Champagne For Birthday: Which One To Choose?

A birthday is a joyous event in which the birth of a person or an entity is celebrated. It is a fact that people go to great lengths to make a birthday memorable. Therefore, there are some very nice birthday parties. During these celebrations, various foods and drinks are consumed. This is the case with champagne. Find out in this article which champagne to choose to celebrate a birthday.

Champagne, what do you need to know?


Champagne is an ancestral beverage made from grapes. This drink comes from France. It is known for its sparkling aspect and its flavors. It is necessary to visit a store specialized in the sale of champagne to obtain it. It should be noted that champagne comes in different varieties. Each type of champagne is used for different occasions and for different reasons.

What are the varieties of champagne available on the market?

The method of making champagne has not remained stagnant. In fact, it has evolved over the years. Today, there are several varieties of champagne on the market. Thus, within these various champagnes, you will have to make a choice. Each type of champagne corresponds to a particular event. Here are the varieties of champagne available on the market.

The brut champagne

It is a reference term for champagne. Indeed, it enjoys a great reputation because of its taste. It is legendary, constant, timeless, and unique. This champagne is made with the grapes of the year. We obtain cuvées of raw champagne by assembling grape varieties of champenois. We add wines from previous years. Very little sweetened, it is a true delight.

Rosé champagne

The rosé is a champagne very appreciated by many consumers. It is generally obtained in two ways. The first one consists in mixing two wines, one white and the other red. The second is to color the beverage with the skin of black grapes obtained by pressing. The particularity of this champagne is its relatively fruity taste and its delicate perfumes.

Champagne blanc de blancs


The blanc de Blancs is also one of the varieties of champagne available on the market. It combines finesse, lightness, and elegance. It is made from white grapes from the Chardonnay variety. The latter are known for their finesse and purity. The blanc de Blancs champagne is a guarantee of minerality and freshness. It is ideal to accompany delicate meals.

The zero dosage champagne

This champagne is the object of a multitude of appellations. It is the case, for example, of non-dosed champagne, brut nature, ultra brut, etc. It embodies champagne in its pure or raw state. Indeed, during the manufacture of this champagne, no sugar is added at all. This champagne is known for its lightness and seafood-like flavor. Very light, this champagne is special.

Vintage champagne

The vintage champagne is a pearl in champagne. It is made from grapes harvested in the same year. It is important to note that the production of this champagne is reserved for the best years. Indeed, the vintage champagne is marketed at least five years after its production. This justifies the fact that it is rare on the market. It has character.

Prestige champagne

Like the vintage, the prestige champagne is also rare on the market. Indeed, it exists only in a limited edition. It is considered the most precious of all champagnes. The selling price of this champagne is quite high. You may not know it, but there are no regulations governing the production of this champagne. It is ideal for very special events.

Which champagne to choose for a birthday?


It will be difficult to say exactly which champagne to choose. Indeed, in terms of taste and preferences, men differ. So, depending on your wishes, you can choose between the champagnes listed above. To sum up, we can say that champagne is a beverage that comes in various types. It will be necessary to make a choice according to your preferences.

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place cards

4 Tips for Making Place Cards

4 Tips for Making Place Cards


– Tip 1: Make place cards to place next to the plate

– Tip 2: Make place cards to put on the plate

– Tip 3: Make place cards to attach to glasses

– Tip 4: Make place cards to attach or place on cutlery

Place cards are a great way to track where each guest is seated for a lunch or dinner party of at least 6-8 people. A simple cardboard box folded in half can be sufficient. However, here are a few ideas to make more unique place cards that your guests may enjoy keeping as a souvenir of a festive or convivial moment.

Tip 1: Make place cards to place next to the plate

Traditionally, place cards are placed next to the plate. It is also the formula that lends itself to a maximum of possible variations.

– Bouquet bookmark:

◦ Attach a tag with the guest’s name to a mini-bouquet of fresh flowers or lavender.

◦ Your tags can adopt a variety of shapes: rectangular, round or free form (star, heart, butterfly, tree…).

– Bookmark bundle:

◦ Tie a small bundle of twigs or cinnamon sticks with a brass wire, and attach a tag.

