What Is the Purpose of a Wedding Ring?

Whether it’s a city hall ceremony or a religious ceremony, wedding rings will be the promise of infinite love and eternal passion.

What is the purpose of a wedding ring?

Wedding rings symbolize the union of the bride and groom. They play a vital role and are meant to be worn on the left ring finger for life.

According to ancient beliefs, the vein of love runs from the left ring finger to the heart. This is why an iron or clay ring was placed on the finger of the future husband or wife. It was a pledge of eternal love.

The shape of the ring represents the cycle of life and eternity.

Choice of wedding rings

The wedding rings are chosen with care two to three months before the “D” day, according to your wedding planner, who helps you organize all your preparations.

The bride and groom will go to the jeweller to entrust their finger measurements. They can also choose their wedding rings on specialized websites.

The wedding rings can be made of different materials:

set with diamonds;

thick, hammered, brushed or embossed band or half-band;

yellow or white gold, pink or brown gold, very trendy today;

in platinum, a noble material and therefore much more expensive;

engraved or not: however, it is traditional to engrave the couple’s first name and the wedding date. You can also insert a more personalized word.

Make sure that the wedding rings have a label certifying the quality of the material, for example:

a white gold setting certified Orlanium because the wedding ring does not tarnish ;

for platinum, it is the Palladium label.

It is not necessary to choose two identical wedding rings. The bridegroom will often prefer a sober wedding ring a little wider, adapted to the morphology of his hand. At the same time, the bride-to-be will be spoilt for choice.

Good to know: for the superstitious, know that the rings are not passed on the finger before the wedding ceremony. That’s why we give our measurements to the jeweller.

The exchange of the wedding rings

Wedding Ring

At first, it is customary that the fiancé takes charge of getting the rings back a few days before the “D” day.

It is advisable to check that there is no mistake on the inscription inside your wedding rings as it would be of the worst effect.

On the day of your wedding celebration, you have many things to do and think about, so we advise you to entrust them to one of your witnesses so as not to lose or forget them!

The exchange of the wedding rings takes place as follows:

If it is a wedding at the town hall that is not followed by a religious service, the mayor will exchange the rings.

If it is a religious wedding, it is a child of honour who will bring to the priest the wedding rings placed on a small ring cushion. God will bless these.

The groom will first put the ring on his bride’s finger.

Then the bride will do the same.

It is a very solemn and moving moment awaited by the whole assembly. We often hear the cameras crackling. Do not hesitate to call upon a wedding photographer to immortalize this unique moment.

Good to know: remember to put your engagement ring on your right hand on the “D” day so that the wedding ring is the star of the moment; everyone will want to admire it. You will then put them both on your left ring finger.

Price of a wedding ring

According to wedding protocol, it is customary for the groom to pay for the wedding rings.

The wedding ring is the witness of your commitment, and its price is very variable. It depends on the size, the weight of the gold, the patterns, the material with or without diamonds and the jeweller’s reputation.

As an indication, count between $200 and $1,000 on average for a wedding ring, excluding inscription.

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