Ideas to Throw the Ultimate Magic Themed Birthday Party

Abra Cadabra! How about throwing a birthday party around the “magic” theme. Plus, what better way to remember to believe in magic than with a birthday party? Sounds tempting isn’t it? Not sure how to do it? Not to worry! In today’s article, we will teach you how to throw a magic themed party, kids will love it and adults too! So, if you want to surprise your guests in the best way, keep reading our blog, because our ideas and tips are the best you can find. Enjoy!


The main colors of the party decorations will be very basic: black decorations, white birthday decorations and red party decorations, these colors should be present in the decorations too.

Of course, it will not be enough to buy balloons and some lanterns, you will have to be creative and original, so we will show you different ideas of magical decorations for your party that you can use on this occasion.

Having your own letter garlands will be very easy. To do it, you will not need to be very handy and it will not take much time. To make this cheap garland, you can use a real deck of cards or draw them yourself. Once you have the letters, all you have to do is put them in a wire, as you wish.

The curtain opens, because the theme of the party will be magic, we encourage you to create your scene with hanging decorations such as metal curtains, bags of streamers, some pom-poms…

We suggest you try to make a curtain, as if the magic party itself is a function. Making a backdrop is very simple, just a red metallic tablecloth and place it on a wall or use a nice photocall background. You can place it at the entrance of the party or on the wall where the appetizers and snacks table is located.

Start the show to set the mood for the party and make the magic show perfect. We recommend you to put colored lights throughout the party, they will create a good atmosphere and they will not be complicated to assemble. So, let the show begin!

Birthday Table

What you need to know is that the table is not only about the appetizers and snacks (which should be excellent), but also how to present them.

We recommend you put aside the typical, and get creative, let’s see, how about eating the hooks off a magician’s hat? It sounds complicated, but not at all, you will find thousands of ideas like this, and that you can do from home.

You just need to know how to combine them with each other and you will see that your guests will be delighted and they will immediately finish everything on the food trays and candy bar jars that you have set up. We also recommend naming the snacks something related to the magic. For example, a simple soft drink served in cute magic cardboard cups will be a potion to have a good time, they will find it very funny. From there, it’s up to your creativity.

Cake Ideas

Who doesn’t love cake time? Even when looking for how to decorate a magic themed birthday, we all wait for the cake, we pay attention to its appearance, that’s why your baking accessories should be your allies.

Your magical birthday cake should be original enough to surprise your guests. We are going to teach you how to make a good magic cake, not only will it be great but it will also be beautiful.

The idea to celebrate a party with a magic theme is the concept of a cake in the shape of a top hat, the typical one used by magicians. To make the hat tall, you will have to join 3 bases. To fill it, you can use cream with fruits, the ones you like the most. You will have to leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours so that you can apply the cake fondant.

Meanwhile, you will have to make the lid of the hat, where you will have to take a lot of oreos and mix them with butter, until you get a consistent paste, give it a circular shape with a mold and also let it cool, about thirty minutes.

When everything has cooled, cover it with black fondant, and stick the lid with the remaining cream. You make a band of red fondant to wrap around the top of the hat. And to decorate the top, you can make bunny ears (or find them in ready-made cake toppers), to put in the center of the cake.

Finally, around the cake, you can put decorative elements such as stars, a wand or the year of the birthday boy. This cake is quite easy to make, and your guests will not believe that you made it and it will be a great surprise.

There you are! So when is the birthday? And what have you decided to do? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Announce an Engagement

How to Announce an Engagement

How to Announce an Engagement


Marriage is a legal and solemn act representing the alliance of two people who will commit themselves for better or worse and find a home.

But before the big day, many lovers go through the engagement stage.

What is an engagement?

This somewhat outdated custom is coming back into fashion. The engagement has indeed lost its ceremonial.

However, they represent a mark of love between two people and allow for an intimate celebration where respective families and close friends meet.

In the days of our grandparents and great-grandparents, the young man’s father proposed to the girl’s parents.

Customs have evolved, and only a few prominent families respecting the traditions still practice this custom.

The engagement announces the forthcoming marriage of two people who wish to unite for life. It is also a moment of reflection, and this first commitment allows the future spouses to realize what will be the real commitment of marriage.

How to organize the engagement?

How to Announce an Engagement

The engagement organization is often traditional, and the reception is organized with the two families, relatives, and friends.