◦ Or use just 2 twigs or 2 cinnamon sticks; insert the tag between them and hold it together with two glue dots or a bit of brass wire.

– Fruit bookmark:

◦ Glue a tag onto a toothpick.

◦ Prick the whole thing into a red apple or tangerine.

– Pinecone bookmark:

◦ Vertically saw a pine cone about a third of the way up.

◦ Insert a tag into it.

– Bookmark cap:

◦ Cut a slit in a cork; insert a tag.

◦ Cut a cork in half across its height and poke a toothpick into it with a label glued on.

– Easter place card:

◦ Fill an egg cup with foam.

◦ Stick a toothpick in it with a label glued on it.

Tip 2: Make place cards to put on the plate

place cards

You can also place many of the place cards next to the plate on the plate for a change. Here are some other ideas as well:

– Prepare a name tag with the guest’s name. Make two slits above and below the name using a cutter, and slip in a fresh flower stem.

– Prepare a name tag for the guest. With a cutter, make two slits to the right and left of the name and insert a piece of wide ribbon with the ends cut into a pennant.

– With a piece of string, attach a pretty tag to a boxwood branch or fir.

– Open a walnut and hollow it out. Close it with glue dots after having slipped the end of a rectangular tag into it, the tip of which you will have cut into a pennant.

Tip 3: Make place cards to attach to glasses

You can also use glasses to make unusual place cards:

– Cut out a star, heart or simply rectangular label. Cut a slit in the glass to slide the label onto the base of a stemmed glass.

– Cut a star, heart, or cloud tag and tie it with a thin ribbon around the base of a glass.

– Cut a label in the shape of a pennant, a star, a heart… Glue it to a wooden spike and place the spike in the glass.

Tip 4: Make place cards to attach or place on cutlery

– Gather all the cutlery, tie it with a ribbon and attach a place card. Place on the plate.

– Cut out a star, heart, flower, butterfly, etc., tag and slide it between two tines of a fork with the tines pointing skyward.

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Why Should We Stop Celebrating Quinceañeras in 2022

Most cultures have a ceremony from childhood to adulthood; for most Hispanic people, this is known as a Quinceañera. For me, this practice seems a bit antiquated, especially as a queer person of color who has a Mexican mom. This practice, for me, is something that should stay in the past, like gender reveals parties.

But I get that it is also a way for families to meet, and it also joins the community. But the message behind it is kind of shady. In the past, it was a way for a family to show to the village that their daughter is of legal age to get married, and for me, that is not something that needs to be celebrated. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about Quinceañera.

What is it?


Quinceañera has several names like quinceaños, quince añeros, or simply quince, and it is the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday and is a rite of passage and represents the passage from childhood to adulthood. It is both a social and religious event that emphasizes the importance of family and society in a young woman’s life.

It is celebrated in several countries around the world, such as Mexico, the Caribbeans, Latin America, as well as in some Hispanic communities in the United States. A Quinceañera starts with a mass attended by the person who celebrates her quince and her family and godparents. After this, a reception is held, and this usually features food, dancing, and music.

Like many other rites and ceremonies, quinceañeras continue to evolve. The celebration is generally as elaborate as the family’s means allow. Although the quince celebration originally meant that the girl was prepared for marriage, the modern celebration rather signals the beginning of an official engagement. Some girls opt for a trip abroad rather than a party, and others prefer to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.

Why not celebrate it?


As a Biracial kid with a Mexican mom and an Indian dad, I went to my far share of Quinceañera as a kid, and when the time rolled around for me to have one, I had an argument with my parents about not having one. By the age of 13, I was in my rebellious stage and was questioning everything from my sexuality to my heritage. 

I thought that Quinceañera was overrated and that they were an outdated ceremony that, in my book, was completely unnecessary. As a queer person, being paraded around and wearing a dress wasn’t something that vibed with me a lot, and I had several arguments with my parents before we came to the consensus to not have a Quinceañera.

To quote one of my favorite quotes from One Day At A Time:

“the history of Quinceañera is totally misogynistic…I don’t want to be paraded around in front of the men of the village like a piece of property traded for two cows and a goat.”

However, later on in the series, Elena accepts to have a Quinceañera just to show that her single mother can do anything cereal packet families can. After debates and arguments, the daughter finally agrees but does not give in to her mother’s wishes or please her. She chose to celebrate her Quinceañera to show that this single mother could organize this party for her daughter on her own.

