Buffets are not suitable for all events. However, when it is convenient, it is a popular alternative to regular operations. Furthermore, buffets allow guests to choose their favorite dishes and have the advantage of requiring fewer people for management. In addition, a variety of buffet systems can make the food look impressive and beautiful.

What Types of Buffets Are Available?

The Breakfast Buffet

One of the most popular types of buffets is the breakfast buffet! In most events, breakfast is either fully or partially buffet style. Breakfast can be composed according to your wishes. Moreover, buffets can be set up largely in the evening and require less staff than lunch or dinner.

Depending on your budget and the number of guests, the variety and choice of dishes may vary. Fruit juices, milk, and water are often served at buffets, while egg dishes and hot beverages such as tea and coffee are often served by caterers.

What Is Served at the Breakfast Buffet?

  • Rye bread, white bread, crisp bread, flat bread, etc
  • Butter, margarine, various creams: jams, honey, Nutella, etc
  • Various sausages and cheeses
  • Egg dishes
  • Muesli types: oat flakes, corn flakes, oat porridge, etc
  • Dairy products: yogurt, quark, milk
  • Fruit juices: orange juice, grapefruit juice, berry juice, tomato juice, carrot juice, multivitamin juice

The Salad Buffet

You can also offer a salad buffet in addition to the breakfast buffet. Again, guests can choose what they want to make their own salad. They can choose from a variety of lettuces, vegetables, and different types of dressings.

What Is Included in the Salad Buffet?

  • Leaf lettuce varieties: lettuce, endive, etc.
  • Vegetable salads: potato salad, carrot salad, cucumber salad, tomato salad, etc
  • Different types of dressings: vinaigrette, yogurt, French dressing, different types of oils and vinegar.
  • Various extras: croutons, bacon, olives, onions, tuna, corn, seeds, herbs, etc.

The Snack Buffet

Snack buffets are typically catered buffets for meetings, receptions, and openings. Therefore, ensure that the composition is suitable for a snack and not too heavy. Usually, canapés, filling sandwiches or sandwiches, finger foods, small salads and light soups are served.

What Does the Snack Buffet Consist Of?

  • Types of canapés (e.g., chicken, fish, egg, with cheese, etc.)
  • Sandwiches with different types of sausages and cheeses
  • Snack foods: bread sticks, cream puffs, etc.
  • Finger foods: snacks with cottage cheese, vegetable skewers, fish cocktail, etc.
  • Light soups: vegetable soups, energy soups, cold soups
  • Salads: vegetable salads, leaf lettuce, fruit salads

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The Brunch Buffet

Brunch is becoming increasingly popular. Many guests want a leisurely weekend breakfast followed immediately by lunch. In addition to the familiar breakfast fare, hot small plates, soups, salads, and desserts are also featured.

What Is Included in the Brunch Buffet?

  • Some of the items are also offered at breakfast
  • Hot small plates
  • Salads: leaf lettuce, vegetable salad
  • Pastries, custards, cupcakes, pancakes, and desserts
  • Tip: the brunch buffet is great for small groups or family parties.

Dessert and Ice Cream Buffet

Dessert & ice cream buffets can be offered at parties as well. The Dessert & Ice Cream Buffet offers a variety of ice creams and desserts and a selection of different fruits and sauces. Small treats are also welcome.

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What Is Included in the Dessert Buffet?

  • Variety of desserts: custard, tiramisu, mousse au chocolat
  • Variety of ice cream: fruit ice cream, gelato, sorbet
  • Small pastries, pancakes, waffles
  • Cakes, cupcakes, tarts

Regardless of the type of buffet, be very careful how you present and replenish the food. Otherwise, the buffet will quickly become unappealing and disappoint your guests.

What type of buffets do you prefer for your events? Let us know in the comments below!

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