Planning an Intimate Wedding Reception: Essential Tips

If a party with hundreds of guests in a large venue is a bit too much for you, an intimate wedding reception with only a few close friends and family is ideal.

The choice of a wedding with fewer guests is not necessarily reduced to a financial issue, but rather a “style” that deviates from the traditional way of thinking about a wedding reception. It is ideal for those who prefer a warmer, more personal atmosphere where they can spend more time with their guests and pamper them a bit. Because there are so few, you can pay a larger budget on attention to detail, such as a jazz quintet or sophisticated gifts.

Choose a Wedding Planner

If you want every detail of your intimate wedding to be perfect, hire a professional. Although seemingly easy, it is not certain that such a ceremony will not ensure a level of difficulty or unpleasant surprises, especially bureaucracy, so look for someone who is already an expert in intimate weddings or weddings in general with few guests.

This is because, if you make the unusual choice of inviting fewer guests to make your wedding unforgettable, a more unique location is often preferred and is more exclusive or requires specific permissions. A wedding planner can simplify and guide things for you.

Decorations and Buffet

As there are fewer guests, the budget can be kept low, and you may be able to focus only on what you like.

You can therefore have special decorations, a florist to prepare breathtaking floral decorations, and a dazzling lunch and wedding buffet menu.

The food, the location, the flowers, the candles, nothing should be overlooked! Let go of any doubts and choose the best of the best.

A wedding reception buffet can be as elegant and delicious as you want it to be with a little ingenuity. A reception buffet can be just as perfectly presented as a seated buffet.

For example, you can have a centrally located buffet row to allow guests to self-serve from either side of the table, making it easier and quicker to get the meal started.

The bride and groom should always consider the diversity of their guests’ tastes and offer a wide range of choices so that even those with unusual dietary preferences can enjoy the reception. And by offering both traditional comfort foods and exotic gourmet delicacies, everyone can enjoy their favorite dishes and try new ones.

The Perfect Location

The most important aspect of an intimate wedding, besides the bride and groom, is the choice of venue for the wedding.

The Beach

There’s nothing better than to have an intimate wedding on the beach, perhaps at sunset, on the beach, with the sea breeze blowing and the sun warming you.

Free photos of Beach

Escape To The Hills

Choose a hillside location, such as Tuscany, Monferrato, a medieval village in central Italy, or a charming town somewhere else.

Many hillside locations offer breathtaking views and the serenity of a place still over time, without the hustle and bustle of the city, and proper attention to their clients.

An intimate wedding allows you to savor the moment while relaxing for a few days in a fairy-tale atmosphere.

Intimate Wedding Themes

Have you ever planned a themed wedding? If you have a small number of guests, it is effortless to succeed. Even your guests will be fine. You can certainly request a dress code without fear of their adverse reaction. There are many things you can consider. Some ideas are traditional: the ocean, the mountains, a rustic atmosphere, a country wedding. But you can also choose a Harry Potter themed wedding, mermaids, unicorns, etc. Choose the theme that best reflects your commitment and personality.

Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

Renting an Affordable Wedding Venue: Essential Tips

Marriage is a legitimate union between a man and a woman. The bride and groom decide to spend the rest of their lives together. It should be noted that a wedding can be celebrated in a church or at the town hall. In this case, you call on the priest or the mayor, depending on the type of wedding. We notice that people can’t easily rent a hall. Discover in this article our tips to make this rental.

Contact a Specialist

Today, it isn’t easy to find a hall for a wedding. Contacting a specialist to rent a room for your event in Paris will considerably ease the task. Paris is not the only city where this solution will be helpful. Indeed, this solution applies to all cities in the world. It is necessary to look for the specialists in room rental near you.

The room rental professional has a lot of experience in the field. He will be able to propose you rooms according to your budget with a certain ease. He will make proposals according to the number of people expected or your expectations in space. Knowing the possibilities available to you, you will be able to opt for the least expensive.

Doing Research on the Internet

In the process of renting a cheap venue, you can also do some research on the net. It is often said that there is everything on the internet. This is indeed the case. Thanks to advances, today’s lessors have websites and pages on various social networks. These channels contain not only information but also photos related to the rooms.

The progress of the internet has also allowed various online rental platforms to emerge. These platforms are equipped with artificial intelligence. This technology allows you to find the ideal room. Indeed, you will only have to fill in some information such as your region, the number of guests expected, etc. Then, all you have to do is choose the cheapest venue.

