Hall Renters

What Hall Renters Wish You Never Know!

What Hall Renters Wish You Never Know!


Step 1: Determine the furniture budget

Step 2: Plan a decoration budget

Step 3: An empty room or furnished room?

You are going to rent a room to celebrate a birthday, a baptism, a wedding, in short, an exceptional event: when defining your budget for your event, be sure to add rental items, the rental of furniture and decoration, so as not to have any unpleasant surprises on the actual cost of your party.

Here is how to calculate the furniture and decoration budget for your hall rental.

1. Determine the furniture budget

If you rent an empty room, you will need to rent the necessary furniture.

Whether it’s a wedding or any other event with a seated meal, you will need to rent tables and chairs. This rental represents an additional cost, which should not be forgotten when budgeting for the project.

As an example, count:

  • between $3 and $4 per day for a simple chair (resin);

  • between $5 and $6 for a velvet chair;

  • from $18 to $28 for a round table that can accommodate about ten people.

Please note that these prices are indicative only. Since the COVID-19, the prices may have risen drastically. Kindly check the updated prices with your room supplier.

2. Plan a decoration budget

Hall Renters

You may also need to budget for decoration: flowers, balloons, lights, etc. Indeed, the appearance of some rooms is less suitable than others for an event.

For example, you will need a larger decoration budget for a wedding if you rent a party room than if you rent a castle.

Decorate your chairs

Here are some tips to decorate your chairs without breaking the bank:

Rent plain white chairs, which you cover with clear covers or veils purchased or rented in bulk.

You can also decorate your chairs with a pretty ribbon on the back.

Flower the room without breaking the bank

While it’s part of the tradition, floral decorating can be an expensive expense:

Rather than natural bouquets, vases filled with water with rose petals on the surface look great.

For a wedding, you can suggest that couples who are getting married on the same day as you contribute to purchasing flowers that will remain in place all day.

3. An empty room or furnished room?

Similarly, don’t forget to evaluate your decoration needs according to your renting room. In the end, a cheap space may not be as good a deal as a more expensive room that is furnished and charming.

Other budget items should not be forgotten for the rental, such as the corkage fee sometimes claimed by the renter or the caterer.

You can also hire an event organizer to manage your reception.

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Baptism Event

How to Organize a Successful Baptism Event

How to Organize a Successful Baptism Event


– Step 1: Follow our checklist to organize a baptism

– Step 2: Choose the type of baptism

– Step 3: Choose the place of celebration

– Step 4: Choose a theme

– Step 5: Send the christening invitations

– Step 6: Choose the decoration

– Step 7: Plan the entertainment for the ceremony and the meal

– Step 8: Choose the gifts

– Step 9: Prepare the meal

Civil or religious, for an infant, a child, or an adult, organizing a baptism is not so complicated… with a checklist and a few tips!

Discover how to make this event an unforgettable moment to accompany the baptized throughout their life.

1. Follow our checklist to organize a baptism

Prepare the ceremony

– Depending on the type of baptism, contact the parish or the town hall and submit a file.

– Designate a godfather and a godmother you trust.

– Set the date: avoid vacation periods to ensure the presence of your loved ones, and notify them as soon as possible.

– Establish the guest list.

– Prepare and send the invitations one or two months before the christening.

– Choose the outfits for the baptized and you.

Prepare the reception

– Set a budget.

– Choose the venue.

– If you book services (photographer, reception hall, restaurant, caterer…), do so at least three months in advance. The most requested ones can have a one-year waiting period.

– Choose a theme.

– Choose the decoration.

– Plan the entertainment.

– Choose the gifts.

– Define the menu. If you are using a caterer, place your order a month before.

– Follow up with guests who have not responded: you will need their exact number for the menu.

– Prepare a seating plan.

– One week before the christening, go shopping.

– The day before the christening, check the lists, decorate, cook, and prepare everything that can be prepared.

Please note: waiting and reservation times can triple depending on the region, the service, and the season. If you have specific wishes, find out in advance!

