Bachelor parties are a celebration of your friend’s last day of singlehood and have had a bad reputation for far too long. Your bachelor party is a way for you to spend a day with your friends and have fun with them, nowadays, it is primarily a symbolical party that most of us throw for our best friends or cousins to celebrate this major step in their lives. However, a lot goes into curating the perfect bachelor party for your friend and is a way to pregame the upcoming wedding. A bachelor party can be as low-key or as extravagant as you want. So come along with us and learn more about bachelor parties and how to throw one.

What is a bachelor party?


It is a celebration of the upcoming groom’s marriage and is typically attended by a select few who are usually the groom’s relatives and close friends. The term bachelor itself comes from the old English and can be traced back to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The first bachelor party was said to have been celebrated by Spartans and is a long-standing pre-marriage tradition that assembles the groom’s closest friends for a night or weekend of debauchery and fun. This celebration is deeply rooted in history, and for me, it’s the celebration of the people getting married and for them to destress before the big day. Get creative with your bachelor parties because they are most likely than not a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and are your way to go all out for your best friend. This is known as the future groom’s ‘last night of freedom, and because of this, it has been memorable!

When to throw it?


The bachelor party typically takes place 1 to 4 months before the actual wedding, and then it all depends on you and what you plan for this specific party. So, you need to keep in mind that you should give all the guests an invitation well in advance so that they can free themselves for this epic party and so that you can make any appropriate reservations. The location and activities done during this party will also depend on everyone’s budget, and you should consider this before making any big decisions.

Do and Don’t for a bachelor party.


There are many ways to celebrate a bachelor party, but the number one priority for any party is fun and good company. As long as you are surrounded by your friends, you are going to have fun and create lifelong memories. Having said this, there are certain do and don’t when it comes to enjoying your event with the would-be groom.

1. Don’t let the groom do anything that they’ll regret!


Okay, this is the number one doesn’t because it is the night for you to have fun with your friend. You wouldn’t want the groom to get arrested or sleeping with someone else (unless they have a pass or are in an open relationship, then it’s whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!). As the best man, you will be almost the babysitter of the future groom, and it will be your job to make sure that they don’t do anything that they will regret. Drinking doesn’t count because it is the night to let loose unless you are sober or don’t drink.

2. Don’t let the groom pay


This might be something that is personal to my friend group, but you never let the birthday person or groom pay for their celebration. It is the one time for you to splurge and go all out for your best friend. Wherever you are going, to a bar, hotel or strip club, it is your duty as best man to not let the groom spend any money, they are already selling an arm and a leg for the wedding, this is your gift to them and a token of appreciation. There shouldn’t be any regrets when you look back on this night in 10 years. It should be a night that the groom never forgets!

3. Do something memorable


It is your time to let loose and be as wild as you can with the celebration and preparation of this party. We don’t want to see a lame party that is just you and your friends going to a bar and drinking till you are all out of this world drunk. Get innovative with the party, hire some drag queens, gogo boys, and striptease performers and have fun. Do something that you’ll all remember when you think back to this party. Play drinking game, whenever the groom says his future partner’s name take a shot. It is the one night that all your friends will be in the same place and should be the night that you create lasting memories. Have fun, but remember not to let the groom do anything that they’ll regret later down the line.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us the best bachelor/bachelorette party you’ve ever attended.

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