Feminism Vs quinceañera


What do feminists think about the Quinceañera tradition? The tradition of the Quinceañera appears to be degrading and immoral in the eyes of some feminist associations around the world, given the young age of the teenagers involved. Is it possible to be 15 years old and define yourself as a feminist without giving up the right to be a queen for a day at least once in your life? 

The thing that bothers me the most is that this celebration was rooted in patriarchal norms that are hidden under the guise of a celebration. This is a view that I share, but I also believe to each their own and that if you want to celebrate your Quinceañera, you do you.

Do we still need Quinceañera nowadays? 


If it was up to me, no, and you should also not participate in this outdated practice. You could have a party to celebrate the birthday of your future kid without having the focus being on their gender or that they are of legal age to get married. A survey conducted by vice media found that 41% of Gen Z (born between 1996 to 2010) identify as gender-neutral; they don’t fit with this restrictive binary of male and female.

This highlights that we don’t need gender reveal parties because the new generations are more open about their gender identity and exploring what it means to be a man or a woman. However, this type of party doesn’t need to happen today; to each their own. If you want to throw a gender reveal party, go ahead and do it. I can’t stop you, but for me, this is something that we need to get away from.

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Top 5 Best Tips For Throwing The Perfect Adult Pajama Party

The sleepover, also called pajama party, is the night with friends par excellence. Contrary to what one might think, these parties are not reserved for teenage girls. It’s an opportunity to get together with friends in an intimate setting to party. So grab your invitation cards and enjoy a themed pajama party.

Adult sleepover: the best activities at home


To make your sleepover a memorable moment, certain activities are a must. They will allow you to spend a privileged moment with your guests and friends at home. To set the mood and enjoy your evening, here are the best activities to do before you slip into bed with a good movie.

Do you want to go back to childhood for a night? The “pajama party” theme is ideal for that! But you’re too old to have pillow fights and tell stories by the fire… So you’ll have to spice things up a bit by incorporating a few extra ingredients, especially for adults, into your costume pajama party!

1. The outfit

As for the kids, you can wear your favorite pajamas or wear your usual sleepwear! We get a rather singular guest panorama between the leopard print nighties, the basic boxer shorts / tee-shirts, and the terrycloth robes! In general, this makes for a pretty colorful mix.

If your wardrobe doesn’t contain the pajamas of your dreams, you can opt for a full-body suit that imitates an animal, a character that symbolizes your childhood, or- more gory- a bloody zombie pajamas… Cold sweat guaranteed!

2. The menu


You don’t need to change much from the kids’ menu, except maybe the quantities! You’ll probably have invited more people to your sleepover… So you’ll need to give your guests some strength. On the other hand, you can be a little more daring with your drinks by proposing original cocktails that remind, for example, of children’s tastes. Use colored syrups or spirits and give them symbolic names. You can even put some candies in them!

3. The animations

This is where the adult sleepover can be a little more extravagant than the kids’! Of course, music is essential to create a festive atmosphere. You can opt for the “dance party” version by playing a playlist of circumstances or for a “karaoke party”, which can prove to be very amusing if the guests play the game.

To immortalize the event, organize a small photo studio in the corner of your reception room. Provide your guests with a camera on a tripod and a myriad of crazy accessories… The result is often memorable! In addition, it will make you nice memories!

You can also organize games. Why not play “truth or dare” for a return to adolescence”. You can also opt for board games, there are different ones, and some are even created specifically for adults. Our recommendation a few sheets of paper, pens, drawings, and let’s go for a game of Pictionary.

4. The decoration


The theme of childhood is recurrent in “pajama parties”, often because the guests are themselves big children! Of course, the symbols of childhood differ from one person to another, but some elements are still essential. This is the case of pillows and duffel bags, candies, and balloons.

Take out of the closet or the attic all the objects you used when you were a child but which have disappeared today: record player, walkman, cassette player, Gameboy, Nintendo… After that, it’s up to you to embellish your room with lights, frills, feathers, and sequins. Be careful not to overload your decoration to leave room for your guests. The atmosphere must be cozy but not cluttered.

