in the future

The key is to think positively. If you are upset with them for whatever reason, save it for another time.

8) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy

It’s a night to enjoy the food, enjoy the romantic evening, and most importantly, enjoy each other’s company. Don’t stop at this one night. Plan at least one romantic night or dinner with the person you love each month.

With these tips, you should be able to plan a delightful surprise for your partner!

Christian Anniversary Music: Best Wedding Anniversary Christian Songs for Your Celebration

Christian Anniversary Music: Best Wedding Anniversary Christian Songs for Your Celebration

I always like to start with something personal, so please bear it with me!

Marriage is indeed a beautiful bond that needs to be cherished. But, marriage is hard because it’s full of demands and expectations. It is often less about building up and more about owning up to all your partner’s demands, assumptions and expectations. However, I guess like every valuable thing, marriage comes with a price.

I’d like to talk about my parents’ relationship. My dad met my mom when they were around 25 years old and they both fell hard for each other. However, falling in love did not prevent them from having certain hardships before getting married. Families thought they were not a great match. The mother-in-law said she didn’t want a daughter-in-law that’s more beautiful than her. And, the pastor refused to officiate their wedding. Eventually, they got married. My mom tried her best to be the “perfect bahu” but she had a really hard time keeping everyone happy. Things went out of control when my grandparents rejected and disinherited my father because of his Christian faith. Life was not easy at all for my parents but because they were faithful and stood firm in faith, God made them overcome every problem. I still remember my mom saying how she always used to listen to a few Christian songs to keep her faith strong. Imagine her surprise when we played those same Christian songs during her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

After so many years together, I know you want to party and celebrate. But, a wedding anniversary is not only a celebration and fun; it’s also about rejoicing over all the hard times you and your spouse have overcome together.

Maybe you want to choose your first date song or songs that both of you love for your wedding anniversary party, but as a Christian, I think you should play all those Christian songs that played a huge role in strengthening your marital relationship.

This Is How We Overcome – Hillsong Worship

This Is How We Overcome – Hillsong WorshipUnlike some mainstream music that will remind you why you love him, why this love is worth fighting for, etc and etc, this song acts like a therapeutic session that will process all your negative feelings and make you feel encouraged about the future. Sometimes, the only way to deal with emotional neglect in a marriage is to let the pain out and cry. However, I remember my mom saying, instead of crying, this song made her laugh, shout, jump and dance.

So, this is the best song to shed light on your tough yet successful married journey.

“Your hand lifted me up

I stand on higher ground

Your praise rose in my heart

And made this valley sing

You have turned my mourning into dancing

You have turned my sorrow into joy

You have turned my mourning into dancing

You have turned my sorrow into joy, oh yeah

Come on, let me hear you

This is how we overcome

This is how we overcome

This is how we overcome

This is how we overcome”

My Redeemer Lives – Hillsong Worship

My Redeemer Lives – Hillsong WorshipOnce you get into the married life, going through ups and downs become inevitable. However, unless you have the strength and determination, things can often get worse and hit rock bottom.

I’ve always thought that the secret to my parent’s happy married life was my mom’s patience, understanding and strength. However, I’ve learned that it was their Christian faith and a very important Christian song.

“I know He rescued my soul

His blood has covered my sin

I believe, I believe

My shame, He’s taken away

My pain is healed in His name

I believe, I believe

I’ll raise a banner

‘Cause my Lord has conquered the grave

My Redeemer lives

My Redeemer lives

My Redeemer lives

My Redeemer lives”



How to Throw a Housewarming Party on a Budget (Part 1)

You’ve just moved in, unloaded your belongings, and are eager to show off your new digs. What better way to celebrate than throwing a housewarming party? A housewarming party is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your exciting new digs and take a respite after the stress of moving, whether you go casual or lavish, open invite or private guest list. And the good news is that you can create a fantastic housewarming celebration on a shoestring budget.

Moving costs money, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to throw a large party straight away. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to organize a fantastic housewarming party. When it comes to a new house celebration, there aren’t many rules—just do what makes the most sense given the time, space, and budget you have, and focus on having a nice time. Don’t know where to begin? Read through the following suggestions to get started arranging your perfect housewarming party on a budget.

Determine how much money you want to spend.