It is often intimate and brings parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters together. The number of guests is usually limited.

Respecting traditions

If one wishes to respect traditions, it is the parents of the future fiancée who organize the reception and fix the precise date of the engagement. This often takes place a year before the wedding.


Nowadays, the two families organize the engagement party together.

It is also possible to create a surprise by making the engagement official at a family gathering.

The etiquette rule is that the groom delivers a bouquet of white flowers to the bride on the morning of the engagement.

The reception

According to custom, guests are received on a table covered with a white tablecloth, embroidered or lace, which allows the silverware, china and crystal glasses to stand out.

If you have decided to respect the rules of good manners, here is the arrangement to adopt:

The bride’s father and mother sit opposite each other in the center of the table.

To their right and left (places of honour), the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom will sit.

The bride and groom are seated at the end of the table and should not be separated until their first wedding anniversary.

Other family members and friends will be seated according to their age and affinity, taking care to mix the two families.

For dessert, a toast can be made in honour of the newly engaged couple.

You can also opt for a less traditional engagement, therefore more relaxed, such as a country meal, a garden party, a barbecue, or a big party with families and friends.

Religious and catholic people can celebrate the engagement during a religious ceremony. The engagement ring will be blessed during a mass.

The engagement aims to introduce the two families who do not know each other and define the organization and the wedding preparations.

How to announce the engagement?

The date of the engagement is finally set and made official. The invitation will be made through invitation cards, invitations that allow to mark the event or simply by phone or email.

The engagement news is announced at least two months before the engagement.

The engagement ring

Engagement rings are the symbol of the commitment that the engaged couple is wearing.

If it is traditionally the man who offers a ring to the woman, the customs evolve! It is increasingly common for future spouses to offer each other rings or beautiful jewelry to mark their mutual acceptance of the engagement and show their love.

Engagement ring and tradition

How to Announce an Engagement

According to tradition, the fiancé or the young man’s family offers the ring that the young girl is waiting for. The couple can also choose the jewel together, or the man can give the bride a family jewel.

The fiancé can choose between stones like diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. In the past, rubies and emeralds were forbidden, while white stones were the norm.

The fiancé puts the ring on the left ring finger of the young girl (vein of love) during the reception in front of all the guests or alone.

The bride-to-be can also buy a gift for her fiancé to prove her love: a watch, a signet ring…

Price of an engagement ring

The price of an engagement ring varies according to the quality of the stone and its size.

On average, and as an indication, you should expect to pay

for a 0.5-carat diamond solitaire: $3,000 to $5,000;

for semi-precious stones: $700 to $1,000.

Do not hesitate to ask the jeweller for an invoice and a certificate of the ring purchased.

Breakdown of the engagement: return of the ring?

Generally, there is no return of the engagement ring, but it is sometimes possible:

if it is a family jewel;

in a case of wrongful termination at the initiative of the recipient of the gift;

if the ring is of significant value and disproportionate to the donor’s assets.

Tips for Your Wedding Makeup

Tips for Your Wedding Makeup

Tips for Your Wedding Makeup


After choosing the wedding dress and the hairstyle, it is time to consider the makeup.

Wedding makeup is delicate because it must remain discreet and natural while highlighting you.

When should we think about wedding makeup?

The makeup for your wedding is an essential step. It is necessary to take all precautions by making an appointment several days before the wedding.

To avoid the stress of the “D” day, we recommend that you call upon a professional who will be able to devote all the time necessary to make you beautiful.

The beautician or professional you choose must know you well, that is to say, know your skin, complexion and personality so that the makeup is in harmony with yourself and looks like you.

Don’t hesitate to do some sample tests well before your wedding day because you may have reactions to various products.

Doing your own makeup

Tips for Your Wedding Makeup

You don’t plan to use a professional for various reasons and have decided to do your makeup alone. In this case, it is advisable to use:

For the skin:

A neutral makeup base to set the foundation.

The colour of the foundation should be identical to your skin tone. Beware of greasy foundations that shine and stain hands and clothes.

The powder should be ultra fine.

The mister will set the makeup, and then you will press a tissue on your face.

Your eyes:

Tips for Your Wedding Makeup

Highlight your eyes with neutral-coloured eyeshadows.

The look will be expressive and natural, with a thin line of eyeliner at the base of the lashes.

Your mouth:

Do not use intense colours

Trace the outline of your lips with a pencil of colour close to the colour of the lips.


