Which Lingerie to Choose for Your Wedding



– Wedding lingerie: beware of the dress!

– The great classics of wedding lingerie

– Wedding lingerie: the morning wear 

– And for the gentlemen, what lingerie for the wedding? 


Choosing lingerie for your wedding is not as important as choosing your dress… but almost!

Indeed, the wedding night must be successful, and well-chosen underwear can contribute to it. Let’s see closer below.

Wedding lingerie: be careful with the dress!

Before thinking about the underwear you will wear on your wedding day, you will probably choose your dress. Insofar as it will probably not have a turtleneck, you will have to pay attention to the cut of its bustier:

– Indeed, this last one will determine, for a large part, the lingerie that you will choose.

– Since the latter must not exceed, you must be particularly attentive if you have a neckline (chest or back), a sleeveless bustier with thin straps, etc.

The great classics of wedding lingerie

A few must-haves are preferred for brides who prefer “sober and chic” outfits and accessories.

The bustier

Which Lingerie to Choose for Your Wedding


Most brides choose white basques:

– They are classic, seductive, and elegant.

– Choose a model that you like but is also comfortable and supportive. You’ll be wearing it for a while!

– But avoid the pigeonhole effect; not very elegant for a wedding.

You can find baskets in the wedding dress store:

– The advantage is that you can try them on with the dress.

– Unfortunately, the choice is quite limited and the prices relatively high.

– So, unless your dress has a particularly original or low-cut top, you should go to your usual lingerie store.

The underwear

Which Lingerie to Choose for Your Wedding

Don’t forget to buy underwear that matches your dress:

– If you have curves, avoid elastics, which will mark the waist.

– If you have a tight dress, choose a tanga so that the underwear is as discreet as possible.

The garter

This elastic band is traditionally attached to the thigh of the bride:

– It is auctioned to raise money for the couple.

– If you don’t want to play this game, you can still invest in a garter for a sexy wink.

Going to the bathroom with a wedding dress is already tricky enough. No need to add lingerie difficulties; in any case, avoid the bodies.

For a more original outfit 

You can also take advantage of your wedding night to surprise your future husband:

– For this, you can choose more original lingerie.

– You can choose a red set, for example, if it remains invisible under your dress.

Wedding lingerie: the morning outfit 

When you wake up in the morning, you must put something on. So think about investing in a lovely negligee:

– It’s up to you to know what tone you want to give this outfit.

– You can continue the elegance of the wedding with a long white nightie.

– For the more original, you can also adopt something more bohemian, with a floral print, for example.

And for the gentlemen, what lingerie for the wedding? 

Generally, the bride and groom opt for the underwear:

– Not that it’s the prettiest male underwear, but it’s what goes best under a pair of pinstripe pants. A boxer or, worse, briefs would show!

– So originality and elegance will be difficult. Still, nothing stops you from buying a new pair of underwear for the occasion or investing in some nice pyjamas for breakfast.

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