Which Wedding Suit for Men to Choose?

The bride with her wedding dress is the star of this beautiful day. On the other hand, the groom will have to look his best for the woman of his life and seduce her in his beautiful wedding suit.

What wedding suit for men to choose?

The groom will wear a wedding outfit in perfect harmony with the bride’s dress and the wedding theme.

His attire will be in accordance with his style, body type and taste in clothing.

The groom can wear:

    – a suit;

    – a morning coat;

    – a tuxedo;

    – a frock coat;

    – a tailcoat.

Like the bride, the groom must plan several months because there will be several fittings to make the necessary alterations.

Which style to choose for the suit?

The groom will be in agreement with his future wife. He will adapt his outfit to the style and colours of the bride’s dress.

According to tradition, the groom should not see the bride’s dress. However, the bride can give him some information or a coupon for her dress so that her future husband can match the two outfits.

Depending on the style, the groom can wear:

    – a black wool or herringbone jacket with striped pants;

    – the vest with a gray jacket or a plain vest with a very discreet design;

    – a classic white shirt with a broken collar or a striped or checked shirt with a white collar.

The tie will match the shirt.

Good to know: the frock coat is suitable for slim men.

    – Colors:

        ◦ If the bride wears a white dress, the groom will opt for a light colour (light suit).

        ◦ If the bride chooses a dark dress, the groom will prefer softer tones, almond or ivory.

        ◦ Be aware that dark colours slim the groom.

    – The fabric: turn to noble fabrics: fluid wool, plain velvet, Prince of Wales, flannel, silk.

    – Patterns: consider that stripes lengthen the silhouette while checks make you look fatter.

The groom and the bride can choose two outfits:

    – one for the ceremony and the wine of honour;

    – another one just as elegant but where he will be more comfortable for the evening and the wedding animation.

Accessories to complement the wedding suit

Sobriety and quality will be required for these different accessories to match the wedding suit for the man:

    – the shoes: impeccable and well polished, to try with the pants;

    – the gloves;

    – the hat affirms the personality of the groom;

    – the vest which brings a certain elegance;

    – the tie, lavaliere or bow tie;

    – the cufflinks.

Where to find a wedding suit for men?

It is possible to buy the wedding suit :

    – at the same place as the bride;

    – at a manufacturer or a retailer;

    – in chains of stores specializing in wedding articles;

    – in ready-to-wear stores;

    – at a wedding show where many exhibitors and major brands will be present.

You can also rent your frock coat, tailcoat or tuxedo because you won’t have the opportunity to wear them again.

Advice on the beauty of the gentleman

Which Wedding Suit for Men to Choose

Mister must be dashing to please his future wife, and she must be proud of him in front of all her guests. For that, he will have to:

    – have a radiant complexion, white teeth and perfectly groomed hands;

    – be clean-shaven;

    – smell clean and fresh all day long (bring a small deodorant stick);

    – carry a small pocket handkerchief in case of high heat to avoid sweaty kisses;

    – Have a clean haircut: clean, non-greasy hair without dandruff.

Price of a wedding suit for men

The price of a men’s wedding suit varies according to the region, the material, the manufacture and the different accessories.

As a rough guide, count on approximately:

    – between $400 and $700 for the suit;

    – between $600 and $700 for the frock coat;

    – between $100 and $300 for the shoes;

    – between $100 and $200 for the vest;

    – between $40 and $200 for the hat.

If you rent your suit, expect to pay about $150 for the weekend and $30 to $40 for the hat.

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