In the first article, I explained how I helped a friend organize and host a Harry Potter-themed wedding. So, here’s a continuation of that article.

Beginning of a New Project

Beginning of a New ProjectThe most effective method to generate incredible ideas and start a new project is to create a mind map. Mind mapping has always been known as a professional means to clarify thinking processes, manage ideas and simplify complex thoughts into easy and understandable ones.

After a thorough web search and discussions with all members of the team, a plan in landscape format is drawn, carefully labeling every specific stage. All the tasks that need to be carried out and all the resources including labor, budget and time, are displayed. The dots are connected and connections are formed on the spot. A task breakdown chart is also organized for more efficiency. At this stage, different and specific tasks are already classified and assigned to specific individuals, for example:

Team Member A and B would be responsible for all the administrative and clerical work, such as contacting suppliers, drafting contracts, making purchases and payments and even checking supplies.

Team Member C would be responsible for all the wedding locations. He/She would inspect the site before going further with the wedding preparation. For instance, verifying whether the wedding venue fits the Harry Potter theme and can accommodate all the wedding guests.

Team Member D would be responsible for all the wedding decorations. He/she would be equipped with a team of professionals specialized in lighting and other special effects wedding decorations. In case of lack of any Harry Potter accessories, these experts would know how to improvise. Plus, they would also be responsible for the music.

Team Member E and F would be responsible for the wedding cuisine. Despite a Harry Potter-themed wedding, they need to make sure that gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal or any other special requests have to be gladly accommodated by the chef. Obviously, a special Harry Potter menu (including signature cocktails) has to be devised and again, the chef, along with the kitchen crew, has to make up for the lack of certain ingredients.

Team Member G would be responsible for any additional Harry Potter activities or games that the wedding couple wishes to have on their big day. For example, a Quidditch game, a spelling game or the Sorting Hat activity.

Team Member H would be responsible for organizing additional Harry Potter accessories. For example, if the couple wants to exchange Harry Potter-designed wedding rings or wants specific Harry Potter-designed wedding gowns, without forgetting the brooms, the hats and even the wands. These special and additional accessories could be used as an additional fee to be paid by the couple.

Team Member I would be responsible for the magical transportation (maybe with a shining Rolls Royce and a “Just Married…Mischief managed” sign or the typical Harry Potter magical blue car).

Finally, the team manager would be responsible for supervising each team member and ensuring that each task is being carried out properly, without the cost of bringing any failure to the project.

The Project’s resources 

The Project’s resources A wedding is incomplete without beautiful flowers, charming table decorations, warm and cozy lights, a perfect-picture backdrop and of course, lip-smacking food. The same goes for a Harry Potter-themed wedding.

For the project to be deemed successful, the management needs to get a hand on the specific resources (inputs).

The resources required would be as follows:

  1. Harry Potter customized walls, floors, ceilings and light decorations (including brooms, snitches, hats, wands, maps, mirrors, Horcruxes and so on)
  2. Harry Potter accessories, including customized rings, wedding gowns, shoes and so on. 3. Ingredients for food and cocktails
  3. Usual equipment, machines and tools to be used to install decorations, to be used in the kitchen and so on.
  4. Labor


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