Which Outfit to choose for the Groom and the Bride


When to choose the wedding outfit?

Who is concerned about the wedding dresses?

Which outfit to choose when you are invited to a wedding?

What is the outfit that best suits the occasion?

The colours and fabrics to choose

The length of the dress

The hats

Wedding outfits: purchase or rental?

The choice of your wedding dress, as well as that of your spouse and guests, contributes to the success of the reception and should ideally be in harmony with the theme of your wedding.

When to choose the wedding dress?

You must choose wedding attire, wedding dress, and wedding suit with particular care. It would be best not to leave this to the last minute because there will be several fittings to plan, especially for the bride.

You will start worrying about wedding outfits 6 to 10 months before the wedding, depending on your wedding planner, which helps you not to forget anything in all your wedding preparations.

Who is concerned about the wedding outfits?

For this unique event that is the celebration of your wedding, everyone will be chic and dressed up to please and honour you, but without overshadowing the bride and groom.

The bride will be the most beautiful and the star of the day, thanks to her beautiful dress, wedding hairstyle, and makeup.

The groom will be the prince of this beautiful day. He will be dressed in a suit, jacket, tuxedo, or frock coat that will perfectly fit his figure. You can also wear a top hat and gloves.

The children of honour and the bridesmaids will have outfits that will be chosen according to clear and precise rules dictated by the bride. These must be coordinated with the bride’s dress (colours and style) because they will be part of the procession.

The mothers of the bride and groom should choose a classic outfit that does not overshadow the bride.

Finally, it is traditional that the fathers and witnesses of the bride and groom are dressed in accordance with the wedding costume of the future husband.

What to wear when you are invited to a wedding?

Which Outfit to choose for the Groom and the Bride

It’s the bride and groom’s day, but you must take special care with your outfit without overshadowing the bride and groom.

How to get dressed? This is often the question we ask ourselves when we are invited to a wedding, and the woman usually has to buy a new outfit.

The men, as for them, will take out their best suits or will also make a purchase.

What is the best outfit for the occasion?

To find out which outfit will best suit the occasion, find out:

About the wedding style: is it a country wedding, traditional, themed, sophisticated…

Is the wedding taking place in the morning, afternoon or evening?

The wedding announcement you received can give you some indications on the subject, and the choice of your clothes will depend on it. You can also ask the bride and groom or consult their wedding blog.

The colours and fabrics to choose

Here are some tips to help you choose your wedding outfit:

The colours: pastel tones, powder pink, beige, green, and white are in the spotlight.

For fabrics: choose noble materials such as taffeta, silk, chiffon, or organza.

What to avoid:

At a wedding, you should not dress all in white so as not to overshadow the bride, mainly so that you are not confused with her. Being dressed all in black is also forbidden.

Shiny outfits such as gold or silver are not the most beautiful effect.

The length of the dress

You can choose a long or knee-length dress with a small jacket with long sleeves. Very short skirts are not in good taste.

The wedding dress should be sober, refined, and elegant, with a few small accessories that are not too flashy.

You can also opt for two outfits: one for the wedding ceremony and another for the evening.

The hats

Usually, it is the mothers of the bride and groom and the witnesses who wear a hat with their wedding outfits.

However, hats are welcome for all guests if the wedding is chic.

Whether large, transparent, airy, or small “bibi”, the hat will be matched with the bag and shoes.

Wedding dresses: purchase or rental?

Which Outfit to choose for the Groom and the Bride

It is possible to rent the wedding dress or the wedding suit.

However, for superstitious people, it is said that renting your wedding dress brings terrible luck! Moreover, the bride often wishes to keep her wedding dress as a souvenir and prefers to buy it.

For the man, it is more difficult to put back his wedding suit, especially if he opted for a frock coat, a tuxedo, or a tailcoat. The same goes for top hats and matching gloves.

In this case, the bride and groom will be able to rent their wedding outfit in a specialized store.

As it is traditional for the father of the bride and groom and the witnesses to be in their wedding attire, they can also rent their wedding suits at the same place as the groom to coordinate the outfits’ style.

As an indication, count on $150 for the men’s outfit for the weekend. The outfit is delivered clean and returned uncleaned by the groom. With rentals, most companies take care of the cleaning for you! After your event, you just return the garment.

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