6 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Surprise Birthday Party

A classic way to surprise a loved one: the surprise birthday! Although this idea has been around for centuries (if not millennia, who knows?), it never ceases to hit the mark, and every year millions of people have the right to a surprise birthday. However, setting up such an event requires a real organization to avoid seeing your plans fall through.

We explain why and, more importantly, how to organize a surprise birthday party. With this guide, you are guaranteed a truly unexpected event on the big day. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some tips for throwing the perfect surprise birthday party.

1. What day should the party be held?


Take into account the constraints of the person for whom you are organizing this beautiful birthday party: perhaps they work on Saturdays? In this case, organize the party on Saturday night. What if they are a student who works on Saturdays and Sundays? You can ask one of his colleagues to inform the bosses (if you do it in advance, they will find a solution and it will be a second surprise: a day off).

If you are organizing a friend’s surprise birthday party, don’t hesitate to ask his relatives for more information about his agenda. And conversely, if you are a family member, don’t hesitate to ask your friends. It would be silly to organize a birthday party on a weekend when the guest of honor had planned a weekend by the sea.

2. Make sure the guest of honor will be there

Are you afraid that the guest of honor will decide to organize his birthday party before he even finds out about the surprise or plans something else on that date? To be on the safe side, tell him that you are inviting him to eat at your house on the day of the party.

That way, he won’t make any other plans. And if he starts to tell you that he wants to have a birthday party, how do you do it? You’ll have to tell all the guests to act casual and make them think you’ll be there. But the date of the surprise birthday party will have to be before the date he plans to have his party.

3. Organize an outdoor birthday party


If you want to organize your surprise party outside during the summer vacations, you can ask your friends who have a large field, but it is also possible to reserve a field with a barbecue and picnic table and the, best of all, to privatize a beach.

If you want to organize it on a public beach, you will have to obey different rules, especially the prohibition to consume alcohol in a public place and lighting a campfire. The organization of the music and lighting is also complicated.

4. The guest list 

The guests should be chosen according to the preferences of the person; if it is a person who prefers small committees to large gatherings, then it will be necessary to invite friends and close family. On the other hand, it is also possible to invite all friends but also colleagues and family in general.

If unfortunately, in his family or friends, some people do not get along, it is necessary to invite only one person or gather the concerned people to lecture them on possible bad behaviors that could spoil the evening and all the efforts made to organize it.

The size of the room is also a factor to take into account; indeed, if you rent a large room, it will be necessary to make it profitable with a great number of guests. They will be all together to spend a great evening with someone important to them; they will only have to get ready to wish him a happy birthday!

5. Choice of the animations


The choice of the music is essential; it will ambiance the evening. You can hire a DJ or rent a sound system as we have seen before. You can also find someone likely to do it among your guests; the children will always be very motivated by the idea of being able to animate a party, free of whether you trust them or not.

You can create a playlist with your music on Spotify or Deezer; it is necessary to think of putting all the styles to please everyone. If you feel like a composer, you can write a song for your friend and print the lyrics for the guests.

Then, during the evening, you can set up games that don’t require any preparation beforehand, like musical chairs or bringing back an object as fast as possible. If you were still wondering why it’s important to celebrate your birthday after these games, you wouldn’t be asking that question anymore!

6. Keep it a secret


The most exciting thing about planning a surprise party is, of course, to keep it a secret for as long as possible. You have to be good at the art of subterfuge. First of all, you have to specify and insist in the invitations that it is a SURPRISE party and you must not mention the name of the guest.

Then, you must plan a fictitious evening with the surprise guest to be sure that they will be available in time. It is also necessary to specify to the people who are not invited and who can be in contact with the person to keep the secret.

Don’t forget to park your cars away from the meeting place so that you don’t spoil the surprise by a few seconds. If the surprise birthday party is for your spouse and sharing your computer, be careful about your internet searches or conversations on social networks.

Even if you have planned a great party on the theme of the unicorns, keep it a secret because the surprise will be even more beautiful! It is also possible to create an email address to communicate with the guests, especially for the event. Finally, you can use social networks to find friends and family.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about surprise birthday parties.