After the baptism

– Once the baptism is over, send thank you cards, possibly with a photo of the baptized person, to thank the participants.

2. Choose the type of baptism

Religious baptism is practiced in most religions of the world. The purpose is to welcome a child or adult into a religious community. Some include the appointment of a godparent to guide the child alongside the parents.

If religious baptism is the most common, there is a civil baptism, allowing to designate one or several godfather (s) and godmother (s) for a child. It is performed at the town hall but has no legal value or pre-established ceremonial and is not recorded in the civil registry. If you wish to organize a civil baptism, please contact your town hall to find out the details.

Good to know: unless they are designated as guardians by will or a declaration before a notary, the godparents only make a moral commitment.

In both cases, baptisms are usually held on specific dates: consult your parish or city hall to find out about them and register the future baptized person.

3. Choose the place of celebration

Baptism Event

Your budget and the place of celebration depend on the guest list. Unlike weddings, baptisms are generally celebrated in small groups: there is no need to think too big if you prefer to limit expenses.

Choose the place according to the guest list or adjust the guest list according to the place: change the direction according to your priority need!

At home or a friend’s house

– If you’re throwing a baby’s christening, it’s best to do it at home. You will be able to change him/her and put him/her to bed more easily.

– If you are on a tight budget, it is also better to organize the christening at home: you will better control the costs and avoid renting a hall.

In a restaurant

This is the simplest and least flexible solution: organizing a christening in a restaurant requires little effort but is more expensive and obliges you to adapt to time or decoration requirements.

– You will have to decide in advance on a menu and a price. In case of food allergies or intolerances of a guest, remember to inform the kitchen.

– Make reservations well in advance!

In a rental room

– If you choose to rent a reception hall, choose the place and book well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises, both in price and availability.

– Ask about the obligation of rental insurance.

– Check the presence of essential equipment or organize its transportation: tables, chairs, dishes…

– Depending on the season, check if there is heating or air conditioning.

– Prefer a room near a parking lot.

– Specify the rental hours.

Good to know: choose a date in the off-peak season for tight budgets. You will get better rental rates and a wider choice of rooms.

4. Choose a theme

Baptism Event

The theme is not mandatory to organize a baptism: it depends on the age and the desires of the baptized, the budget, the type of baptism, etc.

– For a religious christening, the themes are generally faith-oriented or even a simple colour theme.

– In the case of a civil christening, anything is possible: colours, animals, cartoon characters for the little ones, etc.

5. Send the invitations for the christening

Once the theme is determined, choose or create your invitations. You can use a printer, personalize them and order online or print them yourself.

– Take into account their price when choosing, depending on the number of invitations to send.

– Include a photo of the first and last name of the baptized person.

– Indicate the date, the coordinates of the place of ceremony and reception, with the schedule.

– Specify your exact contact information and the desired response time.

6. Choose the decoration

According to the chosen theme (or lack thereof), determine the decoration: choose and buy the different elements. The menu, the place cards, or the thank-you notes can be ordered or made simultaneously as the invitations, using the same graphics.

The essentials

– Tablecloths, napkins, dishes…

– Dragees

– Place cards

– Menu

– Balloons, ribbons…

– Flowers

– Thank you

7. Plan the entertainment for the ceremony and the meal

During the ceremony

– In principle, it is possible to personalize the ceremony with music: think about choosing it beforehand, in collaboration with the persons in charge (religious or civil).

– Depending on the type of religious ceremony, you may have to prepare a mass booklet, with texts and songs… Make sure you discuss this at the beginning of the meetings with the religious leader.

During the meal

If you wish, plan games or slide shows during the meal.

Essential: plan for a photographer, either professional or designated. Suppose you hire a professional photographer; remember to book three months in advance or even longer in high season.

8. Choose the gifts

– For the children, it is best to have a gift list from which the guests can choose. Remember to provide this list to your guests well in advance.

– Traditional religious gifts include a medal or goblet from the godparents.

– Consider personalizing the gift packages if you have the time and inclination.

