What Is the Purpose of Civil Baptism?

What Is the Purpose of Civil Baptism?


The purpose of civil baptism

Civil baptism: where does it take place?

Civil baptism is performed outside of any religion and allows designating a godfather or a godmother for his child. Any legislative or regulatory text does not govern it. It is also called “Republican baptism” or “Republican sponsorship”. Let’s discover this practice together.

What is the purpose of civil baptism?

Presentation of civil baptism

Civil baptism allows parents to designate a godfather or godmother for their child. This designation is done outside of any religious framework.

The designated person must agree to assume the role of godfather or godmother.

Note: civil baptism is also considered a ceremony where the child enters the Republican community to share its values.

Obligations of the godfather or godmother

The exact role of the godfather or godmother must be defined by mutual agreement between the godfather and the parents. In principle, this agreement does not constitute a contract.

The civil baptism sponsor undertakes to replace the parents, to a certain extent, if they disappear or fail in their mission. He or she must then help the child, at least morally.

Attention: the civil baptism godfather must not be confused with a tutor. In particular, he or she is not responsible for managing the child’s assets. If the parents want to designate a guardian, they must do so by a document signed in front of a notary or through a will. This guardian will have to take care of the child until he or she reaches the age of majority in the event of the parent’s death. The parents can choose the persons who are also godparents of the civil baptism, provided that they meet the legal requirements to be guardians.

Civil Baptism: Where does it take place?


A civil baptism must take place at the town hall. Therefore, the parents must seek the reception and organizing of the civil baptism at their municipality’s town hall.

Role of the town hall

The town hall is not obliged to organize the civil baptism. If it refuses, the parents can ask another municipality (for example, a city with which the family has special ties).

The town hall can ask for official documents for the civil baptism: birth certificate, family record book, or identity papers.

Good to know: the municipality can organize the civil baptism only if certain conditions are met. For example, the “baptized” child must be young (ideally, a baby). Some communes, it seems, accept that the godparents are minors (while requiring that they be of minimum age, for example, 13 years).

Certificates of sponsorship

No legislative or regulatory text imposes a special ceremony if the town hall organizes the civil baptism. The ceremony is presided over by the mayor or a deputy. The municipality’s representative delivers a speech, during which he or she reminds the audience of Republican values.

The mayor’s office may issue documents to the participants, such as sponsorship certificates. These documents have no legal value.

Note: civil baptism is not a civil status document. It is therefore not recorded in the civil status registers.

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Christian Anniversary Music: Best Wedding Anniversary Christian Songs for Your Celebration

Christian Anniversary Music: Best Wedding Anniversary Christian Songs for Your Celebration

I always like to start with something personal, so please bear it with me!

Marriage is indeed a beautiful bond that needs to be cherished. But, marriage is hard because it’s full of demands and expectations. It is often less about building up and more about owning up to all your partner’s demands, assumptions and expectations. However, I guess like every valuable thing, marriage comes with a price.

I’d like to talk about my parents’ relationship. My dad met my mom when they were around 25 years old and they both fell hard for each other. However, falling in love did not prevent them from having certain hardships before getting married. Families thought they were not a great match. The mother-in-law said she didn’t want a daughter-in-law that’s more beautiful than her. And, the pastor refused to officiate their wedding. Eventually, they got married. My mom tried her best to be the “perfect bahu” but she had a really hard time keeping everyone happy. Things went out of control when my grandparents rejected and disinherited my father because of his Christian faith. Life was not easy at all for my parents but because they were faithful and stood firm in faith, God made them overcome every problem. I still remember my mom saying how she always used to listen to a few Christian songs to keep her faith strong. Imagine her surprise when we played those same Christian songs during her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

After so many years together, I know you want to party and celebrate. But, a wedding anniversary is not only a celebration and fun; it’s also about rejoicing over all the hard times you and your spouse have overcome together.

Maybe you want to choose your first date song or songs that both of you love for your wedding anniversary party, but as a Christian, I think you should play all those Christian songs that played a huge role in strengthening your marital relationship.

This Is How We Overcome – Hillsong Worship

This Is How We Overcome – Hillsong WorshipUnlike some mainstream music that will remind you why you love him, why this love is worth fighting for, etc and etc, this song acts like a therapeutic session that will process all your negative feelings and make you feel encouraged about the future. Sometimes, the only way to deal with emotional neglect in a marriage is to let the pain out and cry. However, I remember my mom saying, instead of crying, this song made her laugh, shout, jump and dance.

So, this is the best song to shed light on your tough yet successful married journey.