Housewarming Party on a Budget
Housewarming Party on a Budget

You need to know how much money you have to work with before you make any decisions concerning your housewarming party. Don’t feel obligated to spend a lot of money—a fantastic housewarming celebration can be a low-key affair. The first important thing is to know how much you’re willing to spend—whether it’s $50 or $500—and then you can focus on the rest of the details.

Decide on an acceptable timeframe.

Many people put off holding a housewarming celebration until after they have moved into their new home for a few months. Working within limitations that you’re comfortable with is key when planning a housewarming celebration on a budget, and this applies to both timing and money. Determine a timeframe that will allow you to recoup financially from the move, rather than feeling obligated to do it within the first month or two of setting down.

Be Realistic

Party planning usually begins with big ideas ultimately whittled down to something more manageable. And that’s perfectly fine! Nobody is expecting a Pinterest-worthy party or anything straight from the pages of Martha Stewart Living. Set realistic expectations for your housewarming celebration, and don’t stress over attaining an arbitrary ideal.

Keep the guest list to a minimum.

It is not necessary to invite many guests to a party. While a housewarming party is certainly the type of event to which you can invite acquaintances, if you’re on a budget, you’re usually better off limiting the guest list to only your closest friends and their significant others (if applicable). This will make your party more controllable as well as cost-effective.

person putting wine on flute glass

Send out invitations for free.

The days of sending invitations by snail mail are long gone. The internet provides many options for sending dazzling invitations by email, but they are not all inexpensive. Fortunately, services like Paperless Post and Punchbowl offer free alternatives. A simple (closed) Facebook invitation or even individual text messages to your invitees may suffice if you don’t feel like going all out. Just give your guests plenty of notice before the party and ask for RSVPs so you know how many people to expect.

The Setting

The setting—and the star—of your housewarming celebration is your home. The rest is merely icing on the cake. Because decorations may rapidly add up, if you’re hosting a housewarming party on a budget, forgo them entirely and focus on making your home look its best with what you already have. If you want to add some personal touches, buy items you can use after the party, such as string lights, art, or a gorgeous dessert stand for the kitchen countertop.

Let us know in the comments if you want to read more about housewarming parties…


Hall Renters

What Hall Renters Wish You Never Know!

What Hall Renters Wish You Never Know!


Step 1: Determine the furniture budget

Step 2: Plan a decoration budget

Step 3: An empty room or furnished room?

You are going to rent a room to celebrate a birthday, a baptism, a wedding, in short, an exceptional event: when defining your budget for your event, be sure to add rental items, the rental of furniture and decoration, so as not to have any unpleasant surprises on the actual cost of your party.

Here is how to calculate the furniture and decoration budget for your hall rental.

1. Determine the furniture budget

If you rent an empty room, you will need to rent the necessary furniture.

Whether it’s a wedding or any other event with a seated meal, you will need to rent tables and chairs. This rental represents an additional cost, which should not be forgotten when budgeting for the project.

As an example, count:

  • between $3 and $4 per day for a simple chair (resin);

  • between $5 and $6 for a velvet chair;

  • from $18 to $28 for a round table that can accommodate about ten people.

Please note that these prices are indicative only. Since the COVID-19, the prices may have risen drastically. Kindly check the updated prices with your room supplier.

2. Plan a decoration budget

Hall Renters

You may also need to budget for decoration: flowers, balloons, lights, etc. Indeed, the appearance of some rooms is less suitable than others for an event.

For example, you will need a larger decoration budget for a wedding if you rent a party room than if you rent a castle.

Decorate your chairs

Here are some tips to decorate your chairs without breaking the bank:

Rent plain white chairs, which you cover with clear covers or veils purchased or rented in bulk.

You can also decorate your chairs with a pretty ribbon on the back.

Flower the room without breaking the bank

While it’s part of the tradition, floral decorating can be an expensive expense:

Rather than natural bouquets, vases filled with water with rose petals on the surface look great.

For a wedding, you can suggest that couples who are getting married on the same day as you contribute to purchasing flowers that will remain in place all day.

3. An empty room or furnished room?

Similarly, don’t forget to evaluate your decoration needs according to your renting room. In the end, a cheap space may not be as good a deal as a more expensive room that is furnished and charming.

Other budget items should not be forgotten for the rental, such as the corkage fee sometimes claimed by the renter or the caterer.

You can also hire an event organizer to manage your reception.

