Do you want to take charge of organizing your own or a friend’s birthday party? It’s a great idea, but it still requires a lot of responsibility. After reading this article, you will have no trouble managing the organization.

1. Choosing the date and time


There are two possibilities: either the birthday falls in the middle of the weekend or in the middle of the week. In this case, the organization will be easier to set up. Most of your friends or family members will be more available than during the week. This means that they will be able to help you during the organization. But this is often not the best idea, as the main guest may have other things to worry about and will miss the surprise.

The birthday party often falls in the middle of the week. As a result, the party organizer chooses to move the event to the weekend. While this is a great idea, it can still make the person think that you have forgotten about them. If you still want to have the party on Saturday or Sunday, it’s best to do it before the big day.

The ideal time for a family member’s birthday party is in the afternoon. This way, everyone, from children to seniors, can participate fully. But for a 30-40-year-old friend, it is advisable to celebrate the birthday on Friday night and Saturday night.

2. Choosing the theme

For a successful birthday party, choosing a theme for which it is quite easy to find costumes and decorations is advisable. Here is a list of the most popular themes:

    • For a guest of honor over 50 years old
    • The garden party: to celebrate a summer birthday party
    • Gold and silver: for a bling-bling or luxury party
    • Disco: with bell bottoms and disco balls
    • Shock and chic detailing: if the guest likes to be dolled up.


For a person under 40 years old

Choosing a Rock’n’Roll theme is ideal if the guest of honor is between 35 and 40 years old. You can also opt for movie characters. If he or she is a sports fan, like soccer, then choose jerseys for the dress code.

To celebrate the birthday of a 30-year-old friend.

Choosing a 60’s theme, such as psychedelic, peace, and love, or even flower power, is a great idea. But Fantasy is also an alternative with cursed forests, elves, centaurs, and unicorns.

3. Take care of the guest list


First of all, make it clear to all guests that this is a surprise party. In this case, they should not talk about it with the guest of honor under any circumstances. In order to know which people to choose to attend the celebration, it is advisable to get help from the person’s relatives.

4. The necessary budget

If your goal is to reduce expenses, then it is strongly advised to organize the birthday party at home. Indeed, the rental of the room is sometimes very expensive and requires a large budget. You must also take into account the decoration, the animation, and the catering services.

5. Run a playlist that adapts to the time of the evening


Do you prefer to choose your music? Today, there is certainly no shortage of music on offer! Many streaming platforms today offer a wide range of content choices in terms of thematic playlists. You can let several playlists run according to the evolution of your evening. Don’t hesitate to create a playlist of your own, which can be collaborative! This way, you can involve your friends in the creation of the playlist.

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