“Your hand lifted me up

I stand on higher ground

Your praise rose in my heart

And made this valley sing

You have turned my mourning into dancing

You have turned my sorrow into joy

You have turned my mourning into dancing

You have turned my sorrow into joy, oh yeah

Come on, let me hear you

This is how we overcome

This is how we overcome

This is how we overcome

This is how we overcome”

My Redeemer Lives – Hillsong Worship

My Redeemer Lives – Hillsong WorshipOnce you get into the married life, going through ups and downs become inevitable. However, unless you have the strength and determination, things can often get worse and hit rock bottom.

I’ve always thought that the secret to my parent’s happy married life was my mom’s patience, understanding and strength. However, I’ve learned that it was their Christian faith and a very important Christian song.

“I know He rescued my soul

His blood has covered my sin

I believe, I believe

My shame, He’s taken away

My pain is healed in His name

I believe, I believe

I’ll raise a banner

‘Cause my Lord has conquered the grave

My Redeemer lives

My Redeemer lives

My Redeemer lives

My Redeemer lives”


Organize a Communion

9 Steps to Successfully Organize a Communion

9 Steps to Successfully Organize a Communion


– Step 1: Make a checklist to organize yourself before the communion

– Step 2: Choose a location for the reception

– Step 3: Choose a theme

– Step 4: Send out First Communion invitations

– Step 5: Choose the decoration for the communion reception

– Step 6: Organize the communion meal

– Step 7: Choose the gifts for the communicant

– Step 8: Think about the entertainment for the communion day

– Step 9: Manage the last minute preparations

An important moment for children and their parents, First Communion is a religious and family celebration. And to organize it well, parents should plan! Follow these essential steps to organize a communion and enjoy the party without stress.

1. Make a checklist to organize yourself before the communion

Organizing a communion requires a good overview. Start by making a to-do list including these actions:

– Get the date.

– Define your budget.

– Establish the guest list.

– Select the reception venue.

– Book services if needed (photographer, florist, restaurant, caterer…).

Good to know: do it as soon as you get the date of the communion to be sure that the providers are available.

– Choosing the attire: a white outfit is appropriate for the communicant at the church. An alb is also appropriate, although it is significant for the profession of faith. In this case, consider renting it well in advance. Also, plan an outfit that he will wear underneath for the meal, usually white.

– Prepare and send the invitations (about one month before the communion).

– Choose the decoration, possibly define a colour theme.

– Follow up with the guests who have not responded: you will need their exact number to order the caterer or reserve the restaurant.

– Define the menu.

– Buy the gifts.

– Plan the entertainment.

2. Choose a location for the reception

Organize a Communion

Communions usually bring the family together. Please make a list of guests, their spouses and children. Depending on your budget, adjust the list. Also, allow enough room for the children to run around and move around, as they will not be sitting at the table without moving.

Tip: If you are planning an outdoor communion, keep an eye on the weather and plan a fallback solution for shelter in case of rain (tent or dedicated room).

At home

If you have a garden, do not hesitate to use it for the reception. If you are on a tight budget, this is the least expensive option. If you are hosting several children, clear the spaces and store fragile objects.

In the restaurant

Reserving a restaurant room allows you to unburden yourself of a host’s obligations and better enjoy the moment. On the other hand, you will be subject to a unique menu for all your guests, to the schedules defined by the restaurant and to the decoration of the place.

In any case, book as early as possible. Then determine the menu without forgetting to consider the guests’ possible allergies and food intolerances. Remember to plan a menu for adults and another for children.

Good to know: keep a close eye on the prices; they can increase with the number of requests.

In a reception hall

Depending on the parish, the number of children attending the First Communion ceremony can be large, requiring many parents to rent a reception hall on the same day. This can cause problems with availability or increased fees. If you are considering renting a hall, start organizing the communion even before you know the date by identifying halls that may interest you. This way, as soon as the communion date is known, you can start the reservation process.

To choose your hall:

– check the presence of essential equipment (tables, chairs, dishes…) or organize its transportation;

– Ask about the services included, such as the caterer or the staff;

– check that it is possible to park quickly nearby;

– if you are expecting a large number of guests from far away, make sure there are hotels, B&Bs or guest houses nearby;

– Find out if rental insurance is available.

Tip: If the hall and caterer are not available on the communion date, arrange for a family celebration on a different date.

3. Choose a theme

Organize a Communion

The first communion is a religious celebration, symbolizing the spiritual maturity of a child through access to the Eucharist. Therefore, it is generally placed under the sign of purity and simplicity, with the colour white as a central theme. You can then choose a more specific theme: floral, striped or refined.

