You are happy that you got the golden opportunity to organize a corporate event for your company, but you have no clue about how to plan it! Do not worry, as you can be creative with the theme of your party to make it exciting for all your invitees. Here are some of the latest corporate event themes for you below:


A summertime BBQ theme

Everybody likes to be stress-free and informal at a party outside the office. Therefore, the summertime BBQ event theme creates the desired casual and comfortable atmosphere for all the staff. Moreover, this outdoor theme gives you the ease to make new contacts and also to relax.

The setting: A location in nature with low costs or no costs will be appropriate for this theme. For instance, you can choose a park which is near a lake.

Decor: An excellent décor option is white tents and beautifully decorated picnic tables. Moreover, you can plan a BBQ set.

Food: Simple but healthy menus are the best choices for everyone nowadays. For example, you can serve burgers, potato salad, hot dogs, and corn on the cob.

Beverages: Plan according to everyone’s preferences for a hot summer day. You can also add a fancy touch to your party by serving a cold cocktail.

Activities: Playing outdoor games such as badminton will be fun. However, for sports lovers, you can organize relay races.

Winter Wonderland

A perfect theme for the winter holidays is Winter Wonderland. It works well because it highlights the winter season simply but effectively. In addition, everybody will appreciate it if you set a winter dress code because it will be convenient for the cold weather.

Food: You can plan traditional menus such as salmon, tenderloin, chicken, and grilled portabellas for vegetarians.


Beverages: Your invitees will undoubtedly opt for drinks such as red wine, dark winter beers, cranberry-infused martinis, and hot toddies.

Activities: The end of the year is the time to remember and relive the year’s good and bad moments through speeches, stories, or videos! Moreover, music and dancing will add excitement to the event.

Decor: Everything that gives you a winter feel will be an excellent idea to enhance the décor. For example, you can make use of sparkling jewels, fireplaces, cozy blankets, winter plants, and snowflakes. Furthermore, a white-on-white color palette will create a spectacular winter atmosphere!

Spring has sprung

The spring season gives you a feeling of freshness and transformation. Therefore, planning a corporate event with the spring theme is fantastic for transitioning from the year’s first quarter to the second quarter.

Food: Vegetables are plenty and less expensive during the spring season. So, planning for special and healthy veggie meals and salads will be a great idea.

Beverages: Serve light and fresh drinks such as lemonade and white wine.

Activities: For an outdoor venue, you can organize a fabulous picnic, an adventurous group hike, or even patio-friendly games such as ring toss or corn hole.

Decor: Decorate your venue with spring green plants and fragrant flowers for a fresh coup d’oeil. You can also add up background colors to liven up the space. Moreover, you can spice up the décor with a specific dress code!

Setting: A museum lawn or a botanic garden will be a classy choice of venue!


Carnival-inspired event theme

A carnival-inspired theme is a unique idea for your corporate event. Everybody gets the chance to express themselves through their creativity.

Food: Organizing classic fair menus is a good idea. However, you can add a sophisticated touch to your menus with turkey, French fries, and hot dogs.

Beverages: Cider, beer, and a carnival-themed drink will do the necessary.

Activities: Organize fun game stations and a photo booth. Also, hire a magician and a balloon artist to entertain your guests.

Decor: A brilliant idea will be a circus tent with plenty of bright colors and light bulbs.

Gameday event theme

Everyone can meet up to attend a sporting event or watch a game together. It will be an ideal occasion to enjoy games and bond with each other.

Food: The favorite gameday snacks of everybody are pizza, fries, ice cream, nachos, and wings!


Beverages: A variety of drink choices, ranging from cold drinks to spirits, will be required.

Activities: Host a splendid watch party at a famous sports bar or simply attend a local game.

Decor: Decorate with elements of the game that you are watching. Your guests can also dress up in different team colors!

You have learned about some of the latest brilliant ideas for a corporate theme event! I will come up with more interesting themes later. Please share your comments below!

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