Read more:

Hope this post and the links above will help you find your way into the dynamic room rental business. This post is incomplete without your comments, so please take a few seconds to jot down a few words in the section below.


Top 5 Best Tips To Throw A Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties celebrate your friend’s last day of singlehood and have had a bad reputation for far too long. Your bachelor party is a way to spend a day with your friends and have fun. Nowadays, it’s mostly a symbolic party that most of us throw for our best friends or cousins to celebrate this significant milestone in their lives. 

A bachelor party can be as low-key or as extravagant as you like. However, planning the perfect bachelor party for your friend is a way to prepare for the upcoming wedding. Come with us to learn more about bachelor parties and how to organize them.

What is it?


It is a celebration of the groom’s marriage, usually attended by a select few, usually the groom’s close friends and relatives. The term “bachelor” comes from Old English and dates back to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The first bachelor party is said to have been celebrated by the Spartans.

A long-standing pre-wedding tradition brings together the groom’s closest friends for a night or weekend of debauchery and fun. This celebration is deeply rooted in history, and for me, it’s a celebration of the people getting married and for them to de-stress before the big day.

Be creative with your bachelor parties, as it is more than likely a once in a lifetime celebration and is your way of doing everything for your best friend. This is the groom’s “last night of freedom,” and that’s why it’s memorable!

1. A chill eveningbachelor

You have decided to have a quiet but memorable evening? First of all, you can privatize a bar to spend the beginning of the evening, with a beer and wine tasting, some snacks and of course, some great music to set the mood. You can go on a “pub crawl” for the more playful, the pure tradition of a bachelor party, but not everyone likes it.

Then, in a good restaurant, you follow the evening with an activity! Why not a game of pool, a poker game, a nightclub, or a soccer game? To add a little spice, because you mustn’t forget that it’s the groom’s party, you can ask him to walk around town in disguise, sing songs in front of everyone, or ask strangers to dance with him… you won’t forget this evening! There is no shortage of ideas.

2. A sensational day


What could be better than a day full of activities with friends? Of course, everything depends on your budget, and the activities offered are different depending on the region; however, you have the choice of go-karting, quad biking, parachute jumping, jet-skiing, bungee jumping, paintball.

You will inevitably find an activity that will please everyone! A very nice souvenir that the groom will not forget. You can also not tell him anything and organize a surprise day by selecting the day’s activities.

3. A weekend


If you have time, opt for a weekend! Nothing better than a few days to get together with friends and celebrate a bachelor party as it should be. At sea or in the mountains, discover places and activities that you are not used to. If you take the sea option, opt for kayaking, body surfing, paddleboarding, or for the bravest, sensational activities such as flyboarding, towed buoy, parasailing, flyfish.

For the mountain, the zip line is a must; the night hike will fill your eyes. And to finish in beauty, the hot water baths in the open air. Feel like soaring? Go paragliding or parachuting! You can plan an all-inclusive weekend or choose the option of improvisation!

4. The weekend abroad


If the budget allows it, this is the thing to do! Go conquer a new country and enjoy the change of scenery! Sun, sea, tapas, and a very festive nightlife! For example, Barcelona is the ideal city for an EVG.

Budapest has all the ingredients for a perfect bachelor party: the city is beautiful, the restaurants are cheap, and the people are very festive! If you prefer cities that are a little less touristy, check out Dublin, Edinburgh, or Berlin.

5. Make it memorable


This is the time to let loose and be as wild as possible in the celebration and preparation of this party. Innovate with the party, hire drag queens, gogo boys, and strippers and have fun. We don’t want a lame party about you and your friends going to a bar and drinking until you’re completely drunk.

Do something you’ll all remember when you look back at this party. Play a drinking game: every time the groom says his future partner’s name, have a drink. This is the one night all your friends will be in one place, and it should be the night you make lasting memories. Have fun, but remember not to let the groom do anything he’ll regret later

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about throwing a bachelor party.

Organize a Communion

9 Steps to Successfully Organize a Communion

9 Steps to Successfully Organize a Communion


– Step 1: Make a checklist to organize yourself before the communion

– Step 2: Choose a location for the reception

– Step 3: Choose a theme

– Step 4: Send out First Communion invitations

– Step 5: Choose the decoration for the communion reception

– Step 6: Organize the communion meal

– Step 7: Choose the gifts for the communicant

– Step 8: Think about the entertainment for the communion day

– Step 9: Manage the last minute preparations

An important moment for children and their parents, First Communion is a religious and family celebration. And to organize it well, parents should plan! Follow these essential steps to organize a communion and enjoy the party without stress.