5. Dance and sing until the end of the night

What would a sleepover be without karaoke? This is one of the must-do activities of the evening. You can suggest to your guests to prepare a list of songs on paper and draw a title to be interpreted. Whether you’re a team or solo, with or without a microphone, you can find karaoke stations online to have fun at home.

Ideally, you should have a projection system or a screen large enough for everyone to follow the lyrics. For a successful karaoke party, you can also focus on decoration: disco balls, wigs, and kitschy accessories; anything goes. Dancing and singing during your sleepover is a great idea to ensure an atmosphere that lasts until the end of the night. Our advice, avoid high notes, and your neighbors will thank you.

Looking for help?


Wanting to throw the perfect party? Creative party Rental is at your service with over 10 years of experience in the field of party rental. If you live in Miami and plan to throw a party and need a bouncing house, waterslides, catering, a cotton candy machine, popcorn machines, or anything party-related. So, what are you waiting for? Call them now and rent everything you’ll need to throw the perfect party. Give them a call today and get a free estimate on your next pajama party! 


How to Throw a Housewarming Party on a Budget (Part 2)

Moving costs money, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to throw a large party straight away. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to organize a fantastic housewarming party. When it comes to a new house celebration, there aren’t many rules—just do what makes the most sense given the time, space, and budget you have, and focus on having a nice time. Don’t know where to begin? Read through the following suggestions to get started arranging your perfect housewarming party on a budget.

Visit a dollar store.

Go to the dollar store if you’re dead set on decorating. In terms of incredibly cheap decorating and party supplies, you’ll have a lot of possibilities. Remember the golden rule of dollar stores: don’t buy something just because it’s cheap if you don’t want or need it. Save your decorations for the next party after yours is over!

Make a one-of-a-kind large-batch drink.

How to Throw a Housewarming Party

Purchasing alcohol for a party can be costly, and it’s difficult to predict what people will want to drink and how much they will want to drink. Instead of guessing, make a large batch cocktail to serve a crowd (all of these can be made for about $30). Inform your guests that a cocktail will be given but that they are welcome to bring whatever additional alcohol they choose, such as beer, wine, or a specific sort of liquor.

Budget-Friendly Bites

Most of the money you’ll spend on your housewarming celebration will go toward food. However, you can put up a spectacular feast with a little imagination without breaking the bank. There are some wonderful budget-friendly side dishes, appetizers, and entrees here. If you don’t feel like cooking, there’s always pizza, which is always a good choice for a low-cost meal.

Alternatively, make it a potluck.

Potlucks are a good way to feed a large group without spending much money. Asking each of your friends to bring food to share is a perfectly acceptable request, and many people love making or baking something special for the occasion.

Go For A Dessert Party

Have you ever heard of cakes disappointing someone? No, because everyone loves sweets. And there are a lot of desserts that are very cheap compared to meat and cheese and other savory snacks. You need to let your guests know in advance, and also, you can’t throw a dessert party at lunch, so the timing needs to be well-thought-out. You can think of setting a sundae bar with different ice-cream flavors and fun toppings.

Use Your Plates And Utensils

People think that using paper plates is the best way to go as you bypass the whole dishwashing process, but this is a great way to waste your money. I would recommend that you use your plates, utensils, and glasses- even though it will cost you time when washing the dishes, at least you won’t have a hole in your wallet.

The Ambiance

People, Man, Woman, Dreadlocks, Party

Throwing a budget housewarming party—or any party—is all about setting the tone and making the occasion appear more extravagant than it is. There are various ways to accomplish this, like lighting candles, creating fantastic music, and putting cookies in the oven when guests arrive so that the aroma of freshly baked food greets them. Consider how you may add value to the event without spending money by focusing less on the obvious and more on the overall atmosphere.


Create your own free housewarming party games, such as a scavenger hunt of objects in the house, a quiz about your town or city, or a scramble with phrases relating to your new home if you want to provide a little extra amusement. You can either print out game printables or build your own.

