What Does the Wedding Ceremony Consist Of

Getting married to the one you love will be the most beautiful day of your life. Nothing should be left to chance during the wedding preparations so that the wedding ceremony will remain forever engraved in your memory. All you have to do is think about how to organise your wedding. 

What is a wedding ceremony?

The wedding ceremony celebrates the sacrament of two people who love each other and are united as one.

It is a sacred and solemn union between two people that is practised in all religions and cultures.

The wedding ceremony allows the bride and groom to pronounce their vows and lay the foundation of their union to contribute to a stable family.

How does the wedding ceremony take place?

Wedding Ceremony

The first step is publishing the marriage banns at the town hall where the wedding will take place.

What is the purpose of the publication of the banns?


The primary purpose of the publication of the banns is to make the marriage known to everyone so that people can oppose it. Of course, the latter will have to demonstrate possible impediments!

For the banns to be published, the future spouses must typically go to the town hall 20 days before the wedding celebration and 30 days if they live in a different place from the town in question.

The publication of the banns will be posted on the town hall boards for 10 days. However, please check these deadlines, which may vary on where you live,

It must include the names, first names, professions and domicile of the future bride and groom and where the marriage will be celebrated.

How are the day and time of the wedding ceremony set?

City officials set the day and time for the wedding ceremony during the city hall’s hours, regardless of the day of the week.

Which date to choose for your wedding organisation?

Organising a wedding starts with the choice of the date. It is the first key point of the success of the celebration of this event.

To choose the best date for your wedding, you must consider several parameters, such as the availability of the mayor or the registrar, knowing that the marriage is never celebrated on a Sunday or a holiday. You will also consider the availability of the reception halls (wedding hall) or the wedding restaurant, which are often booked several months in advance (10 to 12 months) depending on the reputation of the venue and the quality of the services. 

In what season do you want to get married? Know that off-season, you will have more competitive prices, and you will have more availabilities as for the choice of the places, the animation of the wedding, the wedding photographer, the rent of wedding car, etc. Also, think about the availability of your family and friends. Don’t delay sending out the invitations so that your guests can get organised. It will help avoid school holidays when your guests may want to go on vacation with their children.

Also, check on World Cup finals, soccer, Roland Garros, rugby… There may be “sports fanatics” in your guests, especially if one of them is your wedding witness.

What does the wedding ceremony consist of?

The wedding ceremony generally consists of: the civil wedding (marriage at the town hall), which takes place before the religious wedding.

There are different religious weddings, such as the Catholic wedding, protestant, orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and more, depending on the religion.

The wedding ceremony and the bridal party

The bridal party is often part of the wedding ceremony. It is linked to specific rules and protocols, especially when entering and leaving the church.

The procession of honour comprises the immediate family, the witnesses of the wedding, the bridesmaids, and friends.

Finally, it would help to have a professional organise everything for you. No stress for you and your family!

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