1. Make a checklist to organize yourself before the communion

Organizing a communion requires a good overview. Start by making a to-do list including these actions:

– Get the date.

– Define your budget.

– Establish the guest list.

– Select the reception venue.

– Book services if needed (photographer, florist, restaurant, caterer…).

Good to know: do it as soon as you get the date of the communion to be sure that the providers are available.

– Choosing the attire: a white outfit is appropriate for the communicant at the church. An alb is also appropriate, although it is significant for the profession of faith. In this case, consider renting it well in advance. Also, plan an outfit that he will wear underneath for the meal, usually white.

– Prepare and send the invitations (about one month before the communion).

– Choose the decoration, possibly define a colour theme.

– Follow up with the guests who have not responded: you will need their exact number to order the caterer or reserve the restaurant.

– Define the menu.

– Buy the gifts.

– Plan the entertainment.

2. Choose a location for the reception

Organize a Communion

Communions usually bring the family together. Please make a list of guests, their spouses and children. Depending on your budget, adjust the list. Also, allow enough room for the children to run around and move around, as they will not be sitting at the table without moving.

Tip: If you are planning an outdoor communion, keep an eye on the weather and plan a fallback solution for shelter in case of rain (tent or dedicated room).

At home

If you have a garden, do not hesitate to use it for the reception. If you are on a tight budget, this is the least expensive option. If you are hosting several children, clear the spaces and store fragile objects.

In the restaurant

Reserving a restaurant room allows you to unburden yourself of a host’s obligations and better enjoy the moment. On the other hand, you will be subject to a unique menu for all your guests, to the schedules defined by the restaurant and to the decoration of the place.

In any case, book as early as possible. Then determine the menu without forgetting to consider the guests’ possible allergies and food intolerances. Remember to plan a menu for adults and another for children.

Good to know: keep a close eye on the prices; they can increase with the number of requests.

In a reception hall

Depending on the parish, the number of children attending the First Communion ceremony can be large, requiring many parents to rent a reception hall on the same day. This can cause problems with availability or increased fees. If you are considering renting a hall, start organizing the communion even before you know the date by identifying halls that may interest you. This way, as soon as the communion date is known, you can start the reservation process.

To choose your hall:

– check the presence of essential equipment (tables, chairs, dishes…) or organize its transportation;

– Ask about the services included, such as the caterer or the staff;

– check that it is possible to park quickly nearby;

– if you are expecting a large number of guests from far away, make sure there are hotels, B&Bs or guest houses nearby;

– Find out if rental insurance is available.

Tip: If the hall and caterer are not available on the communion date, arrange for a family celebration on a different date.

3. Choose a theme

Organize a Communion

The first communion is a religious celebration, symbolizing the spiritual maturity of a child through access to the Eucharist. Therefore, it is generally placed under the sign of purity and simplicity, with the colour white as a central theme. You can then choose a more specific theme: floral, striped or refined.

Tip: you can add another colour to the white in discreet touches. White and pale pink, white and ivory, white and green, white and gray…

Finally, nothing prevents you from adopting a less religious and more personal theme.

4. Send the invitations to the first communion

Once you have decided on the theme, choose or create your invitations. You can use a printer, customize them and order them online, or create and print them yourself.

In any case, here is how to proceed:

– Choose invitations based on your theme, far enough in advance to have time to print or receive them. You must send them at least one month before the communion date.

Please note: consider the price of the invitations when choosing them, depending on the number to be sent.

– Specify on the invitations the first and last name of the communicant and your name and contact information.

– Indicate the date, the coordinates of the place of celebration and reception, with the times.

– Specify the desired response time, possibly adding a “reservation” coupon.

5. Choose the decoration for the communion reception

It is essential to plan the decoration to purchase or order the necessary elements in advance.


The menu, place cards and thank you cards can be ordered or made simultaneously as the invitations, using the same design.

The art of the table

Choose tablecloths, table runners and napkins according to your theme. As for the tableware, make sure you have all the elements (different types of glasses, cutlery and plates) needed for your menu.

The flowers

Communions are usually held in the warm season, so you can use flowers to decorate; white flowers are a must! You can choose flowers from the fields, garden, or call a florist.