The secret to organizing a budget-friendly housewarming celebration is to make the best of what you have and not give in to expectations about what your party should look like and entail. The guests who attend are there to show their support for you and see your new home; they aren’t expecting anything extravagant. Make sure that you work within your budget. It will prevent you from being stressed about your situation afterward. In the comments, let us know what you think is the perfect budget for a housewarming party…


6 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Surprise Birthday Party

A classic way to surprise a loved one: the surprise birthday! Although this idea has been around for centuries (if not millennia, who knows?), it never ceases to hit the mark, and every year millions of people have the right to a surprise birthday. However, setting up such an event requires a real organization to avoid seeing your plans fall through.

We explain why and, more importantly, how to organize a surprise birthday party. With this guide, you are guaranteed a truly unexpected event on the big day. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some tips for throwing the perfect surprise birthday party.

1. What day should the party be held?


Take into account the constraints of the person for whom you are organizing this beautiful birthday party: perhaps they work on Saturdays? In this case, organize the party on Saturday night. What if they are a student who works on Saturdays and Sundays? You can ask one of his colleagues to inform the bosses (if you do it in advance, they will find a solution and it will be a second surprise: a day off).

If you are organizing a friend’s surprise birthday party, don’t hesitate to ask his relatives for more information about his agenda. And conversely, if you are a family member, don’t hesitate to ask your friends. It would be silly to organize a birthday party on a weekend when the guest of honor had planned a weekend by the sea.

2. Make sure the guest of honor will be there

Are you afraid that the guest of honor will decide to organize his birthday party before he even finds out about the surprise or plans something else on that date? To be on the safe side, tell him that you are inviting him to eat at your house on the day of the party.

That way, he won’t make any other plans. And if he starts to tell you that he wants to have a birthday party, how do you do it? You’ll have to tell all the guests to act casual and make them think you’ll be there. But the date of the surprise birthday party will have to be before the date he plans to have his party.

3. Organize an outdoor birthday party


If you want to organize your surprise party outside during the summer vacations, you can ask your friends who have a large field, but it is also possible to reserve a field with a barbecue and picnic table and the, best of all, to privatize a beach.

If you want to organize it on a public beach, you will have to obey different rules, especially the prohibition to consume alcohol in a public place and lighting a campfire. The organization of the music and lighting is also complicated.

4. The guest list 

The guests should be chosen according to the preferences of the person; if it is a person who prefers small committees to large gatherings, then it will be necessary to invite friends and close family. On the other hand, it is also possible to invite all friends but also colleagues and family in general.

If unfortunately, in his family or friends, some people do not get along, it is necessary to invite only one person or gather the concerned people to lecture them on possible bad behaviors that could spoil the evening and all the efforts made to organize it.

The size of the room is also a factor to take into account; indeed, if you rent a large room, it will be necessary to make it profitable with a great number of guests. They will be all together to spend a great evening with someone important to them; they will only have to get ready to wish him a happy birthday!

5. Choice of the animations


The choice of the music is essential; it will ambiance the evening. You can hire a DJ or rent a sound system as we have seen before. You can also find someone likely to do it among your guests; the children will always be very motivated by the idea of being able to animate a party, free of whether you trust them or not.

You can create a playlist with your music on Spotify or Deezer; it is necessary to think of putting all the styles to please everyone. If you feel like a composer, you can write a song for your friend and print the lyrics for the guests.

Then, during the evening, you can set up games that don’t require any preparation beforehand, like musical chairs or bringing back an object as fast as possible. If you were still wondering why it’s important to celebrate your birthday after these games, you wouldn’t be asking that question anymore!

6. Keep it a secret


The most exciting thing about planning a surprise party is, of course, to keep it a secret for as long as possible. You have to be good at the art of subterfuge. First of all, you have to specify and insist in the invitations that it is a SURPRISE party and you must not mention the name of the guest.

Then, you must plan a fictitious evening with the surprise guest to be sure that they will be available in time. It is also necessary to specify to the people who are not invited and who can be in contact with the person to keep the secret.

Don’t forget to park your cars away from the meeting place so that you don’t spoil the surprise by a few seconds. If the surprise birthday party is for your spouse and sharing your computer, be careful about your internet searches or conversations on social networks.

Even if you have planned a great party on the theme of the unicorns, keep it a secret because the surprise will be even more beautiful! It is also possible to create an email address to communicate with the guests, especially for the event. Finally, you can use social networks to find friends and family.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about surprise birthday parties.


