Christmas is around the corner, and you have been designated to throw the party this year. Whether you are a first-timer or not used to parties, hosting a party can be tricky; you want it to go as smoothest as possible.

This time of year allows you and your loved ones to be together, create wonderful memories and share gifts and food. Even though it is one of the most celebrated holidays worldwide, many of us plan it wrong, thus creating a lot of tension; not enough food, no music or one missing present? Thanks to this guide, you will not find yourself in an embarrassing moment this year, and your party will thrive.

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1. Choose A Theme

The first step to a successful party is the theme, as everything else will follow this. Want to have an unforgettable party? I suggest you pick a theme that is out of the ordinary. As everyone goes with the traditional theme of yellow and green Christmas, I recommend throwing a beach party Christmas. Make people forget about the cold, and serve mojitos, decorate with beach balls and shells. Or you choose a color theme and ask your guest to dress according to the theme.

Here is a list of themes that you can choose from;

1. Masquerade Ball

2. Wine and Cheese

3. Christmas Around The World

4. Pajama Party

5. Disco Party For Christmas

2. Food

During Christmas, everyone lets go of their diet and eats their favorite not-so-healthy food guilt-free. If you are hosting the Christmas party, you do not want to be skinflint; you will have to make extra food to ensure that everyone is well served (if you have ten guests, make food for fifteen).

Now, what kind of food will you serve at the party? You will need to have five to eight varieties of appetizers, salad, the main course, and dessert. You may choose according to your liking or ask your guest about it so that everyone has at least one thing they like.

Do not forget about the drinks; make sure to stock alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to get everyone covered. You will want to set a bar for self-service, as you do not want to run here and there to serve everyone and not enjoy your party. Placing tables around the place with food and drinks will be easier for you and your guest, too, so that whenever they feel hungry, they get to serve themselves without bothering you.

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3. Music

Most party hosts forget about the music, and from the moment your guest arrives and to the moment you choose some background music, there is an awkward silence. No party is complete without music, try to ask your guest beforehand about their music taste, so everyone gets their share and enjoys the music.

4. Games

Everyone loves games, and your uncle John will love them more when he’s drunk and ready to dance. Incorporate a game or two into your party plan to keep your guests entertained. You can try charades, bingo, cookie decorating contest, or karaoke (anything fun will do).

5. Gifts

Do not forget that Christmas is all about giving. And Christmas will not be Christmas if you forget about the gifts; you can plan a secret Santa; it will make the unwrapping of gifts even more fun as the receiver will try to guess who gifts them.

You can also set up a photo booth for even more memories and distribute pictures after the party.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays; it allows families to be together and spend time together away from daily-life responsibilities. Let us know in the comments what theme you have chosen for your Christmas party…

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