The other elements of decoration

Don’t forget the religious significance of the event. Place cherubs on the tables, light candles or add pictures and excerpts from appropriate texts. Also, think of a small gift for the guests such as a small bag of almonds, a photo, a handwritten blessing…

6. Organize the communion meal

Start by defining the type of meal: do you want a classic meal served at the table or a buffet? Consider the options according to your budget.

If you choose to cook for yourself, avoid complex or last-minute dishes. I prefer recipes to be prepared the day before or in advance, cold or reheated at the time of the meal, or even a slow-cooked piece of meat to be put in the oven in the morning.

Be careful: beyond 15 to 20 people, it is better to call on a caterer unless you choose a cold buffet and bet on frozen food.

If you wish to order a cake or a “pièce montée” for the dessert, place the order at least one week in advance.

Finally, plan for drinks, from aperitifs to wines, without forgetting non-alcoholic beverages.

Good to know: prepare a table plan. The communicant should be placed between his godfather and godmother at the head table.

7. Choose gifts for the communicant

Communicants usually receive religious gifts such as a medal, a crucifix, an icon, a bible… They can also receive more traditional gifts such as high-tech products, jewelry…

Tip: provide a gift list for guests to choose from and a ballot box for entries.

8. Think about activities for the day of the communion

The presence of several children and several generations makes it worthwhile, even necessary, to organize activities to keep the youngest occupied.

Tip: ask your guests to join in the fun, as some adults may be happy to participate!

At the table

Think of games that can be played between courses and involve both adults and children, such as quizzes, mimes or riddles.

Also, have colouring sheets and a few crayons on the tables to keep the little ones waiting during the meal.

Good to know: avoid markers that could cause damage…

Off the table

Set up a reading nook for the quiet ones, with a couple of cushions on a rug, blankets, a pile of books and comics.

Let the little ones play hide-and-seek inside or ball games outside while the adults finish their meal.

After the meal

You can organize a big team game such as an Olympics with obstacle courses or sack races. Or prepare a treasure hunt, possibly thematic.

You can also make a pinata, a fun game for all ages.

Think of a series of games that are easy to implement outdoors: dodgeball, sparrowhawk, cheetah, tomato, unleash…

9. Manage last-minute preparations

As the big day approaches, things get faster. Make to-do lists and divide the tasks between family members, godparents, etc. Get help, especially if you have chosen to organize the communion reception at home and without a caterer.

A week before the communion, go shopping. Reconfirm rentals and services booked.

The day before the communion, checklists, iron outfits, decorate, cook and prepare anything you can prepare.

Tip: If you don’t use a professional for the photographs, make sure someone close to you is responsible for capturing the event at the church and during the reception.

Once the christening is over, send cards with a picture of the communicant to thank the participants.

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Christian Wedding Music: A Couple’s Guide to the Best Christian Wedding Songs

Christian Wedding Music: A Couple’s Guide to the Best Christian Wedding Songs

I always like to start with something personal, so please bear it with me!

I am a Christian by faith and a Hindu by culture. I was raised in a Christian home and I grew up bonding with fellow members of the church and hearing them speak about Jesus. However, this was not the only reason why I became a follower of Christ.

This goes back to the days when I was going to church every Sunday, praying and singing, but hardly believing. I wasn’t looking for God. I never bothered with the idea of defining myself by this belief, nor did I feel angered by those who did believe in God. However, the one thing I never expected was an actual encounter with God. I still remember when it happened. I couldn’t hear or see anything around me and in that one single moment, all whirling thoughts, doubts and questions came into one big revelation – that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior. That day, the old me was gone and it’s as if I was reborn. I was forever changed and I accepted Christ with all my heart.

Eight years later, I was getting married.

It was a Christian Indian wedding. There were no Indian traditions, rites or rituals but the Indian culture, color, emotions, drama and varieties of food were there. And like the glam and enjoyment quotient of any Indian wedding, mine was also customized with singing and dancing.

From birth to death, music forms part of our life. Through the sickness, gladness and sadness, music can relate to all our happy moods and bad situations. Just like how Indian weddings are usually incomplete without some jhatkas-and-thumkas wala songs, similarly Christian weddings are incomplete without moving the feet on some Christian music.

In this article, I have listed some of the Christian songs I’ve included in my wedding, which can perfectly capture the right emotions involved in a wedding and bless them with God’s abundant grace and love.