Top 5 Simple Tips For Throwing The Perfect Children Birthday Party

Throwing a perfect birthday party for your kids can be hard at times, and this is why some parents need help to plan and organize their children’s parties. Fear not because we are here and will give you some useful tips for throwing the perfect birthday party for your kids. Let’s make your kid’s birthday party memorable together.

1. Make a fun cake and decoration


Social media is full of photos of beautiful birthday parties where the decorations match the cake. Not sure it is necessary. There are many online tutorials to make one quickly (and easily) in the shape of a unicorn, whale, or panda. You can also keep it simple: a few balloons, cups, colorful plates and, if you feel like it, a funny cake.

Your child will most likely not remember this party, and party of the joy of throwing a birthday party for your kids is to take photos to show them when they get older. So, be quirky and let your freak flag fly and get your kids the cake they want, no matter how outrageous that idea is.

2. Choose a theme

Kids love to dress up, and the birthday party will be a great opportunity. Choose a theme, and the kids will surely play along by dressing up. Having a theme will also make decorating easier, and it’s an opportunity to get the whole family involved. Some of the most popular themes are dinosaurs, wizards, future princesses, or even superheroes.

A few days before the party, get everyone involved and buy the cutlery and plastic cups for the themed snack. If you don’t feel like a decorator or entertainer that day. You can also create a menu according to the theme you’ve chosen for this specific party. Themes are a way to give other parents a heads up on how to dress their kids, and this will make them fit in the party.

3. Limit the number of guests


As soon as your child starts school, certain implicit rules seem to be put in place. For example, you should invite the number of children corresponding to your child’s age: three friends for their 3 years old, four for their 4 years old. And so on. In reality, it’s all about limiting the number of toddlers who will be running around your living room that day.

You don’t need to invite the whole kindergarten class, but try to identify a few close friends. And don’t forget that some kids don’t feel very comfortable when they are the center of attention. Sometimes the fewer, the merrier!

4. Organize some activities

Once the candles are blown out, the presents opened, and the candy eaten, you’ll have to keep the kids busy. Without hiring an animator, why not plan a few small activities? Of course, it’s out of the question to invent challenges worthy of survivor, but you can imagine a little treasure hunt (there are plenty of examples adapted to the age group on the Internet).

Prepare activities that will get the kids excited to participate in them and do it with them. Make-up workshops, board games, musical chairs… can also be organized without too much difficulty. Let the kids use up their energy, and their parents will thank you after the party. So, the activities are as much for them as for their parents.

If your little one’s birthday falls in the spring or summer, a period of good weather, don’t hesitate to have the party outside. Choose a corner in the park and mark it out with balloons; for example, they will be useful in addition to being a decoration.

Before leaving, mobilize the children by making them clean up the place in the form of a game, such as picking up paper cups or napkins. Count on the presence of several adults in order to avoid losing one of them, and dress the little guests with a distinctive sign that will make it easier for you to keep an eye on them. A small ribbon around the neck or wrist will do the trick.

5. Gifts for guests


Your child will probably receive some gifts from his friends that day. But, when you become a parent, you discover that it is also customary to offer some to the guests. In short, you arrive with a gift, and you leave with another one (and you can’t get out of it). So far, nothing very original.

A piece of advice: don’t think too big— a small surprise bag with some chocolates, a coloring mask or balloons. You can also propose to the children to decorate a frame and put a group photo in it at the time of departure. That will make a nice memory and act as memorabilia or token of this party and make it this more memorable.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more tips about throwing the perfect children’s birthday party.



Raise your hand if you have already binged watched the new HBO show Euphoria; I have. If you are a fan of the TV show Skins, following the hallucinating lives of the teenagers in Bristol, you will love Euphoria- it’s quite the same concept (sex, drug, and a lot of parties) but with a glimpse of modernity.

The TV show showcases the lives of teenagers, but I would say that this is a -18 show, so do not let the kids around. Euphoria has taken over the internet in the past few weeks. We have seen it all, from makeup challenges to themed parties around the show.

