Abra Cadabra! How about throwing a birthday party around the “magic” theme. Plus, what better way to remember to believe in magic than with a birthday party? Sounds tempting isn’t it? Not sure how to do it? Not to worry! In today’s article, we will teach you how to throw a magic themed party, kids will love it and adults too! So, if you want to surprise your guests in the best way, keep reading our blog, because our ideas and tips are the best you can find. Enjoy!


The main colors of the party decorations will be very basic: black decorations, white birthday decorations and red party decorations, these colors should be present in the decorations too.

Of course, it will not be enough to buy balloons and some lanterns, you will have to be creative and original, so we will show you different ideas of magical decorations for your party that you can use on this occasion.

Having your own letter garlands will be very easy. To do it, you will not need to be very handy and it will not take much time. To make this cheap garland, you can use a real deck of cards or draw them yourself. Once you have the letters, all you have to do is put them in a wire, as you wish.

The curtain opens, because the theme of the party will be magic, we encourage you to create your scene with hanging decorations such as metal curtains, bags of streamers, some pom-poms…

We suggest you try to make a curtain, as if the magic party itself is a function. Making a backdrop is very simple, just a red metallic tablecloth and place it on a wall or use a nice photocall background. You can place it at the entrance of the party or on the wall where the appetizers and snacks table is located.

Start the show to set the mood for the party and make the magic show perfect. We recommend you to put colored lights throughout the party, they will create a good atmosphere and they will not be complicated to assemble. So, let the show begin!

Birthday Table

What you need to know is that the table is not only about the appetizers and snacks (which should be excellent), but also how to present them.

We recommend you put aside the typical, and get creative, let’s see, how about eating the hooks off a magician’s hat? It sounds complicated, but not at all, you will find thousands of ideas like this, and that you can do from home.

You just need to know how to combine them with each other and you will see that your guests will be delighted and they will immediately finish everything on the food trays and candy bar jars that you have set up. We also recommend naming the snacks something related to the magic. For example, a simple soft drink served in cute magic cardboard cups will be a potion to have a good time, they will find it very funny. From there, it’s up to your creativity.

Cake Ideas

Who doesn’t love cake time? Even when looking for how to decorate a magic themed birthday, we all wait for the cake, we pay attention to its appearance, that’s why your baking accessories should be your allies.

Your magical birthday cake should be original enough to surprise your guests. We are going to teach you how to make a good magic cake, not only will it be great but it will also be beautiful.

The idea to celebrate a party with a magic theme is the concept of a cake in the shape of a top hat, the typical one used by magicians. To make the hat tall, you will have to join 3 bases. To fill it, you can use cream with fruits, the ones you like the most. You will have to leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours so that you can apply the cake fondant.

Meanwhile, you will have to make the lid of the hat, where you will have to take a lot of oreos and mix them with butter, until you get a consistent paste, give it a circular shape with a mold and also let it cool, about thirty minutes.

When everything has cooled, cover it with black fondant, and stick the lid with the remaining cream. You make a band of red fondant to wrap around the top of the hat. And to decorate the top, you can make bunny ears (or find them in ready-made cake toppers), to put in the center of the cake.

Finally, around the cake, you can put decorative elements such as stars, a wand or the year of the birthday boy. This cake is quite easy to make, and your guests will not believe that you made it and it will be a great surprise.

There you are! So when is the birthday? And what have you decided to do? Let us know in the comments below.

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