Decorating Ideas For A Pool Party

Summer is here! The pool party is a small festivity by the pool for a moment of joy with your loved ones. However, the night version requires a little more involvement to perfect this beautiful moment of enjoyment. So let’s think about our night party. How can we decorate for a successful nighttime pool party?

Decorating the pool


The centerpiece of a pool party, nightly or otherwise, is the pool. This last one must be decorated without any missing detail. Maximizing the pool decoration means spicing up the evening. Let’s start by thinking about the installation of colored and inflated balloons around the pool. You can place foam balls and fries all around the pool since the pool party implies some diving.

The mattresses and other inflatable devices will be used to float. A pool party is not an ordinary pool party and has to be special and unique. Why not choose an unusual color for your pool water? Thanks to the various dyes, give the water a green, blue, pink etc.

The dyes are indeed temporary and dissipate easily after the party. The guests invited to the party will come for an exceptional evening full of entertainment. When choosing items to decorate your pool, also consider pool games such as:

  • Water polo
  • Beach volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Floatation mattress races, etc.

Lighting the party area

Since the party takes place at night, it is advisable to focus on lighting for the safety of the participants. It will also serve to give a special touch to the party.

LED spotlights and lamps

The LED spotlights and lamps will be installed on the ground around the playground and polarized towards the trees. These lighting devices enhance the party and, at the same time, promote the safety of the guests. This gives the party a sublime and attractive touch and provides a spicy feel to the evening.

To enjoy your music by the pool without risking damage to your smartphone, headphones, or any other audio system, we advise you to invest in a waterproof speaker. Among the available models, we have a preference for the JBL, which offers an excellent quality-price ratio.

Made of robust and waterproof materials, it follows you in all your adventures, whether by the pool, beach, sand or during your sports sessions. It works in Bluetooth and connects directly to a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer for an easier music broadcast.

A waterproof speaker will up your game and allow you to throw parties without having to worry about the music, and a waterproof speaker is the making of a perfect party in our book and is a party essential. So, invest in a quality waterproof speaker, enjoy your pool to the fullest, and throw a pool party.

Bamboo torches

Bamboo torches illuminate the party area and bring a natural feature. These torches are reminiscent of the cavemen’s evenings under the stars. String lights or lanterns can replace them.

Underwater spotlights


The underwater spotlights allow to give a sublime color and illuminate the pool and save space. They are installed at the very bottom of the pool. This reduces the effort involved in installing and uninstalling lighting elements at the beginning and end.

Furniture for a pool party

The pool certainly characterizes a pool party, but it is noted that the participants spend more time outside the pool than inside. That’s why it’s important to focus on the decoration of furniture. Pleasant for young and old alike, inflatable mattresses allow you to float on the surface of your pool and relax with serenity by letting yourself be carried. 

There are models equipped with small supports to put a glass, a book, or any other object. Some mattresses are equipped with a wifi speaker, and others can accommodate several people. Perfect for playing or relaxing, they will be very appreciated in your pool.

You can find a plethora of pool accessories in Target, and you can pick and choose what you want for your pool. Inflatable mattresses, floaties, and other playful pool accessories are necessary, especially when posting photos on social media. Our go-to’s are flamingo and unicorn floaties.

Poofs and folding chairs

Choose poofs with elegant colors that match the pool’s borders or color. Poofs are much more comfortable, less cumbersome, and easy to set up and rake. Folding chairs are also easy to set up and look light as furniture.

Hammocks or swings

The hammock is the most entertaining piece of furniture. Although it implies some restrictive installation conditions, the hammock will fulfill its fun role. The same is true of the swings. Both of these items, however, require much more space than expected.



Party-specific tables will be welcome, and a nice, space-saving barbecue. Large or small, the tables are very requested for the desserts during and after the festivity. The table can be covered with various types of fruit.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about pool parties.


How to Throw a Housewarming Party on a Budget (Part 1)

You’ve just moved in, unloaded your belongings, and are eager to show off your new digs. What better way to celebrate than throwing a housewarming party? A housewarming party is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your exciting new digs and take a respite after the stress of moving, whether you go casual or lavish, open invite or private guest list. And the good news is that you can create a fantastic housewarming celebration on a shoestring budget.