Tip: you can add another colour to the white in discreet touches. White and pale pink, white and ivory, white and green, white and gray…

Finally, nothing prevents you from adopting a less religious and more personal theme.

4. Send the invitations to the first communion

Once you have decided on the theme, choose or create your invitations. You can use a printer, customize them and order them online, or create and print them yourself.

In any case, here is how to proceed:

– Choose invitations based on your theme, far enough in advance to have time to print or receive them. You must send them at least one month before the communion date.

Please note: consider the price of the invitations when choosing them, depending on the number to be sent.

– Specify on the invitations the first and last name of the communicant and your name and contact information.

– Indicate the date, the coordinates of the place of celebration and reception, with the times.

– Specify the desired response time, possibly adding a “reservation” coupon.

5. Choose the decoration for the communion reception

It is essential to plan the decoration to purchase or order the necessary elements in advance.


The menu, place cards and thank you cards can be ordered or made simultaneously as the invitations, using the same design.

The art of the table

Choose tablecloths, table runners and napkins according to your theme. As for the tableware, make sure you have all the elements (different types of glasses, cutlery and plates) needed for your menu.

The flowers

Communions are usually held in the warm season, so you can use flowers to decorate; white flowers are a must! You can choose flowers from the fields, garden, or call a florist.

The other elements of decoration

Don’t forget the religious significance of the event. Place cherubs on the tables, light candles or add pictures and excerpts from appropriate texts. Also, think of a small gift for the guests such as a small bag of almonds, a photo, a handwritten blessing…

6. Organize the communion meal

Start by defining the type of meal: do you want a classic meal served at the table or a buffet? Consider the options according to your budget.

If you choose to cook for yourself, avoid complex or last-minute dishes. I prefer recipes to be prepared the day before or in advance, cold or reheated at the time of the meal, or even a slow-cooked piece of meat to be put in the oven in the morning.

Be careful: beyond 15 to 20 people, it is better to call on a caterer unless you choose a cold buffet and bet on frozen food.

If you wish to order a cake or a “pièce montée” for the dessert, place the order at least one week in advance.

Finally, plan for drinks, from aperitifs to wines, without forgetting non-alcoholic beverages.

Good to know: prepare a table plan. The communicant should be placed between his godfather and godmother at the head table.

7. Choose gifts for the communicant

Communicants usually receive religious gifts such as a medal, a crucifix, an icon, a bible… They can also receive more traditional gifts such as high-tech products, jewelry…

Tip: provide a gift list for guests to choose from and a ballot box for entries.

8. Think about activities for the day of the communion

The presence of several children and several generations makes it worthwhile, even necessary, to organize activities to keep the youngest occupied.

Tip: ask your guests to join in the fun, as some adults may be happy to participate!

At the table

Think of games that can be played between courses and involve both adults and children, such as quizzes, mimes or riddles.

Also, have colouring sheets and a few crayons on the tables to keep the little ones waiting during the meal.

Good to know: avoid markers that could cause damage…

Off the table

Set up a reading nook for the quiet ones, with a couple of cushions on a rug, blankets, a pile of books and comics.

Let the little ones play hide-and-seek inside or ball games outside while the adults finish their meal.

After the meal

You can organize a big team game such as an Olympics with obstacle courses or sack races. Or prepare a treasure hunt, possibly thematic.

You can also make a pinata, a fun game for all ages.

Think of a series of games that are easy to implement outdoors: dodgeball, sparrowhawk, cheetah, tomato, unleash…

9. Manage last-minute preparations

As the big day approaches, things get faster. Make to-do lists and divide the tasks between family members, godparents, etc. Get help, especially if you have chosen to organize the communion reception at home and without a caterer.

A week before the communion, go shopping. Reconfirm rentals and services booked.

The day before the communion, checklists, iron outfits, decorate, cook and prepare anything you can prepare.

Tip: If you don’t use a professional for the photographs, make sure someone close to you is responsible for capturing the event at the church and during the reception.

Once the christening is over, send cards with a picture of the communicant to thank the participants.

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Exciting Decorating Ideas for a Table of a Mickey Mouse Party Theme

If you are one of the Mickey Mouse theme lovers or if you are looking to surprise your little one with a Mickey dessert table for his birthday, let yourself be seduced by the ideas we bring you today. Each of them will bring a special touch to your table.

Remember that we will follow a pattern related to the theme, so it will be essential that you can count on Mickey Mouse birthday decorations for kids with images of the main characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Daisy….

You can combine different formats of the character or opt for one of them, for example, if the party is for your baby’s first birthday, the Mickey baby candy table decoration is perfect.