Ask for Advice From a Couple Who Had Their Wedding in a Venue

You will not be the first or the last couple to celebrate a wedding in a venue. This is a great advantage. It will allow you to rent an inexpensive venue for your wedding easily. This is quite an effective trick, as these people have enough information about the said hall. They will also be able to give you the exact name of the lessor of the hall.

To take advantage of this trick, you will have to go to the home of a couple who had their wedding in a hall. Once there, ask any questions you may have. If you do not know such a couple, ask around. One of your relatives (friends, neighbors, etc.) will surely know one. To find the cheapest venue, you will need to compare the offers of several couples.

Put Out a Search Notice for a Venue

To find a cheap venue for a wedding, you can also start venue search notices. Usually, it is the applicants who go to the lessors. Those days are over. Indeed, today’s lessors are looking for a return on their investment at any cost. They will not hesitate to respond to your various search notices.

When we talk about a wanted notice, we are talking about a message to be sent to the lessors. This message contains, among other things:

  • the desired rental area ;
  • the number of guests expected;
  • the desired surface area;
  • the presence or not of tables and chairs;

Today, several channels can accommodate your ads. The lessors will contact you if your expectations correspond to what they offer. Wait to get several offers before deciding. This will allow you to find the one that is the least expensive.

Which Outfit to choose for the Groom and the Bride

Which Outfit to choose for the Groom and the Bride

Which Outfit to choose for the Groom and the Bride


When to choose the wedding outfit?

Who is concerned about the wedding dresses?

Which outfit to choose when you are invited to a wedding?

What is the outfit that best suits the occasion?

The colours and fabrics to choose

The length of the dress

The hats

Wedding outfits: purchase or rental?

The choice of your wedding dress, as well as that of your spouse and guests, contributes to the success of the reception and should ideally be in harmony with the theme of your wedding.

When to choose the wedding dress?

You must choose wedding attire, wedding dress, and wedding suit with particular care. It would be best not to leave this to the last minute because there will be several fittings to plan, especially for the bride.

You will start worrying about wedding outfits 6 to 10 months before the wedding, depending on your wedding planner, which helps you not to forget anything in all your wedding preparations.

Who is concerned about the wedding outfits?

For this unique event that is the celebration of your wedding, everyone will be chic and dressed up to please and honour you, but without overshadowing the bride and groom.

The bride will be the most beautiful and the star of the day, thanks to her beautiful dress, wedding hairstyle, and makeup.

The groom will be the prince of this beautiful day. He will be dressed in a suit, jacket, tuxedo, or frock coat that will perfectly fit his figure. You can also wear a top hat and gloves.

The children of honour and the bridesmaids will have outfits that will be chosen according to clear and precise rules dictated by the bride. These must be coordinated with the bride’s dress (colours and style) because they will be part of the procession.

The mothers of the bride and groom should choose a classic outfit that does not overshadow the bride.

Finally, it is traditional that the fathers and witnesses of the bride and groom are dressed in accordance with the wedding costume of the future husband.

What to wear when you are invited to a wedding?

Which Outfit to choose for the Groom and the Bride

It’s the bride and groom’s day, but you must take special care with your outfit without overshadowing the bride and groom.

How to get dressed? This is often the question we ask ourselves when we are invited to a wedding, and the woman usually has to buy a new outfit.

The men, as for them, will take out their best suits or will also make a purchase.

What is the best outfit for the occasion?

To find out which outfit will best suit the occasion, find out:

About the wedding style: is it a country wedding, traditional, themed, sophisticated…

Is the wedding taking place in the morning, afternoon or evening?

The wedding announcement you received can give you some indications on the subject, and the choice of your clothes will depend on it. You can also ask the bride and groom or consult their wedding blog.

The colours and fabrics to choose

Here are some tips to help you choose your wedding outfit:

The colours: pastel tones, powder pink, beige, green, and white are in the spotlight.

For fabrics: choose noble materials such as taffeta, silk, chiffon, or organza.

What to avoid:

At a wedding, you should not dress all in white so as not to overshadow the bride, mainly so that you are not confused with her. Being dressed all in black is also forbidden.

Shiny outfits such as gold or silver are not the most beautiful effect.

The length of the dress

You can choose a long or knee-length dress with a small jacket with long sleeves. Very short skirts are not in good taste.

The wedding dress should be sober, refined, and elegant, with a few small accessories that are not too flashy.

