Tips & Tricks For A Successful Wedding Decoration

You are creative and want to bring your personal touch to your wedding. Wedding decoration is an opportunity to personalize your reception according to the theme of your wedding.

In addition to the wedding hall decoration, think about the rental car that will be the star of the procession. Don’t neglect the “broom” car, either.

Where to find wedding decorations?

Many shops specialize in wedding accessories and decorations to ensure that your wedding is a success and that it reflects you. For example:

– shops specializing in wedding decorations;

– online shops (website): you are delivered very quickly;

– discount shops specializing in wedding accessories.

What are the different wedding decorations?

You have several possibilities: kits to assemble (coordinated set to assemble yourself) or items sold in retail.

You can personalize your products to give another dimension to your wedding by indicating on them your two first names and the date of this unique event.

Whether your wedding is classic, design, romantic or original, these various products will be handy to decorate your reception room, different tables and car.

Table decoration

Various accessories in different shapes, materials and a multitude of colours will create the atmosphere of your evening:

– table centrepiece;

– table runners, placemats, round or rectangular tablecloths

– napkin rings, napkins;

– disposable crockery, in earthenware or porcelain: they will be refined and elegant;

– tray, verrines, dishes;

– glasses, champagne flutes, cutlery;

– candle holders, candles in all shapes and sizes;

– place cards;

– wedding menu;

– mini bows, flowers, crystal hearts;

– chair covers, etc.

They will give a warm atmosphere to your meal.

The decoration of the hall

Tips & Tricks For A Successful Wedding Decoration


The decoration of the hall will correspond to the style of your wedding; various accessories will allow you to perfect your decoration, namely:

– Paper garlands of all shapes and colours;

– balloons, confetti;

– lanterns made of fireproof paper or another material;

– beautiful hangings in non-woven or other fabrics to decorate your ceiling and walls.

Car decoration

The decoration of the car is also essential; you can opt for :

– fresh or paper flowers placed on the bonnet or at the back of the car;

– Suction cup kits to hold your flowers in place;

– rolls of tulle to decorate the car;

– large giant bows for the front of the car.

Other wedding decorations

You can use specific coloured markers to personalize the various accessories: labels, place cards, menus.

All the details are important, to make your wedding decoration a success. You can add a final touch such as paper flowers, feathers, pairs of birds that can decorate your reception room.

Some of these different items can be made:

– by yourself: they will be unique;

– or made-to-measure with quality finishes.

You can keep them as a souvenir.

Wedding decoration in harmony with the wedding theme

Tips & Tricks For A Successful Wedding Decoration


Your wedding should be in harmony with the theme of your wedding.

Here are some examples…

For a marine wedding

Give preference to:

– blue and white colours;

– pebbles, shells, fish;

– fishing nets as a hanging;

– nautical knots to decorate the room;

– storm lamps, boats;

– candle holders filled with sand;

– candles in the shape of shells;

– blue and white striped tablecloths;

– bouquets of broom, hydrangea, gorse, tamarisk…

Give each table a name: islands or sailors.

For a country wedding

For a country wedding decoration, your choice will be oriented:

– for the colours: yellow, brown, green, which are the colours of nature;

– Vichy fabric and raffia;

– bouquets: poppies, sunflowers, daisies, and ivy to decorate the walls;

– other accessories: wicker baskets filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, small lamps, bales of straw.

For an exotic wedding

For exotic wedding decorations, you will not be able to resist:

– colours: turquoise blue like the Caribbean Sea, orange and red for warm and sunny colours;

– coconuts, banana leaves, fake coconut trees, parasols, bamboo screens, deckchairs and Bengal fires that will complete your decoration with a touch of fine sand;

– bouquets of exotic flowers: hibiscus, oleander, bougainvillea;

– vanilla pods, coffee beans, and carambola to decorate the different tables;

– madras or pareos will replace the tablecloths;

Your tables will sing the name of islands such as Madagascar, Grenadines or Bali.

For a traditional wedding

For a more traditional wedding decoration:

– White is in the spotlight as well as ecru and off-white.

– Fabrics will be organza, tulle and silk.

– Doves and balloons will be the symbols.

– The bouquets will be composed of: arums, lilies, daffodils, roses and white tulips, as well as gypsophila.

– The table decoration: white candles, flowers, and cotton branches on embroidered tablecloths.

Tips and advice for a successful wedding decoration

– You can make your accessories: menu, place cards, bouquets. These can be made of crepe or planted by yourself. Moreover, this is much cheaper.

– You can also collect ears of wheat from the fields for country weddings or coloured leaves to put in vases.

– Think about asking your friends and family if they can lend you vases for the occasion.

– If your budget allows it, you can have floral arrangements prepared on each table. If not, you can decorate your table with floating candles and rose petals.

– If you don’t opt for chair covers, which would be too expensive, you can opt for a large ribbon tied on the back of the backrest, which will look great.

– If you buy all your accessories from one place, you may be able to get a small discount.

More tips

– Don’t mix genres and themes.

– Don’t overdo your decoration; it should be discreet.

– Tell your guests about the theme of your wedding and the dominant colour; this will allow them to have the right outfit for your theme and be in harmony.

Price of a wedding decoration

Of course, the cost varies according to your decoration, the accessories you choose, and the latter’s material.

As an indication, count for 100 people between $1,000 and $1,500 or even $2,500 for themed weddings that require specific decorations. Alternatively, you can contact party planners or event management specialists if you think you won’t have enough time for all those mentioned above. 

Hope this post has provided you with the information you were looking for. Remember to jot down a few words in the comments below.

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