A wedding goes beyond the pretty flowers and charming table decorations. It’s basically a celebration of love’s triumph. So, when you are preparing for your big day, don’t forget that there’s a lot more going on. There’ll be smiles, laughs, a huge whirlwind of emotions and above all, that candid moment between the bride and her parents, reminding us that some bonds are meant to last a lifetime.

For the main couple, what might stick more to their minds is most probably the wedding preparation phase, the wedding clothes and the sweet memories and vows spent at the altar. But, what about the guests?

There’s only one thing that your wedding guests will look forward to the most: food!

It’s a little bit unfortunate, but your guests – whether it’s a creepy uncle or an old classmate – would be participating less in your joy and would be more filling their bellies.

So, if you want your guests to always remember your big day, putting together an exceptional wedding cuisine style should be on the top of your list.

#1. Being Traditional Is Not Being Outdated

Being Traditional Is Not Being Outdated

Although it’s quite tempting to skip traditions, I’d rather you not.

You see, a wedding does not only bring two souls or two families together, but also merges different traditions and customs and out of this combination comes good fortune, happiness and prosperity.

In many countries, a wedding reception is meant to be symbolic, highlighting and celebrating the varied and exotic foods from different cultures and traditions. Take Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding, for example. Did you know that they served fruitcakes at their wedding reception? And, fruitcake is a true English staple adorned with fruits, nuts and marzipan that goes back to medieval times.

Now, it also depends on the location you are getting. For instance, if you are getting married in India, a menu of Indian classics would be just perfect.

However, there’s no such rule stating that you should stick to the traditions. You could spice it up a little bit and bring some twists to the traditional meals. And, only Sand Castle Inc can create authentic menu ideas out of traditional dishes.

#2. Charming Picnics

Charming Picnics

If you are holding your wedding during the picnic season, then get your blankets ready, get the coolers out and get ready to have some fun outside.

Compared to the restraining walls of a chapel or a wedding hall, outdoor weddings can be so much fun, especially when you get unique and stunning backdrop freshly created by Mother Nature. And, the magic amplifies if you throw a nice picnic on your wedding day.

I promise you’ll have lots of fun choosing all sorts of delicacies – from sandwiches to wraps, side dishes, salads and sweets. You can even prepare picnic hampers for your guests.

Oh and don’t forget, a picnic is incomplete without juice tomatoes, creamy mozzarella and fresh basil leaves.

#3. Brilliant Barbecues

Brilliant Barbecues

Be honest with me, will you ever turn down some juice Tahini BBQ lamb chops accompanied with whole baked red onions?

We all know the answer.

There’s nothing quite like firing up barbecue on your wedding day. Trust me, ditch the sit-down family meals and go for sausages, burgers, juicy ribs, sizzling skewers, gorgeous griddled veg and you’ll see you’ll end up with an epic wedding day.

#4. Stylish Street Food

Stylish Street Food

There is no such etiquette that cocktail dinner or family style menu is a must. If you really want your guests to remember your wedding day, then why not serve some lip-smacking street food?

There is a reason why street food is so popular. For once, forget about its cheap price and remember that authentic taste when you’ve first tasted tacos on the streets of Mexico. Or, what about those delicious churros in Spain?



So, if you want to provide impeccable service along with great food, you need the help of Sand Castle Inc.













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