You can also opt for two outfits: one for the wedding ceremony and another for the evening.

The hats

Usually, it is the mothers of the bride and groom and the witnesses who wear a hat with their wedding outfits.

However, hats are welcome for all guests if the wedding is chic.

Whether large, transparent, airy, or small “bibi”, the hat will be matched with the bag and shoes.

Wedding dresses: purchase or rental?

Which Outfit to choose for the Groom and the Bride

It is possible to rent the wedding dress or the wedding suit.

However, for superstitious people, it is said that renting your wedding dress brings terrible luck! Moreover, the bride often wishes to keep her wedding dress as a souvenir and prefers to buy it.

For the man, it is more difficult to put back his wedding suit, especially if he opted for a frock coat, a tuxedo, or a tailcoat. The same goes for top hats and matching gloves.

In this case, the bride and groom will be able to rent their wedding outfit in a specialized store.

As it is traditional for the father of the bride and groom and the witnesses to be in their wedding attire, they can also rent their wedding suits at the same place as the groom to coordinate the outfits’ style.

As an indication, count on $150 for the men’s outfit for the weekend. The outfit is delivered clean and returned uncleaned by the groom. With rentals, most companies take care of the cleaning for you! After your event, you just return the garment.

Wedding Planning How to Get It Done (1)

Wedding Planning: How to Get It Done

Wedding Planning: How to Get It Done



Why prepare a wedding planner?

Wedding planning: the different steps

Wedding planning: other solutions

Getting married will be the most beautiful day of your life, an unforgettable day without any false notes. Whether it is a wedding at the town hall or a religious wedding, a wedding planner is a precious tool to organize your wedding in the best way.

Why prepare a wedding planner?

You can create a calendar covering all of the crucial elements in planning your wedding to guarantee that it is celebrated in the best possible conditions and that your celebration is a total success and meets your expectations.

Wedding Planning How to Get It Done (2)

The wedding planner will be handy and help you during the different preparations. It will be your logbook, and you can consult it regularly and point out the things that remain to be done or those that are already done. It’s the best way not to forget anything.

Wedding planning: the different steps

It takes about a year to plan everything and not leave anything out.

12 months before the wedding

Meet the respective families. Why not organize an engagement party?

Think about the style of the wedding, the number of guests and finally the budget of the wedding.

Search for the reception venue: wedding hall, wedding restaurant, wedding castle or even rent a wedding tent.

Contact the town hall and the religious organization to set the date and time of the wedding, do not neglect the administrative steps.

In the case of a religious wedding, get information about the possible preliminary steps or preparations.

6 to 10 months before the wedding

Finalize the guest list and choose the wedding invitations.

Define the wedding accommodations to receive everyone.

Which wedding car to rent (limousine, carriage, sports car)?

Find the wedding caterers and the wedding photographer who will immortalize this wonderful day.

Don’t forget the wedding entertainment (DJ, band, games).

The choice of the wedding outfits:

Wedding Planning How to Get It Done

the wedding dress, the men’s wedding suit and the wedding hat,

the clothes of the children of honour and the bridesmaids.

Which style of wedding flowers, which floral decoration to choose for the reception places? Selecting the wedding witnesses (family or friends).

4 to 5 months before the wedding

Confirm the selected service provider (wedding menu).

Confirm other service providers (photographer, florist, party host).

Draw up the final guest list for the reception and the wine reception.

Start the fittings for the wedding dress, define the wedding hairstyle and the wedding make-up.

Send out invitations to your guests so that they may plan ahead of time.

Think about the honeymoon and later book it.

Think about the different wedding preparations such as obligations and regulations, insurance (equipment rental), notifying the neighbourhood of noise, and the right of corkage.

Also, think about the pre-wedding medical check-up.

Establish, if necessary, a marriage contract.

2 to 3 months before the wedding

Wedding Planning How to Get It Done

Submit the wedding list.

Try on wedding clothes and wedding dresses.

Take out wedding insurance.

Choose the wedding rings.

Prepare the wedding table plan.

Wedding decoration: tables, hall, cars.

Wedding babysitting: selecting a babysitter.

Choose the wedding favours and wedding gifts (witnesses, others).

Submit the wedding file to the town hall.

Get in touch with the church to prepare the ceremony (songs, texts to be read).

1 month before the wedding

Confirm the number of guests to the restaurant or caterer and the accommodation places.

Make the final arrangements with the various participants (photographer, entertainer, equipment rental, florist, hairdresser, beautician).

