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Necklace for her wedding

Wedding tiara: how to choose it

Wedding: which earrings to wear?

Which wedding bracelet?


After choosing the wedding, the dress model comes with the accessories. The day being unique, the selection can be difficult in order not to make bad choices.

The jewelry must immortalize the elegance and refinement of the outfit while remaining timeless and discreet, as the dress must stay in the spotlight. A necklace, earrings and a tiara will often complete the outfit. Let’s see closer below.

Necklace for her wedding

Bridal Jewellery

The necklace is intended to sublimate both the bust and the neckline. The other jewels must match the chain, reflecting the dress’s colour.

In addition, the shape of the bustier or the neckline of the dress will determine the choice of necklace:

– A round-shaped necklace or a choker is for dresses with straight necklines.

– If the dress has a V-shaped neckline, all types of necklaces or necklaces can be suitable and fall to the chest. Those covered with pearls or sequins will also be perfectly adapted.

– An asymmetrical necklace will respond to an asymmetrical cut bustier. The main pattern should be on the opposite side of the strap.

– A dress tied around the neck or said to have an American neckline can do without a necklace and be accompanied by earrings.

Wedding tiara: choosing the right one

The right tiara will be the one that will transform the whole outfit and give the bride a majestic dimension.

Please note: it is possible to choose a tiara worn by one of your relatives at her wedding.

This piece of jewelry will enhance the facial features, help maintain the hairstyle and hold the bride’s veil.

Good to know: the tiara can also take the form of a headband.

However, it must be adapted to the hairstyle chosen:

– A chignon can be embellished with a tiara decorated with a pick for a better hold but must remain discreet.

– A headband or a headband can accompany loose hair.

– A tiara with a comb ensures better hold if the hair is styled in a bohemian style.

Good to know: a tiara can be up to 20 centimetres high.

Finally, it must match the colour (s) of the dress:

– A pearl tiara will match an ivory wedding dress.

– A clear crystal tiara will enhance a white wedding dress.

– An outfit adorned with lace, pearls, or rhinestones can be enhanced with a higher and more complex tiara or even a tiara-like tiara.

Good to know: the quality of the tiara is essential; it must be able to be forgotten once put in place. Lightweight models with flexible structures are, therefore to be preferred.

Wedding: which earrings to wear?

Bridal Jewellery

When choosing earrings, the key word is harmony. Among the many models available, it is advisable to match them with the dress and the accessories:

– Sober earrings will be discreet if the necklace is imposing.

– Long earrings should preferably be thin so as not to overload the face.

– A fancy model with feathers will be the best effect on a simple dress.

Finally, the earrings can take details already present on the wedding dress, such as flowers, pearls or rhinestones.

Good to know: it is advisable to try on the earrings before buying them to judge their weight.

Which wedding bracelet?

It brings a touch of elegance but should not overload the outfit with accessories. One of the wrists can be embellished with a bracelet, mittens, and wedding gloves.

The chosen model must meet the following criteria:

– be worked and of good quality;

– be light so as not to interfere with movement;

– be discreet so as not to overshadow the bride’s ring;

– be in keeping with the colours and details of the dress.

The bride’s hands will be the center of attention on this day, so taking care of the nails with a French manicure or a low-profile varnish is advisable.

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