You must not forget them because the wedding ring will pass your finger. The nails must therefore be elegant and your hands impeccable.

Call a manicurist or an esthetician

Tips for Your Wedding Makeup

Here are a few tips that could be very useful for your wedding makeup, such:

Always remember to take care of your skin, whatever your age, and this well before the “D” day. Apply day and night creams.

If you have skin problems (redness, pimples, acne, blackheads), do what is necessary and consult a dermatologist.

Get a facial a few days before the wedding to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Avoid overloaded and heavy makeup as well as violent colours.

Your makeup should last throughout your wedding and shouldn’t shine on the photos either. So, if you are emotional, go for waterproof makeup.

Keep a small makeup kit for touching up during the evening, just before the wedding entertainment and before the first dance on your husband’s arm.

To be always fresh, don’t forget the deodorant.

Price of a wedding makeup

Of course, the price varies according to the care and the makeup you wish. Prices also differ according to the institute.

As an indication, approximately $100 and $250 (facial, manicure, makeup).

Read more:

Hope this article and the links above will help during your wedding. Please take a moment to add a few sentences to the section below because this post would be incomplete without them.


Throw the Best Whale Party Ever

Are you looking for original theme for your little one party? Or perhaps for a baby shower celebration? How about hosting a whale themed party? Perhaps you like the idea but not sure on the decorations? Well, you’ve reached the right place. In today’s article, we bring you the best ideas to make and decorate your whale party for boys and girls, christenings, baby showers, and even their first year. Are you ready? Let’s go.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that this theme is so versatile that it allows you to combine it with elements and decorations of other themes, like using accessories for a marine birthday decoration party or, for example, focusing on a blue color palette in different tones.

Forget about the myth that decorating a whale themed party is difficult, because we will show you that this baby whale is pretty, sweet and tender, that’s why organizing a children’s birthday party with whales is easy, simple and perfect, because you will transmit this peace and tranquility to your guests.

Some Decoration Ideas for a Baby Shower

So let’s see some perfect ideas for this occasion:

– Pom poms for the party in light blue colors and shades of blue.

– Garlands for the baby shower with the reveal of the baby’s gender.

– Use wooden letters or small letter balloons to name the future family member.

Your little whale party will delight all the guests with the following tips, because with this small and large whale birthday decorations they will be amazed. The necessary products to start decorating your whale themed party that certainly should not be missing are the following:

– Party balloons that give it that fun touch and remind you that you are at a birthday party.

– Decorative waterfalls or metal curtains, which in this case will help us simulate the sea, perfect to be placed behind the table.

– Confetti of different colors or blue, combined with confetti of happy birthday.

The Balloons

As w have already mentioned, party balloons are an almost indispensable part of birthday parties, so helium balloons in the shape of this animal are really necessary. You can combine whale-shaped balloons with the simple blue ones.

The Ocean (Table)

Among so many preparations, there is one that is essential to all parties and even more to a birthday party, the table!

Each of the elements and the disposable tableware should be represented with the theme of the whale party. To ensure that it not only represents what you are looking for, but also gives an original, creative and unique look.

Putting a plastic tablecloth that covers the entire table will ensure that your table doesn’t get damaged or stained if something falls. It can be a large light blue tulle representing the sea, where the whales live, or combine the tablecloth with a table skirt of another shade that highlights this blue. Also, this will have a more voluminous effect and the perception of “waves of the sea”.

You can also put lights along the whale tablecloth with a garland of lights and small decorative figures like sea animals, seaweed, to generate the feeling of the sea that we mentioned above.

Cake Time

MMM! It’s time for cake, that long awaited moment.

For all those who love sweetness, cake fondant is the best option. This wonderful moldable sugar allows you to create the cake you want so much and let your imagination run wild, since you can create the most original designs you like the most.

With this delicious paste you can create a simple but charming design, being only one floor you can make the figure of a beautiful little whale with its fins, tail, face and even with the water that they come out of their hole to breathe.

Another great design you can make is to create a cake with 2 or 3 layers covering each one with sugar paste and creating the sensation of the waves of the sea, on its top you can also place a small whale figure for the cakes to finish off the exquisite cake. All this with a unique color combination related to whales and their natural habitat.

On the other hand, instead of covering the cake with cake fondant, you can cover the dessert with an edible wafer decorated with small whales, suitable for the party, where the waves of the sea will also be recreated throughout the cake and to finish with the details and give it a softer and more creative touch.