Using the official theme is a point in your favor, but sometimes overloading an environment can be heavy, so we suggest you combine the theme with neutral colors. One of the main ideas we bring to you in this section on how to make a Mickey candy table is to have a party decoration with colors that remind the main theme without needing to overload everything with the main character. So, looking for ideas on how to make a Mickey Mouse candy table? You’ve reached the right place! In today’s article, we bring you tips and ideas to surprise everyone. Read on!

Easy Tips

You’ll see that to make our Mickey candy table decoration ideas, you don’t have to be a handyman, because they are easy and anyone can do them at home or in an open space. So take note of these tips for decorating the Mickey Mouse candy table, because we are sure that they will make you successful.

The Background and Around the Table

Mickey Mouse Backdrop | 1st Birthday | Party Supplies | For Girl | Boy |  Photography Banner Decorations - Buy Online - 168741733

First of all, we will focus on the background of the table. Well, of course the background must be consistent with the theme and decoration.

One thing that can’t be missing from your Mickey kids candy table is a large holiday poster on the wall, which includes a personalized message. You can opt for a “Happy Birthday” banner or customize one to your liking with the name of the person to whom the party is addressed.

Use an eye-catching photocall backdrop at the back of your table, because with it, you will not only give your Mickey’s birthday candy table a special touch, but you can also use it to take beautiful souvenir photos.

Now let’s talk about the front part, because it is one of the most visible on the table.

One of the most beautiful, colorful and fun ways to decorate a Mickey Mouse candy table is to place themed party garlands with the main character or with the phrase Happy Birthday as a skirt. You can also buy some pennants to use in the same way, giving a different touch.

Finally, you can’t miss this opportunity to place cheap and colorful balloons. We encourage you to use some bouquets with balloons on the sides as columns, combining them with number balloons if the party is a birthday or with letter balloons that complete their name.

The Sweet Table

As important as the decoration itself, the table should be complete. We keep looking for Mickey mouse candy-themed table decorations to surprise everyone.

Just as a house starts with its foundation, so should your table. Start by buying a few tablecloths to cover your table. These can be a single color or directly match the theme. Calm down if you see that the tablecloth doesn’t cover the entire table, because we bring you a great tip. Place a skirt to cover the table in the same color to make your tablecloth look longer or in the case of Mickey Mouse you can combine a red tablecloth with a black skirt (or vice versa).

Once you’re done with this solid foundation, we move on to the next level: single-use partyware. You read that right, these dishes will take hours of tiredness and exhaustion off your plate by the end of the party. As simple as pick up, throw away and go.

Pair a few single-use plates with images of Mickey and friends to incorporate into your candy table. Accompany them with a few cardboard or paper cups, which are durable yet disposable and very useful. Follow the same color scheme to make everything stand out at once.

Obviously, we’re talking about how to decorate a Mickey Mouse candy table, so you can’t forget to have some cheap transparent or colored trays to serve your candy and treats. These, along with other candy containers, will be essential to show your guests the entire assortment and buffet.

Keep in mind that we usually set up a candy table for Mickey Mouse kids parties, so if you are going to have little kids around, we suggest adding a few extras to your list like disposable cutlery so they don’t get hurt, a few straws to drink from so they don’t get dirty, or having several paper towels on hand so they don’t get dirty.

Now that you have seen some tips and advice to have the best Mickey Mouse candy table, it is time for you to start your own ideas and have a truly complete Mickey Mouse candy table with all the details. Will you be able to surprise everyone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Tips for Throwing an Emoji-Themed Party (Part Two)

This is the continuation of our blog on throwing an emoji-themed party and if you haven’t checked our first part yet, you can do so here.

Decorating Ideas with Balloons

What would a party be without the traditional transparent birthday balloons or decorations? Well, here we offer you some very simple ideas to use them at your party.

Without a doubt, you need to buy yellow balloons, and a good black and red waterproof marker, then let your imagination run wild to recreate the most famous emoticons.

You can inflate the balloons with helium cheaply or at home, and they will look great for photos. In addition to latex balloons, you can also opt for helium-filled aluminum balloons. These can be placed on the table or in the center of the room.

The Table

What a treat! Fill your table with round cookies covered in yellow cake icing that you can draw emoji emotions on. Kids and adults alike will love being able to choose their favorite face before taking a bite.

Another alternative is to make chocolate cupcakes and finish them off with a birthday topper. All you’ll need is a few eyes to make it one of the most popular emojis or even poop. Continuing with the poop emoji idea, you can make delicious chocolate cupcakes for your guests and put eyes on them, they will be very funny. Your guests will fall over laughing.