When God Made You – NewSong 

When God Made You – NewSong With a career spanning more than 3 decades, NewSong is an American contemporary Christian music band whose origins can be traced back to the Morningside Baptist Church in Georgia.

This beautiful song that’s meant for a wedding was created by Eddie Carswell, one of the founding members of the group, for his eldest daughter Jennifer’s wedding. His daughter gave him all the love letters she and her fiancée had written to each other and Eddie wrote the song, along with Michael O’Brien, based on the words found on these letters.

Playing this charming tune on the day of your wedding will remind you to be grateful to God for the special gift He gave you. You’ll be thankful to Him for what you have or is about to receive in your life.

This song is also about God’s hand in making two hearts come together and for making that love last forever.

Jesus At The Center – Israel Houghton and New Breed

Jesus At The Center – Israel Houghton and New BreedThe previous song praised God’s creation of love and marriage. It made you and your groom/bride flow in the romantic vibe of the song. Now is the time to make God the center of your marriage.

Sung by an American Christian music singer, Jesus At The Center is song that attempts at making your world and your marriage revolve around Jesus. It’s about binding your heart and wedding to Jesus and letting Him take control of everything.

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Hillsong United

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Hillsong UnitedSung by the famous Australian worship group, this song has captivated the hearts of many, including non-believers. At the 2014 GMA Dove Awards, the song won many categories like, the “Song of the Year,” “Contemporary Christian Performance of the Year” and “Worship Song of the Year.”

Including this worship song in your wedding will make you step into your new married life with faith and trust. It is about making the Lord your rock.




Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks That’ll Get Any Party Started

These mocktails, punches, and lemonades prove that you can’t throw a party without drinks. And for the rest of you, we’ve got five next-level summer cocktails you must try.


 Strawberry Lemonade

Drink, Glass, Lime, Mint, Cold, Fresh


 The ideal summer beverage! For the perfect summer cocktail, combine freshly squeezed lemons with luscious strawberries. Remove the seeds and excess pulp from the strawberry puree by straining it. Mint gives a pleasant zing to the dish. However, it is completely optional! It’s tangy, sweet, and refreshing all over.



1 c. granulated sugar

6 c. water, divided

1 lb. strawberries, hulled and halved

1 c. freshly squeezed lemon juice, from about 10 lemons


Mint leaves (optional)



Mix sugar and 1 cup water in a small saucepan. Bring to low heat and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Allow cooling.

 Mix strawberries with 1 cup water in a blender. Blend until smooth. Strain the purée through a fine-mesh strainer and discard the solids.

 Combine the simple syrup, strawberry puree, lemon juice, and the remaining 4 cups of water in a large pitcher. To taste, add extra water or lemon juice.


 If preferred, serve over ice with mint.


Virgin Cranberry Basil Sangria


What is Sangria if it isn’t made with wine? Please accept my request. Use whatever fruit is in season and get creative with the combination; for the holidays, try cranberries, orange slices, and rosemary; try mixed berries and mint for the summer.



3 c. cranberry juice

Juice of 1 orange (about 1/2 c.)

1 (12-oz.) can seltzer

1 orange, sliced

1 apple, cored and sliced

1/3 c. frozen cranberries

1/4 c. packed basil leaves




Combine the cranberry juice, orange juice, and seltzer in a big pitcher. Stir in the fruit and basil until everything is well combined.

To serve, pour over ice.


Virgin Piña Colada


Let a non-alcoholic pina colada, simply a tropical milkshake, wash away your worries. Although the classic form has a texture similar to a smoothie or ice cream, we like this significantly richer and creamier variant. It makes you question why pia Coladas were never served with ice cream in the first place! This cocktail is for you if you find yourself on a tropical vacation (or wish you were) during Dry January.


 It’s rich, tangy, and sweet, and it’s exactly what the doctor prescribed. After only one drink, you’ll be addicted.


If you wish to add liquor to this playful spin on the original, add a cup, a 1/2 of dark or light rum, or a combination of the two.



1 (10-oz.) bag frozen pineapple chunks  

4 large scoops of ice cream (about 1 cup)

1 c. coconut milk

1/2 c. pineapple juice

Pineapple wedge, for serving

Maraschino cherry, for serving



Blend frozen pineapple, ice cream, coconut milk, and pineapple juice in a blender until smooth.