Euphoria, woman with pink lipstick and pink lipstick
Euphoria Glittery Makeup

What Is A Euphoria Themed Party? 

The party will be based on the show popular parties, which include many neon lights, disco balls, and balloons everywhere.

According to the Cambridge dictionary,

Euphoria is a state of

“extreme happiness,

sometimes more than is

reasonable in a

particular situation”


So, in general, these scenes showcase a lot of flashy colors and glitter…this is what you will need to accomplish this euphoric party aesthetic.

The party base is like any other; you should make your guest list to plan your budget and the number of food etc. I would have recommended keeping the guest list limited because this kind of party should be among the closest person so that you can be very comfortable around them.


Led Lights – You cannot have a Euphoria-themed party without led lights. It can be any led lights, but they should be there. There should be enough to lighten the room – as it should be a light-off party.

Backdrop – Invest in a colorful or metallic backdrop. Everyone will take pictures in front of it, and it will be the essence of your party.

Glitter – GLITTER, GLITTER, GLITTER… if you have seen Euphoria, you know what I am talking about; their makeup is full of glitter and seems nice. You need to have a glitter makeup station or ask everyone to have glitter in their makeup. Everything needs to be EXTRA.

Balloons were the hit of all parties, and then they got outdated, but guess who is back? Thanks to the TV show… look for the foil birthday party letter balloons. You can look for the round one too, but make sure it is the foil one as it will stand out in the light-out party compared to the normal colored balloons. 

Euphoria woman in white tank top with green light
Euphoria Led Lights


Cake- As everything should be extra, your cake too should be. Decorate your cake with glitter candles and all kinds of sparklers. 

Drinks – Again, if you have seen Euphoria, you have noticed that they are heavy drinkers (warning; excessive use of alcohol is harmful to health). Go for colorful cocktails, red, pink, blue, anything crazyyyyy is welcome. Make sure that you have plenty of red party cups and metallic cups. They should be reflecting your led light. 


I think music is totally up to you. You can choose to listen to the popular music you heard in the show or anything else. There are a lot of Apple Music playlists that give off Euphoria vibes. I listen to many ‘The Weeknd’ and other music that makes me feel ‘floaty’, I’ll say.

Dresscode – Tell your guest to be the more creative possibilities, put on glitter, sequin, and tassel. The outfits on the show showcase very sexy clothes. Sexy or not, the main thing is to be extra, and on top of this, you are not restrained to either only a skirt or dress. You can wear whatever you want as long as it is extra. 

Following these steps, you should be done with the planning. The main advantage of planning a Euphoria party is that there has no right or wrong way of doing it, so you won’t have to stress yourself. The main thing that you may be more cautious about is the number of guests, so plan the food and drinks accordingly. In the comments, let us know what you think about throwing a Euphoria party… 


4 Tips For Throwing The Perfect 30th Birthday Party

Birthdays only happen once a year and we should celebrate them for what they are. Turning 30 is a significant achievement and milestone in one’s life and is the time to celebrate. Being 30 is one of the times in your adult life that you will start being treated as an adult. I can’t relate to this yet because I’m still in my early 20s, but I know how to throw down, and my partner’s 30th birthday was a real ki.

I’ve always been a go-getter and a planner. I am the person in my friend’s grow that throws all the birthday parties because my friends and partner know I go wild. So, without further ado, come along with us and learn some tips to throw the perfect 30th birthday party.



In my book, every single respectable party needs to have a theme to be successful. Having a theme tells your guest how to dress and what is waiting for them at the party. The theme also allows you to create theme-related food and cocktails. And decide on a theme can be the biggest challenge for the whole party.

Themes are fun, and they reflect the thought that went through to set up the party and showcase the birthday person’s personality. One of the most extravagant parties I have ever thrown was a futuristic birthday party where everyone dressed up as they came from the future.

Some themes that you can think about for your birthday party are:

  • A walk down memory lane
  • Flashback to the 1980s
  • Vintage or thrift store extravaganza
  • Titanic Theme
  • Futuristic theme
  • Cowboys
  • Horror Icon

Deciding on a theme is the first thing you need to decide because this makes the rest of the planning easier.