Final fitting of the wedding dress and wedding outfits if necessary.

Plan the bachelor party.

Also, think about the wedding speech, the wedding urn, and the guest book.

8 days before the wedding

Remember to remove wedding rings and wedding attire.

Receive guests from afar.

Plan the decoration of the reception area and the cars.

Notify the neighbours, the town hall and the police station if your wedding takes place at your home (noise pollution).

Wedding planning: other solutions

If you want to be free of the hassle of organizing your wedding, you can also call on a wedding planner.

Wedding fairs will be able to help you and offer you various solutions by directing you to wedding professionals.

All these planned preparations have a more or less expensive cost depending on the services chosen, so you will have to plan to put money aside by saving or using a wedding credit. 

How to Choose the Right Wedding Caterer

How to Choose the Right Wedding Caterer

How to Choose the Right Wedding Caterer



    – What is the mission of a wedding caterer?

    – Where to find a wedding caterer?

    – How to choose a wedding caterer?

    – Wedding caterer: how to read the quote?

    – Cost of a wedding caterer

Beyond the choice between a wedding hall, a wedding restaurant, the rental of a wedding tent for an outdoor reception or the rental of a wedding castle, the choice of a wedding caterer is also a big investment and an essential element for the success of your reception.

What is the mission of the wedding caterer?

You have sent out the wedding invitations informing your guests of your wedding ceremony.

On this occasion, you will share a moment of happiness, so your guests will be invited to

    – a vin d’honneur specially organized for the few acquaintances who will not be part of the evening party but also for your family and friends;

    – the reception for your close friends and relatives.

To organize this event, you have decided to hire a wedding caterer. You will have to work quickly (6 to 10 months in advance) to find a caterer surrounded by competent specialists in this field.

The mission of a wedding caterer, as well as that of his staff, will be to offer you

    – excellent quality for the dishes that you will have chosen during your reception;

    – an impeccable service that will be carried out by professionals endowed with true know-how;

    – well-presented dishes that can be enjoyed both hot and cold;

    – creativity and originality.

Where to find a wedding caterer?

There are different tools to find a caterer for a wedding, whether it is in the provinces or the big cities:

    – the directories;

    – websites that offer caterers are listed by region;

    – for a high-end provider, you can approach the caterers who select the best professionals:

        ◦ The latter observes a charter of very rigorous criteria: provision of detailed estimates, obligation to give an evaluation report to the customer and transport the products in compliance with the cold chain.

        ◦ Dishes must be “homemade” and based on fresh products.

    – Word of mouth always gives excellent results.

How to choose the wedding caterer?

Initially, you must set your budget, and you make a list of all the services you want according to the number of guests (adults and children).

Keeping in mind that this is one of the most important expenses, you will spend time on it.

 Get quotes. Depending on the type of services offered, prices can vary greatly. Don’t hesitate to use the competition and to call upon several caterers.

In addition, remember to ask the right questions to your hypothetical wedding caterer:

    – What are his references?

    – Does he have a book that you can consult at your leisure and where you can see the sample dishes? This will allow you to discern if they are creative and classic.

    – How many receptions does he organize in a year, and for how many people?

    – What are the limitations of the service hours?

Ask if it is possible to taste the proposed dishes, this can be part of a commercial gesture. If not, take some of the products to enjoy them at home.

What are the proposed formulas?

Choose a formula according to your tastes, the theme of your wedding and the number of your guests. Please note that not everyone eats pork, and some may be vegetarian.

You can opt for:

    – A buffet or a sit-down meal will include a wedding menu.

    A varied buffet and hot dish served at the table are more adapted when the assembly exceeds 200 guests.

    – Think about the choice of wines that must be judicious. Call upon a connoisseur in your entourage, and he will be delighted to advise you.

Consult your spouse’s family when making your final choice, they will be grateful to you, and it is a question of good manners.

Complimentary benefits

How to Choose the Right Wedding Caterer

Have you thought about the various additional services such as

    – the number of servers available;

    – the supply of cutlery, dishes, glasses and tablecloths;

    – the supply of tables and chairs;

    – the wedding cake;

    – the cleaning after the reception.

These additional services have an additional cost that is not negligible.

Attention: the number of waiters is important for the dinner’s success. Too few waiters mean a slow service and a dinner that drags guests to dance. To be avoided!

Wedding caterer: how to read the quote?

You have chosen your wedding caterer; all that remains is to read the quote carefully.

