You’ve just purchased a brand-new boat and want to take it out on its first journey. What better way to commemorate the occasion than to throw a boat party? Relax in the sun and on the sea with a few friends and delicious meals.

You might not know where to begin if you’ve never thrown a boat party before. This blog will go through 4 basic steps to plan a superb boat party.

 1. Select a Scene

First and foremost, you must choose a location for the celebration. Do you want your event to be held on the beach or in the open sea? Is there a lake nearby that would be perfect?

Your guests will appreciate it if you can stay in the area.

If you can’t stay close, consider chartering your guests to the destination so that everyone gets there on time and no one misses the boat.

Consider what you’ll need to do to bring your boat to the dock and its final destination, in addition to your guests’ requirements. If you need to tow your boat to the sea, make sure your towing vehicle is ready for the journey and that you allow enough time for travel.

2. Define Your Party’s Scope

Keep the size of your boat in mind when you arrange your gathering. What is the maximum number of persons that can be comfortably accommodated? Do you have enough room for hobbies like water skiing or dance that you could enjoy? What will you do with the refreshments you’ll retain and serve?

Will you be in charge of the boat at all times?

Answering these questions will assist you in developing a more definite party plan. If your boat seats less than ten people, you could choose a guest list comprised mostly of close friends and family members.

Prepare this strategy as soon as feasible. Even if you want to send out your invites by email, you’ll need time to gather all relevant materials, make any necessary bookings, etc. The remainder of the planning process will be easier if the specifics are worked out ahead of time.

3. Plan your menu.

The food you get to eat at a party often makes it special. To keep everyone happy, keep your menu basic and low-mess.

Remember that being in the sun, especially on saltwater, promotes hunger and dehydration, so have plenty of cold snacks and fresh water on hand.

Prepare a full menu once you know how many people will be attending. You might wish to hire a caterer or wait staff for the evening if you need on-deck cooking or serving support.

 4. Get Your Boat Ready

Because you recently acquired your boat, it shouldn’t require much maintenance, but you should still double-check that everything is in good working order. Make an appointment with your mechanic to inspect your boat’s components, like the sails, propellers, and engine.

To prevent stranded on the open sea, buy boat gasoline before leaving the pier or marina. You could also want to clean your deck and cabins, hang any decorations, and make the room as pleasant as possible for your visitors.

Your boat’s layout should invite the party to unfold spontaneously. If you’re planning on dancing, make sure you have a clear dancefloor, and if you’re serving a full dinner, make sure your guests have easy access to the kitchen and nice eating space.

Also, make sure you have a first-aid kit on hand and excursion necessities like life jackets.

Staying safe and having fun are the two most crucial things to remember for a good boat party. Expect inquiries of when the next event will be, as your attendees will undoubtedly have a great time.


Are you excited to throw your boat party? Let us know in the comments if you have any more tips to share with us…

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