The birthday candles that you will place on it can vary depending on whether the birthday and the decoration of the cake is for a small age, someone older. But without a doubt, what will be best are the number candles in case your dessert is simple, this way they will stand out more. They can be accompanied by cake rockets or use candles with the rocket incorporated and their respective number.

Plan your whale-themed birthday party now and impress your guests! A tip? Give them a paper bag or birthday box filled with candies and a whale figurine. What’s the best original party you’ve ever thrown? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Decorate for a Wedding

How to Decorate for a Wedding

You are creative and want to bring your personal touch to your wedding. Wedding decoration is an opportunity to personalize your reception according to the theme of your wedding.

In addition to the decoration of the wedding hall, think about the rental car that will be the star of the procession. Don’t neglect the “broom” car either.

Where to find wedding decorations?

Many shops specialize in wedding accessories and decorations to ensure that your wedding is a success and that it reflects you:

– shops specializing in wedding decorations;

– online shops (website): you are delivered very quickly;

– discount shops also specialize in wedding accessories.

What are the different wedding decorations?

You have several possibilities: kits to assemble (coordinated set to assemble yourself) or items sold in retail.

You can personalize your products to give another dimension to your wedding by indicating on them your two first names and the date of this unique event.

Whether your wedding is classic, romantic or original, these various products will be handy to decorate your reception room, different tables, and car.

Table decoration

How to Decorate for a Wedding

Various accessories in different shapes, materials, and a multitude of colours will create the atmosphere of your evening:

– table centerpiece;

– table runner, placemats, round or rectangular tablecloths

– napkin rings, napkins;

– disposable crockery, in earthenware or porcelain: they will be refined and elegant;

– tray, verrines, dishes;

– glasses, champagne flutes, cutlery;

– candle holders, candles in all shapes and sizes;

– place cards;

– wedding menu;

– mini bows, flowers, crystal hearts;

– chair covers, etc.

They will give a warm atmosphere to your meal.

The decoration of the hall

The decoration of the hall will correspond to the style of your wedding; various accessories will allow you to perfect your decoration, namely:

– Paper garlands of all shapes and colours;

– balloons, confetti;

– lanterns made of fireproof paper or another material;

– beautiful hangings in non-woven or other fabrics to decorate your ceiling and walls.

Car decoration

The decoration of the car is also essential; you can opt for example:

– fresh or paper flowers placed on the bonnet or at the back of the car;

– Suction cup kits to hold your flowers in place;

– rolls of tulle to decorate the car;

– large giant bows for the front of the car.

Other wedding decorations

You can use specific coloured markers to personalize the various accessories: labels, place cards, and menus.

All the details are important to make your wedding decoration a success. You can add a final touch such as paper flowers, feathers, and pairs of birds that can decorate your reception room.

Some of these different items can be made:

– by yourself: they will be unique;

– or made-to-measure with quality finishes.

You can keep them as a souvenir.

Wedding decoration in harmony with the wedding theme

Your wedding should be in harmony with the theme of your wedding.

Here are some examples…

For a country wedding

For a country wedding decoration, your choice will be oriented:

– for the colours: yellow, brown, and green, which are the colours of nature;

– Vichy fabric and raffia;

– bouquets: poppies, sunflowers, daisies, and ivy to decorate the walls;

– other accessories: wicker baskets filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, small lamps, bales of straw.

For an exotic wedding

For exotic wedding decorations, you will not be able to resist:

– colours: turquoise blue like the Caribbean Sea, orange and red for warm and sunny colours;

– coconuts, banana leaves, fake coconut trees, parasols, bamboo screens, deckchairs and Bengal fires that will complete your decoration with a touch of fine sand;

– bouquets of exotic flowers: hibiscus, oleander, bougainvillea;

– vanilla pods, coffee beans, and carambola to decorate the different tables;

– madras or pareos will replace the tablecloths;

Your tables will sing the name of islands such as Madagascar, Grenadines or Bali.

For a traditional wedding

For a more traditional wedding decoration:

– White is in the spotlight as well as ecru and off-white.

– Fabrics will be organza, tulle and silk.

– Doves and balloons will be the symbols.

– The bouquets will be composed of: arums, lilies, daffodils, roses and white tulips, as well as gypsophila.

– The table decoration: white candles, flowers, and cotton branches on embroidered tablecloths.