The estimate must include:

    – the lump sum for all the services and the detailed prices item by item: meals, drinks, corkage fee. You can decide to bring your drinks but be aware that some caterers will ask you for a corkage fee.

    – the service of the personnel;

    – the additional services: furniture, equipment.

Before signing your estimate, check carefully the different clauses of your estimate, namely

    – the cancellation and refund clauses;

    The clause allows you to adjust the number of guests at the last minute.

If the estimate corresponds to your budget and your expectations. You will have to place a firm order by paying a deposit corresponding to 30 or 50 % of the total amount. You will pay the balance on the evening of the wedding or upon receipt of the invoice.

Cost of a wedding caterer

The caterer’s cost for a wedding varies according to several criteria: the number of guests, the region, the caterer’s reputation, and the service provided.

As an indication:

    – Count on approximately $60 to $130 per person, or $6,000 to $13,000 for 100 people…

    – Note that the initial estimates are often exceeded by at least 20%.

    – Also, plan on custom decorating your reception hall for between $1,000 and $1,500, depending on the theme.

Don’t forget to add all other budgeted items related to your wedding.

Finally, if you have decided to prepare the reception yourself, do not hesitate to call upon, for very affordable rates, maitre d’ and waiters in an accredited hotel school and association.

Count 1 maître d’hôtel for 20 people (seated meal) and several waiters for 100 people.

Read more: What Wedding Budget Should I Plan?

Hope this post helps you choose your caterer. Remember to share your experience in the comments below.

place cards

4 Tips for Making Place Cards

4 Tips for Making Place Cards


– Tip 1: Make place cards to place next to the plate

– Tip 2: Make place cards to put on the plate

– Tip 3: Make place cards to attach to glasses

– Tip 4: Make place cards to attach or place on cutlery

Place cards are a great way to track where each guest is seated for a lunch or dinner party of at least 6-8 people. A simple cardboard box folded in half can be sufficient. However, here are a few ideas to make more unique place cards that your guests may enjoy keeping as a souvenir of a festive or convivial moment.

Tip 1: Make place cards to place next to the plate

Traditionally, place cards are placed next to the plate. It is also the formula that lends itself to a maximum of possible variations.

– Bouquet bookmark:

◦ Attach a tag with the guest’s name to a mini-bouquet of fresh flowers or lavender.

◦ Your tags can adopt a variety of shapes: rectangular, round or free form (star, heart, butterfly, tree…).

– Bookmark bundle:

◦ Tie a small bundle of twigs or cinnamon sticks with a brass wire, and attach a tag.

◦ Or use just 2 twigs or 2 cinnamon sticks; insert the tag between them and hold it together with two glue dots or a bit of brass wire.

– Fruit bookmark:

◦ Glue a tag onto a toothpick.

◦ Prick the whole thing into a red apple or tangerine.

– Pinecone bookmark:

◦ Vertically saw a pine cone about a third of the way up.

◦ Insert a tag into it.

– Bookmark cap:

◦ Cut a slit in a cork; insert a tag.

◦ Cut a cork in half across its height and poke a toothpick into it with a label glued on.

– Easter place card:

◦ Fill an egg cup with foam.

◦ Stick a toothpick in it with a label glued on it.

Tip 2: Make place cards to put on the plate

place cards

You can also place many of the place cards next to the plate on the plate for a change. Here are some other ideas as well:

– Prepare a name tag with the guest’s name. Make two slits above and below the name using a cutter, and slip in a fresh flower stem.

– Prepare a name tag for the guest. With a cutter, make two slits to the right and left of the name and insert a piece of wide ribbon with the ends cut into a pennant.

– With a piece of string, attach a pretty tag to a boxwood branch or fir.

– Open a walnut and hollow it out. Close it with glue dots after having slipped the end of a rectangular tag into it, the tip of which you will have cut into a pennant.

Tip 3: Make place cards to attach to glasses

You can also use glasses to make unusual place cards:

– Cut out a star, heart or simply rectangular label. Cut a slit in the glass to slide the label onto the base of a stemmed glass.

– Cut a star, heart, or cloud tag and tie it with a thin ribbon around the base of a glass.

– Cut a label in the shape of a pennant, a star, a heart… Glue it to a wooden spike and place the spike in the glass.

Tip 4: Make place cards to attach or place on cutlery

– Gather all the cutlery, tie it with a ribbon and attach a place card. Place on the plate.

