Cocktail parties, tea parties and outdoor parties are far too familiar and too unrealistic for this ever-changing and wacky world in which we are living.

I think its high time for some changes.

So, below you will find, much to your surprise, some of the most unusual parties you’d never thought could exist.

#1. Toilet Parties

Toilet Parties

In a time when anything but clothes birthday parties and caveman-themed weddings are organized, why not a toilet party?

Sounds outright foolish and ridiculous?

What if this concept has been popularized in some places in the world like China and Taiwan, where people actually dine in toilets?

Eww… Gross, isn’t it?

But, it seems like some find it cool. The totally different atmosphere makes them comfortable and happy.

Well, you can have fun organizing a toilet party; just don’t include me on the guest list.

#2. Eye-Gazing Parties

Eye-Gazing Parties

I beg your pardon?

Ever since Michael Ellsburg released his idea of making a deep connection without the distraction of unspoken words, “eye gazing” parties have been reshaping weird party trends.

Wait, does it mean you have to stare at someone in silence during the whole party?

Not really!

The staring part consists of walking up to a stranger, sitting down over a glass of Margarita and dive straight into iridescent brown eyes. Once this stage is over, you can talk with the other party and even exchange numbers (that is, if the supposed deep soul connection was made).

#3. Hot Tub Parties

Hot Tub Parties

A hot tub party is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s the perfect event for hot tub enthusiasts to relieve stress and enjoy sweet tubbiness.

I’d say this whole hot tub hoorah paves the way to heated antics.

When you talk about sexual tropes, you can’t forget the supreme leader: hot tubs. From rom-coms to erotic novels, you’ll come across some hot tub hanky panky.

Well, folks, you are already nearly naked, adding some more “wet” activity will definitely submerge you in undeniable pleasure.

Little Tip: Just because you are already wet doesn’t mean you don’t need lube.

#4. Parties for People I Don’t Like

Parties for People I Don’t Like

This idea goes back to when I was in college.

Out of curiosity, I tried organizing an exclusive party for all those I have a particular dislike for.

Now, the reason may sound a bit rotten but when the time came, all the guests I invited turned up at the party.

To reflect the main theme of the party and to bring out the necessary emotions – which is a type of enemy ship – grey or black decorations is recommended.

I just hope you don’t invite me.

#5. Adult Diapers Parties

Adult Diapers Parties

If you ask me, I don’t know where this idea stems from, but I guess a bunch of crazy nincompoops goaded each other to create something even crazier.

This party has two simple rules, which at all costs should not be broken (well, only maybe in case of emergencies):

  • One can only gain access to the party by wearing adult diapers only (girls, of course, can come in the bras, but even that’s optional).
  • Forget about going for a trip to the bathroom, as they’ll be all off-limits.

#6. The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins

I’ve heard somewhere that no matter how wrong it is, sin feels like so much fun and thrills.

There’s no better way to turn a party into a sinful hotspot than to grab six of your friends and dress up to depict lust, envy, vanity, wrath, sloth, gluttony and avarice.

#7. North Korea Parties

North Korea Parties

Totalitarian rules of North Korea or Kim Jong Un, both the country and its supreme governor, have inspired many themed parties since the last few years.

And, it’s not only about wearing a Mao-suit and short-sided bouffant hair wig. In this party, you are forbidden to bring along any mobile phones, meaning no flirty texts, no sex calls and certainly no selfies.

To make things more interesting, some adopt the “not smiling” party rule.


How crazy can you be? Crazy enough to dine in a toilet? Or, crazy enough to attend a party in only adult diapers?


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