Do you want to organize a cheap Dragon Ball birthday party, but you don’t know where to start? In today’s article, we are here to help by giving you some of the most cheap ideas and original ideas.

Dragon Ball is one of the most famous action anime series of all time and that’s why anime birthday decorations like this one have fans of all ages. Planning a Dragon Ball themed party may seem simple, but it’s not, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Dragon Ball has many characters of all kinds, so the possibilities for decorating your party are endless. Are you ready to throw an entertaining, action-packed party with party decorations? Let’s get started!

Dragon Ball Birthday Party Decorating Ideas at Home

To decorate your party table, you can take a look at Dragon Ball birthday decorations, you will find many decorations to decorate your official Dragon Ball table that will save you time.

You can use glasses, plates, napkins, tablecloths, etc. All with Dragon Ball theme and with characters from the series printed all over. The recommendation we can give you in this aspect of your party is that all the decoration of your table follows the same color theme so that none of the elements you want to put on it clash.

Besides the simple Dragon Ball decoration, you can complete it with drawings or images of different elements of the series, for example images of the Kinton cloud, which is Goku’s favorite transport. Another option you can use are images of dragon balls, these ornaments with our cheap garlands form the perfect combination.

Dragon Ball Birthday Snacks

Get ready for one of the best ideas you will see in a long time.

If you want to serve an appetizer at your party, you can serve different jelly beans and orange, yellow or blue candies. But if you really want your party to be remembered as one of the best, you can serve cupcakes, but not regular cupcakes, but with icing on top that looks like a dragon ball.

Original Ideas to Decorate Your Dragon Ball Table

If you are looking for original and cheap Dragon Ball birthday decorations to decorate your party table, you can choose to use the characteristic colors of each of the Dragon Ball characters, you can put the tablecloth in one color and the plates in another for example.

Ornaments With Goku

If you don’t know what colors to use to decorate your table, let us recommend you colors with bright tones, you can opt for the orange themed party decoration and combine it with the blue themed party decoration and the light blue themed party decoration. These three colors are very characteristic, since they are the ones that Goku has in his training suit. That’s why they are an ideal choice to decorate your party.

Vegeta Accessories

On the other hand, if Goku is not the character you want to feature in your party, we have some other ideas that may interest you, another of the protagonists, specifically Vegeta, is characterized by wearing other colors in his clothes, which are navy blue, white and gold. The best thing you can use is blue themed party decoration and combine it with white themed party decoration and gold themed party decoration.

Things With Piccolo Patterns

We have another alternative to show you, as you already know, another of the protagonists is Piccolo the Martian, this character is characterized by his green complexion and purple and white clothes, organizing the party with these colors can also be a total success. We recommend you to take a look at the decorations for parties with green, white and purple theme.

Whatever you decide, it will definitely look great at your party and all your guests will love it. We will leave you with images of the mentioned characters and decorations that can go with their colors.


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