Let’s be honest for a minute; bounce houses are the perfect finishing touch and edition to any party. No matter if you are a kid or a full-grown adult, bounce houses/castles are fun to be in. Bounce houses will make everyone happy and try the kids out, which will make them sleepy when they leave the party; this is a win-win situation for everyone. You can sit back and relax and let the kids have fun, and at the end of the day, when the kids are tired and sleepy, you can have a go at it yourself and live your childhood dream. But, how much do you really know about bounce houses/castles? Well, fear not because we are here and will tell you more about the history of bounce houses.



They were first designed by John Scurlock, a mechanical engineer, in 1959 and were known as inflatable structures and were designed after he saw his employees jumping on inflatable covers of the tennis court. After this, he developed the idea of starting a new company called Space Walks, and these inflatable structures were originally known as moon houses instead of bounce houses. They were called moon houses because of the feeling of walking on the moon. They were widely known and promoted for kid’s events such as birthdays, picnics, and even fairs. The only problem with the original inflatable structures was that they had no enclosure/boundaries and were just glorified inflatable mats. Because of this, getting thrown on the hard grown was a real issue that had to be corrected, and over time, this made the logical reason to create bounce houses instead of moon houses. After a few years, pressurized tops and walls were added to the design.

Types of Bouncy houses

There is not only one type of bounce house in the market, but with the innovation and technology, there are new types of bounce houses on the market, and this gives you the leisure and pleasure to choose the right bounce house for your party. The different types of bounce houses are:

1. Indoor bounce houses



They are smaller and shorter than your traditional options and are the smallest type of bounce house on the market, and can easily fit in your garage. The typical jump area for an indoor bounce house is about 63 to 100 square feet and is suitable for kids of younger age groups (6 and below). They are made using lighter material and need to lay down a thick tarp and secure your bounce house with ground skates. They can’t be used when it rains or when there’s heavy wind, and due to their high weight, they can be thrown off by gusts of wind and even the kids inside. Indoor bounce houses are also easily damaged compared to the other inflatable houses on the market and can be damaged by branches and sharp rocks.

2. Standard bounce houses

These are similar to their indoor counterpart only in looks but are made with thicker material. They have more reinforcement along the seams and entrances and come with a blower that presides a continuous supply of air and pressure to the cushions. They are slightly larger in size compared to indoor bounce houses and tend to be heavier, too, because of the weight of the material. Despite their added weight, they can be easily and still set up on a tarp which will avoid any punctures to the structure. They can afford more people at a time than the former, and there are no real safety issues when it comes to them. However, if there are too many kids in the bounce house at a time, then it might lead to collisions and bumps.

3. Inflatable bounce water parks


This particular type of water house is made and intended for water use, and unlike your standard bounce house, this type of bounce house is not dangerous when wet. They have additional textures to avoid accidents via slips or slides. These kinds of bounce houses are best for those hot summers and are perfect for your vacations and spring breaks. They are generally enjoyed by people of all ages but are mostly enjoyed by adults who are still kids at heart. This is the best thing you can get for your backyard beach party as it gives you a false illusion of being at the beach.

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