Moving costs money, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to throw a large party straight away. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to organize a fantastic housewarming party. When it comes to a new house celebration, there aren’t many rules—just do what makes the most sense given the time, space, and budget you have, and focus on having a nice time. Don’t know where to begin? Read through the following suggestions to get started arranging your perfect housewarming party on a budget.

Determine how much money you want to spend.

Housewarming Party on a Budget
Housewarming Party on a Budget

You need to know how much money you have to work with before you make any decisions concerning your housewarming party. Don’t feel obligated to spend a lot of money—a fantastic housewarming celebration can be a low-key affair. The first important thing is to know how much you’re willing to spend—whether it’s $50 or $500—and then you can focus on the rest of the details.

Decide on an acceptable timeframe.

Many people put off holding a housewarming celebration until after they have moved into their new home for a few months. Working within limitations that you’re comfortable with is key when planning a housewarming celebration on a budget, and this applies to both timing and money. Determine a timeframe that will allow you to recoup financially from the move, rather than feeling obligated to do it within the first month or two of setting down.

Be Realistic

Party planning usually begins with big ideas ultimately whittled down to something more manageable. And that’s perfectly fine! Nobody is expecting a Pinterest-worthy party or anything straight from the pages of Martha Stewart Living. Set realistic expectations for your housewarming celebration, and don’t stress over attaining an arbitrary ideal.

Keep the guest list to a minimum.

It is not necessary to invite many guests to a party. While a housewarming party is certainly the type of event to which you can invite acquaintances, if you’re on a budget, you’re usually better off limiting the guest list to only your closest friends and their significant others (if applicable). This will make your party more controllable as well as cost-effective.

person putting wine on flute glass

Send out invitations for free.

The days of sending invitations by snail mail are long gone. The internet provides many options for sending dazzling invitations by email, but they are not all inexpensive. Fortunately, services like Paperless Post and Punchbowl offer free alternatives. A simple (closed) Facebook invitation or even individual text messages to your invitees may suffice if you don’t feel like going all out. Just give your guests plenty of notice before the party and ask for RSVPs so you know how many people to expect.

The Setting

The setting—and the star—of your housewarming celebration is your home. The rest is merely icing on the cake. Because decorations may rapidly add up, if you’re hosting a housewarming party on a budget, forgo them entirely and focus on making your home look its best with what you already have. If you want to add some personal touches, buy items you can use after the party, such as string lights, art, or a gorgeous dessert stand for the kitchen countertop.

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Hall Renters

What Hall Renters Wish You Never Know!

What Hall Renters Wish You Never Know!


Step 1: Determine the furniture budget

Step 2: Plan a decoration budget

Step 3: An empty room or furnished room?

You are going to rent a room to celebrate a birthday, a baptism, a wedding, in short, an exceptional event: when defining your budget for your event, be sure to add rental items, the rental of furniture and decoration, so as not to have any unpleasant surprises on the actual cost of your party.

Here is how to calculate the furniture and decoration budget for your hall rental.

1. Determine the furniture budget

If you rent an empty room, you will need to rent the necessary furniture.

Whether it’s a wedding or any other event with a seated meal, you will need to rent tables and chairs. This rental represents an additional cost, which should not be forgotten when budgeting for the project.

As an example, count:

  • between $3 and $4 per day for a simple chair (resin);

  • between $5 and $6 for a velvet chair;

  • from $18 to $28 for a round table that can accommodate about ten people.

Please note that these prices are indicative only. Since the COVID-19, the prices may have risen drastically. Kindly check the updated prices with your room supplier.

2. Plan a decoration budget

Hall Renters

You may also need to budget for decoration: flowers, balloons, lights, etc. Indeed, the appearance of some rooms is less suitable than others for an event.

For example, you will need a larger decoration budget for a wedding if you rent a party room than if you rent a castle.

Decorate your chairs

Here are some tips to decorate your chairs without breaking the bank:

Rent plain white chairs, which you cover with clear covers or veils purchased or rented in bulk.

You can also decorate your chairs with a pretty ribbon on the back.

Flower the room without breaking the bank

While it’s part of the tradition, floral decorating can be an expensive expense:

Rather than natural bouquets, vases filled with water with rose petals on the surface look great.

