To maintain your life as a couple in love and passion, the organization of a one-on-one evening is very popular from time to time. For this, you must think of minor details so that this magical moment does not turn into a fiasco. For a celebration for two, a marriage proposal, etc., it is strongly recommended to open a bottle of champagne! But how do you know the best champagne for the evening that you have thought of? Our answers below…

Why choose brut rosé champagne for your romantic evening?

Rosé is a very fashionable color when it comes to champagne. Champagne, unlike classic wine, is a sparkling wine that has undergone double alcoholic fermentation.

Indeed, these cuvées were produced in the past, following the Champagne method, in the great historic Pinot Noir villages of the great Marne valley, the mountains of Reims, Ambonnay, and Bouzy. But today, they are widespread and produced by houses, harvesters, and handlers in several regions of France.

However, it should be remembered that AOC regulations only authorize the designation of rosé champagne by adding red pinot noir or pinot meunier to the white juice before adding champagne. This method is used most to obtain finer, softer, smoother, and meatier results with noble aging.

The brut rosé champagne, in a pretty light coral coat, is light and balanced, and its sweet fruit scent will capsize your sweetheart. This pretty aperitif champagne will go wonderfully with red meats, poultry, foie gras, and red fruit desserts.

What about brut nature or extra-brut champagne?

If your evening is more of an extended aperitif type, we advise you to opt for the brut nature or extra-brut champagne cuvées to awaken your taste buds. With their notes of baked apple, strawberry jam, pastry cream, and fresh white fruits, these cuvées are intensely fresh and very refined. They are ideally enjoyed with shellfish, raw fish, pork, or washed-grind cheese.
Indeed, this type of champagne must be served at a temperature between 8 and 10°C and goes best with iodized foods.

Which champagne to choose for a multi-course dinner?

If you opt for a multi-course dinner, meticulously prepared over several hours in a starred restaurant , we recommend that you choose a sufficiently robust champagne that will match the aromatic power of the dishes tasted. Therefore, it is wise to opt for Blanc de Noirs champagne cuvées, made only from red grape varieties (Pinot Noir and/or Pinot Meunier).

With non-vintage brut champagne, you won’t have to change bottles of champagne at each stage of your meals. Indeed, being the most classic and consensual, this type of champagne can perfectly accompany all your dishes from the beginning to the end of the evening.

As for vintage brut champagne, it goes better with meat dishes.
However, remember that you should always start the evening with the youngest and least complex vintages and end with the oldest. This will help impress your partner throughout the evening without disappointing their taste buds!

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