Tips and advice for a successful wedding decoration

– You can make your accessories: menu, place cards, bouquets. These can be made of crepe or planted by yourself. Moreover, this is much cheaper.

– You can also collect ears of wheat from the fields for country weddings or coloured leaves to put in vases.

– Think about asking your friends and family if they can lend you vases for the occasion.

– If your budget allows it, you can have floral arrangements prepared on each table. If not, you can decorate your table with floating candles and rose petals.

– If you don’t opt for chair covers, which would be too expensive, you can opt for a large ribbon tied on the back of the backrest, which will look great.

– If you buy all your accessories from one place, you may be able to get a small discount.

More tips

– Don’t mix genres and themes.

– Don’t overdo your decoration; it should be discreet.

– Tell your guests about the theme of your wedding and the dominant colour; this will allow them to have the right outfit for your theme and be in harmony.

Remember to share this post and comment below.

Throwing a Fabulous and Memorable 60th Birthday Party

Whether it’s for your husband, your wife, mother, dad, or even your own, a 60th birthday deserves to be celebrated properly. Not sure how to plan it? Not to worry. In today’s article, we are going to show you how to throw a fabulous and memorable 60th birthday with original ideas. Interested learning more? Read on!

Birthday Theme

As we already mentioned, below, you will see the best ideas for a 60th birthday for women and men.

The first thing you need to keep in mind if you want ideas to celebrate a different and original 60th birthday is that you need to have birthday themes that match the tastes of the man or woman who is celebrating his birthday.

When it comes to birthday decorations for adults, we usually tend to think of some very specific themes, and there are hundreds of products according to each theme that can be very useful. Here are some of the most successful birthday themes:

  • The Golden Era

The decorations for this them will be made of gold tableware and decorations. Each of the products, glasses, plates, napkins can been printed with the number sixty in white as well for instance. This is a unisex option that can be used for both a man’s or woman’s birthday.

  • The Stripes

It is colloquially known as the black and white stripe collection but can be with gold or pink tones to recreate a festive look. While this option is more appropriate for women in general, it can still be used for men who like those colors and this idea.

For the decorations, you will find that options are not lacking in gold and pink.

  • The Stripes (Men’s Version)

The version for a man’s birthday will be almost the same except from the pink touches. Instead, you can opt for a silver color palette. In this case, the accessories can be the tableware with the 60 in silver on a black background and white and gold dots.

The Decorations

Often, a 60th birthday party is celebrated at home, in a restaurant or in a party hall. So, we recommend you look for ideas to decorate a room. To do this, you need to look for a decorating store that has products for indoor birthday parties.

  • Balloons

The first element of decoration is the 60th birthday balloons that you can find in latex or aluminum.

These combined with confetti balloons or letter balloons that say Congratulations or the name of the birthday person will be perfect for your decoration and photos.One good thing about these decorations is that you can find a good price for the number of helium balloons on the internet, so you can buy them without stretching your budget too much.

  • Photobooth

Another decorative element at a 60th birthday party is the photobooth. By purchasing a birthday photobooth and decorating it with the sixty, the photos will become beautiful memories of the day.

  • Piñatas

In addition, you can combine it with original piñatas for adults, whose you can fill with many small things, including candy, sugared almonds and fun figuines for very fun adult piñatas.

The Cake

It is essential when preparing everything you need to know about celebrating 60 years that you take into account the cake. There is no better way to throw a 60th birthday party for a man or woman than with a well decorated cake.

Primarily, the 60th birthday candles in the shape of a number will be the protagonists of the decoration. But you can add all the cake decorations you want, toppers, fondant figurines, cake flags.

Remember, once you have clear ideas for hosting a 60th birthday party, you can always add accessories to a party and celebration like this one so that all your guests take away the best memories and you can celebrate your 60th birthday in the best way possible. Do you have some tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

Throwing a Bambi Birthday Party: What a Piece of Cake!

We have all seen the touching Bambi movie during our childhood. And, maybe you even showed it to your child who loved it and now wants a birthday party with this theme, especially in spring when we find those wonderful colors that represent nature. And if you are looking for ideas to make a Bambi party for kids, you’ve reached the right place. In today’s article, we bring you some tips on how to throw an amazing event around this theme. Enjoy!