Once you’ve decided on the theme, thinking about the décor becomes easier. When thinking about the décor, you should think about the location of where you are going to plan your party. Is it going to be indoors, outdoors, at home, or somewhere else? These are essential questions that you must ask yourself.

With décor, start with the basics; get yourself an enormous and ornate centerpiece that will make your table pop. Get confetti balloons and get items related to the theme you decided upon. With a 30th birthday party, less is always better. Don’t go too crazy as this might come across as tacky, so refrain should be the name of the game here.

A refined décor will make you look more mature. Less is more at times, but this will depend on the theme; if you are planning to have a drag artist night, then less is not the route you should be going for.

For a more mature and demure décor, you might want to look into flowers. Having a floral centerpiece will talk for items and will make your party look fancier than it actually is. You can also look into streamers or neon lights that will give your party a more grunge look.



In my books, no party is complete without good music and alcohol. Try making a playlist of all the songs that were popular the year you were born. This will be especially if your theme is the year you were born. Choosing the right music can make or break a party, and you need to find the perfect playlist for your party.

You can also have a DJ to pump out music throughout the night, and this is the makings of a perfect party if you ask me. It is your 30th birthday, so dance till the wee hours of the morning because you won’t have time to do so afterward, especially with work and other responsibilities.

If you really want to go the extra mile, get a disco ball and fun lights; this is the perfect way to turn your party into a dance floor.

Food and drink


For me, I can’t conceive of partying without alcohol, and I’m not saying you can’t have fun without alcohol, but I need it to have fun and forget about my worries. So, have a cocktail bar and hire a local bartender, this will make your guests stoke to be at your party, and they can get whatever cocktails or mocktails they like.

Food is also something that you need to think about. Pizza is always a safe choice, and who doesn’t love pizza. If you don’t love pizza, then I honestly don’t think we can be friends. Get a variety of pizza because everyone has a different pizza taste. Some monsters like pineapple on their pizza, and to that, all I can say is No.

If you are going for a fancier party, then opt for amuse-bouche and champagne. There is nothing fancier at a party than having an amuse-bouche. The food that you will serve at your party will depend on your team and what you love.

Remember it is your birthday, and as long as you are having fun with your chosen family, nothing else matters. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next!

Birthday Party Planning

Successful Birthday Party Planning (Part 3)

Successful Birthday Party Planning (Part 3)

Are you organizing a birthday celebration for a friend or spouse? It’s not always easy when a chore complicates an already hectic day! Theme, invitations, lunch, cake… Prepare the party ahead of time and follow some basic recommendations to guarantee the celebration runs smoothly on the big day. Following Part 1, you’ve struck the proper title again! This post will provide you with all of the information you need to properly organize a birthday celebration.


Earlier in part 1, we have gone through:

Step 1: Make a checklist to organize the birthday party

Step 2: Make a guest list

Step 3: Choose a party location


In part 2, we have covered:

Step 4: Send out invitations

Step 5: Plan the music

Step 6: Arrange lighting

Step 7: Think about activities

Step 8: Plan the birthday gift


Let’s delay no further for this 3rd and last part that will cover:

Step 9: Set the birthday menu
Step 10: Decorate the reception room
Step 11: Get help on the day

Step 9. Set the birthday menu

If you’re using a caterer, choose the menu, place the order in advance, and deliver it to the party site.

If you’re cooking yourself, get help or divide the work among family and friends. Prepare as much as possible in advance, even if it means freezing the dishes until the meal.

For the aperitif

Birthday Party Planning


Drinks and appetizers are the main elements of the aperitif. Whether or not it is a dinner party, the quantities vary. In general, we count:

– 1/2 bottle of champagne or wine per guest;

– 1 bottle of strong alcohol for 10 people;

– 8 mini canapé toasts per guest for a simple aperitif.

Note: don’t hesitate to use frozen food.

Choose cocktails, which are easy to prepare and more affordable than champagne: the punch bowl can even last all evening.

Keep drinks in the refrigerator, cool outside, or a tub filled with ice.