– Cut out a star, heart, flower, butterfly, etc., tag and slide it between two tines of a fork with the tines pointing skyward.

Have you got some more ideas? Remember to share your thoughts in the section below.

Christian Wedding Music: A Couple’s Guide to the Best Christian Wedding Songs

Christian Wedding Music: A Couple’s Guide to the Best Christian Wedding Songs

I always like to start with something personal, so please bear it with me!

I am a Christian by faith and a Hindu by culture. I was raised in a Christian home and I grew up bonding with fellow members of the church and hearing them speak about Jesus. However, this was not the only reason why I became a follower of Christ.

This goes back to the days when I was going to church every Sunday, praying and singing, but hardly believing. I wasn’t looking for God. I never bothered with the idea of defining myself by this belief, nor did I feel angered by those who did believe in God. However, the one thing I never expected was an actual encounter with God. I still remember when it happened. I couldn’t hear or see anything around me and in that one single moment, all whirling thoughts, doubts and questions came into one big revelation – that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior. That day, the old me was gone and it’s as if I was reborn. I was forever changed and I accepted Christ with all my heart.

Eight years later, I was getting married.

It was a Christian Indian wedding. There were no Indian traditions, rites or rituals but the Indian culture, color, emotions, drama and varieties of food were there. And like the glam and enjoyment quotient of any Indian wedding, mine was also customized with singing and dancing.

From birth to death, music forms part of our life. Through the sickness, gladness and sadness, music can relate to all our happy moods and bad situations. Just like how Indian weddings are usually incomplete without some jhatkas-and-thumkas wala songs, similarly Christian weddings are incomplete without moving the feet on some Christian music.

In this article, I have listed some of the Christian songs I’ve included in my wedding, which can perfectly capture the right emotions involved in a wedding and bless them with God’s abundant grace and love.

When God Made You – NewSong 

When God Made You – NewSong With a career spanning more than 3 decades, NewSong is an American contemporary Christian music band whose origins can be traced back to the Morningside Baptist Church in Georgia.

This beautiful song that’s meant for a wedding was created by Eddie Carswell, one of the founding members of the group, for his eldest daughter Jennifer’s wedding. His daughter gave him all the love letters she and her fiancée had written to each other and Eddie wrote the song, along with Michael O’Brien, based on the words found on these letters.

Playing this charming tune on the day of your wedding will remind you to be grateful to God for the special gift He gave you. You’ll be thankful to Him for what you have or is about to receive in your life.

This song is also about God’s hand in making two hearts come together and for making that love last forever.

Jesus At The Center – Israel Houghton and New Breed

Jesus At The Center – Israel Houghton and New BreedThe previous song praised God’s creation of love and marriage. It made you and your groom/bride flow in the romantic vibe of the song. Now is the time to make God the center of your marriage.

Sung by an American Christian music singer, Jesus At The Center is song that attempts at making your world and your marriage revolve around Jesus. It’s about binding your heart and wedding to Jesus and letting Him take control of everything.

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Hillsong United

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Hillsong UnitedSung by the famous Australian worship group, this song has captivated the hearts of many, including non-believers. At the 2014 GMA Dove Awards, the song won many categories like, the “Song of the Year,” “Contemporary Christian Performance of the Year” and “Worship Song of the Year.”

Including this worship song in your wedding will make you step into your new married life with faith and trust. It is about making the Lord your rock.



Algerian Wedding

How to Celebrate an Algerian Wedding

How to Celebrate an Algerian Wedding


– Algerian wedding: engagement or khotbah

– Traditional preparations of the Algerian marriage

– Meeting of the two spouses during an Algerian wedding

The particularity of the Algerian wedding is that it takes place at the home of both the future husband and the future wife. Unlike in neighbouring countries such as Morocco or Tunisia, the man is not left out most of the time, and he participates in the party as much as his bride.

Also, respecting the purest tradition, the families do not call upon a restaurant or a caterer to prepare the food for the ceremonies during an Algerian wedding. The family and the close relations do all the cooking.

Algerian wedding: engagement or khotbah

The future spouses are first engaged. The future husband must ask his family for the hand of his future wife:

– He can then be accompanied by his parents, older brother, and older sister.

– Once the two families have reached an agreement, the bride-to-be may be given a promise ring, a bracelet, a necklace, or gold earrings.

– Once the engagement is celebrated, her future husband will give her an engagement ring.

