How to Choose a Restaurant for Your Wedding

Organizing a wedding is not an easy task and can even become a difficult journey as there are many preparations to be made.

Choosing a restaurant for the wedding is one of them.

Where to receive your guests?

You have decided to share this incredible wedding moment with your family, relatives and friends.

For everything to be a success, you will have to look for a suitable place to receive all your guests:

  • a wedding hall;

  • in your property, where you will have to opt for the rental of a wedding tent because the weather is often capricious;

  • in a castle because you want it to be sumptuous and romantic;

  • or in a superb restaurant with an excellent reputation with an outstanding chef.

So it’s the last solution that you have chosen.

Don’t forget to plan at least a year in advance, as high-quality restaurants in exceptional settings are highly sought after.

Scouting for a wedding restaurant

Whether your wedding is country, themed, romantic or lavish, you must find the restaurant that best suits your wedding style.

Various tools can guide you in your search and save you time:

  • restaurant guides classified by stars;

  • yellow pages;

  • Internet guides that list many reception venues;

  • several sites on specialized channels concerning hotels, restaurants, and chateaux;

  • word of mouth is unparalleled and always gives excellent results.

Once you have listed a few beautiful restaurants for your wedding, you must choose the one that best suits your expectations and budget.

It should also be in harmony with the theme of your wedding.

How to choose your wedding restaurant?

How to Choose a Restaurant for Your Wedding

Gastronomic, traditional, romantic, high culinary tradition or world cuisine, the important thing for you is to find the ideal restaurant to organize your wedding reception.

Several criteria will be considered to choose the restaurant for your wedding adapted to your desires and the style you are looking for. Nothing will be left to chance, so your reception is a success.

A point not to be neglected is:

The “practical” side is not too far from the place of the ceremony and is adapted to both families. If not, think of marking the route or preparing a road map for each one, even if many have a GPS. You can give all these indications in your wedding blog.

Also, consider older adults with a lot of difficulty getting around and climbing stairs or spiral staircases.

Visit the restaurant(s)

It is essential to visit the restaurant room, do not hesitate to ask many questions such as:

  • Is there another wedding being celebrated that day?

  • Is it possible to have small relaxation areas for older people and a wedding nanny for children?

  • Is it possible to personalize the restaurant by adding your own decoration?

  • What time does the restaurant close?

  • Is the restaurant equipped for entertainment: sound system, DJ, orchestra, or musical installation?

  • Is there enough room for dancing?

  • Is the parking lot big enough to accommodate all the cars? Is the place secure?

  • Will the vin d’honneur be held in the same place or another location?

  • The number of guests will determine the size of the restaurant. It must be spacious so the waiters and the guests can circulate freely.

  • The tables should not be too far apart to not “break” the atmosphere. The guests must be able to discuss calmly without having to shout. Opt for round tables; it’s more friendly.

  • Also, think about the wedding table plan.

The menu

You will have to choose the menu. Don’t hesitate to compare the menus proposed by the different establishments.

  • Ask for detailed quotes item by item: is there a corkage fee?

  • Will the wedding cake be created by the pastry chef and personalized according to your taste and your wedding theme?

To avoid disappointment on the big day, it is advisable to:

  • test the cuisine of the restaurant(s);

  • as well as the menus you have selected.

This will determine your final choice and will allow you to find “the rare pearl” to surprise all your guests.

You can also entrust the organization of your wedding to a wedding planner if you do not have the time to take care of it or prefer to trust a specialist.

Wedding restaurant: good manners

Remember to spend a little time with each of your guests as you pass from table to table. This little note of attention and courtesy will please your family and friends.

Cost of a restaurant for a wedding

Of course, the price varies according to the restaurant’s reputation, setting and menu chosen.

The prices are given as an indication for approximately 100 people.

You should expect to pay between $5,000 and $15,000.

Don’t forget to add the cost of decorating the room between $1 000 and $1 500.

Good to know: out of season, the prices will be more competitive and, therefore, more affordable. You will also have more possibilities to choose the restaurant.

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