Everyone will be excited about the sweetness of this birthday party, whether it’s thanks to the birthday invitations or the other decorations. Bambi is cute and sweet, so the party supplies will feature an array of pastel birthday decorations recalling the habitat where our little fawn lived.


For decorations, you can go with cheap garlands, cake decorations, birthday candles, the best party balloons accompanied by confetti of matching colors, which you can spread all over your table. There’s also an infinite number of other products on “nature themes” that you can combine in the best way possible to represent the beautiful forest where Bambi used to roam around with his best friends.

LocationBambi Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 18 of 22 | Baby birthday party girl, Deer birthday party, Girls birthday party

As in any birthday, you cannot miss the food and dessert tables, and for that, the location choice is also very important. If you do it inside the house and have a terrace or balcony, the best location would be near one of the windows as this will help you to complete the decorations with part curtains and also hang some decorations.

On the contrary, if you plan you to throw your party outdoors, like in the countryside, the best option would be near a tree so that you can hang your decorations, like the traditional triangle-shaped pennants. And this will perfectly create the forest environment where Bambi lived.

Dessert Table

Once you’ve decided where to place the table, you can start decorating it. Always remember the pastel color scheme including light pinks, lilacs, pale blues, browns and greens.

We recommend you choose a tablecloth that is neutral in tone but at the same time striking since it is the first thing your guests will see on the table, You can then place flowers, butterfly confettis along with normal confetti to give your table that soft and warm touch that the little deer brings uus,

Your tableware can include disposable plates and paper cups with nature designs that will be ideal for the occasion. It will stand out among the food where you can use disposable trays so it’s easier for you when it will come to cleaning after the party. This will also prevent the kids from breaking your dishes. Along the table, you can also put some small figurines of Bambi and its friends. Those can also be edible for more fun.


𝐻𝑒𝒶𝓋𝑒𝓃𝓁𝓎 𝒟𝑒𝓈𝒾𝑔𝓃𝓈 𝐸𝓋𝑒𝓃𝓉 𝑅𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒶𝓁𝓈 on Instagram: “Supe… | Girl baby shower decorations, Butterfly baby shower theme, Baby girl birthday theme

Without a doubt, balloons for birthday parties are always a must. With them, you can make an endless number of decorations while playing with their size, shapes and colors.

A clear example would be to make a big arch with balloons over the table by combining the different colors that can be find in a forest in spring.

Another idea would be to recreate the shape of a tree, starting with the lowest part of the tree with brown colors and as it grows you can add green, yellow and orange tones.

Also, if your birthday party is indoors, you can blow up your balloons with helium and let them float to the ceiling and hang little butterflies, leaves or flowers from the string that falls from them.

Birthday Cake

Gorgeous Bambi 1st Birthday Party - Pretty My Party - Party IdeasBambi and friends - Decorated Cake by Dawn - CakesDecor

The birthday cake is the icing on the cake. That’s where you can be the most creative. Children love sweets and colors so making a cake with the main characters of the movie would be great. Bet on the famous fondant, with which you can make an exquisite cover and play with it to make different molds and figures. And if you aren’t a great baker, not to worry! We are sure any cake artist will be delighted to make a cake inspired by Bambi for you.

There you are! With those tips, you can be sure to throw a memorable Bambi birthday party. Do you have some ideas for fun activities for the big day? Share them with us in the comments below.

Ideas of What You Can Put in a Piñata

Having a piñata at your party is always a great idea! It is a fun way to entertain everyone and cheer up your guests. But, often, we don’t really know what to put inside. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered – that’s exactly what we tell you in today’s article. Enjoy!

What to Put in a Piñata?

To know exactly what to put in a piñata, just take into account the age of the guests and the type of party.

For example: if we are at a Disney-themed party, we can fill it with gifts and toys from Mickey, Frozen or any other cartoon. In addition, we should add trinkets or candy and any type of extra like cheap piñata toys. Confetti is usually one of the products that we introduce as a surprise effect, because when the piñata breaks, the gifts and children’s piñata filler that we added inside come out in addition to the confetti. It’s an even more festive and beautiful effect.

How to Fill a Piñata?

We will explain how to easily fill a cardboard piñata. By the time we start our party, we may have hundreds of ideas to put in a birthday piñata, but how to fill it? The main idea is to fill it with candy, something we all love and you are sure to succeed with, but you can also use other products like toys or small gifts to surprise your guests.

The most common celebrations are birthdays, communions and weddings. At these events, it is easy to come across children. For them, you can buy piñatas for kids that they will surely love.

