If you are one of the Mickey Mouse theme lovers or if you are looking to surprise your little one with a Mickey dessert table for his birthday, let yourself be seduced by the ideas we bring you today. Each of them will bring a special touch to your table.

Remember that we will follow a pattern related to the theme, so it will be essential that you can count on Mickey Mouse birthday decorations for kids with images of the main characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Daisy….

You can combine different formats of the character or opt for one of them, for example, if the party is for your baby’s first birthday, the Mickey baby candy table decoration is perfect.

Using the official theme is a point in your favor, but sometimes overloading an environment can be heavy, so we suggest you combine the theme with neutral colors. One of the main ideas we bring to you in this section on how to make a Mickey candy table is to have a party decoration with colors that remind the main theme without needing to overload everything with the main character. So, looking for ideas on how to make a Mickey Mouse candy table? You’ve reached the right place! In today’s article, we bring you tips and ideas to surprise everyone. Read on!

Easy Tips

You’ll see that to make our Mickey candy table decoration ideas, you don’t have to be a handyman, because they are easy and anyone can do them at home or in an open space. So take note of these tips for decorating the Mickey Mouse candy table, because we are sure that they will make you successful.

The Background and Around the Table

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First of all, we will focus on the background of the table. Well, of course the background must be consistent with the theme and decoration.

One thing that can’t be missing from your Mickey kids candy table is a large holiday poster on the wall, which includes a personalized message. You can opt for a “Happy Birthday” banner or customize one to your liking with the name of the person to whom the party is addressed.

Use an eye-catching photocall backdrop at the back of your table, because with it, you will not only give your Mickey’s birthday candy table a special touch, but you can also use it to take beautiful souvenir photos.

Now let’s talk about the front part, because it is one of the most visible on the table.

One of the most beautiful, colorful and fun ways to decorate a Mickey Mouse candy table is to place themed party garlands with the main character or with the phrase Happy Birthday as a skirt. You can also buy some pennants to use in the same way, giving a different touch.

Finally, you can’t miss this opportunity to place cheap and colorful balloons. We encourage you to use some bouquets with balloons on the sides as columns, combining them with number balloons if the party is a birthday or with letter balloons that complete their name.

The Sweet Table

As important as the decoration itself, the table should be complete. We keep looking for Mickey mouse candy-themed table decorations to surprise everyone.

Just as a house starts with its foundation, so should your table. Start by buying a few tablecloths to cover your table. These can be a single color or directly match the theme. Calm down if you see that the tablecloth doesn’t cover the entire table, because we bring you a great tip. Place a skirt to cover the table in the same color to make your tablecloth look longer or in the case of Mickey Mouse you can combine a red tablecloth with a black skirt (or vice versa).

Once you’re done with this solid foundation, we move on to the next level: single-use partyware. You read that right, these dishes will take hours of tiredness and exhaustion off your plate by the end of the party. As simple as pick up, throw away and go.

Pair a few single-use plates with images of Mickey and friends to incorporate into your candy table. Accompany them with a few cardboard or paper cups, which are durable yet disposable and very useful. Follow the same color scheme to make everything stand out at once.

Obviously, we’re talking about how to decorate a Mickey Mouse candy table, so you can’t forget to have some cheap transparent or colored trays to serve your candy and treats. These, along with other candy containers, will be essential to show your guests the entire assortment and buffet.

Keep in mind that we usually set up a candy table for Mickey Mouse kids parties, so if you are going to have little kids around, we suggest adding a few extras to your list like disposable cutlery so they don’t get hurt, a few straws to drink from so they don’t get dirty, or having several paper towels on hand so they don’t get dirty.

Now that you have seen some tips and advice to have the best Mickey Mouse candy table, it is time for you to start your own ideas and have a truly complete Mickey Mouse candy table with all the details. Will you be able to surprise everyone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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