How to Choose Your Wedding Shoes


– Bridal shoes: criteria to take into account

– Men’s shoes for the groom

– Wedding shoes: having the right reflexes on the big day

– Where to find wedding shoes and at what price?

One of the most important rules to observe when choosing wedding shoes is comfort. Indeed, the bride and groom spend most of the day receiving their guests, dancing and having little opportunity to rest.

Having sore feet on D-day could spoil the festivities; that’s why it’s essential, in addition to comfort, to be demanding when choosing shoes. Let’s see closer below.

Bridal shoes: criteria to take into account

How to Choose Wedding Shoes

A bride’s shoes allow both to match the style of the dress while sublimating the feet of the bride. The most common shapes are:

– shoes with pointed toes that refine the strong feet;

– pumps with an ankle strap that will enhance thin calves;

– round-toed shoes;

– open-toed or openwork sandals that show off neat toenails.

Good to know: it is advisable to try on the wedding dress to choose the right color to match the outfit.

In addition to the shape, it is advisable to consider:

– The height of the heel to be able to walk without problems throughout the day. Wide heels are more suitable than high heels.

– The grip of the sole so as not to slip. It is possible to scare them with a knife.

– The choice of shoes appropriate to the place of reception: walking in heels during a reception taking place in the grass can be tedious.

– Breathable materials such as leather, cotton, silk, linen, and not plastic make your feet sweat more.

Note: shoes can be customized with clips or drapes for this purpose.

Finally, it is advisable to:

– to wear the shoes before the big day to get them on your feet and avoid any inconvenience;

– to provide a second pair, often flat, especially if the festivities include dancing or simply if the feet come to suffer.

Men’s shoes for the groom

The groom must also take care in choosing his shoes, which are an integral part of his outfit. He must take into account

– The theme of the wedding and its atmosphere: if it is casual, he can wear simple shoes called cake or loafers, if it is formal, we will opt for patent shoes.

– The color of the suit or vest should be matched with the color of the leather or shoe covering.

– The small details such as laces, the shape of the toe, or possible designs printed on the leather.

Note: just like the bride, the groom is advised to wear his shoes in advance.

Wedding shoes: having the right reflexes on the big day

On the morning of the wedding, to avoid any pain or blisters, the bride and groom can prepare their feet:

– By applying a cream designed for sports feet that protects them from blisters, irritation, or rubbing.

– Placing silicone insoles on the heels and soles of the feet, especially if the shoes have heels.

– Keeping bandages on hand to cover any eventuality during the day.

Where to find wedding shoes and at what price?

Wedding shoes for men and women are available in:

– specialized stores;

– shoe stores;

– on the Internet.

Please note: when buying online, it is advisable to try on the model in a store beforehand to get professional advice.

Prices depend on the quality and materials of the shoes. The budget for men’s shoes varies from:

– $100 to $200 for an entry-level pair.

– $200 to $500 for patent leather shoes.

– more than $500 for custom-made models.

For the bride, the average budget ranges from:

– $50 to $100 for entry-level shoes.

– $100 to $300 for a pair of leather or suede shoes.

– more than $500 for models of big brands or made by famous stylists.


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