Birthdays only happen once a year and we should celebrate them for what they are. Turning 30 is a significant achievement and milestone in one’s life and is the time to celebrate. Being 30 is one of the times in your adult life that you will start being treated as an adult. I can’t relate to this yet because I’m still in my early 20s, but I know how to throw down, and my partner’s 30th birthday was a real ki.

I’ve always been a go-getter and a planner. I am the person in my friend’s grow that throws all the birthday parties because my friends and partner know I go wild. So, without further ado, come along with us and learn some tips to throw the perfect 30th birthday party.



In my book, every single respectable party needs to have a theme to be successful. Having a theme tells your guest how to dress and what is waiting for them at the party. The theme also allows you to create theme-related food and cocktails. And decide on a theme can be the biggest challenge for the whole party.

Themes are fun, and they reflect the thought that went through to set up the party and showcase the birthday person’s personality. One of the most extravagant parties I have ever thrown was a futuristic birthday party where everyone dressed up as they came from the future.

Some themes that you can think about for your birthday party are:

  • A walk down memory lane
  • Flashback to the 1980s
  • Vintage or thrift store extravaganza
  • Titanic Theme
  • Futuristic theme
  • Cowboys
  • Horror Icon

Deciding on a theme is the first thing you need to decide because this makes the rest of the planning easier.



Once you’ve decided on the theme, thinking about the décor becomes easier. When thinking about the décor, you should think about the location of where you are going to plan your party. Is it going to be indoors, outdoors, at home, or somewhere else? These are essential questions that you must ask yourself.

With décor, start with the basics; get yourself an enormous and ornate centerpiece that will make your table pop. Get confetti balloons and get items related to the theme you decided upon. With a 30th birthday party, less is always better. Don’t go too crazy as this might come across as tacky, so refrain should be the name of the game here.

A refined décor will make you look more mature. Less is more at times, but this will depend on the theme; if you are planning to have a drag artist night, then less is not the route you should be going for.

For a more mature and demure décor, you might want to look into flowers. Having a floral centerpiece will talk for items and will make your party look fancier than it actually is. You can also look into streamers or neon lights that will give your party a more grunge look.



In my books, no party is complete without good music and alcohol. Try making a playlist of all the songs that were popular the year you were born. This will be especially if your theme is the year you were born. Choosing the right music can make or break a party, and you need to find the perfect playlist for your party.

You can also have a DJ to pump out music throughout the night, and this is the makings of a perfect party if you ask me. It is your 30th birthday, so dance till the wee hours of the morning because you won’t have time to do so afterward, especially with work and other responsibilities.

If you really want to go the extra mile, get a disco ball and fun lights; this is the perfect way to turn your party into a dance floor.

Food and drink


For me, I can’t conceive of partying without alcohol, and I’m not saying you can’t have fun without alcohol, but I need it to have fun and forget about my worries. So, have a cocktail bar and hire a local bartender, this will make your guests stoke to be at your party, and they can get whatever cocktails or mocktails they like.

Food is also something that you need to think about. Pizza is always a safe choice, and who doesn’t love pizza. If you don’t love pizza, then I honestly don’t think we can be friends. Get a variety of pizza because everyone has a different pizza taste. Some monsters like pineapple on their pizza, and to that, all I can say is No.

If you are going for a fancier party, then opt for amuse-bouche and champagne. There is nothing fancier at a party than having an amuse-bouche. The food that you will serve at your party will depend on your team and what you love.

Remember it is your birthday, and as long as you are having fun with your chosen family, nothing else matters. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next!

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