Another possibility to decorate the food on your table in the form of emoticons is to do it through popcakes. Once you have the cake on the stick covered in white chocolate tinted yellow, draw the faces. You can look for where to buy cardboard boxes for the yellow popcorn in which you can serve snacks.

Other Table’s Decorations

Guests will love enjoying their meal on a table filled with emoticons. It will be the special touch to make them feel in the 2.0 world of the characters of the moment.

Liven up your tables with matching yellow tablecloths and candy table skirts. Another original idea you can make are drink bottles with messages with funny faces. If you dare, you can even create compositions of messages between several bottles for the children to try to guess.

When it’s time to drink, get some glasses decorated by yourself in yellow and cut out red hearts to place as loving eyes, and add with a black marker the happy smile of the emoji. Also, while your guests are waiting for lunch, you can leave two red jelly bean hearts and half a chocolate chip cookie on their plate. This will be delicious and will form a silhouette again.

If you get official yellow emoji party paper plates, you can stick them to the wall to create a very thematic background where your guests will want to take lots of pictures.

A Homemade Emoji Party

The hour of delight! One of the most important moments of the party, children and adults alike will love eating one of these cakes and will keep coming back for more.

Make these cakes you can do by buying fondant online and food coloring. We bring you an infinity of ideas that you can use, and that you will love.

There are emoji cakes for girls or boys, as well as for adults. You can make a homemade circular cake and use an edible emoji cake wafer or disc. Without a doubt, this theme is very fun and allows you to decorate the cake with hearts, unicorns, flowers…

Do not forget to look for where to buy birthday candles and add a figurine or cake flares to the cake.

And you, do you already know what decoration you are going to use in your emoticon themed party? Let us know in the comments below. And we hope you will make the best children’s or adult emojis birthday and surprise everyone!

Tips for Throwing an Emoji-Themed Party (Part One)

Emojis trend is here to stay! And if a birthday is coming up, why you don’t think about creating an emoticon decoration for that party?

It’s what’s in style and will be for a long time to come, especially for youngsters. Just leave a smartphone in their hands for a moment and they will fill it with messages with smileys, kisses or hearts.

More than a trend, they have become a form of communication that we all use every day. In fact, we’ve even seen them in movies too.

Don’t know how to proceed when planning an emojis birthday party? Not to worry! Here you will find plenty of decoration ideas to throw the emojis party of the year. Read on!

Emojis Invitations

They came into your life without you realizing it, and it’s stronger than us, emojis help us to convey feelings. And now we can’t live without them in our daily lives. In fact, they can’t be missed in our instant messages or on social networks. In a short time, emojis have become great allies in birthday party themes and have conquered our conversations. Sometimes an emoji is worth a thousand words: the face with hearts in the eyes, the heart symbol, the monkey that covers the mouth, the eyes that look up, the thumbs up, they make our lives easier.

That’s why it’s become a popular theme to have an emoji birthday party at home or outside. If you want to have a different emoji party, here we give you the best tips. A fun way to invite friends to the party is to do it with a card in which the protagonists of the text are emoticons.


We have good news, at the next emoji party you organize, these characters will come to life. If the party is at your house, the emojis will occupy your couch, your closet, your walls, and anything else they can. Your house will look like so much fun! Emoticons are insatiable. So don’t resist: open the door and let them in.

Outside Decorations

If the party is held outside, we also bring you incredible suggestions to organize the event of the year. If there is one color that should predominate in the yellow decoration for a party. You can choose to make those fun faces with large lemon colored paper birthday pom-poms to which you can add stickers with eyes, smiles and hearts. Another option is to draw faces with permanent balloon markers. Whether at the reception or at the departure, ask your guests to take a photo of the memory in a beautiful photocall, add some emojis stuck on sticks with which the children can take beautiful pictures.

Very cool props can be wigs, also glasses with winks or hearts and some hashtag messages to wish the birthday boy or girl congratulations. The photos will be great.

Surprise Your Guests

If you’re wondering how to decorate your birthday party with emoticons to surprise your guests, create little emojis to hang on your walls, doorknobs, or wherever you want. You can make circles and spray paint the faces, or use cork, cardboard, whatever is at your fingertips and within your creativity.

An Original Piñatas

The idea of finding original piñatas of this theme at a low price can be the key to your decoration.

Any self-respecting and fun party needs a great piñata. Here you can even make it yourself, very easily, you will only need some cardboard circles, glue, balloon wire to hang it and tissue paper. Everything is ready for the candy shower to begin.

Here you go! With those original ideas you can be ready to plan a wonderful emojis themed party. Do you want more tips? Come back to check the second part of our article for more suggestions.

