A baby’s arrival is always an event to celebrate. Baby showers are hosted by the mom-to-be’s family members or closest friends. Even though the mom is not generally involved in the organization, she still needs to be consulted from time to time to clear any doubts. Do not forget that she is the special guest on this day.

Let’s hop into how you should go about organizing a memorable bash…

Choose a Time and Date.

The first step is to choose a time and date. Baby showers are commonly held four to six weeks before the due date so that mom has the energy to celebrate. I suggest consulting the mom-to-be to mark a day that she is comfortable with but the best option remains during the weekend.

As the organizer, you will be responsible for checking with the closest friends and family members to make sure they are free on the chosen date.

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Choose A Date

Decide on a Location.

An essential aspect of the event is the location. Keep in mind the budget, number of guests, and maybe the weather while choosing. Do not forget to consider the preferences of the mom.

Most baby showers are held at the residence of the mom-to-be, as she will be more comfortable and it contributes to a sense of intimacy and comfort for the guest. Many other locations are available other than her home, such as restaurants, cafes, outdoors for picnics or somewhere that holds particular significance to the mother.

Pick a Theme.

Themes are not required but they make the party much more fun. Switch from the old-fashioned and traditional party to a specific theme to help your party stand out and be memorable to your guests. You can choose from the classic blue and pink theme or be innovative with themes like pirates, mermaids or rainbows, anything that seems fun and suits you.

It will help guide the guest in what to wear and facilitate decorating. Without a theme or color scheme, your decorations can sometimes seem commonplace or average. When you have a specific theme, you can get very creative and choose decorations that make the party pop.

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Choose A Theme

Create the Guest List and Send Invitations.

When planning the guest list, you do not want to forget someone important to the mom-to-be. I suggest preparing your guest list according to the budget available and make sure not to go over it. Traditionally, baby showers were for ladies only but times have changed and we now have male baby shower attendees too, so you are free to choose.

You can choose between printed or electronic invitations, but make sure everyone received theirs. Invitations should be sent out about four weeks beforehand for the guest to RSVP.

Think About Refreshments.

Planning a baby shower is lots of fun, especially when it comes to brainstorming food ideas. Look for food ideas that match your chosen baby shower theme or opt for quick, easy, and flavorful options that everyone will love.

If you are organizing the event in a restaurant or cafe, you can plan the menu along with the staff or if it is held at home you can choose from a range of finger food. Don’t forget about the drinks! You can serve juice, lemonade, coffee, tea or ‘mocktails’. If ever you are thinking of serving alcohol, ask the mommy-to-be beforehand.

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Food Buffet?

Plan Some Baby Shower Games.

Baby showers are usually for a few hours only, but the memory of this occasion will last a lifetime. You will want to plan some games. You’ll need to buy the supplies and small prizes for the winners.

If you do not have any idea, get inspired by the different baby shower games you may find online. You could play baby bingo or test guests’ knowledge of baby animal names.

Goodies and Thank-You Notes.

As a ‘thank you for coming,’ you could give each guest a party favour. Consider a small bag of goodies- sweets, candles or soap. It doesn’t have to be big − it’s just a nice touch to end the day.

After the shower, the mum-to-be might also want to thank guests for their gifts. As the organizer, you might like to help her write and send these short thank-you notes.

Even if you are the organizer make sure to have fun too. After this incredible day, the mum-to-be will be grateful to you.

If you have any, be sure to share your baby shower memories with us in the comments below.

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Thank You Notes


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