For a wedding, you can suggest that couples who are getting married on the same day as you contribute to purchasing flowers that will remain in place all day.

3. An empty room or furnished room?

Similarly, don’t forget to evaluate your decoration needs according to your renting room. In the end, a cheap space may not be as good a deal as a more expensive room that is furnished and charming.

Other budget items should not be forgotten for the rental, such as the corkage fee sometimes claimed by the renter or the caterer.

You can also hire an event organizer to manage your reception.

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Top 5 Best Tips To Throw A Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties celebrate your friend’s last day of singlehood and have had a bad reputation for far too long. Your bachelor party is a way to spend a day with your friends and have fun. Nowadays, it’s mostly a symbolic party that most of us throw for our best friends or cousins to celebrate this significant milestone in their lives. 

A bachelor party can be as low-key or as extravagant as you like. However, planning the perfect bachelor party for your friend is a way to prepare for the upcoming wedding. Come with us to learn more about bachelor parties and how to organize them.

What is it?


It is a celebration of the groom’s marriage, usually attended by a select few, usually the groom’s close friends and relatives. The term “bachelor” comes from Old English and dates back to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The first bachelor party is said to have been celebrated by the Spartans.

A long-standing pre-wedding tradition brings together the groom’s closest friends for a night or weekend of debauchery and fun. This celebration is deeply rooted in history, and for me, it’s a celebration of the people getting married and for them to de-stress before the big day.

Be creative with your bachelor parties, as it is more than likely a once in a lifetime celebration and is your way of doing everything for your best friend. This is the groom’s “last night of freedom,” and that’s why it’s memorable!

1. A chill eveningbachelor

You have decided to have a quiet but memorable evening? First of all, you can privatize a bar to spend the beginning of the evening, with a beer and wine tasting, some snacks and of course, some great music to set the mood. You can go on a “pub crawl” for the more playful, the pure tradition of a bachelor party, but not everyone likes it.

Then, in a good restaurant, you follow the evening with an activity! Why not a game of pool, a poker game, a nightclub, or a soccer game? To add a little spice, because you mustn’t forget that it’s the groom’s party, you can ask him to walk around town in disguise, sing songs in front of everyone, or ask strangers to dance with him… you won’t forget this evening! There is no shortage of ideas.

2. A sensational day


What could be better than a day full of activities with friends? Of course, everything depends on your budget, and the activities offered are different depending on the region; however, you have the choice of go-karting, quad biking, parachute jumping, jet-skiing, bungee jumping, paintball.

You will inevitably find an activity that will please everyone! A very nice souvenir that the groom will not forget. You can also not tell him anything and organize a surprise day by selecting the day’s activities.

3. A weekend


If you have time, opt for a weekend! Nothing better than a few days to get together with friends and celebrate a bachelor party as it should be. At sea or in the mountains, discover places and activities that you are not used to. If you take the sea option, opt for kayaking, body surfing, paddleboarding, or for the bravest, sensational activities such as flyboarding, towed buoy, parasailing, flyfish.

For the mountain, the zip line is a must; the night hike will fill your eyes. And to finish in beauty, the hot water baths in the open air. Feel like soaring? Go paragliding or parachuting! You can plan an all-inclusive weekend or choose the option of improvisation!

4. The weekend abroad


If the budget allows it, this is the thing to do! Go conquer a new country and enjoy the change of scenery! Sun, sea, tapas, and a very festive nightlife! For example, Barcelona is the ideal city for an EVG.

Budapest has all the ingredients for a perfect bachelor party: the city is beautiful, the restaurants are cheap, and the people are very festive! If you prefer cities that are a little less touristy, check out Dublin, Edinburgh, or Berlin.

5. Make it memorable


This is the time to let loose and be as wild as possible in the celebration and preparation of this party. Innovate with the party, hire drag queens, gogo boys, and strippers and have fun. We don’t want a lame party about you and your friends going to a bar and drinking until you’re completely drunk.

Do something you’ll all remember when you look back at this party. Play a drinking game: every time the groom says his future partner’s name, have a drink. This is the one night all your friends will be in one place, and it should be the night you make lasting memories. Have fun, but remember not to let the groom do anything he’ll regret later

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