Pride is about the celebration and inclusion of our people, and pride was, in essence, a protest, and it is a way for us to protect our basic human rights. Pride is not only a party, but it is also how we celebrate ourselves and unabashedly living our life out and proud.

Throwing a pride party is a way for you to celebrate this in style and is the best way to celebrate your queerness. So, without further ado, let’s learn how to throw the perfect pride party that celebrates the accomplishment of those who came before us and for those who will come after us.

The history of pride


Before we go on how to throw the perfect pride party, we need to know the history of where pride started from, where it began, and where it is now. Pride has radical roots, and it started as a riot, and it is something that none of us should forget.

Pride month usually takes place in June, and it is known as queer history month in the United States. It celebrates everyone within the queer community, and it is the campaigning of equal rights for all queer people who have been marginalized at some point in their life. It brings visibility and support to an otherwise marginalized group within mainstream society.

Pride and even queer history month commemorate the 1969’s Stonewall Riots. It was a time when homosexuality was frowned upon and when same-sex relationship was still illegal in most states of North America. In 1969, law enforcement authority raided the Stonewall Inn yet another time, but this time the patrons had had enough and started to put an end to his.

Gay right activists fought with the police into the early hours of the morning and the protest for the coming weeks, and this is what brought an end to police raiding queer bars. One year later, to mark this memorandum of queer history, gay activist groups marched as the Christopher Street Liberation Day, the Stonewall Inn’s street home.

Slowly this became a landmark in queer history, and now most countries have a pride march to show that we as queer people are still fighting for our human rights throughout the world.

Get the rainbows out.


When it comes to parties, you have to have a theme, no matter what type of party you are throwing. Having a theme gives your guests a hint of how to dress up and is a hint of what the party will be like. So, set your theme, make sure that everyone gets the notice, and stick to it. For me, makeup, colorful clothes, and jewelry are a must-have.

So get decoration that will fit the theme of your party and get yourself some flag, from the flf and MLM flag to the inclusive flag. These are some ways for you to decorate your party for the perfect pride party.

Be as subtle or as extra as you want with the decorations. And if you are doing a rainbow theme, don’t go too crazy with the rainbow. It gets pretty boring pretty quickly. Don’t forget the reason why you are throwing this party- it is to stand up and celebrate queer people around the world.

Food and drink


For me, no party is complete without alcohol now, I’m not saying you can’t have fun without alcohol, but in my books, alcohol is needed for a fun night and party. So quench everyone’s thirst with a good cocktail, like a pitcher of pina colada or mojito, and for those who can’t drink, you can make virgin cocktails or even mocktails. Pride is usually during the summer, and what’s better than a cold glass of alcohol.

So, if you are throwing a party, there will be dancing, especially if there are queer people around, which is why you need to fuel the party. No one ever said no to pizza; whatever pizza it is, it is still pizza, and you can’t get it wrong with it. So, prepare food that your guests will like and that fits the theme of the party.

Attend a pride march


In my books, if you are an out queer person, you should participate and be part of every pride march because it celebrates those who came before us and is a way to say how we came a long way, but we have not achieved equality yet. Also, if you have ever been to a pride party, then you know how we get down during a pride march, and it is the funniest march to be part of.

We didn’t really get to celebrate pride the past two years, but if there is a march in your town, join it. Be it a Black Lives Matter march or Stop Asian and Pacific Island hate. Because us minority have to stick together because we are already at a disadvantage when it comes to living in a post-colonized world.

We, as queer people, aren’t born in the same tribes, and we need to find each other as we navigate life. Pride is a way for us to connect with our chosen family and people who have most likely faced the same struggle that we have been through. It is a way for queer people to get together, which creates a sense of unity.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us how you celebrate pride.

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