Traditional Algerian wedding preparations

An Algerian wedding can differ depending on the region where it is celebrated. Many rites are present and take place according to a precise order. Generally, it is a big party that can last 3 to 4 days or even a week.

Preparation of the meals

If the wedding is celebrated traditionally, the meals are made by hand. The preparation lasts two days and is divided as follows:

– The men of both families sacrifice a sheep or a cow depending on the number of guests.

– The women of both families prepare the side dishes, pastries, and cakes.

The Hammam

The third day is dedicated to relaxation and beauty rituals. The bride goes there accompanied by women and older women who ensure that the tradition is respected.

Religious songs and prayers will accompany the care.

The ceremony of El Khouara

The bride’s mother organizes a party in her home for her friends and relatives.

The bride is paraded in different traditional outfits during this ceremony, and the family distributes sugared almonds, drinks, and pastries.

Good to know: the higher the social level of the family, the more different dresses the bride will have to wear during her parade.

Henna meal or “el taâliq

On the 5th day, the women of the groom’s family take care of the henna decoration of the bride as a sign of welcome.

The bride-to-be wears a dress called “charb ezdaf” and composed of :

– A sleeveless floral dress reaching the ankles, also called “binouar”.

– Embroidery in the form of flowers among the most delicate.

On the same day, the women of the husband’s family give the bride a white suitcase or “jehaz”. This may contain petticoats, underwear, soap, and perfume.

The suitcase contents are kept secret and will only be revealed during the henna application. After that, the guests will have to offer gifts to the bride.

Good to know: the groom’s family can stay with the bride’s family during this night.

Meeting of the two spouses during an Algerian wedding

Meeting with the family-in-law

The bride will finally go to her in-laws after having her hair and make-up done.

It is the groom’s turn to pick up his future wife, accompanied by a procession composed of:

– Cars decorated with flowers and ribbons whose horns will alert the neighbourhood.

– All the girls and women of the groom’s family.

Good to know: the groom will be dressed entirely in white this day.

The bride is then taken to her in-laws’ house, but her parents cannot accompany her according to tradition. Before arriving at her in-laws’ home, the couple will have the opportunity to have a photo session at a place that is close to their hearts.

The bride is welcomed by her mother-in-law with milk and dates, signs of fertility, and good understanding between the couple.

That same evening, a second henna ceremony is held for the groom, who will be given gifts.

Last day of the wedding

A meal is given in honour of the bride’s parents, who have come to see their daughter. Traditionally, the bride does not do any housework or leave her house for the week following the wedding.

Good to know: the couple will then go to an undisclosed location for their honeymoon.

Civil and religious marriage

The religious marriage or “fatha” is celebrated by an imam at the home of the bride’s parents. The ceremony takes place as follows:

– He asks for the bride’s agreement that the union can take place.

– The imam makes a speech about the conditions of marriage and the importance of love.

– The bride and groom recite the first chapter of the Quran.

Once the religious union is official, civil marriage can be celebrated.

Kabyle wedding

How to Celebrate a Kabyle Wedding

How to Celebrate a Kabyle Wedding


    – Engagement day or “ass lemlak.”

    – Preparations and organization of a Kabyle wedding

    – Kabyle wedding: the day of the wedding

    – The day after the Kabyle wedding

Among the different oriental weddings, the Kabyle wedding is often compared to the Indian wedding because of the similarities in traditions and ceremonies.

Also, as for Tunisian or Algerian weddings, the marital union can take place over several days and include many rituals. Here is a brief overview.

Engagement day or “ass lemlak”

Kabyle wedding

The Kabyle engagement is solemn and commits both families. In tradition, it is up to the man to look for his fiancée.

Several rituals can then be put in place:

    – The young man can ask for a girl’s hand in marriage by sacrificing a sheep or a goat on his doorstep without seeing one of his family members.

    – The fathers of the bride and groom may discuss a dowry in front of witnesses following a meal at the home of the girl’s father.

Good to know: the dowry can be paid in cash or goods. It depends on the social status of the families.

Once the agreement is reached, the ceremony ends with

    – The recitation of the Fatiha;

    By giving presents to the girl such as henna, soap, perfume, clothes or even shoes.

Note: In the tradition of the engagement of two young people from the same village, the two families built together with a new traditional house for the future spouses.

Preparations and organization of a Kabyle wedding


traditional Kabyle wedding can last from 2 to 7 days and is a real celebration for the whole village. It includes :

    – numerous lunches and dinners;

    – comings and goings between the two families crowned by a procession;

    – numerous exchanges.

