Covid-19 or not, nothing can stop you from having some fun and celebrating a birthday party, even if it means celebrating it behind a screen.

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

#1. Pick a Theme

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Start by planning a theme for your party and don’t think that themed parties are reserved only for major milestones. Instead compared to non-themed ones, these types of parties are more fun and are easier to organize. Besides, you will have something to guide you when you are selecting the kind of food to serve, the decorations and even the guests’ outfits.

Now, don’t go for some common themes and instead think about the current obsession of the birthday hero. Is it K-pop? Is it the new Disney movie?

Always go for something epic and creative – like a “Come as your favorite suicide squad character” theme.

#2. Figure Out Your Technology Options

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Today, you have a wide range of video chat platforms available such as FaceTime or Zoom, where you can get easy access with your family members and close friends. When you are sending out invitations, you can include the video call link and password.

#3. Organize Games and an Entertainer

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Virtual or not, it’s still a party and a key element in a party is entertainment. Even though your guests are not physically present with you, you can still have some fun with virtual games that today’s generation enjoys.

Here are the virtual versions of some board games that you just love to play:

  • 5 Second Rule
  • Boggle
  • Charades
  • Heads Up!
  • Name, Place, Animal, Thing
  • Quick Draw
  • Scattergories
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Taboo

Furthermore, you can even hire a party entertainer that can provide interesting virtual party packages. For instance, the party entertainer can lead your guests in an hour of singing, dancing and other musical activities.

#4. Send Out Party Favors

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This is especially recommended if you are organizing a kid’s party. Just right before the party starts, it would be nice if all the kids received a goodie bag so as they can open it during the party and they can feel that party vibe.

In-Person Birthday Party Ideas

#1. Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Even though there have been a lot of misinformation and myths surrounding the vaccines and their impacts on people, as per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if a vaccinated person visits another vaccinated person, there will be low risk, even if they are not wearing masks.

So, if you are planning on organizing an in-person gathering, better to get fully vaccinated. And, if you can, try to make a special request that only vaccinated guests can attend the party.

#2. Be Strict On Safety Precautions

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By wearing masks and promoting social distancing, you can have a good time and also protect everyone at the birthday party. For instance, you can try arranging tables and chairs that are six feet apart.

Place pump-top bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes everywhere as possible so guests can use them frequently throughout the party.

#3. Keep Your Guest List Small

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No matter how much strict you are on safety precautions when you are at a big party with lots of people, it is very difficult to keep an eye on every guest. And, when it comes to a kid’s birthday party, well, I’d say it’s not just difficult, but rather impossible to refrain these kids from jumping all around.

This is why it is better to keep your guest list small and invite only family members and close friends.

#4. Limit Who Serves Food and Drinks

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Many like to opt for potlucks and buffets at birthday parties, but currently, these should be avoided at all costs. Instead, food should be served by only one person so as to avoid several people touching utensils, plates and glasses.

Don’t disappoint yourself and don’t let your birthday bash be ordinary. Look at it from a positive point of view: the pandemic allows you to be even more creative than before, making the birthday parties even more fun.

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