For the meal

Birthday Party Planning
A man wearing a white apron setting up a catering table of BBQ food. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons


Avoid recipes that require you to be in the kitchen all the time: opt for recipes that can be made ahead of time and served cold or warm.

If you have more than 20 guests, opt for a caterer, or you will miss out on the evening.

Note: for hot dishes, you can borrow plate warmers or keep them in the oven at a low temperature, or you can use cloches to keep the plates warm. Don’t forget to bring enough water and bread.

Stand-up meals

Avoid knife-sliced dishes if you have chosen to have a birthday buffet without seating.

Choose simple recipes that you can eat with a spoon or fork, plate in one hand.

Seated meals

For a sit-down meal, consider preparing a seating plan and name tags.

Note: in all cases, provide garbage cans.

For dessert

Order or prepare the cake in advance. If you order it, dare to use personalized decorations with photos and messages.

Don’t forget the candles!

10. Decorate the reception hall

Birthday Party Planning

There is no need to choose an overly complicated theme unless you have the time and the means.

– A simple colour theme is usually enough to set the mood.

– Match the dishes, tablecloths, and napkins.

– Add balloons, bouquets or garlands.

– If you want to go further, create authentic decor adapted to your theme.

You can also plan a costume party, with a basket of props at the entrance for those who have forgotten.

Note: if there are children, consider setting up a table for them, also decorated, with comics, markers and paper, games or books.

11. Get help on the birthday

Once you’ve made your to-do lists, divide the tasks among family and friends.

– Send your spouse to get the cake.

– Have a friend set the tables.

– Have someone else do the finger foods.

– Have someone take care of the drinks.

Planning is therefore the key to getting a successful birthday party. Please keep in mind that this post is incomplete without your participation, kindly share your thoughts in the comments below.

Birthday Party

Successful Birthday Party Planning (Part 2)

Successful Birthday Party Planning (Part 2)

Are you throwing a 40th birthday celebration for a buddy or your spouse? It’s not always easy when the task is complicated by a busy day! Invitations, theme, dinner, and cake, to name a few… Prepare the party ahead of time and follow some easy guidelines to guarantee that everything goes smoothly on the big day. Following part 1, you’ve struck the right title once more! This article will provide you with all of the knowledge you require to plan a successful birthday celebration.

Earlier in part 1, we have gone through:

– Step 1: Make a checklist to organize the birthday party

 – Step 2: Make a guest list

 – Step 3: Choose a party location

Let’s now continue…

Step 4. Send out invitations

The earlier you notify guests, the more positive responses you will get.

– The invitation should include several elements:

◦ the address, time, and a map of the venue is remote;

◦ a phone number, email address, or RSVP coupon with a deadline for response.

Note: if it’s a surprise party, remember to specify that to avoid leaks!

– Choose a design for the invitations: a photo or a montage, a personal creation, a Word template…

– You will find a large number of invitations to download and print on the Internet.

– Choose a method of transmission of the invitations:

◦ hand to hand;

◦ by mail or email;

◦ by text message, or even by Facebook by creating a private event.

– Send out invitations, including a list of nearby accommodations.

– At the deadline, follow up with those who have not responded.

Step 5. Plan the music

Music is essential to a successful birthday party, whether for dancing or background music.


Make playlists of all the birthday boy (or girl) ’s (or girl’s) favourite songs… even the embarrassing ones. Have one for the meal, another for dancing.

If you don’t have time to prepare a personalized playlist, use streaming music sites, provided you have a subscription to avoid ads: Deezer or Spotify offer themed playlists by era, genre or mood.

Good to know: renting bubble or smoke machines makes it possible to dance in an authentic club atmosphere.

The DJ

You can also rent the services of a real DJ for the evening.

Note: if you don’t have a DJ, you can use a website that broadcasts live decks from the hottest venues, from clubs to restaurants.

A suitable sound system

Plan a suitable sound system: a living room hi-fi system will not be enough to host more than 20 guests. Count on:

– 150 Watts for 30 to 40 people;

– 300 Watts for 70 to 80 people.

You can easily find rental services near you on the Internet.

