Let’s be honest for a minute; who doesn’t love a good party? And if you are queer or an ally, what’s better than a queer party? In my books, nothing can trump a queer party. Being loud and proud is something you should celebrate because it is a badge of honor.

We know it’s still January, and pride is nowhere in sight, but in my book, pride is not the only season for you to throw a queer party. So get your queer friends together and celebrate your queerness together. Okay, this is just a decoy to meet your friends and get drunk, but that is neither here nor there. So without further ado, let’s learn some of our top ideas for a queer-centric party.

1. White party


White parties have become part of our DNA as a community, and this is a symbol of the haves and have nots. So, if you are in a hip group, then throwing a white party is a must. No queer-centric party is complete without a white party nowadays.

As its name suggests, for a white party, you are encouraged to come in decked up in all white because this is the goal of the party. This type of party screams opulence, and it allows you to wear your best outfit and impress your friends and their friends.

There is something to be said about hosting a white party and seeing your guest all decked up in white and their best attires. And let’s be real, most of us are feasting our eyes because everyone looks hotter in all white and looking crisp.

And what’s a white party without cocktails. Chic and elegance is the name of the game here, my friends. So, keep the tequila for your trivia night and get the champagne out. You can even have champagne cocktails that will make everyone look and feel fancier than they actually are. This is the makings of a great and fun night if you were to ask me.

2. Queer Trivia


No matter how you identify, everybody loves trivia, especially a good and well-hosted trivia night. So, throw a trivia night that is based on the queer rights movement and queer history. If you don’t know the history of the one who came before us, then you are bound to repeat the same mistakes.

Make sure you have enough space for all your friends, and this will come in handy when you have to huddle to decide on an answer. Get rainbow pens and notebooks that will fit in the theme, and this will be where everyone will be writing their answers.

To make this a queer-centric party, make all the trivia about queer icons like Harvey Milk, Bayard Rustin, Marsha P. Johnson, and even Alan Turing. It is a great way to learn about history, enjoy a cocktail, have fun, and argue with your best Judies.

Make a theme basket or have some sort of prize for the winning team. This can be theme-related or even a trophy that you made, especially for this specific reason.

3. Gay moving marathon


If you want a more relaxed and chill party, then this is the way to go. You can have your own slumber party, where everyone wears their PJs, onesies, or even a simple oversize Tee. Get blankets, pillows, and even beanbags to make the most out of this. Organize your living area into the perfect play to binge movies.

Popcorn and snack are a no-brainer, and alcohol is optional but always appreciated. The movies that you will watch will depend on your and your friend group. But if I can give my humble suggestion, some of the must-watch are:

    • Moonlight
    • Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan
    • Shelter
    • Potrait De la Jeune Fille En Feu
    • But I’m A Cheerleader
    • Rafiki

These are just where you can start, and I know these movies mostly follow a queer storyline, but you can also watch movies that have queer icons like Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland, or even Liza Minnelli in them. The ball is in your court when it comes to the movie(s).

For me, the pros of this kind of party are that everyone gets to wear comfy clothes and you get to enjoy the classics or even new movies with your friends.

Final thought

The thing to remember about throwing a party is to have fun, don’t overthink it and enjoy your time with your friends and chosen family. In my book, the essence of a party is to let loose, have fun, and get drunk. This is my holy trinity when it comes to throwing a party.

When you are throwing a queer party, the sky is the limit, so let your creative juices run wild and free. To quote only of my favorite Thai drama right now, Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. So, be free and be loud and proud of who you are and who you love.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us some of your ideas about throwing a queer party.

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