The pyjama party comes from western culture. It’s usually a party between friends or cousins, as the case may be. But this type of party requires a good organization. Discover some tips to help you succeed.

Set Up an Organizing Committee

Any event, big or small, requires a good organization committee. It will distribute all the tasks according to the skills of each member of the committee. Indeed, some can take charge of the appetizers, and others, the animations.

Determine the Number of Guests

Of course, girls’ pajama parties are reserved for best friends, whose number is unlimited. But, the number of your guests should be fixed at ten people. The most important thing is that the participants know each other and get along very well.

Define a Theme

A theme defined in advance will allow you to unify and harmonize your outfits. You can add some decorations. There are many options, depending on the tastes and preferences of the group of girls. For example, you can choose cocooning, pink, Japanese, etc.

Set the Date and Location

A girls’ sleepover is often associated with a birthday party or a bachelorette party. For this, the date must be convenient for all participants. But for more practicality, it is preferable to choose the weekend. The place is also essential. In any case, it must be secure, spacious, and adapted to the style of the party.

Opt for Original Invitation Cards

Invitations are also essential for a sleepover. They allow you to invite your best friends. They will know a little more about the date, the place or other details. You can personalize your invitation card according to the theme.

Make a Point of Welcoming and Decorating

First of all, it is essential to provide mattresses, pillows, and cushions to welcome your guests. In addition, you need a cozy and festive decoration. You can design and make it yourself with colorful balloons, sparkling cups, garlands of lights, etc.

Prepare Personalized Animations and Activities

The list of animations and activities for a sleepover is long, but the important thing is that they must correspond to the personality of the majority of the participants. For the sleepovers between girls, we privilege beauty sessions (make-up, manicure, depilation, facial) and karaoke nights (on group’s favorite songs). Participants also choose to see a movie or a series most of the time.

Focus On Good Appetizers

At a sleepover, choose verrines, pancakes, cupcakes, and more. Try sweet appetizers such as ice cream, chocolate fondues, and savory ones such as pizzas and burgers. For drinks, choose girly cocktails, organic lemonades, or non-alcoholic mojitos.

See How Many Beds Are Available

Although sleepovers are synonymous with staying up, you should always plan for as many beds as you have guests. If space allows, you can sleep in the same room. If not, reserve a room for your guests to sleep in.

Plan the After Party

The organization of a sleepover should not be limited to the party itself. Plan a place where your friends can wash up and get dressed. Consider preparing a breakfast such as pastries, fresh fruit, or cereals. In any case, at the end of the evening, make sure that your guests have good memories to cherish.

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