Room Reservation

Room Reservation: How to Book a Room

Room Reservation: How to Book a Room


 – How to book a room?

 – Booking a room: when?

 – Privatize a guest room for a party with family or friends

Think about booking a room several months before an event.
When you want to rent a room, you must think about reserving it; otherwise, it will be leased to other people. Without your reservation, the organizers have no guarantee of having a room on the day of the event.

How to reserve a room?

The client is required to:

 – make a reservation request;

 – pay a deposit.

Reservation request

The modalities for requesting a reservation vary according to the owners.

Some owners require a written reservation request, while for others, an oral reservation request by phone or e-mail is sufficient.

In all cases, the reservation request must mention

 – the name of the room desired,

 – the nature of the event organized,

 – the date and duration of the event,

 – the number of participants expected.

Following the reservation request, the room owner can then transmit the general rental conditions to the tenant, which will be applied upon reservation confirmation.

Payment of a deposit

The owner requires a deposit to confirm a room reservation, which varies according to the room’s price.

In general, the deposit requested at the time of reservation corresponds to 50% or 30% of the room rate.

In case of cancellation, the owner can keep all or part of the deposit according to the conditions he will have previously informed the tenant.

Then, the totality of the room price can be required at the handing-over of the keys or with the reception of an invoice a few weeks before the date of the event.

Room reservation: when?

The date on which it is advisable to reserve a room varies according to

 – the nature of the event,

 – the type of room desired,

 – the period when the event takes place,

 – the desired location.

In general, to obtain the desired room, it is preferable to book several months in advance.

When to book?

For what?

1 to 1.5 years in advance

– Weddings organized between April and September;
– trendy venues;
– halls in large cities.

Several months in advance

– Most reception halls, for all events of the type:
◦ birthday;
◦ family reunion;
◦ seminar;
◦ corporate meal, etc.

Several weeks in advance

– Weekday events such as:
◦ meeting;
◦ conference;
◦ various meals, etc.

Privatize a guest room for a party with family or friends

Indeed, the idea is a bit original, but some people have already done it before you. You can certainly rent a guest room to celebrate a birthday, celebrate a particular event, or simply watch soccer games with friends.

Why bed and breakfast?

Room Reservation

A private party is an opportunity to surround yourself with your loved ones. It offers the privacy of a home in a different setting. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or an adult’s birthday party, bed and breakfast is an excellent package to gather and have fun.

Many may think that a party in bed and breakfast would be more expensive, but this is not necessarily the case. The cost can be comparable to a rental.

Unlike a hotel, you will enjoy a slightly more intimate atmosphere, but with the service of professionals. For example, you can hire a caterer and order a themed cake online.

You can place your order directly online and have it delivered by an express service at the right time. For a birthday party, for example, you can order a themed cake according to the age of the main person involved. If it is to watch a soccer game, a soccer cake would be a good idea.

Things to consider before booking a bed and breakfast

Before making your reservation, you should consider the following:

– Age of your guests

– The services of the establishment

– The maximum number of guests

– The facilities available

– The presence or not of a catering service

– The party room, if it is well equipped or not.

Once you have considered all these criteria, you will not be surprised.

Some ideas for activities to enrich the event

Do you like outdoor activities? You can organize a bike ride, a hiking trip, a tree climbing session or a campfire to mark the event.

For a birthday party, you can organize workshops, various games (karaoke, treasure hunt, angling, etc.), cultural outings, etc. If it’s an adult birthday party, why not organize a DJ party?

Hope this post helps you decide on your room reservation for your next event! Remember to share your experience in the comments below. 

Ideas to Throw a Fabulous Swan Themed Birthday Party

Have you always swan lake? Do you just love swans and would love to throw a swan themed birthday party? Today is your lucky day! In this article, we’re going to show you how to celebrate a fun, beautiful and sweet swan’s birthday. It is suitable for both adult birthdays and children’s birthdays and first birthdays. Do you already know what you are going to use your swan birthday decoration for? If not then not to worry! There are plenty of ideas below! Read on!

Swans are elegant and sophisticated animals, and so will be the themed party decorations we offer.

We know if you are here it is because you don’t know how to plan your swan birthday party, but you have this blog that brings some very unique ideas and tips to help you throw a beautiful and perfect swan party. This party theme is great for the little ones in the house as well as the older kids. Everyone will love all the party accessories and we assure you that you will have a great party with your friends or family.

Table Decoration

Swan Birthday party / Birthday "Swan Princess Party" | Catch My Party

This time you can try to use single-use dishes, very successful especially if you do not want to waste time collecting later. And in this theme you cannot miss, because we are sure that each of them your cupcakes, cookies, lots of candy and chocolates will be great.

