Exit to the boys; sometimes it’s nice to have a little girls’ night out. No taboos: we can talk about periods, waxing, gynecology and our latest crushes or adventures. Yes, sometimes there’s nothing better than a good girls’ night out to get you back on track.

Be careful though, a girls’ night out has to be prepared: who to invite, how to decorate the flat, what activities to plan (karaoke, board games, etc.), what films to watch or are there any subjects to avoid in view of our guests’ sensitivities?

Dishes to order


For your girls’ nights out, you can simply use caterers. Here are two selections of hearty dishes for an unforgettable girl’s night.


This is probably the easiest to organize. Ask all your girlfriends to bring something to cover your aperitif: sodas, fruit juices, beers, wine, peanuts, crisps, cherry tomatoes, sausages… As you wish.

Make sure you have plenty of small containers to put all the food and drink in and try to coordinate so that you don’t end up with 6 bottles of Coke and no other drinks (yes, yes, it can happen.)


You can start ordering sushi dishes once you are sure your girlfriends are not allergic to fish and seafood. Sushi is one of the best Japanese dishes available to everyone. You will find varieties such as:

  • Makis 
  • Poké
  • Teriyaki tuna

Sushi is made of vinegar rice with raw fish or seafood. Order them according to the preference of each of your girlfriends. This way, you can have a special Japanese evening with your girlfriends. You can order your sushi from your caterer. Enjoy your sushi while watching good Japanese manga, and you won’t be disappointed!

Spicy shrimp tagliatelle

After the starter meal, it’s definitely time for the main course, but which one? Tagliatelle of course! This is a dish that can be accompanied by a good bakery roll. They are prepared with the following:

  • Tagliatelle
  • Raw peeled shrimp 
  • Cherry tomatoes 
  • Garlic cloves
  • Cayenne pepper 
  • Chopped coriander leaves 
  • Olive oil 
  • Salt and pepper

Follow the full recipe on the cooking website you know, or just order! Tagliatelle will make your girls’ night unforgettable. After a hearty meal, you can choose between these two selections: pizza or gluten-free cake.

Dishes that can be made at home

Did you just opt for a fun girls’ night out? Then pizza and a gluten-free cake are the perfect tasting recipes for you!


Of course, for a fun girls’ night out, you can opt for homemade pizzas. Pizza is an irresistible and easy-to-cook pastry for both men and women. You don’t need a big budget. If you don’t want to go to a fast food restaurant, get pizza loaves delivered from the bakery.

Making homemade pizza is a fun and doable early evening activity to brighten your summer. It allows each girl to choose her favourite ingredient. Don’t forget to vary the flavours! After the pizza, how about Tagliatelle with spicy shrimp as the main course?

Gluten-free cake


Just like pizza, gluten-free cake is ideal for girls’ nights out, especially on a girl’s birthday. Several varieties of gluten-free cakes can be made, including

  • Gluten-free cherry clafoutis 
  • Gluten-free chocolate fondant 
  • Gluten-free apple cake 
  • Gluten-free strawberry cheesecake

All these varieties can be enjoyed with each other while savouring good fruit juice. Accompany this with good relaxing music. Gluten-free honey madeleines are also welcome. Make sure you have a film or series on the programme!

It’s also great to watch your long-awaited film with your girlfriends over a nice cake. In short, for your girls’ night out, talk to each other to plan a hearty dinner that will delight everyone. Homemade dishes or ordered dishes are all good tips. However, make the difference between a pyjama party and a girl’s night out! Each party is different.

Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about sleepovers.

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