Choosing Between a DJ or Band for Your Wedding Music


The music for a wedding is part of the entertainment that will make your reception a successful party. 

Music for a wedding: DJ or orchestra?

Wedding Music

Wedding music must be adapted to your musical tastes and those of your guests, young and old, who must have fun and be entertained during your evening.

 It is necessary to mix musical tastes to obtain a superb atmosphere. Therefore, to avoid ” breaking” the atmosphere, we advise you to call upon professionals: a DJ or band.

You can also make a mix of both: band and DJ at the end of the evening.

These specialists will guarantee you a quality musical animation which is essential so that the dance floor is not deserted, and the guests must dance all night long.

We advise you to book your DJ or band 6 to 10 months before your wedding.

Why a DJ?

Wedding Music

The DJ comes with his equipment and music. His mission is to make all generations dance and to put the atmosphere.

How to choose him?

Choosing a DJ you know is advisable because you have seen him at work in discotheques and your friends have strongly recommended that. However, don’t hesitate to ask him several essential questions:

    – How long has he been hosting events, and in what style?

    – How many records does he have, and what kind of music?

    – At what time does he start the party, and how long does it take him to set up all his equipment?

    – What equipment does he have: quantity, power? – Does he use a microphone to animate the evening or play the music on a loop?

    – What is the rate for the evening: is it a flat rate or fixed hours plus overtime?

The organization of the evening

If he is a good DJ, he will propose to meet you several weeks before the “D” day to discuss the organization of the evening.

    – Give him a list of your musical tastes, and tell him what kind of entertainment you want.

    – He will submit a list of music programs for your wedding, knowing that he must have at least 150 records to meet all the requests.

    – You will adapt together a melodic line for your evening by thinking of satisfying the taste of each one.

Why an orchestra for marriage music?

To choose your orchestra, you will ask yourself almost the same questions as for the choice of the DJ, and it is the same for the organization of the evening.

Know that various bands revisit the great songs of the 30s to the 80s; it is the link between generations. It brings a warm note to your evening.

It adapts to all the themes of marriage, all kinds of music and your needs. However, some are more specialized in oriental music or musette.

The orchestra can propose you play:

    – For the meal, music played softly not to overshadow the guests’ conversations at the table.

    – For the dance party, playing all kinds of music: disco, musette, rock, techno, oriental music, zouk.

    – It can also accompany you at the wine of honour and throughout the evening.

    – It can play outdoors as well as indoors.

What is the band composed of?

The orchestra is generally composed of:

    – one or more singers;

    – musicians such as a guitarist, a bass player, a saxophonist, a percussionist, a pianist…

The latter must be able to handle all the themes and all the songs.

The evening shows or big show

Wedding Music

Some of them are specialized in professional events in the artistic field, and they will be able to offer you show evenings, concerts and mega shows.

They will study with great care your evening. However, the prices will be up to your ambitions!

Wedding music: how the evening unfolds

Wedding Music

Remember that the bride opens the ball with her father. Choose music that is appropriate for both people.

You can then please the third age in the first part of the evening because they soon go to bed with tangos, waltzes, and Charlestons.

Group music to make the other guests dance will also be part of the evening.

Then comes the moment so much awaited by the young people and the bride and groom, the heart of the evening when everyone goes wild on the dance floor on wild rhythms (rock, pop, disco, techno).

Know that making a clever cocktail of music is always challenging to please everyone and keep the atmosphere. Trust the professionals; they feel this kind of thing, and it’s their job!

Price of wedding music

The prices for wedding music are given as an indication and vary according to several parameters.

In any case, book these professionals several months in advance to get the best on the market because they are often in high demand. Count approximately:

    – between $500 and $600 for a DJ;

    – between $600 and $1600 for a complete wedding DJ and games (animation, games, farandole, sound system, lighting);

    – between $500 and $600 for a band;

    – between $1600 and $6100 for a mega show, concert with musicians, dancers, singers, video, laser, lighting…


The musical broadcasts “private and free carried out exclusively in a family circle” are free and do not give place to declaration nor payment of rights.

In theory, there are no rights to pay for the music of your wedding because it is a private, family and free event.

However, if you invite many people beyond your immediate family circle (clients, business relations, etc.), or if you pay a professional DJ, you must declare to the SOCAN

 and pay the rights.


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