Tips for Partying Without a Hangover



    – Before the party: prepare your body

    – During the party: learning to control your drinking

    – After the night: surviving the hangover


Who hasn’t had a hangover after a night of drinking? Our tip looks at all the little things you can change to avoid painful aftermath.

Before the party: prepare your body

Tips for Partying Without a Hangover

A few precautions before you drink can help prevent these symptoms:

    – Eat before you go to the party: drinking on an empty stomach promises nasty migraines and an increased risk of vomiting.

    – Eat foods rich in fat (fatty acids will slow down the absorption of alcohol in the body).

During the evening: learn to control your consumption

Tips for Partying Without a Hangover

Throughout the evening, you can also pay attention to a few things that will save you the next day:

    – Avoid mixed drinks, carbonated alcoholic beverages, or those containing soda, which get you drunk faster.

    – Space out your drinks and avoid binge drinking, which is consuming a large amount of alcohol in a brief period.

    – Feed yourself, but be careful not to overeat salt: salt consumption can increase dehydration.

    – Drink water! We recommend a glass of water after a glass of alcohol to avoid dehydration. Continuously alternate the two, and the evening will be even more successful!

After the night: to survive the hangover

Tips for Partying Without a Hangover

Have you been drinking, and are you feeling bad the next day?

hangover is the onset of symptoms after excessive alcohol consumption. According to scientists, it occurs after consuming more than 1.5g of alcohol/kg. 

Hangover: cause and symptoms


Tips for Partying Without a Hangover

The symptoms felt by the individual the day after a drunken party are pretty unpleasant:

    – headaches, i.e., headaches;

    – vomiting, nausea;

    – sweating;

    – tachycardia;

    – dizziness;

    – tremors, etc.


These symptoms are due to the elimination of alcohol by the liver:

    – This elimination leads to synthesizing a substance: acetaldehyde which would be the origin of these symptoms.

    – It is then transformed into acetate by the liver and eliminated.

The aftermath of a party is therefore much less agitated and more complicated when a hangover occurs. Fortunately, various solutions exist to make the pill pass and fight against these inconveniences.

6 solutions to put into practice against hangovers


Tips for Partying Without a Hangover

Here are some practical tips to fight a hangover:

    – Avoid consuming alcohol again immediately! Some people say that the best way to get over a hangover is to drink a little beer to get over it… but that’s a bit of a stretch!

    – Take a painkiller to treat your headache.

    – Take an anti-emetic to fight nausea and vomiting.

During the day

    – Drink regularly within a day of drinking alcohol, as drinking alcohol significantly dehydrates the body:

        ◦ water;

        ◦ non-acidic juice such as gazpacho;

        ◦ herbal teas.

    – Eat light, i.e., foods low in:

        ◦ salt, as salt consumption majors dehydration;

        ◦ fats and sugars to facilitate the work of the liver.

Good to know: eating an egg with toast, honey, or maple syrup on toast or even a vegetable broth is ideal after a hangover.

Be patient!

Finally, be patient because time is your ally:

    – Your blood alcohol level will gradually decrease, about 0.15 mg/L per hour, due to the elimination of alcohol by the liver.

    – Depending on the initial dose you have consumed, it will take you more or less time to recover from your hangover.

Hope the above tips will help you be a real party animal! Work hard, party harder, and remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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