How to Find Wedding Halls?


– Wedding halls: choosing

– Different types of wedding halls

– How to find wedding halls?

Choosing a wedding hall adapted to your budget, your needs and your desires.

Finding a wedding hall is one of the priorities of the organisation of a wedding. Thus it is essential to:

– choose your wedding hall carefully;

– learn about the different types of wedding halls;

– know how to find a wedding hall.

Wedding halls: choosing

To choose your wedding hall, it is crucial to define a certain number of points:

– the date of the wedding;

– the budget allocated to the room rental;

– the place where the wedding will take place;

– the number of guests;

– the type of wedding you wish to organise.

The date of the wedding

Before anything else, it is essential to determine one or more desired dates.

Weddings are most often organised from April to September. During this period, wedding halls are in high demand, and it is important to book the hall in advance.

To be sure to have a wide choice, it is preferable to choose the date at least one year in advance or to opt for a wedding during the fall or winter season.

The budget

Renting a hall represents one of the most important parts of the budget in organising a wedding.

To know what type of venue to choose, it is essential to determine the budget that you will allocate to the rental.

Once the budget is determined, you can orientate your research and choose among the halls that correspond the best.


How to Find Wedding Halls

It is essential to define the place where the wedding will be celebrated to facilitate the choice of a wedding hall.

For practical reasons, it is preferable to choose a venue close to the other places of celebration.

But it is also often recommended to find a venue close to your home or your family’s home.

Once a region or a town has been chosen, the future spouses can choose the one that suits them best among the proposals.

The guests

The choice of a room must take into account the number of guests expected.

It is essential to choose a room that is neither too small nor too large for guests.

But suppose the guests come from different regions. In that case, it may also be preferable to choose a room that offers accommodation or near hotels, bed and breakfasts, or charming suites.

The type of ceremony

The choice of the wedding hall must also take into consideration the type of ceremony desired:

– cocktail and seated meal,

– cocktail and lunch,

– cocktail only,

– outdoor and indoor ceremony,

– meal followed by a dance,

– evening followed by a meal or brunch the next day.

But it is also essential to determine if it is a traditional, solemn or atypical wedding.

Good to know: for more simplicity in the organisation of your wedding, it is possible to call upon an event organiser who will take care of finding a room.

Different types of wedding halls

There are several types of wedding halls with different capacities and prices and more or less complete services.

Therefore, organising a wedding in most reception halls and unusual places is possible.

Among the main types, it is possible to opt for a:

– party room rental;

– rental of a multi-purpose hall

– castle rental;

– barge rental;

– hotel room rental;

– restaurant room rental;

– rental of a gite room.

What type of venue?

For what type of wedding?

Party room

Ideal for those who have a small budget and wish to completely decorate their wedding hall.

Multipurpose room

For those who wish to have a large number of guests and have a small budget for the hall, but who plan to personalise it.


For a romantic wedding in a prestigious setting, with a substantial budget allocated for the wedding hall.


Ideal for an atypical wedding in a pleasant setting. But this limits the number of guests.


For a wedding in a pleasant setting with catering and accommodation taken care of.


Ideal for weddings in small groups and for which the bride and groom are looking for a rental service including the meal.


For a wedding in a pleasant and calm setting with the possibility of accommodation.

How to find a wedding hall?

To find a wedding hall, it is possible:

– to get information from the town halls located in the region where you wish to celebrate your wedding;

– Visit the wedding fairs organised the year before your wedding;

– consult online and paper wedding guides;

– consult websites specialised in wedding hall rentals;

– talk to people about the type of venue you are looking for.

Hope this post has given you an idea of what you should shoot for! Remember to leave your comments below.

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