Bachelor parties celebrate your friend’s last day of singlehood and have had a bad reputation for far too long. Your bachelor party is a way to spend a day with your friends and have fun. Nowadays, it’s mostly a symbolic party that most of us throw for our best friends or cousins to celebrate this significant milestone in their lives. 

A bachelor party can be as low-key or as extravagant as you like. However, planning the perfect bachelor party for your friend is a way to prepare for the upcoming wedding. Come with us to learn more about bachelor parties and how to organize them.

What is it?


It is a celebration of the groom’s marriage, usually attended by a select few, usually the groom’s close friends and relatives. The term “bachelor” comes from Old English and dates back to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The first bachelor party is said to have been celebrated by the Spartans.

A long-standing pre-wedding tradition brings together the groom’s closest friends for a night or weekend of debauchery and fun. This celebration is deeply rooted in history, and for me, it’s a celebration of the people getting married and for them to de-stress before the big day.

Be creative with your bachelor parties, as it is more than likely a once in a lifetime celebration and is your way of doing everything for your best friend. This is the groom’s “last night of freedom,” and that’s why it’s memorable!

1. A chill eveningbachelor

You have decided to have a quiet but memorable evening? First of all, you can privatize a bar to spend the beginning of the evening, with a beer and wine tasting, some snacks and of course, some great music to set the mood. You can go on a “pub crawl” for the more playful, the pure tradition of a bachelor party, but not everyone likes it.

Then, in a good restaurant, you follow the evening with an activity! Why not a game of pool, a poker game, a nightclub, or a soccer game? To add a little spice, because you mustn’t forget that it’s the groom’s party, you can ask him to walk around town in disguise, sing songs in front of everyone, or ask strangers to dance with him… you won’t forget this evening! There is no shortage of ideas.

2. A sensational day


What could be better than a day full of activities with friends? Of course, everything depends on your budget, and the activities offered are different depending on the region; however, you have the choice of go-karting, quad biking, parachute jumping, jet-skiing, bungee jumping, paintball.

You will inevitably find an activity that will please everyone! A very nice souvenir that the groom will not forget. You can also not tell him anything and organize a surprise day by selecting the day’s activities.

3. A weekend


If you have time, opt for a weekend! Nothing better than a few days to get together with friends and celebrate a bachelor party as it should be. At sea or in the mountains, discover places and activities that you are not used to. If you take the sea option, opt for kayaking, body surfing, paddleboarding, or for the bravest, sensational activities such as flyboarding, towed buoy, parasailing, flyfish.

For the mountain, the zip line is a must; the night hike will fill your eyes. And to finish in beauty, the hot water baths in the open air. Feel like soaring? Go paragliding or parachuting! You can plan an all-inclusive weekend or choose the option of improvisation!

4. The weekend abroad


If the budget allows it, this is the thing to do! Go conquer a new country and enjoy the change of scenery! Sun, sea, tapas, and a very festive nightlife! For example, Barcelona is the ideal city for an EVG.

Budapest has all the ingredients for a perfect bachelor party: the city is beautiful, the restaurants are cheap, and the people are very festive! If you prefer cities that are a little less touristy, check out Dublin, Edinburgh, or Berlin.

5. Make it memorable


This is the time to let loose and be as wild as possible in the celebration and preparation of this party. Innovate with the party, hire drag queens, gogo boys, and strippers and have fun. We don’t want a lame party about you and your friends going to a bar and drinking until you’re completely drunk.

Do something you’ll all remember when you look back at this party. Play a drinking game: every time the groom says his future partner’s name, have a drink. This is the one night all your friends will be in one place, and it should be the night you make lasting memories. Have fun, but remember not to let the groom do anything he’ll regret later

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about throwing a bachelor party.

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