Step 6. Plan the light

Birthday Party

If you’re having a simple dinner party, choose a subdued atmosphere.

– Multiply the soft lighting points and avoid white lights from ceiling lamps.

– Think about the option of candles, guaranteeing an enchanting atmosphere.

If you are having an outdoor birthday party, use LED lights, string lights and lanterns.

If you plan to dance, dare rent a disco ball or strobe lights.

Step 7. Think about activities

Some people like to play games to break the ice between guests in small groups: riddles, mimes, etc.

At large parties, a guest usually takes charge of the slideshow to show pictures of the king or queen of the party. If this is the case

– provide a white wall, sheet or screen;

– Consider equipment to project it.

Consider setting up a photo booth, which is very popular.

– Guests can have their picture taken alone or in a group by a professional or a friend, with digital or Polaroid cameras.

– Complete the installation with fake moustaches, fancy glasses, wigs, hats…

Step 8. Plan the birthday gift

Everyone can come with their gift for a birthday party or contribute to a joint purchase.

Remember to personalize the gift packages!

The joint gift

If you choose an ordinary gift, specify it on the invitation or by a group email.

Indicate what it is and how you will participate: check, cash or online fund.

Individual gifts

For gifts, provide a place to leave them.

Note: set up a ballot box for those who prefer to leave an envelope.

Set up a large card, a blank canvas, a giant photo… and place markers next to it so each guest can leave a message.

And don’t forget about small gifts for guests – a box of chocolates, a miniature game, or a note on the guest’s plate is enough to make them happy.

This post will now continue in part 3. Stay posted, and please know that this piece would be incomplete without your input, so please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


This is how you throw the perfect spooky Birthday party

As scary as aging might seem, a theme party always makes it go down smoother. People tend to forget that it’s actually your birthday party and that you are, in fact, getting older. No matter if it’s your fourth 25th birthday or your first, a spooky party and dressing up creates the perfect atmosphere to have a party. Here are some ideas on how to throw the perfect Halloween themed birthday party that will delight horror fans and which will even make spooky scary skeletons shiver. So get your spooky on, Halloween and your birthday are right around the corner and this guide will make it memorable.

Choose a specific theme

If you are a big horror nerd like me, throw a scary movie theme party where everyone can dress up as their favorite scary character. Some personal faves are Pennywise from It or Dr. Frank N. Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Or if you want to have a movie-specific horror party where you can be the final girl that is typically from any horror movie, a bit in the vein of Gale Weathers. Whatever theme you choose, make it fun, scary, and commit to it for God’s sake. Remember, it’s your birthday party so you choose the theme that you want and make it that dressing up is not optional.


Create your own spooky invitations to commemorate your birthday; for this one, be as extra as you want to be. Create your own paper invitation if you have time to kill and want to try a DIY activity. However, I would advise you to splurge on the invitation as this will be the thing that sets the whole mood of the upcoming party. You can always find the perfect card on Etsy. Don’t forget to tie the card to the theme of your birthday party.


This is the most important thing and this makes or breaks your party, be on your A-game with the decoration. A safe and effective choice is spiderweb, no, not real spiderweb. You can find them for pretty cheap on Amazon, and they tend to be very realistic and will make for great décor on your front porch or the door of your apartment. Also, try to have a gore-inspired centerpiece, maybe try a skull-shaped vase that you can fill with water that you’ve dyed red and add the flowers-some black flowers might do the trick-of your choice to make it look bussin’ and scary at the same time.

Some people will always show up to your party without dressing up for the occasion out of sheer laziness; you can have a box with random props and costumes that they can rummage through and dress up with their findings, a sort of last-minute costume DIY if you wish. Don’t let anyone ruin your birthday party, always be prepared for the unexpected. To add to this, maybe have a contest where the best-dressed person wins a prize or a sash.


Horror inspired cocktails and food

I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream, a theme-inspired food and cocktails with punny names and references are always a plus to any party. Instead of serving an old and boring Manhattan, serve a Jason goes to Manhattan cocktail; it’s a deep cut for all us horror fans out there and shows the effort you put in to organize it. A sangria served in a clear glass could also give the illusion of blood and you might call it Carrie, referencing the pig blood with which she was drenched.