9. Prepare the meal

There is no standard menu for christenings; establish it according to your tastes and budget.

– If you choose to cook yourself, opt for dishes prepared in advance.

– Order the cake or the “pièce montée” at least one week in advance.

– Plan for drinks.

– Don’t forget the sugared almonds! – For more than 15 people, it is better to use a caterer.

Tip: get help from family and friends if you are organizing the christening at home or cooking.

Room Reservation

Room Reservation: How to Book a Room

Room Reservation: How to Book a Room


 – How to book a room?

 – Booking a room: when?

 – Privatize a guest room for a party with family or friends

Think about booking a room several months before an event.
When you want to rent a room, you must think about reserving it; otherwise, it will be leased to other people. Without your reservation, the organizers have no guarantee of having a room on the day of the event.

How to reserve a room?

The client is required to:

 – make a reservation request;

 – pay a deposit.

Reservation request

The modalities for requesting a reservation vary according to the owners.

Some owners require a written reservation request, while for others, an oral reservation request by phone or e-mail is sufficient.

In all cases, the reservation request must mention

 – the name of the room desired,

 – the nature of the event organized,

 – the date and duration of the event,

 – the number of participants expected.

Following the reservation request, the room owner can then transmit the general rental conditions to the tenant, which will be applied upon reservation confirmation.

Payment of a deposit

The owner requires a deposit to confirm a room reservation, which varies according to the room’s price.

In general, the deposit requested at the time of reservation corresponds to 50% or 30% of the room rate.

In case of cancellation, the owner can keep all or part of the deposit according to the conditions he will have previously informed the tenant.

Then, the totality of the room price can be required at the handing-over of the keys or with the reception of an invoice a few weeks before the date of the event.

Room reservation: when?

The date on which it is advisable to reserve a room varies according to

 – the nature of the event,

 – the type of room desired,

 – the period when the event takes place,

 – the desired location.

In general, to obtain the desired room, it is preferable to book several months in advance.

When to book?

For what?

1 to 1.5 years in advance

– Weddings organized between April and September;
– trendy venues;
– halls in large cities.

Several months in advance

– Most reception halls, for all events of the type:
◦ birthday;
◦ family reunion;
◦ seminar;
◦ corporate meal, etc.

Several weeks in advance

– Weekday events such as:
◦ meeting;
◦ conference;
◦ various meals, etc.

Privatize a guest room for a party with family or friends

Indeed, the idea is a bit original, but some people have already done it before you. You can certainly rent a guest room to celebrate a birthday, celebrate a particular event, or simply watch soccer games with friends.

Why bed and breakfast?

Room Reservation

A private party is an opportunity to surround yourself with your loved ones. It offers the privacy of a home in a different setting. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or an adult’s birthday party, bed and breakfast is an excellent package to gather and have fun.

Many may think that a party in bed and breakfast would be more expensive, but this is not necessarily the case. The cost can be comparable to a rental.

Unlike a hotel, you will enjoy a slightly more intimate atmosphere, but with the service of professionals. For example, you can hire a caterer and order a themed cake online.

You can place your order directly online and have it delivered by an express service at the right time. For a birthday party, for example, you can order a themed cake according to the age of the main person involved. If it is to watch a soccer game, a soccer cake would be a good idea.

Things to consider before booking a bed and breakfast

Before making your reservation, you should consider the following:

– Age of your guests

– The services of the establishment

– The maximum number of guests

– The facilities available

– The presence or not of a catering service

– The party room, if it is well equipped or not.

Once you have considered all these criteria, you will not be surprised.

Some ideas for activities to enrich the event

Do you like outdoor activities? You can organize a bike ride, a hiking trip, a tree climbing session or a campfire to mark the event.

For a birthday party, you can organize workshops, various games (karaoke, treasure hunt, angling, etc.), cultural outings, etc. If it’s an adult birthday party, why not organize a DJ party?

Hope this post helps you decide on your room reservation for your next event! Remember to share your experience in the comments below.