The hands of the future spouses are decorated with henna the day before the wedding. This rite can be accompanied by :

    – a ritual narrative;

    – women’s songs;

    – a poetic joust.

Good to know: from this moment on, the bride takes the name of “tislit,” meaning the bride.

The day before the ceremony is also the moment when all the village women gather in a spirit of solidarity for the traditional rolling of the couscous.

Finally, the future husband and his family go to the young woman’s house to give her his trousseau and a lamb.

Kabyle wedding: the day of the wedding

On D-day, the bride dresses in traditional clothes such as

    – precious oriental dresses ;

    – traditional clothes like the burnous;

    – family jewels or those received during the engagement.

She then joins her fiancé at his home, and the mother of the latter offers her dates and sweets:

    – It is customary that the bride throws them behind her after tasting them.

    – The procession then heads to the bride’s home, where the union will be celebrated.

    – The ceremony will be accompanied by oriental dances, a folkloric orchestra, traditional songs welcoming the new couple.

Afterwards, the bride receives the following gifts

    – money as a gift named “Tizri” ;

    – her husband’s mother and sisters unpack her trousseau.

Good to know: the expenses of a traditional Kabyle wedding are always assumed by the groom’s family.

The wedding night can occur on the same night as the wedding, or it can be slightly shifted in time to allow the future spouses to benefit from a certain intimacy.

The day after the Kabyle wedding

The day after the wedding, a meal is prepared for the bride and her family. The bride will then visit her husband’s family and the people of the village.

From this moment on, the bride’s parents will leave the house and leave the young bride at home.

Finally, during the 7 days following her marriage, the bride :

    – will not do any work;

    – Visit the village protector called “Aassas”;

    – be visited by her mother.



Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding Abroad

Many couples now decide to have a wedding abroad, but there are many things to consider when looking to get married in a foreign country. This article will look at every aspect of the subject so that marrying in another country will be easier for the big ‘I DO’…

Legal Part

Laws will vary in different states and different countries, so it is important to check so that your marriage stays valid in your country.

For example, in France, you will need a minimum of 40 days of residency to marry legally. If the country of your choice does not allow it, you may want to get married in your country then proceed with a little ceremony abroad.

Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding Abroad

Tailor-made Or One-size-fits-all?

I guess you already have an idea of where you want to go to celebrate your wedding; now you have to choose between a wedding package or a tailor-made wedding. Both are good options, but it all depends on what you have in mind. I know many people are already thinking about their wedding beforehand, so you already have an idea.

There are a lot of travel companies that offer wedding packages that contain the venue, DJ or band, officiant, and sometimes even a photographer and make-up artist (it all depends on the package). Opting for a package may be very advantageous when you have a lot of guests to rest assured everything is under control.

However, many people will prefer a tailor-made wedding, as the package may lack some components they want to have. In this case, you should look for a local wedding planner (make sure to look for a good one).

Wedding Planner

If you decide to hire a wedding planner, you should make sure that you are using all the resources they provide to you. Use their knowledge to be used to that country and know where to get the best things at the best price. There are also a lot of logistics when it comes to your wedding day; do not neglect those too.

Do not forget to negotiate the best price for each and everything; you don’t want to pay twice the price for something you could have paid half the price for.


When you have chosen your destination, do not forget to look at the best time to go according to the weather. I would not have to say only the weather but also the temperature; many people like to travel in summer, but there are some places where the heat may become unbearable; you do not want to spend your wedding day in sweat, having to retouch your make-up at least 5 times during the ceremony only for the pictures to look decent.

Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding Abroad


As you get married abroad, you will have to take the plane (of course). So, as flights can easily get delayed or any other form of misfortune better to leave at least 2 days between your arrival day and your wedding day. You don’t want to miss the flight and your wedding. This might change everything. Even if there is no legal waiting time, you should fix yourself enough time to prepare yourself. Do not forget you will be getting married and you will be stressed.

Wedding Insurance 

When going abroad, think about having wedding insurance; it will help you cover your wedding dress, rings, and other important things that might get lost or even stolen. So, you better be extra cautious when it gets to these things. Always read everything on the paper (especially the small print).

A wedding is important- you should be able to enjoy this moment while everything is as you want it to be. Some people dream weddings are in their home country, and it is acceptable; think about an exotic trip and sand in toes wedding. Let us know in the comments what is your wedding destination (if you have one, of course)….