The main objective is to break it. To do this, you need to tie it or hang it from an elevated surface. This can only be reached with the piñata stick, that is, blindfolded by our mask, which we will use to break it. The most common places to hang them are trees, porches or any other elevated surface where they can be tied. They are attached by a rope that is perfectly fixed to the structure.

Ideas of Things to Put in a Piñata

Today it is very easy to find piñatas for sale online with almost any cartoon of the moment or with themes for the elderly. But the important thing will be what you can put in a piñata.

Inside the piñata, you can put almost anything. You just have to consider the weight of the items, the size and how much you need to fill it. If we have 15 children, we can’t put only 3 gifts. For a low cost, we can buy all kinds of cheap and good quality items.

An original piñata filling is one that includes candy, piñata toys and confetti.

What to Put in a Piñata for Children?

Once you have found the place to put it, it is time to see how to fill a children’s piñata.

To be able to fill piñatas for children, you can use both candy, sweets and candy as products, as well as toys of their favorite characters.

Filling piñatas with candy and gummies is one of the best options. Everyone loves sweets, but the little ones are the biggest fans of piñata candy.

What Candy to Put in a Piñata?

When it comes to knowing how to put candy in a piñata, the mechanism is the same, open our piñata and introduce the candy. In this case, you need to consider what type of candy are the ones that your guests will enjoy the most.

The balls or candies for piñatas are one of the best items to fill our piñata. Some of the knockout soft candies you can use are:

  • sweet kisses
  • flavor bears
  • Clouds
  • Colored candies
  • Blackberries
  • Cocas

What to Put in a Piñata for Adults?

When it comes to how to fill a piñata for adults, you don’t have to think too hard, because we’re not that different from the little ones in the house, so piñata baubles are always a hit.

In this case, you can find adult piñatas for both men and women, as well as unisex themed designs and patterns.

There are a lot of people who are looking for a way to know what I can put in a healthy piñata. The answer is to fill it with festive toys and confetti. That way, you won’t have to fill it with candy or food.

All you have to do is choose the type of filling you want for your cardboard piñata.

There you go! With those tips your Piñata game should be a true success at your party. So for what occasion are you going to use it? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Wedding Budget

What Wedding Budget Should I Plan?

What Wedding Budget Should I Plan?

 Organizing a wedding requires a lot of time and especially a lot of money. Wedding preparations are expensive: ceremony, dress, reception and entertainment… So what is the budget for a wedding?

 What is the budget for a wedding?

 The average wedding budget in Canada is about 13 000. However, the amount is different depending on:

 – the standard of living of each person;

 – the region or country where the wedding will take place

 – the number of guests.

 To reduce the wedding budget, you can do some things yourself. Expenses can also be shared between the parents and the bride and groom or divided on a case-by-case basis.

 As a general rule, you should know that you will exceed your budget by at least 15%. So get your calculators and think about getting estimates!

 Example of a budget for a wedding of 100 guests

Wedding Budget

 The prices below are practiced by professionals and are an indication for a wedding with 100 guests.

Wedding budget for 100 guests

Price in $

Wedding preparations

Announcements (including envelopes and stamps)

250 to 600 

Wedding rings

200 to 1 000 


800 to 1 200 


700 to 1 200 

Car rental

300 to 1 000 

Wedding outfit

For her

Wedding dress

150 to 2 500 (average 500)

Accessories (necklace, bag, shoes, clutch, lingerie)

1 000 


100 + 100 to 600 for additions or extensions

Make-up (facial, manicure, make-up)

100 to 250 

For him

Wedding suit for men

400 to 700 


80 to 250 


100 to 300 


100 to 200 

reception room

Room rental

Rustic style (entire domain)

2 000 to 3 000 

Prestigious or unusual location (palace lounge, soccer stadium)

5 000  to 20 000 

Party room

400  to 1 500 

Wedding restaurant

5 000  to 15 000 

Wedding castle

3 000  to 7 000 

Wedding tent

Rental (100 people)

1 500 


1 000 

Set up costs

200 to 500 

The meal


6 000 to 13 000 

Piece of cake or other cakes

400 to 1 000 


For a meal at the table

4 000 to 13 000 

For a buffet

2 000 to 8 000 

Printing of menus

100 to 200 ($1 to $2 per unit)


