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Decorating Ideas with Balloons

What would a party be without the traditional transparent birthday balloons or decorations? Well, here we offer you some very simple ideas to use them at your party.

Without a doubt, you need to buy yellow balloons, and a good black and red waterproof marker, then let your imagination run wild to recreate the most famous emoticons.

You can inflate the balloons with helium cheaply or at home, and they will look great for photos. In addition to latex balloons, you can also opt for helium-filled aluminum balloons. These can be placed on the table or in the center of the room.

The Table

What a treat! Fill your table with round cookies covered in yellow cake icing that you can draw emoji emotions on. Kids and adults alike will love being able to choose their favorite face before taking a bite.

Another alternative is to make chocolate cupcakes and finish them off with a birthday topper. All you’ll need is a few eyes to make it one of the most popular emojis or even poop. Continuing with the poop emoji idea, you can make delicious chocolate cupcakes for your guests and put eyes on them, they will be very funny. Your guests will fall over laughing.

Another possibility to decorate the food on your table in the form of emoticons is to do it through popcakes. Once you have the cake on the stick covered in white chocolate tinted yellow, draw the faces. You can look for where to buy cardboard boxes for the yellow popcorn in which you can serve snacks.

Other Table’s Decorations

Guests will love enjoying their meal on a table filled with emoticons. It will be the special touch to make them feel in the 2.0 world of the characters of the moment.

Liven up your tables with matching yellow tablecloths and candy table skirts. Another original idea you can make are drink bottles with messages with funny faces. If you dare, you can even create compositions of messages between several bottles for the children to try to guess.

When it’s time to drink, get some glasses decorated by yourself in yellow and cut out red hearts to place as loving eyes, and add with a black marker the happy smile of the emoji. Also, while your guests are waiting for lunch, you can leave two red jelly bean hearts and half a chocolate chip cookie on their plate. This will be delicious and will form a silhouette again.

If you get official yellow emoji party paper plates, you can stick them to the wall to create a very thematic background where your guests will want to take lots of pictures.

A Homemade Emoji Party

The hour of delight! One of the most important moments of the party, children and adults alike will love eating one of these cakes and will keep coming back for more.

Make these cakes you can do by buying fondant online and food coloring. We bring you an infinity of ideas that you can use, and that you will love.

There are emoji cakes for girls or boys, as well as for adults. You can make a homemade circular cake and use an edible emoji cake wafer or disc. Without a doubt, this theme is very fun and allows you to decorate the cake with hearts, unicorns, flowers…

Do not forget to look for where to buy birthday candles and add a figurine or cake flares to the cake.

And you, do you already know what decoration you are going to use in your emoticon themed party? Let us know in the comments below. And we hope you will make the best children’s or adult emojis birthday and surprise everyone!

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