Which Flowers to Choose for a Wedding?


Flowers for the bridal bouquet

Which wedding flowers to choose?

Where to order wedding flowers?

Price of wedding flowers

Flowers for a wedding create a festive and warm atmosphere. They will be adequate with your wedding theme and obviously with the bride’s taste.

They will have to be adapted to the different places for the wedding at the town hall, the wedding at the church, the places of the reception, and the decoration of the car.

Flowers for the bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is the essential and final touch to the bride’s outfit and will agree with the other floral decorations. It will be sober and elegant.

It is usually the groom who takes care of the bridal bouquet. According to tradition, the groom will not have seen the wedding dress, so it will be necessary for the bride to give him some indications on the choice of flowers and colours.

Sometimes, the bride-to-be prefers to DIY this task by making her bouquet according to her tastes and dress.

You can also have buttonholes made to match the bouquet. These will be pinned on the lapel of the men’s jackets (dads, witnesses, friends).

Which wedding flowers to choose?

bridal bouquet

It is not necessary to compose the bridal bouquet or other floral arrangements simply with flowers. You can combine fruits, wildflowers and other accessories according to your wedding style and desires. The important thing is that everything is in harmony.

Think about your centrepieces and small round bouquets to decorate the wedding hall. A friend or family member will install them one hour before the ceremony. The wedding caterer will also be able to help you with this task.

Do not forget that your guests will bring flowers to the reception area. You can decorate all your arrangements with tulles, ribbons and bows.

The traditions

bridal bouquet

In general, two floral arrangements are planned for the religious ceremony to be placed near the altar:

It is customary to leave one at the church.

Small matching bouquets can be tied to the ends of the pews.

You can also order rose petals to be thrown at the church exit, as rice is now forbidden.

It is also traditional to please your guests, to offer them a bouquet or an arrangement at the end of the reception as well as wedding favours or other wedding gifts.

Flowers to avoid on a wedding day

To avoid making big mistakes, avoid the following:

Yellow flowers are synonymous with betrayal.

Gladioli symbolizes coldness.

The carnation brings bad luck.

Where to order wedding flowers?

It is strongly advised to order your wedding flowers a few months before D-day, according to the wedding planner, which will help you not to forget anything.

You have several possibilities to order your wedding flowers

at a florist;

on online stores (internet);

you can also make them yourself if you are creative and have the time!

In any case, ensure that your flowers will be delivered on time and at the place of the ceremony.

You can also consult the different compositions made by florists to know if they correspond to your selection criteria.

Price of wedding flowers

The price of wedding flowers varies according to the number of floral arrangements, centrepieces, bouquets, boutonnieres and the composition of the essential bridal bouquet.

As an indication, count approximately:

for the bridal bouquet between $50 and $150;

for the other arrangements: $500 to $1,500.

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