Decoration of the room, the tables, the car

1 000 to 2 500 


Bouquet of the bride

50 to 150 

Other compositions

500 to 1 500 



DJ or band

400 to 500 

Animation package (music and games)

500 to 1 500 

Mega show, concert, show

1 500  to 6 000 

Childcare (organization specialized in baby-sitter, animator)

200  to 350 


Gifts for guests

250 to 500 


15 to 30 per kg

After the wedding

Guest book

15 et 50 

Thank you (envelopes and stamps included)

100 to 250 

Honeymoon trip per person

Neighboring countries

1 000 to 2 500 

Far away countries

2 500 to 7 000 

Paper photo album

30 to 70 

Weddings organized abroad by destination

10 000 to 40 000 

Average total cost

15,000 to 40,000 approximately, including the honeymoon.

Ask for wedding quotes

Wedding Budget

The best way to estimate your wedding budget is to ask for quotes from wedding professionals. Don’t hesitate to ask for several quotes from different service providers to compare prices and services.

To get a coherent wedding estimate, try to specify as much as possible your wishes and expectations. The more precise you are, the more the quotes you receive will correspond to your needs.

Be as attentive as possible to the content of the estimate given by the different wedding professionals. Do not focus only on the price, but consider the services offered. The lowest quote is not necessarily the most interesting! If you do not understand certain elements, do not hesitate to ask for explanations.

Services and products can vary significantly from one company to another, and the most attractive prices are usually only offered for essential services and products. The cost of additional options can be high.

Once you have selected one or more quotes, don’t hesitate to ask about the providers. You can even contact them by phone or make an appointment to meet them.

Solutions for your budget

Think about your wedding budget:

– Get your wedding sponsored to reduce the cost of your wedding.

– Ask for a credit for your wedding to compensate for the high expenses that can affect your budget.

– Use a wedding planner, but this one also has a cost.

In any case, the wedding fair, which gathers many professionals specialized in this field, will be at your disposal and will be able to help you to organize your wedding.


What Is the Purpose of Civil Baptism?

What Is the Purpose of Civil Baptism?


The purpose of civil baptism

Civil baptism: where does it take place?

Civil baptism is performed outside of any religion and allows designating a godfather or a godmother for his child. Any legislative or regulatory text does not govern it. It is also called “Republican baptism” or “Republican sponsorship”. Let’s discover this practice together.

What is the purpose of civil baptism?

Presentation of civil baptism

Civil baptism allows parents to designate a godfather or godmother for their child. This designation is done outside of any religious framework.

The designated person must agree to assume the role of godfather or godmother.

Note: civil baptism is also considered a ceremony where the child enters the Republican community to share its values.

Obligations of the godfather or godmother

The exact role of the godfather or godmother must be defined by mutual agreement between the godfather and the parents. In principle, this agreement does not constitute a contract.

The civil baptism sponsor undertakes to replace the parents, to a certain extent, if they disappear or fail in their mission. He or she must then help the child, at least morally.

Attention: the civil baptism godfather must not be confused with a tutor. In particular, he or she is not responsible for managing the child’s assets. If the parents want to designate a guardian, they must do so by a document signed in front of a notary or through a will. This guardian will have to take care of the child until he or she reaches the age of majority in the event of the parent’s death. The parents can choose the persons who are also godparents of the civil baptism, provided that they meet the legal requirements to be guardians.

Civil Baptism: Where does it take place?


A civil baptism must take place at the town hall. Therefore, the parents must seek the reception and organizing of the civil baptism at their municipality’s town hall.

Role of the town hall

The town hall is not obliged to organize the civil baptism. If it refuses, the parents can ask another municipality (for example, a city with which the family has special ties).

The town hall can ask for official documents for the civil baptism: birth certificate, family record book, or identity papers.

Good to know: the municipality can organize the civil baptism only if certain conditions are met. For example, the “baptized” child must be young (ideally, a baby). Some communes, it seems, accept that the godparents are minors (while requiring that they be of minimum age, for example, 13 years).

Certificates of sponsorship

No legislative or regulatory text imposes a special ceremony if the town hall organizes the civil baptism. The ceremony is presided over by the mayor or a deputy. The municipality’s representative delivers a speech, during which he or she reminds the audience of Republican values.

The mayor’s office may issue documents to the participants, such as sponsorship certificates. These documents have no legal value.

Note: civil baptism is not a civil status document. It is therefore not recorded in the civil status registers.

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