Wedding Planning: How to Get It Done



Why prepare a wedding planner?

Wedding planning: the different steps

Wedding planning: other solutions

Getting married will be the most beautiful day of your life, an unforgettable day without any false notes. Whether it is a wedding at the town hall or a religious wedding, a wedding planner is a precious tool to organize your wedding in the best way.

Why prepare a wedding planner?

You can create a calendar covering all of the crucial elements in planning your wedding to guarantee that it is celebrated in the best possible conditions and that your celebration is a total success and meets your expectations.

Wedding Planning How to Get It Done (2)

The wedding planner will be handy and help you during the different preparations. It will be your logbook, and you can consult it regularly and point out the things that remain to be done or those that are already done. It’s the best way not to forget anything.

Wedding planning: the different steps

It takes about a year to plan everything and not leave anything out.

12 months before the wedding

Meet the respective families. Why not organize an engagement party?

Think about the style of the wedding, the number of guests and finally the budget of the wedding.

Search for the reception venue: wedding hall, wedding restaurant, wedding castle or even rent a wedding tent.

Contact the town hall and the religious organization to set the date and time of the wedding, do not neglect the administrative steps.

In the case of a religious wedding, get information about the possible preliminary steps or preparations.

6 to 10 months before the wedding

Finalize the guest list and choose the wedding invitations.

Define the wedding accommodations to receive everyone.

Which wedding car to rent (limousine, carriage, sports car)?

Find the wedding caterers and the wedding photographer who will immortalize this wonderful day.

Don’t forget the wedding entertainment (DJ, band, games).

The choice of the wedding outfits:

Wedding Planning How to Get It Done

the wedding dress, the men’s wedding suit and the wedding hat,

the clothes of the children of honour and the bridesmaids.

Which style of wedding flowers, which floral decoration to choose for the reception places? Selecting the wedding witnesses (family or friends).

4 to 5 months before the wedding

Confirm the selected service provider (wedding menu).

Confirm other service providers (photographer, florist, party host).

Draw up the final guest list for the reception and the wine reception.

Start the fittings for the wedding dress, define the wedding hairstyle and the wedding make-up.

Send out invitations to your guests so that they may plan ahead of time.

Think about the honeymoon and later book it.

Think about the different wedding preparations such as obligations and regulations, insurance (equipment rental), notifying the neighbourhood of noise, and the right of corkage.

Also, think about the pre-wedding medical check-up.

Establish, if necessary, a marriage contract.

2 to 3 months before the wedding

Wedding Planning How to Get It Done

Submit the wedding list.

Try on wedding clothes and wedding dresses.

Take out wedding insurance.

Choose the wedding rings.

Prepare the wedding table plan.

Wedding decoration: tables, hall, cars.

Wedding babysitting: selecting a babysitter.

Choose the wedding favours and wedding gifts (witnesses, others).

Submit the wedding file to the town hall.

Get in touch with the church to prepare the ceremony (songs, texts to be read).

1 month before the wedding

Confirm the number of guests to the restaurant or caterer and the accommodation places.

Make the final arrangements with the various participants (photographer, entertainer, equipment rental, florist, hairdresser, beautician).

Final fitting of the wedding dress and wedding outfits if necessary.

Plan the bachelor party.

Also, think about the wedding speech, the wedding urn, and the guest book.

8 days before the wedding

Remember to remove wedding rings and wedding attire.

Receive guests from afar.

Plan the decoration of the reception area and the cars.

Notify the neighbours, the town hall and the police station if your wedding takes place at your home (noise pollution).

Wedding planning: other solutions

If you want to be free of the hassle of organizing your wedding, you can also call on a wedding planner.

Wedding fairs will be able to help you and offer you various solutions by directing you to wedding professionals.

All these planned preparations have a more or less expensive cost depending on the services chosen, so you will have to plan to put money aside by saving or using a wedding credit. 

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