You can make yourself the table decoration in the shape of a swan with birthday plates and all the kitchen utensils, or buy them directly in a store.

The jellies you put on should go with the theme of the party as well, otherwise your decoration will not make sense.

You should:

  1. Know where you are going to hold the swans’ birthday party and what space you are going to use.
  2. It will be important to know what foods you will include on your table.
  3. Decide on colorful party decorations from cheap disposable tablecloths, plates and trays. You can easily find these containers in stores and once you have purchased them, you can decorate or customize them with original stickers.

Birthday Cake

The swan birthday cake should not be less, and that is why it will follow the theme of the party, and it should impress your guests.

They will drool just looking at your talent for culinary decorations!

We also show you several ways to make your swan cake, as we will show you this cake that you can make in just 5 steps. When you finish it, you won’t even feel like you made it!


  • We are going to make a big swan birthday cake so you will need to put together 2 or 3 bases, you can make it with the flavor you like the most.
  • You will cover it completely with white fondant.
  • Once the icing has cooled, you can start decorating. You will melt some chocolate and add some pink coloring, it’s better if it’s a very light pink.
  • Then you will carefully spread it on the cake, it should be similar to the one in the picture.
  • And now you can put cheap decorations, birthday cake flags, swan candles and anything else you want. You can also put a cloud of trinkets or candy in a pastel color to set it off. And, you already have your delicious, homemade and very easy cake!


We will have to deal with the decorations in detail, it will be important to know where we place them and how. And obviously, they will have to follow the same color line of the theme of the swan party.

That’s why we have chosen 2 ideas for swan birthdays with main colors. A light pink decoration for birthdays, because it is a delicate color, and also golden party decorations, which are elegant. With gold, you’ll have to make sure it’s small details, because otherwise it’s very ornate.

We are going to show you 3 top ideas of different decorations that you can make to decorate your swan themed party, they will be very original and easy to make. Let’s start with the crafts!

Wall of Flowers

This craft can be used for hundreds of occasions, not only as a cheap photobooth background or decoration for your swan party, but also to surprise the birthday girl. You can give it more than one use and that is a wall made of natural flowers or with a garland in the form of artificial flowers.

Feather Accessories for Guests

This idea will not take you much time because you can even find stores of artificial feathers that will help you.

To surprise your guests, you will need to bring cardboard, white glue, 3 white feather tassels and gold and pink cardboard. Once you have gathered all the materials, you will have to start making the silhouette of glasses, crowns, frames… whatever you want to give them.

Then you will put white glue on them and glue the feathers. When they have dried, you will start gluing the extra details. With the gold cardboard, you will make the silhouette of a swan.

Use of Balloons

We don’t stop here and that’s why the next idea to decorate your swan party is to buy cheap balloons and decorate every part of the space. You can browse the internet and get inspiration from the shaped balloon ideas and make a combination with the age of the birthday girl and encourage you to buy number balloons.

There you are! With those tips, we guarantee that you will throw the best Swan themed birthday party of the year. What was your best birthday memory so far? Share everything with us in the comments below!

How Is an Oriental Wedding Celebrated


    – Preamble to the Oriental Wedding

    – Preparations for the Oriental wedding

    – Oriental wedding: day of the henna

    – Oriental wedding : D day

The Oriental wedding is celebrated according to an ancestral tradition: it is subjected to rituals during the days preceding the nuptial ceremony, the day of the wedding and the following day. Here are the different stages of an Oriental wedding.

The preamble to the Oriental wedding

When a man wishes to marry a woman, he must respect a custom which consists in going to the house of the girl he wishes to marry and then placing a goat or a sheep on her doorstep without being noticed by the members of the future bride’s family.

Good to know: when the young man succeeds in this test, the hand of the girl is granted to him by the family of the latter.

Preparations for the Oriental wedding

According to tradition, the bride and groom’s families must meet before the day of the Oriental wedding. This meeting takes place as follows:

    – At the home of the bride’s parents, for dinner. The family of the young man entirely finances the meal.

    – Each family member and the invited witnesses bring an offering, usually money.

    – When the guests arrive, they must place their offering on the floor so that the father of the bride can pick up some of it, in hopes of bringing good luck to the families together. The remaining money is then made available to the parents of the bride. This tradition is called “tucc’it”.

    – Another step, the “curut”, involves the bride’s future parents-in-law receiving: a leg of beef, a quintal of semolina, wheat, butter and olive oil.

These ingredients will be used to prepare the wedding meal.

