Wedding location. Check. Wedding shopping. Check and check. But what about the invites?

I get that planning your nuptials sounds great only, but they are actually pretty stressful. So, going for simple and traditional wedding invitation cards sounds normal to me. 


But, five or ten years after, when you look back, you might feel that little tug of regret, wondering how nice it would have been if only you had been a bit more creative and imaginative with your invites.


That’s when Sprint Printing makes its appearance. With more than two decades of experience, they can create wonderful invites that your guests will remember for a long, long time. 


#1. Origami


The most creative activity you can do at your own wedding is using origami as invites. 


As a popular craft that has inspired the design of airbags and heart stents, this Japanese paper folding art is a wonderful modern touch that’s sure to dazzle your guests. 


#2. Quirky Playing Cards

Quirky Playing Cards

Replace the King & Queen with the Bride & Groom!


From poker to rummy and played in poorly-lit salons to posh parlours, card games are becoming persistently popular worldwide. Due to their portability, adaptability and an outstanding balance between skill and chance, people are fascinated with card games, making them almost obsessed with them. 


A custom printed and beautiful playing card set is a sure bet to win the hearts of family and friends. 

#3. Calligraphy


Maybe you’ve been living with the curse of barely eligible and ugly handwriting. Or, maybe you’ve always been dreaming of writing nicely. Either way, a flowing calligraphy font on your wedding invitation can fulfil your long lost fantasy and make a dramatic statement. 


This beautiful art of handwriting can not only add a personal touch but can also spice up your wedding invitations with its delicate and stylish feature. You can also give your wedding paper a luxe, elegant look by opting for modern calligraphy, which does not conform to any rules of the traditional calligraphy scripts. 


Now, you must be wondering how much this stunning handwritten design will cost you. To be honest with you, hand calligraphy wedding invitations can be a bit pricey, especially if you hire a wedding calligrapher who will write the invites by hand. But, if it doesn’t fit your budget, you can still take the DIY road or even go for digitally printed calligraphy wedding invitations. 


#4. Town/State/Country Pride

Town/State/Country Pride

Did you know that you could pay homage to the location of your wedding with your wedding card?


This innovative idea consists of a design featuring the outline of the country, state or town where the wedding is taking place. It’s a guarantee that it will make a stunning first impression. 


#5. Incorporate the 70s Chic

Incorporate the 70s Chic

What about adding a retro spin to your invitation suite?


You might be into classic without being a neophobe or a traditionalist. Forget the formal aspect and go straight and simple with classic colours, old-school typography and a mixture of luxe and fine patterns. 


#6. Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

Who said floral design is the ideal wedding invitation idea again? 


Ditch the cliché and embrace the undeniably cool and innovative wedding invitation. And, if you are tying the knot on a paradise island or under the bright sunlight of Whitehaven Beach, this unique wedding invitation would be the icing on the cake. 


#7. Banana Leaf Wedding Invitation Card


Banana Leaf Wedding Invitation Card

There’s nothing new about using banana leaves in an Indian wedding, but invitation cards with banana leaves give the tradition a modern twist. This updated look will give an authentic and cultural boost to your wedding. Guests would not only be surprised with your traditional Kanjeevaram saree and cultural décor. 


#8. Madhubani Art Inspired Wedding Invite

Madhubani Art Inspired Wedding Invite

Madhubani art – a simple, elegant and meaningful traditional Indian style of painting initially flourished in the Mithila region of Bihar and Nepal. With geometric designs, floral and colourful motifs and the depiction of gods and goddesses, I can bet my life that you will never come across such intriguing and out-of-box paintings. So, if you want a creative and unique vibe on your cards, then go for this one. 


#9. Music-Themed


This style is ideal for music lovers and what amplifies the greatness of this idea is that you have a myriad of design options available. Incorporating what you are passionate about is an excellent way to make your wedding invitation creative and unique. 


Have a creative idea in mind? Contact Sprint Printing, who can bring your vision to life!


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