Having cake pops in the shape of eyeballs can be a pretty fun idea, too and remember, anything is scary as long as it has a scary name. Instead of serving plain mash potato, maybe say you are serving a monster mash, Spaghetti and eyeball, Nosfera-tofu or even macaroni and screams.


Remember, a spooky birthday party is never really one without candies and a cake. If you love baking, why not try your hand in making the perfect cake that will tie up the whole party or if you are a disaster in the kitchen like me, go to your local cake store and they’ll be more than happy to make the perfect cake for your horror-inspired birthday.

Sound off in the comments below if you are going to have a Halloween-inspired party for your next birthday.

How to Throw a COVID-Friendly Birthday Party?

Covid-19 or not, nothing can stop you from having some fun and celebrating a birthday party, even if it means celebrating it behind a screen.

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

#1. Pick a Theme

Musician, Rockstar, Band, Music, Stone

Start by planning a theme for your party and don’t think that themed parties are reserved only for major milestones. Instead compared to non-themed ones, these types of parties are more fun and are easier to organize. Besides, you will have something to guide you when you are selecting the kind of food to serve, the decorations and even the guests’ outfits.

Now, don’t go for some common themes and instead think about the current obsession of the birthday hero. Is it K-pop? Is it the new Disney movie?

Always go for something epic and creative – like a “Come as your favorite suicide squad character” theme.

#2. Figure Out Your Technology Options

Laptop, Office, Workspace

Today, you have a wide range of video chat platforms available such as FaceTime or Zoom, where you can get easy access with your family members and close friends. When you are sending out invitations, you can include the video call link and password.

#3. Organize Games and an Entertainer

Fortnite, Jeu D'Ordinateur, Jeu, Gamer, Addiction

Virtual or not, it’s still a party and a key element in a party is entertainment. Even though your guests are not physically present with you, you can still have some fun with virtual games that today’s generation enjoys.

Here are the virtual versions of some board games that you just love to play:

  • 5 Second Rule
  • Boggle
  • Charades
  • Heads Up!
  • Name, Place, Animal, Thing
  • Quick Draw
  • Scattergories
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Taboo

Furthermore, you can even hire a party entertainer that can provide interesting virtual party packages. For instance, the party entertainer can lead your guests in an hour of singing, dancing and other musical activities.

#4. Send Out Party Favors

Gâteau Boulanger, Dessert, Gourmet, Gâteau

This is especially recommended if you are organizing a kid’s party. Just right before the party starts, it would be nice if all the kids received a goodie bag so as they can open it during the party and they can feel that party vibe.

In-Person Birthday Party Ideas

#1. Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Even though there have been a lot of misinformation and myths surrounding the vaccines and their impacts on people, as per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if a vaccinated person visits another vaccinated person, there will be low risk, even if they are not wearing masks.

So, if you are planning on organizing an in-person gathering, better to get fully vaccinated. And, if you can, try to make a special request that only vaccinated guests can attend the party.

#2. Be Strict On Safety Precautions

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By wearing masks and promoting social distancing, you can have a good time and also protect everyone at the birthday party. For instance, you can try arranging tables and chairs that are six feet apart.

Place pump-top bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes everywhere as possible so guests can use them frequently throughout the party.

#3. Keep Your Guest List Small

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No matter how much strict you are on safety precautions when you are at a big party with lots of people, it is very difficult to keep an eye on every guest. And, when it comes to a kid’s birthday party, well, I’d say it’s not just difficult, but rather impossible to refrain these kids from jumping all around.

This is why it is better to keep your guest list small and invite only family members and close friends.

#4. Limit Who Serves Food and Drinks

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Many like to opt for potlucks and buffets at birthday parties, but currently, these should be avoided at all costs. Instead, food should be served by only one person so as to avoid several people touching utensils, plates and glasses.

Don’t disappoint yourself and don’t let your birthday bash be ordinary. Look at it from a positive point of view: the pandemic allows you to be even more creative than before, making the birthday parties even more fun.