Do you find throwing the bouquet and cutting a three tiers cake too cliché for your big day?

Want to try something peculiar?

Here are some weird but unique wedding traditions from different countries that maybe you’d like to try out.

#1. Showering the Happy Couple With Trash

Showering the Happy Couple With Trash

Just try to look back at the pomp surrounding the royal and picturesque wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I’d say the princely wedding was watched by millions, not only Brits. And, I must add how this global celebration would remain inscribed in our memories, not only because of the unprecedented norm where a member of the royal family married a foreigner, but also due to the fancy way, if not cliché, the couple tied the knot.

But, imagine if the couple was bombarded with trash.

An ultimate humiliation for the royal family, you say?

Well, I guess then the Scottish has a completely different way of wishing a “happy married life” to the couple.

Usually, one day before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are captured by their friends and family members and are assaulted with a shower of every gross thing you could think of – from rotten eggs to dead fish, curdled milk, tar, feathers, spoiled food and juicy, rotten tomato.

The reason behind this tradition is that if the couple is able to withstand such kind of humiliating treatment, they will be able to withstand any problem that comes their way in their married life.

Also known as the “blackening” ritual, this custom has its origin in the belief that such treatment can war off any evil spirits.

Friendly Tip: If you don’t want garbage thrown at you, never consider getting married in Scotland.

#2. The Feet Beating

The Feet Beating

I’ve heard many grooms talk about the wonders that the magical “KY” can do.

But, as per South Koreans, there’s something else that a groom really needs before his wedding night: to endure a beating with some wooden rods or sticks.

Wait, what?

Apparently, in South Korea, before the groom can leave with his bride, his shoes and socks are taken off and he is placed on the floor or on the table, with his feet being held high up with a stick or cloth. And, that’s when his friends and family members take turns to beat his feet with a regular wooden stick, cane or a dried fish (of course, one that’s thick enough to exert some pain).

And, while you are being smacked by your best friend, you are also being bombarded with trivia questions.

Why such tradition?

Don’t know exactly how this tradition came to life (honestly, I’d say someone created it just as an excuse to whip a friend with raw fish), but the purpose is to strengthen the memory and feet of the groom.

But, if you ask me, I’ll say it’s clear that these people have some foot fetish going on.

#3. Smash The Plates

Smash The Plates

The big day comes with a little bit of housekeeping for married couples in Germany.

Known as “Polterabend”, this popular German wedding custom consists of guests smash pieces of crockery.

Even though the origins of this tradition remain unknown, it is believed that the act of smashing porcelain has the power to drive away any evil spirits.

Heck, I’m sure you’d say this one surely sounds like a lot of fun.

Hmm…maybe not for the bride and groom who are left with the responsibility of cleaning up the mess, hence depicting the real importance of unity and cooperation in a marriage.

#4. You’ll Have To Marry A Tree First

You’ll Have To Marry A Tree First

If you think beating the feet was weird, what do you think of this one?

In the land of myriad and exquisite cultures where astrological predictions stretch their stems, girls born during the astrological period when Mars and Saturn are both under the seven realm are said to be cursed. A curse so dangerous that it can take the life of their husbands.

The only solution to break this curse: get them first married to a tree. And, once the tree is cut down, the girl is free from the curse.

But, why it seems like questions such as “does the girl actually kiss the tree” or “do they go on honeymoon” arise in that brain of mine?


Be honest with me: which of these strange wedding traditions will you choose (that is if you lost a few screws in your brain)?












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