Food and drinks are essential components of any type of meeting or party, it is normal for the event organizer to ask the question: what are the most appropriate foods and drinks to offer to the guests?

Although you have a general idea, the correct answer will always depend on the type of celebration you are carrying out. When you define this aspect, you can choose the most appropriate food and drinks according to each celebration. In this article, you will learn different ideas of food and drinks that you can use in your different gatherings. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

If you want to offer a wonderful meal that will satisfy all your guests, it will be necessary to do some good planning, considering first four important aspects: the type of event to organize, the number of guests, the budget you have and the time you have. If the food has to be prepared elsewhere, also consider the travel time.

Here are some food course options you can offer:

Hourly Menu or American Service

In this type of course, different dishes are offered to guests in a progressive manner. The preparations come out of the kitchen perfectly decorated, with the temperature indicated and a precise rhythm of time.


This food is used as a snack or appetizer. It usually consists of a piece of bread that is opened in half to place ingredients such as sausages, cheese, fish or even fruit and vegetables.

There is a wide variety of sandwiches that are quick and easy to prepare, so they are a good option if you have little time. In addition, there are also home services that can save you preparation time.

A Buffet

This type of food has been perfected over time, previously the buffet was considered an informal service; however, today we know that in formal events, this type of course has taken a drastic turn.

This type of food is specialized and has a dynamic feel that makes it a new favorite for all ages. There are themed buffets that fit the type of event, for example, a wedding at sea in which seafood and fresh food are offered.


Ideal for people who don’t want to complicate things. Barbecues are offered at all kinds of events, regardless of the location or the party that is taking place. This service can be used for formal, casual, social, cultural and even sporting events.

Personalized Catering or In-Home Chef

This type of meal is prepared for a small group of people, so it is usually private. It can be served in two ways:

The first is known as catering, in which a small, comfortable and elegant meeting is organized, where the guests and the host do not have to worry about anything. The catering service can be offered in the form of an American menu that takes into account the meal times or, on the contrary, a buffet type service. The choice is made according to the tastes and preferences of the client.

The second way to achieve personalized service is the in-home chef or chef at home, whereby a specialized chef is hired to prepare food for a small group of guests, with the goal of delighting them and serving them in a way that makes them feel special, flattered and comfortable. In other words, it’s an elegant way to be casual.

Very good! You’ve probably already imagined the type of food you’ll be offering at your party or gathering; however, you’re still missing one very important aspect! No food is complete without the drink that complements it, let’s see what your options are!

Beverages: The Ideal Companion for Your Events

Beverages are also a very important part of any event. They are responsible for complementing the food, so you need to consider the contrast between the flavors of the drinks and the food.

The importance of beverages depends on the type of event, when you are hosting an informal gathering or family party, guests usually bring a bottle or drink of their choice; however, when you are hosting gatherings such as weddings or christenings, the host is usually responsible for providing all the service.

Consider the following when choosing the ideal drinks:

Each drink is different and has a specific function, some of the most popular are:

– Sparkling wine:

Ideal to accompany desserts, as well as to start or end the party.

– Whiskey:

It works as a digestif or aperitif, so it’s great with a sandwich at cocktail hour or after a meal.

– Gin & Tonic:

There are several elements that you can combine in the preparation of this cocktail, among them carbonated drinks, exotic fruits or spices that intensify its flavor.

– The boiler:

This cocktail consists of a shot of whiskey accompanied by a beer. There are many stories about the origin of this cocktail.

– Tequila:

A well-known traditional Mexican drink, it can be served with a shot of tequila in a margarita, like the tequila flag or even in cocktails like the Cosmopolitan, simply by substituting vodka for the tequila.

– Vermouth:

An aromatic wine with a strong flavor, it usually has similar notes to Brandy and includes infusions of spices. There are two variants of vermouth: the red one, from Italy, has a sweet taste, while the white one, produced in France, has a drier taste.

Other types of fun preparations you can try are:

  1. Shot of gin + juice of different fruits.
  2. Strawberry shavings and sparkling wine.
  3. Tequila with grenadine and orange juice.
  4. Smoothies with vodka.

So you are now well aware of what kind of food and drinks you should consider for your event. Which one have you chosen? Share it with us in the comments below!

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