Summer is here! The pool party is a small festivity by the pool for a moment of joy with your loved ones. However, the night version requires a little more involvement to perfect this beautiful moment of enjoyment. So let’s think about our night party. How can we decorate for a successful nighttime pool party?

Decorating the pool


The centerpiece of a pool party, nightly or otherwise, is the pool. This last one must be decorated without any missing detail. Maximizing the pool decoration means spicing up the evening. Let’s start by thinking about the installation of colored and inflated balloons around the pool. You can place foam balls and fries all around the pool since the pool party implies some diving.

The mattresses and other inflatable devices will be used to float. A pool party is not an ordinary pool party and has to be special and unique. Why not choose an unusual color for your pool water? Thanks to the various dyes, give the water a green, blue, pink etc.

The dyes are indeed temporary and dissipate easily after the party. The guests invited to the party will come for an exceptional evening full of entertainment. When choosing items to decorate your pool, also consider pool games such as:

  • Water polo
  • Beach volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Floatation mattress races, etc.

Lighting the party area

Since the party takes place at night, it is advisable to focus on lighting for the safety of the participants. It will also serve to give a special touch to the party.

LED spotlights and lamps

The LED spotlights and lamps will be installed on the ground around the playground and polarized towards the trees. These lighting devices enhance the party and, at the same time, promote the safety of the guests. This gives the party a sublime and attractive touch and provides a spicy feel to the evening.

To enjoy your music by the pool without risking damage to your smartphone, headphones, or any other audio system, we advise you to invest in a waterproof speaker. Among the available models, we have a preference for the JBL, which offers an excellent quality-price ratio.

Made of robust and waterproof materials, it follows you in all your adventures, whether by the pool, beach, sand or during your sports sessions. It works in Bluetooth and connects directly to a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer for an easier music broadcast.

A waterproof speaker will up your game and allow you to throw parties without having to worry about the music, and a waterproof speaker is the making of a perfect party in our book and is a party essential. So, invest in a quality waterproof speaker, enjoy your pool to the fullest, and throw a pool party.

Bamboo torches

Bamboo torches illuminate the party area and bring a natural feature. These torches are reminiscent of the cavemen’s evenings under the stars. String lights or lanterns can replace them.

Underwater spotlights


The underwater spotlights allow to give a sublime color and illuminate the pool and save space. They are installed at the very bottom of the pool. This reduces the effort involved in installing and uninstalling lighting elements at the beginning and end.

Furniture for a pool party

The pool certainly characterizes a pool party, but it is noted that the participants spend more time outside the pool than inside. That’s why it’s important to focus on the decoration of furniture. Pleasant for young and old alike, inflatable mattresses allow you to float on the surface of your pool and relax with serenity by letting yourself be carried. 

There are models equipped with small supports to put a glass, a book, or any other object. Some mattresses are equipped with a wifi speaker, and others can accommodate several people. Perfect for playing or relaxing, they will be very appreciated in your pool.

You can find a plethora of pool accessories in Target, and you can pick and choose what you want for your pool. Inflatable mattresses, floaties, and other playful pool accessories are necessary, especially when posting photos on social media. Our go-to’s are flamingo and unicorn floaties.

Poofs and folding chairs

Choose poofs with elegant colors that match the pool’s borders or color. Poofs are much more comfortable, less cumbersome, and easy to set up and rake. Folding chairs are also easy to set up and look light as furniture.

Hammocks or swings

The hammock is the most entertaining piece of furniture. Although it implies some restrictive installation conditions, the hammock will fulfill its fun role. The same is true of the swings. Both of these items, however, require much more space than expected.



Party-specific tables will be welcome, and a nice, space-saving barbecue. Large or small, the tables are very requested for the desserts during and after the festivity. The table can be covered with various types of fruit.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about pool parties.

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