Serve in glasses with a pineapple wedge and a maraschino cherry on top.


Virgin Mojito with Blackberries

Cocktail, Cup, Wine Glass, Berries


With fresh mint and citrus, classic mojitos are always refreshing. With an easy minty simple syrup with fresh blackberries, this non-alcoholic alternative is just as pleasant. It’ll make you fantasize about carefree summer days. The simple syrup will produce more than you need, but it may be kept refrigerated for up to a week and used in other recipes, such as homemade lemonade.




1/2 c. packed fresh mint leaves

1 c. granulated sugar

1 c. water


1 c. blackberries

1 tsp. granulated sugar

1/2 c. lime juice


2 (12-oz.) cans seltzer

Fresh mint, for garnish



Crush mint leaves in a small pot using a spoon or a mortar and pestle. Bring the sugar and water to a boil over medium heat, constantly stirring to dissolve the sugar. Allow 3 minutes for the water to boil. Allow cooling to room temperature before straining out the mint leaves with a wooden spoon to extract all of the liquid.

Add blackberries and sugar to a small bowl, then crush with a wooden spoon until the blackberries are broken down.

Pour 2 teaspoons of simple syrup and 2 tablespoons lime juice into each of 4 cups of blackberries. Fill glasses halfway with ice, then top with seltzer and mint.


These four drinks will be your next favorite whenever you are looking for a non-alcoholic drink. Let us know in the comments which one are you willing to try…

Organizing A Staff Party: 7 Essential Tips

Do you want to plan a company party but don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry, we’ve got wise advice, lots of practical information, and a step-by-step plan to help you on your way!

The planning of a company party is the hardest part of this adventure. Or, as your boss always says, “Don’t think about the problem, think about the challenge.

The reality is that there is plenty of company party inspiration on the Internet, a world of suppliers, and even themed staff parties and unique activities to choose from. It can be paralyzing with so many choices, but we’ve got the essential tips out for you!

1) Organize a Team

Decide on a certain number of people and plan a party together. This is useful because each person has their own area of expertise, such as a good person picking out party decorations or an all-rounder. You can also have someone observe their duties, for example, if they fall down the stairs and break their leg.

2) Make It a Project

Share documents in Google Docs or Google Spreadsheets, or find an online environment to start a project. It helps if all team members know exactly what still needs to be done and everyone has an overview. It also helps to know your budget. Make sure you have enough time and money to spend on the staff party as a team.

3) Determine the Purpose of the Company Party

What is the reason for the party? Opening a new location, substantial numbers in the last year, Christmas, motivation, meeting new team members?

4) Check the Guest List

Staff parties and company parties: they are not the same thing. A staff party is for the staff, that makes sense. However, people may come from outside the company at a company party, such as to see the new building. It would be helpful to adapt the program to this.

8 Epic Staff Christmas Party Ideas for Businesses in Victoria, BC - Yates Street Taphouse

5) Set the Date Early

If you have friends and family, you know how complicated it is to have 5 or more people in the same place at the same time nowadays – Sarah has never hired a babysitter for her son, John always has a yoga class on Tuesday nights, and Max has a nightly Netflix date!

So, make sure to send out the invitations well in advance, with plenty of time to spare, at least 6 weeks before the party. Be aware of the holidays, or you will be alone on the dance floor.

6) Party Place or Office?

Sometimes it is not all that complicated, especially if you’re celebrating the opening in the office building itself. It often gets complicated if you want to throw the party somewhere else.

Advantages of On-Site Company Information Meetings

  • Cross-industrial exchange
  • No sticky residue, no cleaning required
  • More of an office atmosphere

Disadvantages of On-Site Company Parties

  • Budget is expensive
  • Hard to find a suitable location
  • Of course, the layout and size of the building are also essential factors. It is difficult to hold a party in an office building with many small spaces, but a cafeteria or coffee shop can go a long way.

Amuse Gueules, Partyspiess, Repas, Goûter, Fête, Buffet

7) Planning a Company Party Yourself, or Having One Planned?

There are two kinds of people: those in the middle of this article who are ready to do so, and those who are now crying about the amount of work.

Do you belong to the latter group? Then, of course, you could use some help such as hiring a party planner. You’ll really be relinquishing the significant advantage, but it will cost you a bit more.

Let us know how your office party went by in the comments below!