Many couples now decide to have a wedding abroad, but there are many things to consider when looking to get married in a foreign country. This article will look at every aspect of the subject so that marrying in another country will be easier for the big ‘I DO’…

Legal Part

Laws will vary in different states and different countries, so it is important to check so that your marriage stays valid in your country.

For example, in France, you will need a minimum of 40 days of residency to marry legally. If the country of your choice does not allow it, you may want to get married in your country then proceed with a little ceremony abroad.

Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding Abroad

Tailor-made Or One-size-fits-all?

I guess you already have an idea of where you want to go to celebrate your wedding; now you have to choose between a wedding package or a tailor-made wedding. Both are good options, but it all depends on what you have in mind. I know many people are already thinking about their wedding beforehand, so you already have an idea.

There are a lot of travel companies that offer wedding packages that contain the venue, DJ or band, officiant, and sometimes even a photographer and make-up artist (it all depends on the package). Opting for a package may be very advantageous when you have a lot of guests to rest assured everything is under control.

However, many people will prefer a tailor-made wedding, as the package may lack some components they want to have. In this case, you should look for a local wedding planner (make sure to look for a good one).

Wedding Planner

If you decide to hire a wedding planner, you should make sure that you are using all the resources they provide to you. Use their knowledge to be used to that country and know where to get the best things at the best price. There are also a lot of logistics when it comes to your wedding day; do not neglect those too.

Do not forget to negotiate the best price for each and everything; you don’t want to pay twice the price for something you could have paid half the price for.


When you have chosen your destination, do not forget to look at the best time to go according to the weather. I would not have to say only the weather but also the temperature; many people like to travel in summer, but there are some places where the heat may become unbearable; you do not want to spend your wedding day in sweat, having to retouch your make-up at least 5 times during the ceremony only for the pictures to look decent.

Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding Abroad


As you get married abroad, you will have to take the plane (of course). So, as flights can easily get delayed or any other form of misfortune better to leave at least 2 days between your arrival day and your wedding day. You don’t want to miss the flight and your wedding. This might change everything. Even if there is no legal waiting time, you should fix yourself enough time to prepare yourself. Do not forget you will be getting married and you will be stressed.

Wedding Insurance 

When going abroad, think about having wedding insurance; it will help you cover your wedding dress, rings, and other important things that might get lost or even stolen. So, you better be extra cautious when it gets to these things. Always read everything on the paper (especially the small print).

A wedding is important- you should be able to enjoy this moment while everything is as you want it to be. Some people dream weddings are in their home country, and it is acceptable; think about an exotic trip and sand in toes wedding. Let us know in the comments what is your wedding destination (if you have one, of course)….

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