Oriental wedding: henna day

On this day before the oriental wedding, the future spouses and some of their relatives have to accomplish an exact task:

    – The young man is in charge of finding singers and drummers to animate the ceremony.

    – It is common to slaughter an ox, half of which is delivered to the bride’s family.

    The young man’s parents offer the “tiznitt,” a garment for the bride.

    – The girl must wash with thyme by candlelight: this ritual is a sign of fertility. She is bathed in a large clay pot containing water, nettles and eggs.

    – A meal follows this day, and in the evening takes place the henna ceremony, which consists of:

        ◦ placing jewelry in a silver container;

        ◦ placing a dish containing henna on a Kabyle (scarf);

        ◦ lighting a candle symbolizing light and happiness for the bride and groom;

        ◦ singing in unison.

Good to know: the guests enjoy food when the henna ceremony is over. Once the meal is over, the singing starts again.

Oriental wedding: D-day

On the wedding celebration day, the families and the bride and groom prepare for the festivities. Thus, a woman helps the young bride to get dressed in a Kabyle dress (“taksiwt”) as well as a square cap (“tabniqt”). She also wears:

    – silver jewelry such as wrist and ankle bracelets, brooches, a tiara, a necklace… ;

    – other coverings such as a “burnous” or an Asian queen’s crown.

The bride must drink water and receive seawater on her feet before going out, protecting her from black magic. Throughout the day, the women of the family and relatives sing.

The young bride receives :

    – herbs that she puts in her mouth;

    – water that she throws behind her;

    – a sieve of wheat and barley symbolizing boys and girls, respectively.

The bride, accompanied by her family, enters her new home by first stepping forward with her right foot. Once inside, the young woman must break an egg on the wall. All the guests then gather around for a meal.

After the meal, songs and dances close the oriental wedding party. During the night, the bride can remove her outfit with the women’s help: the groom is the only man who can attend.

Good to know: the day after the Oriental wedding, a meal is prepared in honour of the bride and her family. The young woman receives gifts and money from her family-in-law and the community.

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Throw Your Kids the Best Superhero Party

Have you always wanted to surprise the little ones in the house in the most impressive way? Would you like to throw a party that will be remembered for a lifetime? If your little one is a die-hard superhero fan, going from place to place with a cape on his back and dreaming of saving humanity from the bad guys, read on and take note, because a superhero party will make his day unforgettable.

The Most Exciting Touch

For the little ones, a party with a good themed decoration will amaze them and look super cool, however, we’re going to give you a very simple idea to take it a step further and add that emotional touch to your superhero party. .

To make your party as exciting as it is fun, we’re giving you something that your party shouldn’t miss if you want the theme to have even more meaning. We encourage you to tell a good story related to the theme, which revolves around the protagonist of the party and his team, who will be the guests. You can outline one or more challenges, adventures or trials that they will have to overcome throughout the party to reach an end. It can also be a lot of fun to include one or more villains in the story, so you can make them up and tell a story about them, or dress up and be part of the party’s fiction.

An Immersion in the Fictional World

This is a great way to start a party with kids because it can serve as a welcome to all and immerse them in the fictional world. You can make several mini-games in which the little ones introduce themselves and say their name or something about themselves, this way you will make sure that everyone knows each other and lose the awkwardness of the beginning.

Shields, badges, capes workshop…. Create your own character!

After a super exciting welcome comes one of the most fun parts of the party, creating your own character!

Let’s get started! Now we’re going to let our imaginations run wild, which kids love, and create the most amazing superheroes from scratch.

DIY Costumes

10 Fascinating Superhero Games & Activities for Kids

The little ones will have to think about their power, their superhero name and create their own capes and badges. As for the latter, the most fun and original thing is that they invent them themselves, however, we can show them some pictures to inspire them and give them ideas.

Don’t forget that to make the badges and capes, you will have to get all the necessary materials in advance. Also, to make it easier for the kids, you can cut out templates to use as a guide when making them.

Original Themed Snack

After fighting the scary villains, the little superheroes will be a little tired and hungry; and they’ll want to get their strength back. That’s why we suggest surprising them with a fun and original themed snack. You’ll see how excited they’ll be when they see that the snack that awaits them is one more adventure in their superhero party.

For more inspiration, you can find a selection of favorite superhero party decoration ideas online to help you when preparing your party table, let your imagination run wild and you’ll see that the result is as personal as it is unbeatable.

With these tips for hosting a superhero party, the little ones will feel like their favorite characters and we guarantee they will leave with a memory that will not be easy to forget. If you want to make it a lot easier, let our decorators and/or kids party hosts give you a cable.

Do you have any other tips? Share them in the comments below!